Another Difference Between Men and Women… Found On Autopsy


Last week I wrote to you about a new medical study that shows how women and men have different cardiac responses to stress.

This week, yet another difference between men and women… this time, in the brain.



Turns out, on autopsy, investigators found that there was a distinct difference between the brains of men and women in depression.

There are lots of differences between depression in men and women, as we already know.

These results may help explain why.  It turns out, the brain literally re-wires differently during depression depending on if you are male or female:

  • Women are three times more likely to have atypical depression (depression that causes weight gain and increased sleep)
  • Women are twice as likely to have an episode of depression and four times more likely to have recurrent depression than men (this is thought to be because of a protective mechanism of testosterone on the brain.)
  • Women also have more clinically severe depressive episodes than men.
  • Men are more likely to have a substance abuse disorder along with their depression, and are more likely to commit suicide than women.


The Study, published in Biological Psychiatry on Feb 3, 2018:

  • Researchers looked at autopsy brain samples in 100 patients — 50 who had been diagnosed with major depression and 50 sex-matched controls with no history of depression.
  • Researchers looked at the genetic make up of three different regions of the brain typically affected by depression: the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, the anterior cingulate cortex and the basolateral amygdala.


The Results:

  • In the sex-matched controls (with no history of depression) the 73 genes researchers studied were exactly the same in both men and women, with no difference in genetic expression between the sexes.
  • In patients with major depression, there was a huge difference in gene expression — a 71% difference between men and women in gene expression!
  • In the vast majority of genes (52 out of the 73 looked at) expression of genes changed in opposite ways for both men and women.
  • Only 21 out of the 73 affected both depressed men and women in the same way (only 29% of the genes remained the same between men and women.)
  • In men, there were increased markers of inflammation (not so for the women.)
  • In women, there was a decrease in immunity (not so for the men.)


The Bottom Line:


Mens brains tended to change to create increased inflammation,

women’s brains tended to change to reduce immune response.


So in depressed individuals, it seems that the men become more reactive/inflammatory and the women become more susceptible/decreased immunity.


This to me mirrors the sex differences in heart function when the cardiac system is under stress…

…men tended to have higher demands on the heart and cardiac output (and higher blood pressure too!) and women tended to have restricted perfusion and decreased blood flow through capillaries.


Heart or brain:

men become pressured and inflamed,

women become decreased and suppressed.


Why do men become activated/agitated and women become deactivated/decreased in function during illness and stress?

And what other organ systems should be looking at to see a difference?

Probably the GI tract, hormones, adrenal, liver, kidney function and more.



And this is important because we can now start to tailor treatments to help really target and promote healing during stress, illness, depression.

Taken together, these studies suggest that men would be most helped by targeting inflammation and stress management treatments, while women might be most helped by immune boosting and circulation boosting therapies.


For example, perhaps men might benefit more from:

  • lowering blood pressure with supplements
  • decreasing inflammation through grounding
  • and stress reduction techniques of meditation, acupuncture and yoga.


While women, with the same heart disease or depressive episodes that men have, might benefit more from:

  • supplements that target boosting immunity
  • therapies that heal leaky gut and other autoimmune pathways
  • along with exercises designed to boost circulation and perfusion like walking, aerobic exercise, hot yoga, even deep tissue massage.


This is just one example of countless different treatment plans that you and your physician could come up with, targeting specific pathways that are unique to you now that we know a little more about the sex differences between men and women.


Want even more holistic help for depression?

Hop over to these are articles I’ve written for you:



To your innate healing…

xoxoxo, Laura




A Super Interesting Difference Between Men and Women



A very interesting study looked at how our heart responds to mental stress.

Turns out, there is a very key difference between the way a woman’s heart responds to stress and the way a man’s heart responds.


Mental stress is well known to trigger cardiac changes (as I go into more detail on below…) but so far, no study had looked out a difference between the sexes.

Today’s study, published in Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology on Dec. 21, 2017, showed definitively that there is an incredible difference between how a woman’s cardiovascular system responds to mental stress and how a man’s cardiovascular system responds to mental stress.


The Study:

  • Researchers looked at 678 patients (average age: 63 years old) with coronary artery disease.
  • They  preformed myocardial perfusion imaging before and during a well known stressor: public speaking (I hear you!  I get soooo anxious with public speaking as well!  Perfect setting to see how the heart reacts to perceived emotional stress.)
  • After obtaining the results of the cardiac perfusion study both at rest and during public speaking, researchers analyzed data from several different parameters of cardiac output and perfusion to see what affect the stress had on heart health.



The Results:

  • Turns out, men responded to the mental stress of public speaking by having a larger change in blood pressure, and a higher demand on the cardiovascular system to increase output.  When there is cardiac stenosis (or narrowing of the cardiac arteries) so that the increased demands on the h can not be adequately met, this put the men at greater risk for heart attack.
  • Women were the opposite.  Women responded to the mental stress of public speaking by having greater peripheral vasoconstriction (meaning the blood vessels constricted more, which limited the blood flow through them.). This vasoconstriction sets women up to have a greater risk of heart attack during times of stress as well, but for an entirely different reason than men.



The Bottom Line?


We have no clue why women and men have different responses in the heart to mental stress, but we do now know what those differences are.

Men respond to stress with an increased demand for blood flow, and while the works harder in an attempt to pump more blood out, if their arteries are narrowed this creates a mismatch in how much blood can reach the tissues and the result is a heart attack.

Women respond to stress with decrease in the peripheral perfusion do to increased vasoconstriction, which puts them at higher risk for ischemic heart attack.


In other words, the male’s heart demands more output during stress

while a female’s vasculature constricts more during stress

and both responses put both men and women at increased risk of heart attack.


Same end result, but different pathways.



To me, this study serves to underscore how very strongly our mental and emotional state affect our well being.

It reminds me of a study I reviewed for you exactly one year ago this month. That medical study explained why there is a direct correlation between stress and heart attack.

It turns out, increased brain activity in the area of emotional processing (the amygdala) directly increases the risk of cardiovascular events.

This study was the first to show that increased amygdala activity in humans strongly predicts cardiovascular events such as stroke, heart attack and angina.


Here’s why the emotional center of our brain is connected to our heart health:


The amygdala is responsible for processing emotions, survival instincts and memory.

That about sums up how stress feels: it’s an increased emotional load, a feeling of being overwhelmed when trying to navigate a stressful situation, and traumatic memories from the past all get linked up with traumatic present experiences — which all come together to increase the metabolic activity in your amygdala.


