Earthing And Your Chakras: which chakra type are you?


If you have ever asked yourself:

  • Why don’t I feel anything when I connect to the earth like everyone else seems to?

  • I’ve been using Earthing products for weeks… why don’t I feel any different?

  • Is Earthing working for me if I don’t feel anything?

OR… the opposite:

  • Why do I feel SO OVERWHELMINGLY DIFFERENT the very moment my feet touch ground?

  • Why does sleeping grounded make me feel so much better?

  • Why such a dramatic energy shift?


The answer, my dear friends, is in your chakra energy flow.


Give me 5 minutes of your time, and I’ll explain to you (in the video below) exactly why some people can feel such a dramatic shift when they connect to the earth and why others do not.


Both types of peeps are healing.

Both are connecting to the Earth and both enter into a state of Well Being.

But some *feel* this instantly and some don’t *feel* it even after months of grounding.


Here’s why:



Click here to watch The Grounded 1 (shows blood viscosity studies and more)
Click here to watch The Grounded 2 (shows retinal scan case report and more)


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xoxoxo, Laura

13 Responses to “Earthing And Your Chakras: which chakra type are you?”

  1. Gloria

    Hi Dr Koniver:
    I’ve been earthing for quite a while now….I use the patches for my plantar fasciitis, which is invaluable and I use the “throw” on my bed. My problem is that my sleep is still bad…I average only 6 or 6 1/2 hours a night with waking up several times in between. Usually, I get to sleep (quickly) and sometimes I wake up at 2 or 3 o’clock and then can’t get back to sleep…..HELP!!

    • Laura Koniver, MD

      Hi Gloria! I will do another video on sleep… that’s a great idea and I thank you for sharing your question. Sounds like your rhythm is off — possibly do to cortisol — perhaps you are in adrenal fatigue? You could try extended release melatonin so that your body is encouraged to grab another round of restorative sleep instead of waking up at 2 AM… I use melatonin *and* an earthing pillow cover and the combo is very soothing. If it is your adrenals, there are lots of supplements, dietary changes, and lifestyle changes we can make to repair them — sleeping grounded is a fabulous start but there is more you can do. Consider getting a salivary cortisol study done! If you feel I can help further I’d love to support you via a private consultation… xoxo, Laura

      • Gloria

        Thanks for responding so quickly, Dr. Koniver! How would I go about getting a salivary cortisol test? Is this something that is available online? I’m going on the earthing website to check out the pillow cover. I’ve heard that using melatonin stops the production of melatonin in your brain ….. is this true? If so, is it safe to use often?
        Thank you for being involved in earthing!! We need more doctors like you!


        • Laura Koniver, MD

          Well, my thought on Melatonin is that if you happen to be a low-melatonin producer, supplementing is putting you back to normal levels so it’s helpful, and on your own you are not likely to make more anyway. BUT — another way around that is to supplement with 5HTP instead which raises serotonin levels and thus indirectly melatonin levels — you won’t have to worry about inhibiting your own melatonin production this way, and you can take 5HTP in the morning. The pillow cover I use is: Salivary testing is something your in-person MD can order you!!! Love to you… xoxo, laura

          • Gloria

            I just ordered the pillow cover….everything else I bought is a Godsend so……I’m sure this will help! BUT, keep your fingers crossed anyway!! I’m also going to get some 5HTP and thanks for the direction….
            I have an appointment with my MD in October so I’ll ask her about the test…..of course, some regular allopathic doctors may be wary but, again, keep your fingers crossed….

            Love back to you! YAY, Laura!!!

  2. Sue Elliott

    Hi, Laura! I love this video. Thank you so much for sharing it and for being one of the rare MDs who understands chakras. You are such a contribution to our society and the planet!

  3. george duncan

    Laura K….u r a blessing…not only did i earth with
    The patches but i put a rod in the earth with quartz points attached to the wire….and place it on chakras…wow connectedtouniverse!!!!!

    • Laura Koniver, MD

      That’s so AWESOME GEORGE!!!!!! I love that you earthed directly through your chakras and used crystal energy to enhance it… that’s really beautiful and thank you for leaving that experience here to share the idea with others… much love your way, xoxo, Laura

  4. Gene Sutton

    Hello again Dr. Laura,
    In January 2006 I had right hip replacement surgery that left me with paralysis of the right leg from the knee down and a right foot that felt like a block of ice, summer or winter. My wife Mary ordered the earthing wrist bands and the foot pad about 3 weeks ago. When we got them about 2 weeks ago we started using them immediately. I was especially interested in the foot pad and began using it right out of the box because of the cold foot. I was astonished that a condition that I had suffered from for more than 8-1/2 years was relieved in less that 1 day. Also I had been on pain medication for several years for shoulder and back pain and that has been alleviated to the point that I have not needed any of the opiate drugs that the pain doctor had prescribed. What a relief!!

    Kudos to you Dr. Laura, I would never have known about earthing and its benefits to me personally had it not been that I was receiving your newsletters and viewed the first Grounded video.

    With most kind personal regards,


    • Laura Koniver, MD

      Gene this is fantastic news!!! Thank you so much for sharing it! I’m so happy you have gotten this type of support and relief from Earthing. Thank you for sharing this encouraging news with me and the readers of this blog!! Much love and healing energy your way… (((xoxoxo))) Laura

  5. Jaclynn

    Oh my goodness! “You’re very spiritual and very healthy and taking such good care of yourself, but you wonder why you still have chronic knee pain” – that’s me to a Tee! I work in parks, and yet I still find it hard to make earthing a daily part of my life. I don’t want to spend what little I have on earthing tools or fancy shoes, but I also feel silly hanging around outside without my shoes on for fifteen minutes in front of all my neighbors. I really need to keep trying, though, because after listening to this video, and watching Grounded, and reading all the other posts about earthing (and the free ebook) I’m certain that this would have a huge impact on my life. I just can’t ever seem to get myself into the earthing flow.

    • Laura Koniver, MD

      Hi Jaclynn!! I’m so glad you left me this comment. I think if you can focuse on earthing through your hands it might be easier in your job situation — if you are outdoors some of the day in the park, you can just touch a rooted living tree (anything growing from the earth is grounded, a blade of grass for your tootsies is great but a leaf on a tree is just as grounded and just as healing when touched with your hand!) So even a few minutes on and off throughout your day through your hands might be socially acceptable and easier to fit into the day and would certainly have cumulative benefits! I totally get not wanting to spend the $$$ on products, especially because I truly don’t think the products are as powerful as connecting directly to the earth anyway… but I will say knees are particularly well suited for using grounding patches (little stickers that you can put directly on your joint…) and that does happen to be the very least expensive thing that the people at make… it’s something like $30 for a set of 50 reusable stickers. I don’t have any financial arrangement with the folks so I’m not trying to sell them to you, just that in a pinch these are the very cheapest indoor option! I hope keeping the focus on grounding through your hands helps a bit… sending much love and gratitude to you for leaving this message –here is a hug for your knee! ((((XOXOXO))) Laura
      earthing patches: