Eco Friendly Ideas (and a Giveaway!)


I’ve been having so much fun on Pinterest lately!

One of my latest boards is all about loving the earth… I’ve got some absolutely gorgeous images and healthy earthing™ ideas waiting on there for you.



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And speaking of eco-friendly…


I have four lovely all natural, reusable, eco-friendly canvas totes left… they feature my original artwork printed  onto unbleached natural canvas.

As I’ve fully switched over to my Intuition Physician shop and discontinued my Heartsong Art shop (these still have my old Heartsong Fine Art logo on them!) I’d like to gift the rest away to you, dear reader.


I want you to know I’m so happy you are here.

I want to give you a thank you for reading my words.


If you’d like me to ship you out a tote, totally free, just leave me a comment below and I’ll pick four people at random to gift these to.

Yes, you definitely should tell your friends to leave me a comment too — it’s as simple as clicking the facebook and twitter icons below — if you think they’d like a reusable canvas tote with my artwork on the cover!

love, love, love, love, love,  Laura



PS — Want another idea on supporting nature during this cold January month?

How about this eco-friendly way to gift food to wildlife?


Recently my kids set out some food for the deer and birds and squirrels and such that share our backyard with us.

Easy and fun, this only takes a few minutes and is exciting to see disappear over the following few days.


All we did was drill some holes down the middle of a bunch of apples and thread them onto wire (making a loop at the end of the wire so they wouldn’t fall off.)

Once hanging on the wire it was super simple to hang from a tree by twisting the end around a branch!


Another thing we did was save up our toilet paper rolls that we’d normally recycle or use as fire starters, and spread them with peanut butter.

Rolling them in bird seed, all that’s left is to slip it onto a branch outside and grab some seats to watch it disappear.

Enjoy these projects this week and I’ll see you here next week, when we will have officially made it into February!




44 Responses to “Eco Friendly Ideas (and a Giveaway!)”

  1. Ashia

    Good day, I absolutely LOVE the idea you posted with the old toliet paper rolls as a creative way to feed the birds! This is a project my daughter and I will work on this weekend! We are also making honey pops!!

    Thanks for the great ideas!!

  2. cheryl clarke freeman

    Dear Laura,
    I am currently enrolled in your HealthFlow Unleash course, but not as actively engaged as I should probably be…as the course began, my mother had major surgery and one week later we placed my father (a Parkinson’s dementia sufferer) in the memory unit of an assisted living facility. Several days later, I flew home to Virginia from Texas. My heart hurts and the sadness is overwhelming.
    In the meantime, I am attempting to plan my graduate thesis and teaching project in Health and Wellness Counseling. JUST YESTERDAY, I decided to pursue the topic of childhood obesity and community gardening ~ I have long been inspired by your Earthing topics and today’s “Eco-Friendly” email affirms to me that I am on the right track.
    Would love any suggestions that you might have for me as I dig in (pun intended!)…Love, Cheryl

  3. Sylvia Heed

    Thank you for all you do!
    I’d like to be considered for one of your totes!

  4. Lynne

    Love, Love all your advice! I even have my 2 year old granddaughter wanting to Earth with me.
    Thanks so much! ox

  5. Lynn

    I feel I am so blessed to have found your blog/website the intuitionphysician! You have helped me open a new window in my life and create a lifestyle/mindset change. I look forward to reading your blog as well as attempting some of your crafting ideas with my 22 year old daughter, who is much more talented than myself.
    I have made a conscious decision to honor the Earth everyday, being mindful and honoring all its beauty, healing power and the foundation it lends to support us.

    Love,love,love all you are doing! A huge heartfelt thanks to you and all you do.


  6. Andrea

    I love reading your blogs! You have such amazing energy. We do the peanut butter-bird seed on pine cones, we have two pines trees that are generous with their cones. I like the apples on wires. I’ll have to hang them high because I have an apple loving dog.

  7. Peggy

    I love your art work, it makes me happy! I would love to have those beautiful totes!

  8. Jessica

    La la LOVE the toilet-roll-tube bird feeders, brilliant idea 🙂 will be trying those out once the weather dries up a little. Have a fabulous day xo

  9. Laura

    HI Laura, I love your ideas and your artwork! Thank you for everything!

    • Barbara Todd

      I receive your news letter and always look forward to reading it. Your classes are awesome and you are always so positive in all things. I’ve learned so many good things and implemented them in my daily life, all for the better! Thank you for your time and positive energy!

  10. Emily

    Thanks for the opportunity for the give-away Doc 🙂 I am constantly inspired by your words. My children and I have also been feeding our outside friends and I did the toilet paper roll with our Cub Scout too as well! But, I had never considered using the tp rolls as fire starter. We camp so much in the summer and this would make excellent kindling. Have you ever used your dyer lint? A great resource! I’m thinking I’m going to stuff my dryer lint inside of the tp roll. I’ll be Queen of the Fire Starters 😉

  11. Dawn McConnell

    Laura, your energy and enthusiasm for life shines through on the pages of your blog and website. Thanks for the great tips on how to live a full and healthy life.