The Study (published Jan 11, 2017 in Lancet):

  • 293 patients underwent full body PET/CT scans at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA
  • Resting metabolic activity in the amygdala, bone marrow and arterial walls were measured
  • Increased resting metabolic activity in the amygdala was strongly correlated with increased bone marrow activity, increased arterial inflammation, and increased risk of cardiovascular events (stroke, MT, or angina) during an average follow up period of 3 1/2 years.
  • In a follow up study, researchers examined 13 patients with PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) who underwent PET scans and filled out a Stress Scale Questionnaire (PSS-10)
  • They found that high levels of self rated stress correlated with increase in amygdala activity, higher levels of arterial inflammation, and higher levels of the blood inflammatory marker: C-reactive protein.

The bottom line:  Based on these studies, researchers now believe that it is actually the brain activity of the amygdala (and emotional stress in particular) that links stressful events with cardiovascular disease — causing increased hemopoietic tissue activity (in the bone marrow, where blood is made) and increased vascular inflammation, both which directly increase cardiovascular disease and up the risk of stroke, heart attack and angina.

They believe that it is this increased activation of the emotional amgydala area of the brain that raises the risk for heart disease and stroke.

Chronic emotional stress raises the baseline metabolic rate of this particular area of the brain, and strongly and directly raises the risk factor for cardiovascular events.


The link between stress and heart attack, stroke, and angina is so pronounced that researchers are advocating stress levels to be considered an independent risk factor for heart disease, along with other cardiac risk factors such as age, smoking history, and family history of heart disease.

Further proof:  A study published two years ago (April 5, 2016 in Circulation) shows that this idea has real world applications.

Researchers followed over 150 patients who were assigned to have cardiac rehab care following a cardiac event, and found that by adding stress management skills into their cardiac rehab program they were able to slash the rate of future cardiac events in a 5 year follow up period IN HALF!

So if addressing stress reduces the risk of subsequent heart attack by 50%,

now we know why: stressful brain activity is

directly correlated with cardiovascular events.

Reduce the stress response in the brain, reduce heart disease in the body.


So today, here are 10 actions can you take today to decrease cardiac stress even on the most stressful days of your life:


1. Reconnect with nature.


All you have to do here is walk out your front door, step out of your office, or stop driving and step out of your car.

To reconnect with nature is to reconnect with wonder.

Whether it’s just a few deep breaths as you sit on a patch of grass, simply taking a walk through a local park, or full on spending a night under the stars… reconnecting with the wonder of being a human being standing on a rock that spirals through space and seeing the earth for the vast support network it is can’t help but lift your spirits for the better.

The health benefits of grounded — simply touching the earth — are immediate.  Brain activity on EEG immediately responds and becomes less stressful, C-reactive protein levels drop over time, and sleep becomes deeper and more restorative.

The power of nature can hold even your worst of days and remain an immovable source of strength.



Don’t believe me?

The next time you are having a panic attack, or a pounding headache, or a knot of worry grow in your stomach, just go outside.  Get out there.  Don’t force anything, just start walking and let nature work its magic.

And consider sleeping grounded all night long to help you recover from the stress of the day.

If you have a high stress job and are interested in protecting yourself from stress in the work place you absolutely can ground your body there too.

Resting your hands on a grounding mat while you use your computer, wearing grounding socks under your shoes, or putting a grounding patch anywhere on your body will help decrease inflammation and offset the effects of prolonged stress on your health.

Hop over here to see more options to be grounded both indoors and out!





2. Focus on Spirit.


This is something shown over and over again in the medical literature — the power of prayer to affect clinical outcome is a beautiful fact.

The surest way I know to alleviate stress and suffering is to find meaning in it.

Whether it’s through mediation, personal prayer, asking friends and family to pray for you, cultivating your own sense of spirit surrounding and supporting you — these are all such important ways to alleviate stress.

The divine support system is around you, surrounding you, whether you are able to feel it or not.

Never fear that. Nothing is required of you.

But calling on the power of prayer and connecting with that reservoir of love is an instant boost that strengthens you and changes outcome, no doubt about it.

Need some more inspiration?

Man's Search For MeaningRead Man’s Search For Meaning, by Viktor E. Frankl.

He is a concentration camp survivor who writes beautifully about how the people who survived these horrific conditions were not the strongest, or youngest, or even the healthiest… they were the ones who found meaning in what they were going through.

Finding a deeper, spiritual meaning in what you are going through is — in and of itself — enough to decrease the stress of the experience you are going through.



3. Music.


My kids will tell you that if I am really grumpy, all we have to do is hop in the car and turn on the radio and within a few songs, all of a sudden I don’t feel so stressed out.

In fact, I feel optimistic and grateful and filled with the same sense of wonder and possibility that I feel when I spend time in nature.

The power of music to wash through you and lift you is amazing.

If you are feeling stressed or depressed, especially if you can not leave your current surroundings (perhaps you are in the hospital or your office or your car…) slip on some music and allow it to sweep through your soul and lift you higher.

Music is universal and can meet you wherever you are.



4. Reach out to your support system.


There IS a support system around you, even if you don’t think you have a friend in the world.

I know I didn’t fully realize how many people I had, providing back up support in my life, until I went through a personal crisis.

Some of my most meaningful sources of support were from people I had never ever met before — like the manager at my local bank and the complete stranger who came to pick up some furniture I got rid of as we downsized our belongings.

Both of these people forever changed my life.

Both of these people are angels living on earth.

And don’t even get me started on the unbelievably generous neighbors, friends and family that I actively leaned on for support.

If you are having a stressful crisis, ask for help.

Ask your neighbor, ask your family, ask your friends.

If you have none of the above, go out into the world asking for help to show up — go to the park, go to your bank, go to the grocery store, go to the thrift shop.

Angels are out there waiting to embrace and help you.

5. Move.


A symbolic fresh start during times of stress can help you move on towards healing and help usher in new, positive and hopeful energy instead of feeling stuck.

This might mean it feels right to literally move, relocate, and start a fresh chapter of your life.  A new living space, a new job, a new healthier environment, new resources to surround you, a move to a more walkable community, a living arrangement that takes financial stress off of you… lots of options when redesigning a fresh start.

But even if it is impossible to move, you can go through your current living space with the idea of bringing in fresh energy — freshening up the plants in each room, rearranging whatever furniture you can, adding a mirror or two and burning candles of light in the evenings to help create a new flow of light through old, dark and depressing spaces.

And even if you can’t do that — even if you can’t do anything to change your physical surroundings, creating a symbolic gesture in order to usher in a new start is so very important.

From going outside to take a deep breath of air, to lighting a smudge stick, to ringing a bell and setting a new intention for the space you are in, do something to break the illusion that you are stuck.

You are not stuck.

You are a new person every single day and every moment within that day.

