Why Grounding Specifically Helps With Chronic Conditions



When we talk about grounding, it’s usually because there are instant perks:

  • immediate pain relief
  • instantly deeper sleep
  • instantaneous release of muscle tension
  • immediate boost to energy and mood
  • instantly improved blood flow, etc…


But did you know that grounding is actually even more helpful in chronic conditions — disabilities or illnesses that need support over a lifetime?

This is where grounding can really, truly shine.

If you’ve been told you have a condition that will never improve… old injuries or scars or chronic pain conditions that you have been told you just have to get used to as your *new normal* — uh… no.

If you haven’t been using grounding as part of your healing plan, then there is a huge part of healing that your body needs and has been completely missing.

Grounding is an entirely different pathway for bringing fresh healing flow into old issues that seem stuck.

They are not stuck.

Grounding can change all of that.

In fact, chronic disease and disabilities are exactly where grounding makes the most impact.

Here’s why:



Grounding for Chronic Conditions (click to view directly on my website)


The video where I review the past 20 years of medical literature on grounding

is waiting for you right here.



Want more resources on grounding?

Check out these articles I’ve written for you:



and visit my Grounding Boutique for grounding tools that are:

  • the highest quality, using cutting edge highly conductive materials like stainless steel and carbon fibers
  • hand made (right here in the USA) by local craftsman
  • ethically crafted using eco friendly materials
  • medical grade & physician developed (directly by me!)
  • designed to last decades.


Not mass produced overseas using the cheapest possible materials and engineered to stop working after a wash or two, the products I carry are each:

  • hand picked by me
  • hand tested by me
  • and I personally package and ship each item, directly from my hands into yours.




Hop over to the Grounding Boutique today if you want to find a grounding tool that will help ground and heal you for many many years to come…

…the perfect long term support to any chronic health conditions you would like to resolve:



To your natural health!

xoxoxo, Laura



Ease Holiday Stress With This Essential Supplement + 10 More Ideas


Have Black Friday, Cyber Monday, holiday music piping in to every grocery store and gas station and holiday travel plans have you feeling frazzled and overwhelmed?

Me too.

So today, here’s 10 effective ways to ease your stress and feel naturally relaxed as you face the hustle and bustle of the holidays.


1.  The easiest way to become stress-proof:  

take probiotics.


I’ve blogged in the past about how probiotics are so powerful in stabilizing the mind that they are actually a treatment for depression.

In today’s new study, researchers show that taking probiotics for only one month reduces stress, decreases anxiety and even improves memory!

Researchers looked at the strain of Bifidobacterium longum and followed what effect this probiotic had when used as a “psychobiotic” — looking at mood, stress, and even cognitive performance.

Turns out, not only does the gut play an essential role in your ability to absorb and utilize nutrients… and not only does the gut play an enormous role in our immune function… and not only does the gut play a clearly defined role in mood… but it is now shown to play a role in cognition, memory, and the ability to retain healthy thought function under stress.

Research presented Oct 18, 2015 at the Society For Neuroscience annual meeting showed that after only one month, B. Longum statistically and significantly:

  • reduced the cumulative output of the stress hormone cortisol
  • decreased subjective reports of anxiety in response to acute stress
  • improved memory and improved EEG output


It’s exciting to focus on treating stress, anxiety, depression and memory disturbances through enhancing the gut biome, because this is a low cost, easily accessible all natural non-prescription, healthy and fabulous intervention that we can all be taking to become resilient to stress.

Not just right now, during the holidays… but all year long!  Woot

We can’t change the stress that the holidays can bring, or the sad feelings at losses we have endured and people we miss over the holiday season, or prevent certain life events that may cause trauma and result in increased anxiety or depression, but one thing we do have the power to modify is that we can support our gut microbiome better so that we can boost mood and support brain function.

Changes in diet and using probiotic supplementation can do all of this… in only one month!


  • Adding probiotic containing foods such as fermented foods, kefir, komubcha and organic whole fat yogurt to your diet routinely
  • Taking a high quality probiotic supplement that includes strains (such as b. longum and b. bifidum) that have been medically proven to affect brain function and support the gut/mind axis.
  • Other supplements to consider:

Magnesium: being mineral deficient can trigger anxiety symptoms… magnesium deficiency can cause shakiness, muscle tension and irregular heartbeat.  Your muscles (including your heart!) and your central nervous system absolutely need minerals to stabilize and function.  I highly recommend magnesium replacement if you tend to feel anxious, get trigger points or other areas of muscle tension, have difficulty relaxing at night, grind your teeth or have restless legs, or any other difficulty allowing your body to unwind.  Nightly magnesium bath soaks, topical applications of magnesium lotion, or trace mineral drops in water throughout the day can do wonders to settle a hyper-irritable central nervous system and soothe a tension.

