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Why Would A Physician Work With Chakras?

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 There are lots of ways to invite well being and healing into your body.  When I work with patients in private consultations I offer many different solutions that work with that patient’s specific situation… everything from helping a patient choose the conventional medical approach that will heal them the fastest, to organic supplements to body… Read more »

I’m Waiting To Give You My Free Printable Chakra Checklist…

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… and an entire free seminar!  And joining me are a whole bunch of amazing healers in this years 2012 Energy Healers Conference. Starting next Monday (May 28th) and running all week-long, you can have free and exclusive access to a ton of health and inspirational healers who talk on a large variety of subjects…. Read more »

Thoughts On Health: My Aura, Your Aura, Our Aura… it’s a colorful world out there!!!!

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I had the great fortune of having my aura photographed recently, and I loved the experience so much I wanted to share it with you here.  If you live anywhere in the Charleston area, I’ve got the perfect activity for you to check out. A very dear friend of mine took me to see Chris… Read more »