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7 Ways To Feel Hopeful Even Under Incredible Stress

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    Mid-winter is the perfect time to post these tips, as often it is in the darkest of winter, post-holidays, that we can feel most bleak.   It doesn’t have to be that way. Here is how to remain hopeful even during times of immense stress and darkness.     To retain hope increases… Read more »

How Your Intuition Will Save The World

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One life at a time, one person at a time, one situation and one problem at a time, intuition will change the game of life as we know it.     But before I tell you how intuition will save the planet, let me show you how it transformed my life: I absolutely was THE… Read more »

The Gift Of Health: Holiday 2014 Limited Edition

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Did you know that every single thing on my website and in my shop comes directly from me?   I’ve written every word… Painted every picture… Hand shipped every single order… Personally led every health class…   It always makes me smile when someone fills out my website contact form asking for a staff member… Read more »

Earthing And Your Chakras: which chakra type are you?

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If you have ever asked yourself: Why don’t I feel anything when I connect to the earth like everyone else seems to? I’ve been using Earthing products for weeks… why don’t I feel any different? Is Earthing working for me if I don’t feel anything? OR… the opposite: Why do I feel SO OVERWHELMINGLY DIFFERENT… Read more »

Could Earthing™ Prevent Cancer?

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You’ve probably heard about the latest medical study looking at the benefits vs. risks of taking aspirin daily to prevent cancer.     Experts now say that the benefits of taking aspirin to prevent some forms of cancer (namely, GI cancers such as colorectal cancer) outweighs the risks to taking this daily pharmaceutical. Published on… Read more »

Sneak Peek: Painting The Grounded 2 (and link to watch it free today!)

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For one week only, you can watch The Grounded 2 for absolutely free… …just click the link at the end of this blog post to go straight to the free movie on Mercola’s website!!!! In celebration of this special offer… it’s the perfect time to take you behind the scenes and show you how I… Read more »

Free Earthing™ Printable… and a resource list to help you get grounded

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A wonderful reader and poet recently shared a poem she had written about the healing power of Mother Earth with me. I loved it so much, I asked if I could share it with you here. Not only that, but we coupled the words with one of my original paintings to create a free printable… Read more »