Omega 3 fatty acids: Omega 3 fatty acids offer a calming effect on the brain.  In fact, a medical study published in Brain, Behavior and Immunity in November 2011 showed that taking Omega 3 fatty acid supplements dropped anxiety rates by 20%!  Eating fish several times a week or taking krill oil daily is an easy way to boost your intake of Omega 3s.





Find my very favorite probiotics, mineral drops, omega 3 formulas and more in my pharmacy grade, online dispensary right here!  That way, you can be sure that you are taking a medical grade product that WORKS.  Not paying for an empty promise with weak or ineffective probiotic strains, or probiotics that have lost efficacy because of the way they were manufactured and stored.  Find medical grade probiotics,  fish oils that are pure and tested, and minerals that are in the right dosages for optimum health right here.


2. Reconnect with nature.


When you get overwhelmed this holiday season, all you have to do here is walk out your front door, step out of your office, or stop driving and step out of your car.

To reconnect with nature is to find an instant sense of spaciousness, a calm centered experience as you take a single deep breath.

Reconnecting with the wonder of being a human being standing on a rock that spirals through space and seeing the earth for the vast support network it is can’t help but lift your spirits for the better.

The power of nature can hold even your worst of days and remain an immovable source of strength.

Don’t believe me?

The next time you are having a panic attack, or a pounding headache, or a knot of worry grow in your stomach, just go outside.  Get out there.  Don’t force anything, just start walking and let nature work its magic.


3. Focus on Spirit.


This is something shown over and over again in the medical literature — the power of prayer to affect clinical outcome is a beautiful fact.  As I recently blogged about here, there have been several major medical studies released in the past few months that show the major, physical, measurable impact that outlook has on our brain function and brain chemistry.

The surest way I know to alleviate stress and suffering is to find meaning in it.

Whether it’s through mediation, personal prayer, asking friends and family to pray for you, cultivating your own sense of spirit surrounding and supporting you — these are all such important ways to alleviate stress.

The divine support system is around you, surrounding you, whether you are able to feel it or not.

Never fear that. Nothing is required of you.

But calling on the power of prayer and connecting with that reservoir of love is an instant boost that strengthens you and changes outcome, no doubt about it.

Need some more inspiration?  Read Man’s Search For Meaning, by Viktor E. Frankl.

He is a concentration camp survivor who writes beautifully about how the people who survived these horrific conditions were not the strongest, or youngest, or even the healthiest… they were the ones who found meaning in what they were going through.

Finding a deeper, spiritual meaning in what you are going through — focusing on the why behind the holiday season instead of the superficial gifts and demands — is in and of itself enough to sustain you.



4. Music.


My kids will tell you that if I am really grumpy, all we have to do is hop in the car and turn on the radio and within a few songs, all of a sudden I don’t feel so hopeless.

In fact, I feel optimistic and grateful and filled with the same sense of wonder and possibility that I feel when I spend time in nature.

The power of music to wash through you and lift you is amazing.  In fact, as I blog about here, music has the ability to lift dementia — it is that uplifting!

If you are feeling stressed or depressed, especially if you can not leave your current surroundings (perhaps you are in the hospital or your office or your car…) slip on some music and allow it to sweep through your soul and lift you higher.

Music is universal and can meet you wherever you are.  During the holidays, it’s so easy to slip on some holiday tunes, but if you are getting sick of those don’t hesitate to reach for whatever music (or even a guided meditation!) soothes your soul.



5. Reach out to your support system.


There IS a support system around you, even if you don’t think you have a friend in the world.

I know I didn’t fully realize how many people I had, providing back up support in my life, until I went through a personal crisis.

Some of my most meaningful sources of support were from people I had never ever met before — like the manager at my local bank and the complete stranger who came to pick up some furniture I got rid of as we downsized our belongings.

Both of these people forever changed my life. Both of these people are angels living on earth. And don’t even get me started on the unbelievably generous neighbors, friends and family that I actively leaned on for support.

If you are suffering and over-taxed, ask for help.

Ask your neighbor, ask your family, ask your friends.

If you have none of the above, go out into the world asking for help to show up — go to the park, go to your bank, go to the grocery store, go to the thrift shop.

Angels are out there waiting to embrace and help you.


6. Refresh your space.


A symbolic fresh start during times of stress can help you move on and ushers in a new, positive and hopeful energy instead of feeling stuck.

For me, this meant that the kids and I literally moved and relocated our life.

But even if it the middle of the holiday season is not the right time to contemplate a physical move, you can go through your entire home with the idea of bringing in fresh energy — freshening up the plants in each room, rearranging whatever furniture you can, adding a mirror or two and burning candles of light in the evenings to help create a new flow of light through old, dark and depressing spaces.

