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Winter Skin Salvation!

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Winter can be a tough time for anybody’s skin… painfully dry hands and cracked heels galore (ouch!)   Dry heated air that dehydrates and cracks vulnerable skin inside combine with whipping cold winds that chaff skin outside… …no fun especially if you suffer from chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema or other forms of… Read more »

Foods That Prevent And Fight Cancer

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  Typically, when I speak to patients who are concerned about their cancer risk, they are already focusing on eating as many berries, other fruits, and fresh veggies as they possibly can… to get powerful antioxidants and nutrients into their bodies.   That’s absolutely great… but there is new evidence recently released in studies over… Read more »

The Power Of Hope (+ Free Poster)

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Several months ago I attended a medical seminar where one of the presenters, a warm and kind physician who was presenting a lecture on diabetes, made an off-hand comment. He was showing a slide about a recent medical study conducted on Type 2 Diabetes. The slide showed that all of the study participants did better… Read more »

Sleep Deprivation Found To Increase Weight After Only A Few Days

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  A new study, recently published in SLEEP last month (July 2013) found that folks gained a significant amount of weight after only 5 days of poor sleep.   Previous studies have shown a link between poor sleep and weight gain, but this is the first study where participants slept in-house in a sleep facility… Read more »