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My daughter, the artist

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I’ve known for quite a long time that my daughter is extremely skilled at drawing.  She could draw animals and people with details like facial features and horns and beaks and tails when she was just one and a half years old. I had an acquaintance tell me right to my face that this was… Read more »

Photo blocks… crafting something I wish I had crafted for my own kids when they were babies!

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In a few weeks, I’ll be traveling up north to visit two of the cutest babies alive, my niece and nephew. What to make them, what to make.  I have been thinking lately about photo blocks… wishing I had made those for my kids back when they would have played with blocks… Well, I finally… Read more »

A peek into our animal world

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This weekend, lots of time was spent (as always) caring for our pets.  I love all of them, and there a quite a few.  I thought I’d start the week by giving you a small glimpse into our world of animals, and the joy they brought us this weekend. My favorites are the guinea pigs…… Read more »

Never thought I'd be so excited about a book called The Ugly Guide To Being Alive And Staying That Way

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This sight not only made my heartsong pelt out a loud and happy tune, but also took an enormous weight off my shoulders.  My daughter picked up a book… and read it cover to cover! I knew she had been teaching herself to read for a long time now.  Hours spent squirreled away up in… Read more »

Panning outward…

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Today was spent with friends, more crafting, some swimming and jumping on our trampoline…  but what made my heart sing today was a quiet moment in the front yard with my two babies (okay, they are 6 and 8, not exactly babies, but *my babies* still!  forever!) I turned on the hose to water a… Read more »