Even if you can’t do anything to change your physical surroundings, creating a symbolic gesture in order to usher in a new start is so very important.

From going outside to take a deep breath of air, to lighting a smudge stick, to ringing a bell and setting a new intention for the space you are in, do something to break the illusion that you are stuck.

You are not stuck.

You are a new person every single day and every moment within that day.

When our physical surroundings don’t change, especially in the midst of great stress, you can get caught up in the illusion that your situation is permanent and hopeless.

This is not so… there is always an ebb and a flow of energy through every situation no matter how unchanging it appears on the surface.

The illusion that things never change can mentally hold you in a place of worry.

Release this by making small changes to your living space, changing the energy of the room you are in, physically leaving the space you are in for a breath or two, or using candles/incense/smudging/bells/chimes/lighting/a new plant… whatever it takes to feel the energy shift in your space and remind you that nothing…


…stays the same forever.

This holiday season will soon be over, before you know it.

It’s a matter of a few weeks and then next thing you know, we are headed into spring.



7.  Breathe.


Use the centering power of your breath to provide calming bio-feedback immediately to your body.

It only takes 10 minutes of slowing down your breathing to decrease anxiety… that’s because deep breathing decreases your heart rate, decreases your blood pressure, stimulates digestion, lifts mood, and helps you relax more easily into sleep.

Deep breathing stimulates the vagus nerve, which that runs through your chest and abdomen and helps to regulate many different organs, including the heart, lungs, and the gastrointestinal tract.  By stimulating the vagus nerve you support the parasympathetic nervous system into calming you down.

Try deep belly breathing (not shallow chest breathing) and slow your breathing to half the normal rate (from about 12 breaths per minute down to about 6.).

Thwarting stress can be as simple as breathing in while counting to 5, holding your breath for 3 counts, then releasing slowly while counting to 7.  Repeat!

Breathe your way through it and usher in the feeling of peace and calm with each breath.


8. Gratitude and compassion.


This is a no-brainer — one of the gifts of suffering is that you can witness and hold other people’s suffering so much more fully.

Compassion and gratitude for the journey and knowing that others have made it through ordeals much much worse can really help instill hope to your own journey.

As contrary as it sounds, topics that would have felt dark or depressing to the kids in their homeschool studies in earlier years felt powerful and empowering to them during our own times of stress.

For example, we dove deeply into WWI and WWII studies, reading Anne Frank’s diary and having long, meaningful discussions about suffering and triumph… those felt incredibly moving and fortifying to us

Knowing the darker side, leaning into it, persevering through it, witnessing with compassion what others have gone through… all of these things make traveling your own dark night feel less lonely and more optimistic in the sense that you KNOW you will reach the other side.

You WILL reach the other side.

Focus on witnessing suffering in others around you and holding compassion for the entire yin and yang of it all, the darkness and light of the world… the richness here is a different twist on helping to find meaning in suffering and the gift here is being able to open your heart even wider then you thought possible before.

During the holidays there are tons of community outreach programs, from donating to a gift drive to cooking up and serving a holiday meal to those in need, that it’s probably the most easily accessible time to express gratitude and compassion.

Keep your eye open for flyers and ads in local businesses and libraries, church bulletins and neighborhood drives, for ways that you can give of your time and energy in a way that uplifts you instead of adds to your to-do list.   Others have done the hard work for you of arranging ways to donate — sign up for something as little or big as you like!


9. Sleep.


Studies have shown that sleep deprivation is even harder to bear on folks during times of anxiety or stress.

If you are going through a time of stress, it is more important than ever before in your entire life that you sleep well.


You MUST SLEEP in order to recover from the stress of the day and prepare for the next day ahead.

In fact, sleep is so powerful that it is totally possible to treat anxiety solely through increasing the quality of your sleep.

Look over these blog posts I’ve written on the importance of sleep, or just head right over here for more ideas on increasing sleep quality tonight!



If you find the holidays are dragging you down or overwhelming you… STOP and take a nap.

Even 20 minutes can improve the quality and experience of the rest of your day.


10. Body work.


The feeling of worry and stress and anxiety is often the stress of energy that is accumulating in the body without release.

I know I personally feel this as a ball of pressure right in my solar plexus, but it’s different for everyone.

Irritability, crying, headaches, diarrhea, nausea, tension, muscle stiffness, decreased or increased appetite, weight loss or gain, insomnia… often these all represent energy that just needs to be released to make room for the natural healing process and optimism and energy to return.


