Headache and Migraine: why we get ’em and what to do about it.


I have another health video for you today!


I’m still on my mission to decrease health anxiety around the world in as many people as I possibly can.

Today I’m going to do this by giving you a deeper understanding of headache and migraine and reduce your stress over getting your next one…

…as well as 4 AWESOME things you can do to make a huge impact on the number of headaches/migraines you get.


I’d love to know your thoughts on this and answer any lingering questions you might have in the comments below…

xoxoxox, Laura

16 Responses to “Headache and Migraine: why we get ’em and what to do about it.”

  1. Mimi

    I get migraines when a storm comes in,. when the air is humid and unstable. I do take B vit, omega3 cap and use cocnut oil every day. I don’t know what to do about the weather.

    • Laura Koniver, MD

      Hi Mimi! That’s a tough one, not much you can do to control the weather, and this is a common trigger. Some folks even move to be in a mild climate with less pressure and storms, that certainly reasonable… Since there is not much you can do to stop a change in barometric pressure and humidity, then I would try to welcome these times of turbulence as a “cleanse” of sorts — allowing any tension that has built up in my brain/third eye to off gas through a headache and appreciate this healing for what it is… better then a continuous accumulation of strain that leads to something more permanent and severe then a migraine. The other thing I would do, besides re-framing the way I approach an inevitable migraine, is try to have a dehumidifier in my home/bedroom and turn it on as the humidity rises… maybe this will help decrease the intensity of the migraine if/when you do get them? Thank you so much for your question! Let me know if you try a dehumidifier and if it helps! Possibly there is pressure in your sinuses that is triggering the migraine during the stormy weather — taking a decongestant or giving Afrin a try when the weather turns stormy/humid may be just enough to thwart it? Could be worth a try as well, in conjunction with the dehumidifier… xoxoxo, Laura

  2. Sandy

    How much fish oil do you recommend? Also do you have any suggestions for pain relief during the migraine? I have had migraines for 30 years and have tried many things over the years. I agree that one of the most important things is not too tense up and fight the migraine. Much like with labor pains, fighting the migraine makes the pain and anxiety worse, consciously relaxing helps to decrease the length of my migraines.

    Also my daughter has severe headaches, shooting pains and trigeminal neuralgia since birth. She had a skull base large tumor removed at the age of 10 and now at the age of 17 she continues to have these severe headaches. Do you have any other suggestions to help her prevent or deal with the pain.

    Thank you for your website and your help.


    • Laura Koniver, MD

      Hi Sandy! Fish oil is so wonderful, you can keep going up until loose stools and then back down just a bit to find the perfect maintenance does for you. I tend to take 5,000 mg a day but some folks treating specific conditions go up to 5,000 mg THREE TIMES a day, at every meal! The anti-inflammatory and neuronal soothing brain boosting benefits of fish oil are just INCREDIBLE. I say keep going up unless you have side effects and then stay at that level. I think for you and your daughter, it might help to address the energetic message behind the migraine — work on flowing energy out in other ways then through migraine — like developing your own powerful gifts of intuition, visualizations, perhaps Reiki training… often times those who get lots of 3rd eye symptoms do so because they have their own intuitive gifts that want to expand. Sometimes folks like you make very very powerful healers to others!!! As for pain relief, surrounding yourself in water (shower, bath) to help dissipate intense energy and also the guidance of a neurologist who can help manage pain with anything from over the counter stuff (Excedrin, etc…) all the way up to taking a prophylactic Rx to help ward them off in the first place… I hope these suggestions help a bit!!! Thank you so much for your questions… let me know how it goes with the fish oil (for your daughter as well!) and if you need help developing your intuitive skills, I’m here for you! xoxo, Laura

  3. vicky

    Your video is extremely helpful. I will try the fish oil – b complex – I see them in the stores with 25mg for each B – is that a good dosage to try?
    Thank you for all your wonderful insight.

