Best. Shoes. EVER.


Today, I bring you a post I wrote just prior to my world (and my children’s world) being turned upside down by their father leaving us. 


I thought about not running it, but the truth is, my post today is about a fantastic health resource that could help my readers, and I had already written and scheduled it to run it today, so why wouldn’t I?

  • I still want to share everything I possibly can, everything I am able, from my heart and my soul, about health and healing.
  • I still want to run my weekly blog to help as many people as I can on this planet by being transparent, open, and supportive.
  • Although I have closed my shop entirely to focus exclusively on my children and I am no longer offering services or products of any kind, I still want to be here on my blog as often as I can, sharing what I know… as writing, communicating and connecting with my readers on my blog is part of the healing process for me…


One way I can do that is today, by running this previously written post on the new shoes that I have been wearing for several months now…

Earth Runners.




So here we go:



I believe in the simplicity and the design of these shoes.  I believe minimal footware is best and I believe in God’s design for our own feet to be bare and to function well… as with everything in medicine and health, I believe less is more.

Not only is the design completely innovative, but it’s also… healthy.  Because Earth Runners keep you connected to that healing Mother Earth energy even while you are being protected by the foot bed.


Earth Runners actually have you grounded in two ways:

1 — on the bottom of your foot directly through conductive plugs in the sole


2 — on the top of your foot through the lacing system.


They are minimalistic.




Better then barefoot.


My beautiful, strong, soulful, powerful daughter running by in my pair of Earth Runners!



You all know I LOVE going barefoot.

It’s fair to say that I am a HUGE FAN of Mother Earth.


And if I’m going to pull on some shoes, I want them to be even better than going barefoot, or I’m just gonna stay barefoot.

Well… these shoes make me want an excuse to put shoes on, and that doesn’t happen very often.


These Earth Runner shoes are so simple and yet so gorgeous, my daughter Clara actually stole them from me and now we fight over this pair.

In fact, they are so comfy that Clara uses them when she goes running!

And I truly feel better about her using this barefoot style minimalistic shoe when running then I would if she were to pull on sneakers, because multiple research studies have shown that running barefoot is actually healthier for your foot then running in sneakers.


And the shoe design is perfect for keeping your foot alignment natural and healthy, as I’ve talked about previously on my blog in this video:





So… not only is the barefoot style the healthiest choice, and not only do they look and feel great, but they keep you connected to that healing flow from Mother Earth in a very inventive way: across your entire foot, top and bottom.

minimalistic footware

I wanted to bring Michael on my blog today to encourage each of you to click over to his website and see why Earth Runners are my favorite shoe to get grounded in.

I have tried the others and, frankly, even though I have no relationship with Earth Runners and am not being paid to endorse them, it’s just the truth:


I love them. 

Point Blank.



grounded sandals

Here, my 11 year old daughter models them, after borrowing them from me!


How cool is it to see not only the copper plugs connecting with the underside (sole) of your foot, but also having that conductive strap bring the healing earth flow all the way up between your toes and to the top of your foot as well?

I love thinking outside the box like this, and I can tell you that I’ve tried other conductive footwear, and these are the most comfortable and the most minimalistic that I’ve tried.


And I appreciate what Michael is doing to support others who would like this kind of minimalistic footwear as an option to the over-priced, over-hyped, over-saturated sneaker industry.


Michael explains:

Michael at Earth Runners“All throughout college I wore minimalist footwear and enjoyed the strength and freedom they offered my feet.

In pursuit of a meaningful career after college I found myself reading the book Earthing while experimenting with running in sandals. My primal constitution loved the experience of running through nature in ancient footwear and the idea was born.

In the book Earthing it mentions that we haven’t had ideal footwear since leather moccasins, I took this as a call to action and combined the concept of conductive footwear with the similar barefoot runner’s motto.

The closer we can get to being barefoot, both physically and electrically — is our goal at Earth Runners.”


earth runner logo Want to find out more?

Check out the Earth Runners website,

like them on Facebook to get the inside scoop in earthing and barefoot running,

watch their YouTube video where we compare the effects of Earth Runners to other footwear options using a voltmeter,

and (my favorite) check out their Earthing Barefoot board on Pinterest for more information.



xoxoxo, Laura


P.S. Want to get out there in your Earth Runners and connect to the healing flow of mother nature, but need some ideas to inspire you?

Want to know more about the science behind it?

I have a FREE Earthing™ Idea Book waiting for you.  Just enter your email in the space at the top of my right sidebar and you will get instant access to this fun and simple Earthing™ guide.


Even though I immediately shut down my shop to focus exclusively on the health and healing of my children, I want you to have this totally FREE Earthing™ Idea Book… it’s my gift to you for walking down this path with me, creating a community of soul-minded and heart open human beings… and for this connection we share.


Over the next several weeks, I’ll be sharing a few other blog posts that I had already written, prior to our family becoming unexpectedly crushed.

I will be sharing these with you over the next few weeks, every Monday, as best I can.

I also will share with you my own healing process when the time is right and we have the security and space of hindsight.

Thank you for joining me here.

xoxoxo, Laura

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