If you are feeling stuck and in need of physical release, do any or ALL of the following to help assist your body in letting go of stress — doctor’s orders:

11. Light Therapy.


The fact that the holidays (for those of us in the northern hemisphere) comes during the darkest part of the year, yet require the most energy out of us, is very very stressful.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a very real and natural consequence of getting less light.  Less light means less mood boosting serotonin in our brains.  Which can equal anxiety, depression, even trouble sleeping for many of us.

But the flip side of that, though, can give us a very simple, very effective treatment:  light therapy!

Light therapy has been clinically proven to boost mood.

Published August 2015 in Biological Psychiatry, researchers found that after only 30 minutes of daily light therapy  in the mornings, fear and anxiety levels were significantly reduced and stimuli that used to trigger panic did not trigger an anxiety response in the way that it did before the light therapy.

You can use a Lightbox to boost morning light exposure, or simply make a habit of going out every morning immediately after waking up and grabbing 30 minutes of daylight.

Light therapy can be used safely in conjunction with medical treatments (including Rx medications) so if you are on an anxiolytic medication, augment your treatment with light therapy and it’s possible you can work with your physician to decrease dose!



I hope this list of 11 things you can do to release stress and support your health… even in the middle of great personal stress or seasonal overwhelm… is helpful to you and a blessing of some ideas to consider.

To a stress free holiday, my friends!

xoxo, Laura





Best Of The Best: 2017 Healing Holiday Gift Guide



Because it’s Cyber Monday, I want to share with you my very favorite holiday gift ideas, so that you can support the health and happiness of your very favorite people.


We all know someone who gives so much of themselves they are getting burnt out, run down.

Or someone facing a health challenge that could use a fun and uplifting healing gift.

So often in dealing with a medical condition, journeying through illness and healing, or watching someone you dearly love go through it (which can be waaaayyy worse than going through it yourself) is exhausting.

But healing does not have to be stressful all of the time, there are lots of ways to encourage your loved ones to take a break in a way that support their health goals.

And healing gifts certainly don’t have to be boring either.

Let’s give all our caregivers, family members and loved ones gifts that uplift and nurture them every single day.


Top 3 Caregiver Gifts:


For caregivers who exhaust themselves supporting others, a thoughtful gift is any gift that reminds them to nurture themselves as well.  Here are three ways to do it:


Dr. Laura's Daily Healing Focus Cards: A Daily Dose Of Health


1.  Daily Health Tip Card Deck:


This is a stack of 68 different awesome, uplifting, positive supportive ideas that offer a simple healing focus of the day. Choose a new card each day and read the holistic health tip it offers.  So easy and something that even the most busy caregiver in the world can do to support their own Well Being.


2.  Heal-All Year Calendar:


The only calendar in the world create by an intuitive-based physician… and customized by YOU!

Add in your specific healing goals to each month.

Designed to positively support you all year long, uplifting and affirming your health intentions as you reach all of your personal healing goals!

Let these healing prompts get you there!




3.  Let-It-Go Daily Organizer


Start each day on the right foot:

You do not have to do it all,

 and you do not have to do it alone.

Each day, release the illusion that you have to control outcomes and just do the best you can. If you can write down a *reasonable* to do list for yourself, then you can release everything beyond that to the Universe. And lastly, remind yourself what you are looking forward to for tomorrow so that you can go to sleep uplifted!


Top 3 Fun Gifts:


For loved ones who are facing a health challenge, they could truly use a fun uplifting gift more than anything else.   Here are my top 3 choices for healing gifts that will bring a smile to their face!


1.  Temporary Tattoos


As a holistic physician, I often recommend that my patients write healing intentions directly on the part of their body that is in need of healing.

So I was beyond thrilled to find these gorgeous temporary tattoos that can do this exact same thing but even more beautifully — using nontoxic ink, which is much safer than ink found in permanent markers.  Now my patients have a healing tool they actually want to show off!


2.  Movie + Popcorn


Everyone loves a movie night, and this one will absolutely change their lives.

Heal For Free delves deeply into the science of what grounding does to the human body, and faces what critics try to do to discredit this astoundingly simple solution to pain and suffering.

From the elderly in nursing homes to patients affected by overwhelming EMF exposure… even those on the brink of death are revitalized by the life-saving practice of Grounding.

Every DVD ordered during November and December comes with a free bag of organic popcorn, and you can add on a grounding tool to make a very unique, custom gift… so that your loved ones can start grounding the moment they watch the film!



3.  Monthly Gift Subscription


Know someone who already loves grounding?  Or want to have a super fun, truly exciting way to introduce them to it?

Grounding Box is a fun monthly care package that arrives on your doorstep filled with medical grade, eco-friendly items that keep you grounding to the earth in fresh and fun new ways, month after month after month!

Give a gift subscription to your very favorite loved ones and they will be constantly delighted and nurtured long after the holidays are over!