When our physical surroundings don’t change, especially in the midst of great stress, you can get caught up in the illusion that your situation is permanent and hopeless.

This is not so… there is always an ebb and a flow of energy through every situation no matter how unchanging it appears on the surface.

The illusion that things never change can mentally hold you in a place of worry.

Release this by making small changes to your living space:

  • physically leaving the space you are in for a breath or two
  • lighting candles/incense/sage smudging
  • ringing  bells and chimes
  • bring in new lighting
  • adding a mirror
  • bringing in a new plant…
  • going on a long walk
  • exercising away all of your nervous energy

…whatever it takes to feel the energy shift in your body and your space to remind you that nothing… NOTHING …stays the same forever.

6. Gratitude and compassion

This is a no-brainer — one of the gifts of going through suffering is that you can witness and hold other people’s suffering so much more fully.

Compassion and gratitude for the journey and knowing that others have made it through ordeals much much MUCH worse can really help instill hope to your own journey.

Knowing the darker side, leaning into it, persevering through it, witnessing with compassion what others have gone through… all of these things make traveling your own dark night feel less lonely and more optimistic in the sense that you KNOW you will reach the other side.

You WILL reach the other side.

Focus on witnessing suffering in others around you and holding compassion for the entire yin and yang of it all, the darkness and light of the world… the richness here is a different twist on helping to find meaning in suffering and the gift here is being able to open your heart even wider then you thought possible before.



7. Sleep.


Studies have shown that sleep deprivation is even harder to bear on folks with anxiety or stress.  If you are going through a time of great stress, it is more important than ever before in your entire life that you sleep well.

You MUST SLEEP in order to recover from the stress of the day and the stress of the situation.

It is possible to treat anxiety solely through increasing the quality of your sleep.

Read this blog post for more ideas on increasing sleep quality!


8. Body work.


The feeling of worry and stress and anxiety is often the stress of energy that is accumulating in the body without release.

I know I personally feel this as a ball of pressure right in my solar plexus, but it’s different for everyone.

Irritability, crying, headaches, diarrhea, nausea, tension, muscle stiffness, decreased or increased appetite, weight loss or gain, insomnia… often these all represent energy that just needs to be released to make room for the natural healing process and health/hope to return.


If you are feeling stuck and in need of physical release, do any or ALL of the following to help assist your body in letting go of old traumas:

  • deep stretches
  • rebounding (basically this is just jumping on a mini trampoline)
  • yoga
  • long daily walks (get a dog if you need to hold yourself accountable to a daily walk!)
  • massage
  • heat (hot water bottles are the best!)
  • water (in the form of showers or baths, as well as increasing hydration by drinking lots of water!)
  • acupuncture
  • qigong
  • tai chi (a recent study showed that tai chi was actually better than aerobic exercise in alleviating fibromyalgia pain, FYI!)
  • reiki

9.  Add these supplements to protect your heart:


1.  fish oil — omega 3 fatty acids offer a calming effect on the brain

2.  probiotics — the link between the body and mind starts in our gut

3.  resveratrol for long term heart health

4.  trace mineral drops to support heart function (including the very important mineral magnesium!)

5. and CoQ10 supplements to support heart health as well — all found in my online pharmacy here.



10.  Understand your heart from an energetic perspective.


What can you do to protect the longevity of your heart medically, spiritually, emotionally, energetically?

If you can only do one thing to reduce stress on your heart, it’s simply to understand your heart better.



We have a heart to pump blood (and thereby deliver oxygen and nutrients) to every part of our body.

It’s function is absolutely critical to life.

The heart is composed of a mass of muscle cells who’s function is to work together to deliver the *energy* of blood to our entire organism.

But what is the one thing your heart needs in order to do all this, in order to function at all?  Flexibility.


It’s strength is it’s flexibility.


If your heart is boxed in, walled up, protected… it’s not flexible at all.

It’s brittle.

It can’t work.

It will eventually self-strangulate.

It absolutely *needs* to have it’s walls broken down, removed, in order to maintain it’s strength.

This is exactly what happens with our heart physically.

Our blood vessels become coated with plaques…

…but these plaques, instead of strengthening our vessels, strangulate them.

The more coated, the thicker the walls, the more risk of heart attack (remember I told you about this in the first study I reviewed for you today?  Men, especially, are at risk for this type of heart attack when under stress.)


The heart is pure muscle, pure power, pure strength…

…and it uses it’s core strength, which is the strength of flexibility, to function.


It uses muscular contractions to deliver it’s heartsong… oxygen, nutrition, nurturing, love, joy, and freedom… to the entire body.

This is the power of the heart, when it is full of love, lubricated by life, flexible, bending and free.

If your heart is hardened, if you are protecting yourself by building walls, if you are living life defensively, how can your heart spread joy and health freely to your entire body?


  • Your heart can not feed your body — can not feed your body joy — if it is strangled by the walls you have built.
  • Lightness, joy, love… these are the emotional vibrations that keep your heart flexible and strong.
  • These are the antidotes to any hardening of your heart you might be feeling.
  • These are the ways to break down the immobile walls that we naturally build as we protect ourselves along the path of our life.


Protecting ourselves comes at a price.

Building walls brings a brittleness, a false strength that can suffocate that which you are trying to protect.

With your own flexibility gone, you lose your power.

Far more powerful is the heart that can open fully and contract fully… that can feel fully.


So the first step, find what barriers you have built.

Allow them to soften.

Your ability to yield to life and it’s inevitable pleasures and joy and sorrows and pain, with as little resistance as possible,  will make you stronger.

If your heart is feeling brittle, limited, stiff, hardened, or empty, nurture your own heart first.

Begin with flexibility.

Allow your thoughts to expand, give yourself the flexibility to allow multiple points of view, the vulnerability to be hurt, and the strength to bounce back even stronger.

Give yourself a little love.  A little softness.  A little forgiveness.  A little flexibility.

Flexibility is what makes your heart strong.

Powerful flexibility is what feeds your entire body.

Flexibility is what makes *you* strong.

I painted this painting for you, from a page in my med school anatomy book, to help remind you:


Artwork created out of my med school anatomy book… found in my shop here.




So, with the focus on flexibility and embracing our core strength by being open and pliable… where can our hearts take us?

What is the opposite of being constricted, walled in, brittle?

Expansion, baby, expansion!


Our hearts are the center of our ability to expand… expand beyond just ourselves, and beyond just our limited experience, and expand beyond just this one lifetime.

We can feel our connection to others, and our eternal nature.

Our heart center expands outwards in spirals of light, right from the center of our being.

Have you ever sat, focusing on something that made you so happy, and just felt your heart grow larger and larger and larger still?

