medical intuition“Intuitive information combined with medical knowledge is more powerful than either standing alone.”

Running your current health challenges through both medical knowledge and heart open intuition, we can place your illness into a deeper context then medicine is ever able to on its own.

Let’s get you feeling:

  • Relief – turn health obstacles into tools for greater healing
  • Empowered – use your unique health strengths to heal faster
  • Aware – finally understand why this illness has shown up for you
  • Supported – less anxiety and stress during health challenges
  • Energized - noticeably more energy as you open to well being
  • Freedom - as new life flows into old health conditions
  • Real results – healing the dynamic that created the illness…
    not just treating symptoms

You absolutely can do this! Here’s how.

xoxo, Laura
Laura Koniver, MD

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Go further than ever before with never before seen footage, deeper explanations on how earthing heals your body, new applications of earthing technology, how earthing can free you from EMF exposure, and more science than ever before on this healthcare REVOLUTION.

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