Stocking Stuffers Galore


Looking for something small you can tuck into their stocking, mail in the mail, or travel with to surprise them on their doorstep?   Here are some of my very favorite holistic healing tools that make giving a little surprise super fun and easy:


Grounding Wrist & Ankle Strap -- One Item, Two Ways To Ground

1.  A Grounding Wrist & Ankle Band —


There is no easier way to get grounding than to simply slip this band right on your wrist!

Easy on, easy off… easy peasy.



Conductive Grounding Socks: lower extremity healing

2.  Grounding Socks —


Keep those toes warm without blocking the healing flow!  Can be used indoors or outside with your grounding heel strap and you stay warm, and grounded!

It’s win-win!

3.  Grounding Gloves —


Did you know you could wear gloves outside and still get direct healing from the earth just by wearing conductive gloves?

Hands stay warm, you stay grounded.  Can be used indoors as well.


Dr. Laura's Shiny & Strong Holistic Hair Care Kit

4.  Dr. Laura’s Shiny & Strong Holistic Hair Kit


There are millions of hair care products out there — I’ve scoured them all and put together this healthy holistic 7 piece hair care kit so that you can jump start your hair’s health, shine and strength… naturally!  Comes in a reusable travel tote, ready to gift!


Dr. Laura's Vibrant Glow Anti-Aging Complete Face Care Kit

5.  Dr. Laura’s Anti-Aging Holistic Face Care Kit


Did you know there are ingredients out there that turn back the hands of time so powerfully they can actually reduce your risk of skin cancer?  It’s true.

These are the products I personally use every single day.  And I want you to have them too.  This kit includes 8 full sized products that last a long time and truly work… all in a reusable eco friendly tote and with a free face mask included!

Dr. Laura's Healthy Body Ethically Crafted Holistic Body Care Set


6.  Dr. Laura’s All Natural Body Care Kit


Did you know that skin is constantly surrounding us with love… a physical layer of loving protection at all times?  Your skin is a living miracle.  Without it, we absolutely could not survive.  So let’s treat our body’s covering with respect, love and healthy supportive products that release our innate well being.  To that end, I’ve pulled together this 10 piece body care kit for you and your loved ones!

Dr. Laura's Healthy Smile Holistic Oral Complete Care Kit


7.  Dr. Laura’s Bright Smile Oral Care Kit


I’ve pulled together all of my very favorite, ethically crafted, cruelty free, holistic, healthy, all natural oral care products into one awesome 10 piece kit so that you can remake over the health and vibrancy of your smile quickly and easily!  To your healthy sparkling smile and the smile of those you love…

To a simple, safe, healthy, loving, supportive holiday season full of connecting with those that you love and giving gifts that truly make the recipient feel better than they ever did before…

xoxoxo, Laura


Yet Another Study Gives Survival Advantage To Overweight, Not Underweight



Well I thought this would be the perfect medical article to blog about this week, as many of us tuck into eating huge delicious Thanksgiving holiday meals!


If you are going to eat, don’t make those calories laden with guilt and remorse and negative thinking.

As you can read in one of my previous blog posts, fat shaming physically harms your health.  Don’t allow shame over food choices or weight to ruin your well being.


Release the negative thinking and just enjoy what you eat.


To help with that, here is a recently published medical study (published July 2017 in Cardiac Interventions) that found that obese and overweight patients actually have better survival rates and less complications after heart surgery (percutaneous cardiac interventions, or PCI) than normal weight and lean patients do.

On top of that, the better outcomes persisted even 5 years later, with better outcomes for the overweight and obese patients than for normal or low weight patients.


The Study:

  • Researchers studied over 345,000 patients who underwent PCI surgery between 2005 and 2013.
  • Patients were categorized based on BMI into underweight, normal weight, overweight and obese categories and followed them for 5 years to determine outcomes after surgery.


The Results:

  • Mildly obese patients were 30% more likely to survive cardiac surgery (and spent fewer days hospitalized after cardiac surgery.)
  • Mortality was significantly lower in the obese and overweight categories 30 days, 1 year, and 5 years out from surgery.


For more encouraging news that health is not all about a BMI and that you can be healthy at a wide variety of weights, here are some previous blog posts I’ve written for you as well:


And if you still feel guilt when looking at the spread of food before you at holiday parties?


Here are my 4 go to party foods — if you see one of these options at your next party, head straight for if and enjoy, guilt free!!!

Doctor’s orders!


1)  Chocolate

Shown to support heart and brain health, women who consume chocolate on a regular basis have a lower body mass index then those who don’t!


2)  Coffee

Warding off dementia,  protective against Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimers and depression, even decreasing your risk for developing diabetes… a warm cup of coffee or tea is the perfect way to indulge at a party, guilt free.  Did you know coffee drinkers actually have a lower mortality rate than non-coffee drinkers?  I blog more about that here.