Have you ever felt that your chest was going to explode, your heart energy got so big?

Have you ever felt your heart vibration reach past your chest, past your body, reach into the space around, to the people around you, to the universe around you?

It feels so good, and it feels so good because it is the healthy state of being connected to all of the energy around you.

You are dropping the limited barriers of what defines *you* and reaching out to *all that is*… in this state, I feel that no disease state could maintain itself for long.

In this state, you are pure, positive joy.

In this state, you have blown up all the barriers around your heart, the ones that you built to *protect you* but that actually harm you… they are dissolved and meaningless.

You are greater than this one moment in time, this one body, this one lifetime.

Through your heart, you can expand past any problem, any limitation.

Through your heart, you can connect to all that is physical and non-physical around you.

Through your heart, you can *feel* the eternal that you can’t figure out with your brain.


Your heart is an amazing organ, designed to pump nutrition and health throughout your entire body.

It’s designed to pump joy and love throughout your entire being.

Do not limit it to what it physically can do.

Do not regard it as a piece of muscle designed to transport blood.

Instead, really *feel* the entire purpose of it’s design.

It is the one organ, more than any other, that connects your entire body of being together.

It reaches every tissue, every surface, every organ.


Through it’s immense meshwork of vasculature,

your heart is one of complete and utter connection.


Of expansion.


Physically, expanding to every single cell in your body… and emotionally, expanding your life force from you to the universe.


heart chakra

I painted this heart chakra artwork to show the energy of the heart expanding outwards in spirals of beauty!

To strengthen and expand you feelings of health and joy, remember those experiences where you feel your heart expanding, and seek to find those more often.

Sit in them and appreciate them when you are in those states of expansion, when you are feeling bigger then life.

In this state you are realizing that the walls you build around your body and mind are no longer helpful, but instead, are constricting.

I feel these states easiest when I sit in appreciation for my children.

I can sit in a room with them and literally feel my heart pound against my chest, expanding through my entire body, then out of my body, pulsing into the universe and connecting me to a greater love.

It is in these moments that I *know* I am tapped in to something more than just myself.

And it is in these moments that I know my connection to my children is eternal.

Do what you can, today, to find a moment like this and savor it.

You have just found your heartsong.

Every moment you spend in that state, you spend in the state of pure and absolute health.



I hope this list of 10 things you can do to decrease stress and improve your heart health… even in the middle of great personal turmoil… is helpful to you and a blessing of some ideas to consider.

Offered with much love…

xoxox, Laura



The Latest Grounding Study + An Easy Way To Make Grounding More Effective




Today is my last in the series of blog posts I’ve written over the past month and a half on Grounding!


So far we’ve gone over together:


and today…  I review for you the latest medical study on grounding and give you a quick tip on making grounding more powerful!


This medical study is, to me, the most conclusive yet, showing that grounding ***even in the face of dense EMFs fields all around*** helps support your brain, your nervous system, your heart, your lungs, your digestion — all by boosting vagal nerve function.

This study was done in the most vulnerable of all of us — premature infants who technically should not even be born yet — in NICU incubators.  Grounding them instantly boosted markers of survival.  It’s important information to know because it has a direct baring on your health too… here’s how:


The Latest Study On Grounding:




And, do you ever feel like when you ground you are not getting the same results that other people are getting?  I think I might know why — you are likely mineral depleted.

Give me a few minutes to explain why that makes a difference and how you can easily fix that:


The Easiest Way To Make Grounding More Powerful:



My Fav Mineral Drops:


I have the Concentrace Mineral Drops that I personally use (and show you in the video!) waiting for you at a discount in my online dispensary right here!



But what if you don’t want to use mineral supplements?

My Fav Mineral Infused, Topical Conductive Gel:


You can actually enhance your conductivity simply by topically applying a mineral rich gel.

Especially important right now at the end of winter when we all have dehydrated, dried out skin…

Keep this pump by your bedside and lightly moisturize with it before slipping onto your grounding mattress panel at night, or before sliding on your grounding socks or grounding wrist band in the AM!

And you will exponentially reap the benefits to the enhanced conductivity.  It will absolutely make an immediate difference — with this gel on, the slightest contact with your grounding tool or the earth makes you instantly & powerfully grounded.

If you’ve ever tested your grounding tools and they are grounded, but when you test yourself you are not grounded, it’s because your body is not hydrated enough and lacks enough minerals to encourage conductivity.

This gel fixes both — moisturizes your skin and provides advanced cellular silver & trace minerals to boost your body’s grounding potential exponentially!


Enjoy all these fun ways to play with grounding!!!

xoxoxo, Laura



P.S. — I’ve been asked so many times for a list of all of the medical studies on grounding that I went ahead and created a master list for you right here!


I’ve included links to every single medical article and many of them are in PDF for you to print out if you like!  Share this resource far and wide with everyone you know who would like to know more about the science behind grounding!

Grounding Studies — A Master List!

Grounding Balances Your Hormones Automatically (Plus 6 More Ideas)


Today let’s talk about the messengers of our body (our hormones!) and how grounding balances them for you, automatically.


Adrenal function, thyroid function, sex hormones, even leaky gut — it’s all interconnected.

Your energy level, your sex drive, your daily rhythm, how good you feel each day — it’s all improved by getting grounded.

There is a cascade of inflammation and auto-immune signaling in these interconnected hormonal pathways that ultimately lead to thyroid issues, adrenal depletion and out-of-wack reproductive hormones that cause us to feel less than our best.

As a physician, I am convinced that you can not have full resolution of any hormonal issue — adrenal (cortisol) or sex hormone issues (PMS/perimenopause/libido issues) or thyroid issues — without grounding.

Let me share with you exactly why this is so and what you can do about it in the video below.  Then I have a nice assignment for you today that will get your hormone levels supported and get you feeling an internal boost…

Let’s get started:




Click below to read the original cortisol normalization study that got physicians first understanding why Grounding is so important to our adrenal function:

Grounding and Cortisol Patterns


And click here to read an overview of how Grounding affects the entire body!


 Grounding Medical Literature Review


Want a list and links to all of the medical studies on Grounding over the past two decades?

I pulled this together for you right here:

Grounding Studies — A Complete List


Plus, 6 more holistic ideas to support your

natural hormone balance:

1. Direct Grounding in AM Light


All week long, let’s support your natural healthy energy rhythm by combining morning light on your face with grounding.

Giving your body the *clear signal* that it is daytime is absolutely crucial to feel your best.

Medical studies have shown that a few minutes of morning light on your face is actually **more effective** than a prescription anti-depressant in treating depression!