  12. Trish W

    We make the tp roll bird feeders, but i’ve never heard of the apple idea! Can’t wait to do it.

  13. Cindi F

    The totes are cute no matter what logo they have – and now I know what to do with all those toilet paper and paper towel rolls I’ve been saving! We used to use them for our gerbils, which have gone to glory, but I kept saving the empty rolls. I did use some last year to keep the cutworms off my tomatoes. Look forward to feeding the birds. And if you find any ecological ways to keep pests (aphids, japanese beetles, etc) off our precious vegetable gardens, I would love you forever! (PS – so sorry to hear about your grandmother passing. I hope y’all had a great trip home to celebrate her life)

  14. Julie Pack

    Thanks so much for the great information! I am enjoying the Health Unleashed class so much – something new to learn and consider each day. Please consider me for one of the totes!

  15. Valerie B.

    I was led to your website because of your artwork (the yellow sun with bird silouette) that was featured on the Brave Girls Club website. I am so glad I found your blog and would love to be considered for the tote giveaway! Thanks!

  16. Dina

    thank you so much for sharing your wonderful insights into holistic healing, living and activities – i love the simple yet practical and useful things to make with kids! keep up the great work!

  17. Summer

    2013 is going to be a great year for celebrating Earth Day (April 22)! Thanks for the ideas!

  18. melissa

    Love your blog and all the great ideas! Keep doing what you are doing!

  19. Karen

    I feel tremendously grateful to have found you in MARYJANES FARM magazine and now to be reading your blogs, receiving your emails and following you on Pinterest. I appreciate your compassion, your guidance and your wisdom. Thank you for being you. God bless you.

  20. Carmen

    I love following your blog and Pinterest! I get so many great ideas from you. Thank you for generously giving away your totes!

  21. Jennifer Smith

    Thank you for the helpful info on seeds. We just bought a bunch of packs at Walmart but didn’t think about gmo junk in a seed. Duh! Will order a catalog today.
    Love your artwork. Love the chance to win a tote!

  22. janie

    just a short note since I’m finishing lunch and still need to get outside with my camera … thank you for the encouragement and handy hints about how to save time and do things. this weekend my granddaughter and I will be making the bird feeders and I’ll be sure to put them where she can watch the birds feed from the window …

  23. Ana

    Dear Laura, I’ ve only recently found you and your ideas. I am so happy to find such an intelligent and nice person and so genuinly happy and nice. Instantly I have felt connected to you and your smart ideas and that is so rare this days to find. I’ve always belived in intuition and I’ll continue working on it to expand my intuitive feelings and understanding of it. Thanks for sharing positive attitude for life and spreading happy thoughts, Ana (from Zagreb, Croatia) – really liking your Pinterest pins and this totes 🙂

  24. Beth

    Thank you for these wonderful ideas to do with the children. Excited to follow you on pinterest!!

  25. Jenna

    Those bags are beautiful! The bird feeders look great…in fact I’ve shown my children and are quite anxious to make some. Thank you for those wonderful ideas!!!

  26. Jeannine

    Hi Dr. Laura,

    We love the totes and the great ideas. Our garden donates to the local Blue Jay population- Mr Blue Jay rewards my neighbor with offerings from our yard(she has tomato plants everywhere growing wild) only to return to us oak tree seeds from her yard that abundantly grow in our hydroponic towers.
    We laugh and share notes on what came from whose yard-if considered for the tote I will pass it on to my neighbor and pay it forward.

  27. Sandy Douglass Abalos

    I’ve only been following your blog for about a month now & am thankful to have found you (by way of MaryJane’s Farm). You are a great inspiration to women everywhere & I am happy to share your words of wisdom with friends & family. Keep up the good work!

  28. becka gagne

    Your totes look lovely, just got turned onto your blog from reading the mary jane magazine, thanks for the offer!

  29. Becky

    Just returned from a few days with a very sick cousin and was so refreshed to visit your website. Love the bags and would love to own one. Also am retrieving my toilet paper rolls out of recycling to make bird feeders. Thanks for the uplifting.

  30. Laura

    So grateful to have found you! My friend Judy forwarded me your link..
    I am at a crossroads, health-wise and your values and mission resound with my heart
    Thank You!!! I look forward to incorporating your tools and wisdom
    into my life, and to a more vibrant me!!xxxooo

  31. Amanda

    Just listened to your interview on the Health & Wellness Channel online, on the show The Power of Natural Healing. Wish they had more time with you! I’m going to learn more about earthing and grounding; it’s fascinating! Love your totes too.

  32. GG

    I love the tp roll idea! we love to feed the birds, also we sometimes have mealy apples leftover and this is a good way to get some use out of them!

  33. Laura Koniver, MD

    Thank you all so much for the AWESOME comments!!! It made me so happy to feel your smiling faces here and I WISH I had a tote bag to give to each and every one of you!!! Dang! I’ll just have to host more giveaways in the future for SURE now! Okay, I let my kids draw the names and they grabbed: Jeannine, Peggy, Dina and Cheryl! I will personally email each of you for your shipping addresses… thank you all so much for leaving a sweet comment and I will be sure to host more freebies soon! xoxoxoxo, Laura