3)  Berries

Super-powered antioxidants that decrease inflammation throughout your body, enjoy the fresh fruit party platter!  Best dessert yet?  Snag that chocolate covered strawberry and enjoy every single luscious bite!


4)  Nuts

Lowering heart disease risk and boosting energy without causing any weight gain at all, find the nut bowl and dig in!

Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you!!!

xoxoxo, Laura


How To Protect Your Liver At Holiday Parties



Today I’m just giving a quick, real-life health tip considering we are just on the verge of launching fully into holiday season, which means holiday meals, holiday get togethers, and impromptu toasts abound!


Drinking wine occasionally has enjoyed mixed health reviews — with some studies reporting cognitive benefits from wine (although for those you can simply take resveratrol supplements!) and many studies reporting that alcohol increases cancer risk.

And because holiday parties typically mean a lot of driving out and about to attend these parties, my first recommendation is just not to drink at all!


But if you realistically are going to toast the holidays with friends and family and a drink or two… and you have a safe ride lined up… there is a way that you can help that drink be less toxic to your dear old liver.


Plus, we can’t ignore that even if the recommendation is not to drink at all, there are 140 millions folks in America alone that regularly drink and about 16 million of them have an alcohol abuse disorder.

So instead of ignoring a huge population of folks that need health support, I share this information in an effort to help their body stay as healthy as possible while they seek the help and support they need to stop drinking.


Alcohol is metabolized into acetaldehyde by your liver…

…if acetaldehyde sounds familiar, you might be be thinking of it’s cousin, the more well known autopsy chemical:



Yep, they are related, and just like formaldehyde is well known to pickle human tissue, acetaldehyde isn’t very gentle on your liver or body either.

Both are harsh chemicals known to cause cancer.

If you are drinking more than one drink an hour, you can probably expect to feel cumulative effects of acetaldehyde build up as your body can’t metabolize the acetaldehyde quickly enough: heart racing, pounding, nausea, dehydration, dizziness.


How can we protect ourselves from this dangerous metabolite?


Our body can use l-cysteine protect against the acetaldehyde effects until our liver can further break the acetaldehyde down into carbon dioxide and water.

You can also add on Vitamin C to help keep the l-cysteine activated and working more efficiently as well.

A combination of l-cycsteine and vit C — taken before you start drinking and continuing with a dose of about 200 mg per ounce of alcohol consumed — to help block the toxic effects of the acetaldehyde can help your body recover more easily from those holiday gatherings.


These supplements are not a recommendation to make drinking safe… rather to make drinking less toxic.

Remember, no supplement can make drinking safe.

And no supplement can make drinking and driving the slightest bit safe… or morally correct… or legal.

If you are going to drink… don’t drive.


And of course, no pharmaceutical company out there has poured money into researching how to reduce harm from alcohol… so there are no large human medical studies to back this up.

(There are animal studies that show that having l-cystiene on board was protective and prolonged the life of rodents who were fed toxic doses of acetaldehyde.  Only 10% of animals initially survived the acetaldehyde challenge without supplementation but 80% initially survived with L-cysteine on board.)

But because these supplements are safe, cheap, and readily available to humans everywhere, Big Pharma knows they are unlikely to make a huge profit from pour large amounts of funding into examining how these vitamins might help us preserve and protect our health.

But on the upside, exactly because they are safe and inexpensive and readily available, this means you have easy access to these supportive healing supplements too!

Be sure to stick with very high quality supplements made in fantastic, reputable pharmacy grade nutraceutical facilities.

To help, I’ve added these supplements in the Detox category of my online pharmacy dispensary so that you can be sure you have pharmacy grade, super pure quality supplements on hand to protect your body if you do decide to drink this holiday season.




Taking a dose before drinking, one with each round of drinks, and one after you finish all alcohol consumption might help spare your body from some portion of the the ill effects of the toxic acetaldehyde.


Happy happy holiday season to you and your loved ones!

xoxox, Laura






The Latest Study To Prove That Grounding Improves Health



On top of the past 25 years of medical research on grounding, a new study has been released showing just how beneficial grounding is to even the most vulnerable humans — preterm infants.


If babies born so early that they are not even meant to be outside of the womb, breathing or eating yet, can be supported by grounding…

…then you can understand that no matter what health challenge you face, no matter how dire, grounding can help.

These babies were all patients of the Penn State NICU — babies born so early that they needed to be monitored in an intensive care unit for survival.

NICU babies are in incubators that create high electrical fields in and around the incubator.  These electrical fields affect the infants autonomic function and create stress, much like the constant onslaught of electrical fields in our modern society does on adults.