Combine this with the centering, adrenal supportive healing therapy of Grounding and this one daily practice could very well transform your entire life.

Even one minute is okay… just get out there and do it… all week long and see how your body responds.  Your mood.  Your energy.  Your sleep.  Even your sex drive!

In fact, try to allow this gentle routine to become a lifelong habit that will continue to help you feel the very best you can possibly feel, for a lifetime!


2.  Assess Your Adrenals



Click the link below to print out my free Adrenal Assessment Quiz to see if your adrenals are functioning optimally.  This assessment is part of my 5 Day Adrenal Recovery Online Class.  

If you take the quiz and find your adrenals are in need of support, I would love to work with you to repair them!  Just fill out this free adrenal assessment quiz to see if your adrenals could use a little TLC heading into spring!

Free Adrenal Assessment Quiz


If you have been through any kind of recent stressful situation or big life transition or change (even fun, positive ones!) chances are your adrenals could use some rejuvination.

In this healing class I’m going to share with you exactly what causes adrenal fatigue and all the absolutely CRUCIAL ways to address it.  In fact, we are going to start actually repairing your adrenals together, right from Day 1!

And luckily, my class starts next week!  This is the last week to sign up and join in.


3.  Eat thyroid and adrenal supportive foods:


What you eat matters.

Click here to print out a list of foods that naturally nurture your adrenals and boost your thyroid!



4.  Thyroid supportive supplements:


In addition to consuming thyroid supportive foods as outlined in the printable food list, consider adding on a thyroid boosting supplement.


Grounding, taking thyroid supportive supplements and stopping gut irritation by decreasing or eliminating gluten, sugar and dairy is often enough to make a noticeable change in the need to supplement with thyroid Rx, so be sure to work closely with your in person physician to monitor and adjust (usually decreasing!) your thyroid Rx doses as your body is better supported, your gut heals, and your adrenal glands repair.

Find my very favorite pharmacy grade thyroid supplements in my online dispensary here.



5.  Work personally with me all next week!



Let’s go deeper into repairing your adrenals so you feel more like yourself again.  Let’s spend next week together to support better adrenal function — possibly better than you have ever had before!



6.  Check your hormone levels via labwork:


I know that many patients really like to have definitive answers, in the form of concrete numbers, so that they can know for sure what stage of adrenal fatigue they are in and also so they can follow recovery and repair by repeating the labwork to see concrete results.

If this is you, the test you are going to want is to do a salivary 24 hour cortisol test along with a DHEA test to get the answers you are seeking.  You can ask your physician to order these test for you, or contact me if you would like me to have these labs checked for you.

To your vibrant, energetic, always healing, always renewing body!!!

xoxox, Laura



How Grounding Promotes Weight Loss… With Zero Effort



Did you know that grounding affects your metabolism and weight?


Grounding has the ability to help you find your perfect weight and stabilize you there.


I know this because this is a subject I personally conducted my own research on… with my own patients.  In today’s video, I’m going to walk you through exactly how my patients simply touched the earth for 15 minutes a day and lost up to 15 pounds in two months… without changing their diet or exercise at all!!!

This is my favorite topic in all of the wonderful health benefits we’ve talked about from grounding… because this is where we can really take a step back and see the bigger, broader, and more intuitive aspect of earth’s healing power.

No longer just looking at one organ or one tissue of the human body, we can see the interplay of the earth’s support and our entire body’s response, our entire metabolic function as a whole and how it changes and shifts when we connect to the planet.

The earth’s healing flow is able to meet our body’s needs very efficiently, triaging what matters need to be attended to first and foremost (like active inflammation and pain) and what matters can be addressed and supported secondarily for our long term health (like metabolic function and weight.)

Today, let me tell you all about the study I personally conducted on Grounding and give you a few fun assignments for you to reap your own benefits when it comes to stabilizing your own metabolism… just click on the video below:


Grounding and effortless weight loss:



And click here to read or print out the

Grounding and Bioelectrical Processes report I reference in this video!


The bottom line?

Trust the earth to know what supports your body best as you move towards wellness.


Weight is just the body’s attempt to ground itself.

Folks who are very open energetically (empaths) are the perfect example — sometimes the body tries to use weight to ground and shield itself from the draining effects of other people’s energy… but it isn’t healthy to manage energy in this way in the long term.

You can support your well being by DIRECTLY USING THE EARTH TO GROUND, as we were meant to, instead of your body trying to build up enough mass to ground your soul energy.

Fasting, yoga, meditation, supplements, raw foods, etc… won’t ground your body fully or directly.

If you are not touching the earth daily, you are not soul grounded.

Connect to the earth.

Weight will fall away effortlessly (or gain accordingly if you are underweight and need the help grounding your body into something physically more stable) as you become a *vessel* not a container for energy flow.

You don’t want to be the final destination of energy… you are not a *dead end* you are an avenue for expression and LIFE!!!!

I see this all the time with energy healers… grounding profoundly affects weight over time.

Often grounding was the *one* missing piece!


If you want to go further with learning how to stop absorbing energy and instead flow with it and release it… then my next online class is perfect for you (it runs next month, so sign up to hold your spot today!)

Join my “Expand Your Intuition” Empath Health Class!


This class is a *must* for all empaths who find their energy affected or drained by others.

I’ll explain exactly why this happens and teach you how to become more resilient and strong by tapping into your intuitive gifts, instead of buffering yourself from others or playing small.

Click the button below for more info or to reserve your spot today!



The Most Important Thing To Know About Your Weight… 

Here it is:



This is not something you are going to hear from your regular doc.

But it is so so important and you should know it and *feel* this truth:

You are biologically driven to have an appetite, and you are MEANT TO EAT!!!

And you do NOT need to lose weight… not even one single pound…unless you are morbidly obese.


If you are overweight, you actually have LESS risk for dying then someone in the ideal weight category.

And if you are mildly obese, up to BMI of 35%, you have a death rate that is exactly the same as those in the “ideal weight” category.


This is based on a study looking at almost 3 million people and published in the most respected medical journal in the world, JAMA.


Straight from the medical literature to you: Excess Weight Does Not Increase Mortality.

In other words, if you are slightly overweight or even mildly obese, you are just as healthy as a person who falls into the “ideal weight” category.

It’s true!!!!!

Only severe obesity is associated with an increased risk for death… but lesser amounts of excess weight do not increase the risk and may even be protective, according to the results of a huge longitudial study published in the January 2, 2013, issue of JAMA.

This study was a meta-analysis of 97 different published studies that included more than 2.88 million participants.

In this study, grade 1 obesity was not associated with any higher mortality and overweight was actually associated with significantly lower all-cause mortality.