    • Laura Koniver, MD

      Hi Vicky! The dose that has been shown to be beneficial in the medical literature was 400 mg of pure B2… but most MD’s recommend a B-complex of 25 – 50 mg a day… so one to two of the complex you mentioned daily should be helpful! Also, most headache sufferers are found to be Mg and Vit D deficient, so consider supplementing those as well, especially that all important Vit D! Good luck on the B complex — some studies have shown Vit B prevents stroke! Hope that helps… glad you are getting fish oil on board as well! I appreciate your question and so glad you left a comment… xoxo, Laura

  4. Melissa

    Hi Laura!
    I loved this information! After taking the Health flow unleash course my headaches have definitely been less intense and less frequent. I know before this I have always blamed my migraines on hormonal changes and stress at this time of the month. Now as I honour my menstraul cycle by resting and taking care of myself I find that much of the intuitive information is able to come through more. I’ve never thought of it as releasing blocks inside me. This makes a lot so sense to me. I’m so much happier now with this life changing information you share. It gives me such hope and has changed my life! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift to the world! <3 xoxo, Melissa

    • Laura Koniver, MD

      Thanks Melissa, I really really appreciate you leaving a comment and I am so thrilled you love my Health Flow Unleash course so much!!!! It was a pleasure connecting with you, for sure. So glad we are staying in touch afterwards… xoxoxo, Laura

  5. Erya

    Thank you, Laura, this was great information. Last year I had three severe migraines and before that I have had only one in my life and I’m over 50! I had an auratransformation before those headaches and it certainly changed my energy. And now after having another part of that transformation one week ago I got TODAY vertigo and a strange dizziness…My energy is again changing and I’m sure something new is on it’s way. Such a wonderful timing for me to see the video!

    • Laura Koniver, MD

      Yay, I’m so glad you can see the connection between your migraines and dizziness and reaching new levels of energy awareness… that’s awesome. Love to you! Thank you for leaving a comment… xoxo, Laura

  6. Heather

    I think it’s so interesting that you mention that headache energy can be connected to losing loved ones. My grandma is transitioning, and has had a lot of neck and head pain and nausea related to a fall. Since visiting her last Thursday, I have had a headache and nausea every day. Coincidentally, she has been feeling better the last few days. You’ve helped me re-frame my thoughts about these headaches today–if I can feel like I am “absorbing” some of her pain, then I am happy to deal with them for now. I will work on releasing that energy for the both of us! Thank you for posting this today.

    • Laura Koniver, MD

      Heather, this is beautiful. My thoughts are with you and your grandmother as she releases her body. If you need help setting limits on what you want to absorb from your Grandmother, I’m here for you. I think perhaps you are both setting up a connected experience so that after she transitions, she can come to you and be heard, you will feel her presence and know she is there for you… love to you both. xoxo, Laura

  7. Mandy Edwards

    Laura, that was a very timely message. I was baptised last Sunday; after an eight month journey of soul searching and writing poetry and diving into my past, and trying to work out, why I had become so fearful. The journey led me to God, and so I decided to be baptised. It was a lovely experience, but the next day I had a migraine, and it laid me low, for quite some time. It confused me, because I felt so calm on the inside, yet I had this pounding head, as if I was not understanding something clearly – even though, I was so sure, I had done the right thing for me. Now I see, that perhaps God was sending me all kinds of messages, that I was blocking instead of listening to … the headache has gone, but now I have earache, which may too be linked to not listening? Time to pray to God and ask for another way to help me understand … but certainly no need for doubt. 🙂

    • Laura Koniver, MD

      I love this Mandy. I love that you are honoring your *knowing* that this was the perfect soul move for you to do… and allowing what needs to come and go as a result of that shift to do so. Cheering you on… xoxo, Laura

  8. Angela

    My husband suffered from migraines triggered by allergic reactions to foods, cats, perfumes and pollens, to name a few. A quick and readily available relief from the migraine was an application of cold on the head and warmth at the feet, as well as an antihistamine.

  9. Jennifer

    I’ve had a headache/migraine for 3 years straight, with absolutely no break in the pain! I often feel it pulsing throughout my 3rd eye, but it’s so hard sometimes to live a normal life when the pain is constantly searing through your head!