Previous studies have shown that adults who are grounded have immediately improved vagal tone and increased heart rate variability, both being a marker of improved health and decreased mortality rates.

Decreased heart rate variability is a well known predictor of mortality both in adults (as heart rate variability decreases it predicts higher death rates after heart transplant, heart attack, stroke) and in babies (decreased heart rate variability increases the rates of necrotizing enterocolitis and death.)

This study aimed to see if there was the same improvement in vagal tone and improvement in heart rate variability for preterm infants subjected to the incredible stress and electrical fields that immerse them in the incubators of the NICU.


The Study, published in Neonatology on Jun 10, 2017:

  • 20 NICU infants (at Penn State Medical Center) were grounded via a grounding patch connected to a grounded outlet.
  • Environmental magnetic flux density was measured in and around the infant’s incubators.
  • Skin voltage was measured before, during and after grounding.
  • Heart rate variability was measured before, during and after grounding.


During Grounding:

  • Skin voltage immediately dropped by 95%.
  • Heart rate variability improved by 67%.
  • Skin voltage and heart rate variability immediately returned to pre-grounding levels as soon as grounding was discontinued.


What does that mean?

  • It means that while they were grounded, they were protected from the electrical fields that surrounded them and their body started to relax and respond with a boost in health.
  • It means the infants who were grounded had improved vagal tone, lower stress levels, improved heart rate variability, and lowered risk of death.
  • And it means that the moment the infants were no longer grounded, their stress returned full force.



Just as I talk about in this video here

…if you are surrounded by electrical smog, it’s affecting your stress levels, your sleep, your heart, your life span.

And it’s absolutely imperative that you get grounded.


Sleeping grounded each night gives your body the chance to regain its precious health.

In today’s society there is no other more effective way to support your body’s innate health than to sleep cocooned in the protective embrace of Mother Earth every night.


Grounding Patch Kits -- medical grade targeted therapy



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Lithium In Our Drinking Water?


Many recent studies have come out lately showing just how important the mineral lithium is to our health.

And I’m all for whatever natural solutions we can find to preserve health… but not this one.


I’ll give you details below on studies that show that long term lithium use is associated with a reduced risk of dementia, and this is on top of previous studies that show that lithium may actually lower our over all lifetime risk of cancer.

But adding it to the water supply, instead of just recommending lithium supplementation?

Uh… no.

I’m not good with that.

But that is exactly what physicians are proposing after the release of these medical studies:


  1.  Lithium to reduce dementia risk (published online August 23 in JAMA Psychiatry):

Researchers looked at data on over 800,000 patients and found that there was a significant difference in the levels of lithium in the drinking water of folks that developed dementia.

Specifically, they found that lower levels of lithium in drinking water increased the incidence of developing dementia by about 20%.

And patients who had higher amounts of lithium in their drinking water had about 20% less chance of developing dementia.

But just because a substance can show a protective health benefit, should it be automatically added to our water supply?

Why are patients with a family history of dementia simply not told about this study and instructed to take prophylactic microdoses of lithium daily, which are readily available in supplement form?

That’s because no one is going to get rich off of folks taking an inexpensive supplement, and it is too cheap as a medication — drug companies are unlikely to sink money into clinical studies on lithium since it can not be patented and is inexpensive to manufacture… and more to the point, no one has ever made a large profit off of lithium, so it’s off the pharmaceutical companies radar.


2.   Lithium to reduce cancer risk (published in the British Journal of Psychiatry July, 2016):


This study links lithium with a significant reduction in cancer risk.

Not only that, but the reduced risk of cancer was found to be dose dependent, meaning patients who took higher doses of lithium had even greater reduction in cancer rates than those who took lower doses.

Researchers followed over 4,700 patients who used lithium (along with matched the with control patients who did not use lithium) for over 7 years and compared cancer diagnosis rates in each group.

They found that patients who used lithium had a statistically significant reduction in over all cancer rates, and that patients on higher cumulative doses of lithium had even lower cancer rates than those on low dose lithium…

…going from a 24% reduction in cancer rates for lower doses up lithium up to a 45% reduction in cancer rates in patients using the highest lithium doses.

So the bottom line is that lithium slashed cancer risk almost in half!


For a good overview on why lithium is so essential to the health of our body, I highly recommend reading this two-part series written by Dr. Jonathan Wright, M.D., medical director of the Tahoma Clinic in Washington:


Lithium, The Misunderstood Mineral Part 1

Lithium, The Misunderstood Mineral Part 2


Our body needs a very small, trace amount of lithium daily in order to function optimally.

But should we add it to our drinking water?

Let’s review the problems we already are confronting with the miniscule amounts of fluoride added to the public water supply:


  1.  One problem, widely recognised (even by the National Institutes of Health) is that fluoride accumulates in bone.

It is estimated about 50% of the fluoride we consume is eliminated, and 50% is stored.