Here’s what this all means:


Compared to ideal weight individuals, overweight individuals had LOWER mortality rates than ideal weight participants, and those with Grade 1 obesity had no increased risk (having roughly identical death rates as the ideal weight participants.)

Only participants who had a BMI of 35 kg/m2 or higher had significantly higher mortality rates.

So… if the overweight patients actually had a lower death rate than “ideal weight” patients… should we strive to fall into the overweight category?  Should you purposefully gain weight?

No… gaining weight past the normal weight range should not be a purposeful goal, you should let your own body select the best weight range for you. The one you fall into naturally. The one that your body seems to gravitate towards as you go about making the healthiest choices for you.  How do you do get to your body’s ideal weight?  By grounding daily.

• But it does mean you need to IMMEDIATELY drop the guilt if you feel like you should be losing those last 5 or 10 pounds.

• And it does mean that you should be thankful and grateful to your magnificent body right this very minute.

• And it does mean you should feel good about eating and good about nutrition and good about every inch of your precious soul-containing skin.


When you are in balance energetically by grounding, your body will physically choose the weight range that is ideal for you, so purposefully trying to gain weight into the overweight range doesn’t support your energetic health best, unless this range is your natural balance.

Researchers do acknowledge that “small excess amounts of adipose tissue may provide needed energy reserves during acute catabolic illnesses, have beneficial mechanical effects with some types of traumatic injuries, and convey other salutary effects that need to be investigated.”

The take home message here is that if you are told you are overweight, this does not mean you should be focusing on losing weight.

The real focus should ALWAYS BE on feeling as healthy and vibrant as possible.

This means focusing on muscle tone.

On heart strength.

On endurance.

On lung capacity. 

On bone mass. 

On energy levels. 

On restorative sleep at night. 

On happiness. 

On quality time with loved ones. 

On meaningful relationships. 

On spiritual strength.

The only patients that should even be at all *thinking* about losing weight are patients with a Body Mass Index of over 35 kg/m2 or higher — those are folks significantly in the pink zone in the above chart.

And even if you are at 35 BMI or higher?

Focusing on energy levels, bone mass, restorative sleep and such will create a path of natural weight loss anyway.

So my recommendation is NO ONE should be focusing on weight… and now you have the science to back that up.

Feel better?


This is my entire goal and the reason I do what I do.

I want every single person who crosses my path to feel better after working with me then they did before!  After all, this is what health and healing is all about – feeling better and better and better.  So why would anyone make healing and health care negative and dismal???  Getting help and support from a health care practitioner should feel amazing — like a wonderful uplifting lifeline of support.

A sense of relief, a sense of life unfolding how it was meant to unfold, a sense of purpose… these are your divine rights as a human being and it is my mission to help give you validity to reach for this through your health, every single time.

For more important, awesome information regarding the fact that you can be healthy at any size, click right here to read and download the Association for Size Diversity and Health’s Fact Sheet.

This is a wonderful organization that is sure to help you expand your definition of what a healthy weight means!!!!


Today’s Grounding Idea:

Ground While Eating!


Today, I’d like for your 20 minutes of grounding outside to be while you are eating one of your meals today.

Take your coffee and yogurt outside for an early morning way to start the day right!

Or take your lunch outside on your lunch break and eat sitting on a park bench or sidewalk step… barefoot.

Or… better yet, grab the entire family for a nice picnic dinner outside!

Drink a big glass of water before eating to be sure you are nice and hydrated (I typically have the routine to drink a big glass of water every time I enter my kitchen to make any type of meal or snack…) and then eat while grounded outdoors at some point today.

And take notice of how it feels to have your body directly supported energetically by the earth while you put food inside of it to nutritionally support your body as well.

Your digestive system will be calm, receptive to the nutrients you are consuming, and more effectively able to metabolically respond, with less inflammation and irritation throughout it all.


To feeling your absolute best at the weight that works for you!!!

xoxox, Laura


Bonus Info:  Beyond grounding…

8 more ways to support healthy weight, naturally:


1.  Hydrate fully


By the time you are thirsty, you are already volume depleted.

Try to make a habit of drinking often and fully — at least one glass of water immediately upon waking up, prior to all meals and snacks, an hour before bedtime, and any time you feel pain or fatigue.

No biological processes can function without hydration… support your body on a cellular level by a constant intake of filtered, fresh water.

Not only that but did you know that hydration status is *THE* single biggest factor in constipation?

If you are even the slightest bit constipated, you need to up your water intake — water intake is even more important than fiber for regular elimination.  A constipated person is a dehydrated person!!!


2.  Aloe Vera Juice


Aloe vera juice is incredibly soothing and healing to the gut lining.

Part of my approach to healing any leaky gut, inflammatory or autoimmune issues is to support digestion with consuming 4 oz of aloe vera juice daily, or taking aloe vera supplements if — like me — you can’t stand the taste of straight aloe juice.


3.  Digestive Enzymes


A second part of healing the gut is to support full digestion of foods by taking digestive enzymes with every meal.

Digestive enzymes help the body break food down more easily and decrease any bloating, pain and irritable bowel symptoms after eating.


4.  CoQ10


CoQ10 is a wonderful and powerful antioxidant that also aids in gut repair.

Find my favorite, tried and tested aloe vera supplements, digestive enzymes and coQ10 supplements that really truly work right here in my online dispensary, with an automatic discount waiting for you!


5.  Decrease Sugar & Gluten


We’ve touched on this with the central nervous system (as gluten is a chronic neurotoxin) and with heart health (as sugar is extremely inflammatory to the body and sets the body up for cardiovascular disease) but today is even more pertinent to mention again because decreasing gluten and sugar is the closest thing to a *diet* I would ever recommend to a patient.

This is my standard advice when asked about weight loss from a patient:  start grounding, hydrate fully, decrease gluten and sugar, and increase protein, healthy fats, fruits and veggies.

If sugar or carb cravings are keeping you from decreasing your sugar and gluten intake, try L-glutamine supplements.

They help decrease cravings for simple carbs and are often just enough to help get you to your goals.


6.  Eliminate Regularly


Did you know that although using a toilet is a wonderful advancement in sanitation, it puts our colon at the wrong angle for having a bowel movement?

If you have difficulty  having regular bowel movements, using a Squatty Potty (on top of hydrating more than ever!) can transform your life.

Find out more about the squatty potty and other ways to naturally correct constipation in an article I wrote for you here:

10 Natural Ways To Get Constipation Relief


7.  Deep Restorative Sleep


As I blog about here, sleep dramatically impacts your weight by altering your metabolism.

Did you know that if you don’t sleep well you gain weight 9 times faster??  Egads!!!

There is absolutely no healthy way to lose weight if you are sleep deprived… yet another reason to sleep grounded!


8.  Walking Daily


AsI blog about here, simply walking every single day is one of the best things you can do to prolong your life (and give your metabolism a boost!)

If you can just to get up and move with a gentle walk to start or end each and every day, your body, mind and outlook will be totally transformed.  Some physicians are even recommending getting a dog you have to walk each day as a health solution, since daily walking has been shown to have every bit as powerful cancer recovery results as most of the chemotherapies we have on the market today!

Read more about that in an article I wrote for you here:

Walking and Cancer Recovery: A Crucial Connection



Grounding Immediately Supports Your Heart & Boosts Circulation



Our hearts emit the strongest electromagnetic field of our entire body…

…thousands of times stronger than the electromagnetic field of our brains!


The human heart’s electromagnetic field is measured at about 100,000 times stronger electrically (and 5,000 times stronger magnetically) than the human brain.

This electomagnetic frequency that pulses out from your heart center is 100% matched and resonant with the Earth’s Heartbeat, the Schumann Frequency — and this is no coincidence.

In today’s video, I review the latest medical literature on exactly how connecting to the earth — and getting our heartbeat resonant with the earth’s heartbeat — supports our cardiovascular function.

From increasing our heart rate variability (the key to the health and resiliency of your heart function) to increasing circulatory perfusion of our capillaries to decreasing our risk of blood clots, heart attack and stroke, the earth is essential to keeping your cardiovascular system functioning well.

Just click on the video below and I will walk you through the science behind this healing support, give you multiple studies as well as my own experience as a physician using grounding with my patients, and a few tips on using the earth’s healing energy to keep your heart at peak performance.

Give me just 15 minutes and I’ll tell you exactly how to protect your heart’s function for a lifetime!





Click the links below to read several of the medical studies I reference in today’s video, and to see how blood viscosity changes after just 2 hours of grounding:

Grounding and Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Grounding and Zeta Potential (on your red blood cells)



Bonus Info:

More holistic ideas to support your heart!



1.  Exercise grounded!


Go on a long walk outside barefoot, do some yoga stretches at a park with bare hands on the earth, wear a grounding heel strap on your favorite shoes while going on a nice hike, even having sex on your grounded mattress panel

…indoors or outdoors, make sure to get physically active today *while* allowing a connection to the earth that supports your heart function and your muscular perfusion and your subsequent recovery!

See if you can feel the difference that exercising grounded makes in how it feels to exercise and in how quickly you recover from exertion when grounded!



2.  See the earth’s heartbeat in the documentary The Grounded (for free right here!)


This fantastic film literally shows the heartbeat of the earth — for the first time ever — captured using a Faraday Cage with a Cymascope!


Watch the earth’s heartbeat in stunning, beautiful motion in film The Grounded!


3.  Gratitude 


Nothing strengthens our heart energy like focusing on gratitude.

I made a printable worksheet for you that will prompt you through 5 different gratitude mini-lists… I promise you, if you take the time to fill it out, your heart will be centered and in a vibration of sustained heart coherence, which is wonderful for reducing cardiovascular stress and getting into a state of pure, positive Well Being.

Just click the link right here to print it out and get started!



4Chanting OM


As exemplified in this OM chanting video, you can use vibrational healing to support heart health.  Chanting OM in yoga or meditation as a way to center on a healthy heart frequency supports a coherent electromagnetic heart field.

Try listening to this video for several moments while feeling your awareness in your chest, to see if you can find greater awareness of your own powerful heart energy!

See if you can make this a daily healing practice.  If chanting isn’t your thing, you can still use sound healing without ever making a peep!  Here’s how:



5.  Sound healing with Tuning Forks.


Like a baby being held near the heartbeat of the mother that carried her, listening to and feeling the vibration that Mother Earth holds us in is a womb like, nurturing, deeply healing state.

Just as astronauts use a Schumann Resonance device to *play* the earth’s 7.83 Hz heartbeat as a grounding healing frequency to keep them feeling centered and calm in outer space, you can hold the earth’s resonance in your hand by striking a tuning fork and placing it directly on your body to soak in the healing vibration… or hold to your ears to soak in the healing sound.

These tuning forks are precisely calibrated to echo the Schumann Resonance of the earth, which emits a 7.83 Hz frequency.

This Otto tuning forks have been shown in medical studies specifically to support heart health… to facilitate the release of nitric oxide, a substance in our blood vessels known to relieve pain and promote relaxation and health as well as increase circulation.

Find out more about using tuning forks to heal by clicking here. 


6Decreasing sugar and gluten


Sugar (and to a lesser extent, gluten) are both pro-inflammatory and over time, this is what leads to the wounds in our circulatory system that attract plaque to build there.

In medicine we are starting to realize that it is not actually saturated fat but long term damage from the inflammation that sugar and gluten cause that wounds our blood vessels and make them start to accumulate brittle plaques and develop life threatening clots.

Decreasing our intake of sugar as well as minimizing our intake of gluten help to decrease the amount of inflammation in our cardiovascular system and ultimately decrease our future risk of heart attack and stroke.


7.  Supplement with Omega 3 Fatty Acids


In medical school we learned that Omega 3s are essential (quoting my professor here:) “from womb to tomb.”

Meaning, everyone needs these fats to develop and function well, from a fetus growing inside their mother to the elderly, Omega 3 fatty acids are absolutely essential for proper function.

I can now say after almost 20 years of clinical practice that this statement is absolutely accurate and I’ve seen Omega 3 fatty acids help resolve everything from skin issues to autoimmune disorders to pain issues.

So for the last three weeks in a row that we’ve addressed grounding and it’s impact on the muscles, bones, brain, peripheral nerves and now the heart and circulation, I’ve mentioned Omega 3 fatty acids for whole body support and for good reason.  These essential fatty acids are helpful across the board, for not only our musculoskeletal system and our brains but for our cardiovascular system too.


8.  Supplement with Resveratrol


Resveratrol is so heart healthy, each capsule of this supplement has the heart protective benefits of 50 bottles of red wine, without the toxic side effects of drinking that much alcohol!


9.  Supplement with CoQ10


The last in the triad of *musts* for cardiovasuclar support (fish oil, resveratrol and CoQ10 being the three top supplements for heart health!)  CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant and is known for it’s anti-aging benefits both cardiovascularly and beyond!


10. Ensure you have lots of good minerals on board


Minerals are essential for proper cardiac function.  Many of us are magnesium and potassium deficient.  Mineral deficiencies can give rise ultimately to cardiac arrhythmias and worse.

To protect your mineral balance, I recommend using a mineral supplement like trace mineral drops on a daily basis.