Miniscule amounts of fluoride adding to our bodies sip after sip after sip equals a not-so-minimal exposure.

Over a lifetime, these levels can reach high proportions… decreasing bone density and causing brittleness.

For a nation whose women have epidemic proportions of osteopenia and osteoporosis, it would be crazy to continue to use fluoride on a daily or twice daily basis… and then use even more Rx to combat the osteoporosis that develops later in life.

Studies have shown that the rate of hip fracture in elderly is directly increased in areas that fluoridate their water.

And the truth is, even if you feel that you *need* fluoride to help reduce the incidence of cavities… you are getting plenty of fluoride through your foods.  You absolutely do NOT need the added fluoride in your drinking water!!!

Plants store fluoride found naturally in the earth AND from the water used to irrigate crops.

Yep, even organic crops have fluoride in them from the irrigation water.

Statements from reps of the National Institutes of Health recommend that people who drink large quantities of water should not drink tap water, but instead switch to bottled water.

We are just getting so much exposure to fluoride, to intentionally consume extra fluoride, whether through drinking water or toothpaste, is way too much.

Your skin absorbs fluoride as well, so even when you are showering or taking a bath, you are absorbing fluoride.


2.  Another problem is that fluoride is accumulating in our cardiovascular system as well.


A study published in the journal Nuclear Medicine Communications definitively proved that fluoride is absorbed into your vascular system and that the fluoride uptake is higher in patients with cardiovascular events then it is in patients without cardiovascular event.

Researchers followed 61 patients after administering fluoride and found that 96% of them had fluoride uptake in their cardiovascular walls.


In a nation with heart disease steeply rising, this doesn’t sit well with me.

After hundreds of studies have shown fluoride affects everything from cognitive function in humans to diabetes, fertility and more in animals, I recommend avoiding fluoride in water and never use fluoridated toothpastes.

Fluoride is an enzyme inhibitor, point-blank.

That’s why fluoride is toxic in large quantities, absolutely no doubt about it.

You can check your fluoride toothpaste label… right on the tube will be a warning not to swallow fluoride toothpaste, and to call poison control if any more than a pea sized amount is ingested.

In fact, fluoride is not recommended in children under 2 years old because of the swallowing risk… and this is by folks (like the ADA) who are huge supporters of fluoride in general.


Today’s cited article shows direct absorption to of fluoride into our cardiovascular walls and a significant correlation between cardiovascular events and fluoride uptake, so it is all the more urgent for us to avoid fluoride all together.

Your skin absorbs fluoride as well, so even when you are showering or taking a bath, you are absorbing fluoride.

New studies show that about 40% of children today have discolored or pitted teeth from the extreme levels of fluoride we are now exposed to… both topically in toothpaste and internally through food and water.

This tooth deformation is called dental fluorosis, and is caused by abnormal enamel (and even completely absent enamel) formation.

If you have white spots, brown spots, or pitting in your teeth or your children’s teeth, look into eliminating fluoride exposure completely.

The problem with trying to eliminate fluoride exposure completely is you can’t… not really.

Removing fluoride from water is tough.

Filters like Brita don’t cut it.

Fluoride is unaffected by most filtration methods.


To actually be certain you reduce the fluoride in your water, you would need to install a reverse osmosis filter in your home…

…or use a Berkey water filter to filter out the water you drink… this is the water filter we personally use in our home.


The sad thing about this is that your skin is still absorbing fluoride from the water supply when you take a shower or bath, or use sink water to wash your face, brush your teeth, wash your hands and more.

There is never a day that goes by that I don’t wish fluoride was not added to our public water supply.

So for me, as a mother and as a physician, that’s a daily reminder to mess with adding crap to our water.

I feel strongly that we should have a choice on what we consume in our water.

Making additives ubiquitous in the water supply infringes on our right to choose, and certainly as a physician I feel it infringes on our long term health.

You can ALWAYS brush with fluoridated toothpaste if you want the fluoride exposure — just get it out of our drinking and bathing water PLEASE.


And you can always take a lithium supplement to support your health — no need to add it to the water supply!


If you are concerned about your mineral intake and want to get trace amounts of lithium in your body daily, I recommend Concentrace Mineral Drops to my patients to be sure they are getting all the rich minerals their body needs every single day to function it’s best!

You can use these too, no Rx required — found in my online dispensary right here


To your vibrant health!

xoxoxo, Laura



PS — on top of mineral supplementation, there are tons of holistic things you can do to prevent dementia!!!

For a fantastic overview of what you can do today to dramatically lower your dementia risk tomorrow, read this blog post I wrote for you!