Learn more about trace mineral drops and why they are absolutely essential for enhancing grounding in this video I made for you right here!  (this is going to be a video featured in an upcoming blog post dedicated to the importance of minerals!)

Find all of my favorite, trusted supplements for heart health (resveratrol, coQ10, omega 3 fatty acids, mineral drops and more) right here in my online dispensary.

You really don’t want to buy your supplements from online shops that are not exclusively dedicated to supplements — there is no way that Amazon or Ebay has the proper storage facilities to maintain freshness and purity, and to assure pharmaceutical grade quality.

Supplements you are putting into your body have to be of the highest quality so that you are not doing more harm than good.  Here is where I get all of the supplements I trust for my patients, my parents, myself, even my own children:



10Sleep grounded


Like we talked about last week, sleeping grounded is really one of the best things you can do to protect your long term health from head to toe… and that includes the protective benefits of grounding your heart all night long.

Increase your heart rate variability, decrease the inflammation in your cardiovascular system, and decrease the toxic effect of stress on your heart by sleeping grounded.

The best way?  Sleeping on these grounded mattress panels.



To a strong resilient heart and healthy blood pumping through your veins!!!


And please share this holistic info with anyone you know who has a family or personal history of heart disease…

xoxoxo, Laura


Grounding Instantly Helps Your Brain, Mood, and Sleep


As I’ll talk about with you on today’s video… EEG studies of brain activity show that grounding instantaneously shifts our brain wave patterns and reduces ambient stress levels.


Getting into the relaxed but alert alpha brain wave pattern, which is seen in deep meditative states and healing sleep states, is the hallmarks of grounding.

Grounding allows the brain to spend more time in that healing, restorative alpha brain wave state, and allows us to feel calm and alert during waking hours as well.

Deeper, more restorative sleep at night puts us in a zone of healing, while lack of sleep affects everything from increasing your risk of dementia to accelerating weight gain (did you know that medical studies show you have a 9 TIMES more rapid weight gain when you carry a sleep deficit!)

Click on the video below and let me take you more deeply into the medical literature and tell you exactly how you can use grounding to boost your brain function and sleep better than ever!




Click here to watch the video on YouTube


Click here to read and print out a PDF of the “Grounding and Sleep” study I referenced in the video


Want to test your own sleep quality?


In the office, clinicians use an assessment tool called the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI for short!)  The test will give you a score for your sleep quality — on a scale from 0 to 21.  The higher the number, the worse your sleep quality.

600 middle aged patients (from 38 – 50 years old) were given this same exact test, and the average score result was 5.8, so clinicians now typically consider any score at 6 or above to be worse sleep quality than desired.

If you want to take this assessment quiz, simply click here to print it out.

Be sure to record the date you took it, and try taking this quiz again after a month of grounding to see if your numbers have changed!  Hopefully you will be able to see very concretely how sleeping grounded at night makes a measurable, significant change.

PSQI sleep quality rating


Increased time spent in alpha brain wave patterns equals greater time in the restorative healing phases of sleep and the healing processing time of sleep, which is when dreams occur.  This is why dreams often increase in intensity when we sleep grounded.

While we sleep, we cycle through alpha sleep states and REM sleep states and each time we do we are held in beautiful resonance with the Earth’s healing energy.

This is one of the reasons why getting a good night’s sleep impacts our entire body from head to toe… as discussed in the video, high quality sleep does everything from preserve our brain volume and function to enhancing weight loss!

What are some other things you can do to optimize sleep?  Read on…


Holistic ways to support your brain function to help you get a better night’s sleep:


1.  Melatonin — the hormone that signals it is time to sleep for our body, our melatonin levels naturally decline with age.  If you find it hard to naturally  fall asleep, try boosting your own melatonin levels with a low dose melatonin supplement.

2.  GABA/L-Theanine — GABA is very soothing to the brain and if you are have trouble with anxiety or racing thoughts at bedtime, you might feel the calming benefits of supplementing with a product containing L-Theanine, which crosses the blood brain barrier and converts to GABA to help relax over active thoughts.

3.  Probiotics — the mind/gut connection is completely underrated.  Decreased gut flora has been linked with anxiety and probiotics are now shown to be a very effective treatment for both anxiety and depression, and as a bonus, they boost immunity.

4.  Zinc — low levels of zinc are linked to depression.  If your multivitamin doesn’t have zinc in it, consider supplementing your zinc levels with a supplement.

5.  Magnesium — Magnesium is very relaxing and because it helps your muscles relax and release, it is a wonderful nighttime drink.  On nights when I am feeling tense (especially helpful for anyone who grinds their teeth at night or has restless legs!) I enjoy a hot cup of water with a teaspoon of Natural Vitality’s Calm magnesium drink, found in my online dispensary here!

6.  Supplements that protect your brain — if dementia runs in your family, I highly recommend these two supplements.  Omega 3 fatty acids, which preserve brain volume, and Resveratrol supplements, which stop plaques from growing in Alzheimers disease.  Blueberries have also recently been shown to give memory a boost in mild cognitive impairment… if you don’t get enough berries on a daily basis, you could supplement with blueberry supplements to help boost your memory function as well.

7.  Sleep Grounded — To take your sleep resonance to the next level, you can combine your brain’s healing alpha sleep state with the Earth’s energy directly, not just through resonance of frequency but by directly grounding the body when sleeping with in indoor grounding product.  I have invested a great deal of time and research creating the highest quality, most reliable, washable, and ethically respectful (crafted by hand right here in the USA!) grounding healing tools.  Tools like:


  • Grounding Mattress Panels — the ultimate in grounding all night long using the highest quality eco friendly fabrics (like organic cotton and hemp along with medical grade stainless steel to ground you for years and years and years without fail!). Wash as often as you like with no loss of conductivity!


  • Grounding Carbon Bands — all new carbon based grounding technology in a lightweight, travel friendly mattress band that you can simply roll up and take anywhere, so you never lose out on a good night’s sleep!  Comes in a reusable travel bag!


  • Even Grounding Eye Masks — which block RF radiation to your eyes while you nap, help you recover from headaches and help reduce inflammation in the sinus cavities by grounding… these little eye masks are hand sewn and one of a kind!


Upgrade your nighttime grounding experience by clicking here.


I hope this information on how grounding impacts your central nervous system, your mood, your sleep, even your circadian rhythm was helpful!!!!

A good night’s sleep is absolutely crucial to maintaining wellness as well as healing from absolutely anything your body needs to heal — one thing is for sure, it needs good sleep to do so!

xoxox, Laura


P.S. Want some more sleep support?

Watch this video on additional holistic ways to help your sleep that I made for you below!