The best way to Google health information


One of my first paintings... showing the beauty of direct soul connection, regardless of time and space.

One of my first paintings… showing the beauty of direct soul connection, regardless of time and space.

It’s my mission to decrease your health anxiety. 


One way I want to do that is connect directly with you… my soul energy on video speaking directly to your soul energy… because I know that in times of crisis there is nothing more comforting then open hearted words of support.


Before my own life took an unexpected turn recently,  I had pre-recorded several videos for you on the topic of decreasing your anxiety over health.


Today I am releasing another one of them for you, as even during times of stress and wounding I want to maintain my commitment to sharing with your from my heart, here on my blog, on a weekly basis.


Keep in mind that since I recorded this video, it feels like I’ve aged 100 years.  I’m just warning you because in future blog videos, I might look a little… aged, maybe?  I don’t know.  It will be interesting to see!  But no matter what, I will be authentic and heart open with you nonetheless.


Are you ready for today’s video on how to decrease your health anxiety even when staring at computer screens full of Google Searches that tell you frightening health information? 

I’ve got some great advice for you today to help you stay centered. 

Here we go:


There is a path unfolding for you and leading you right towards wholeness, healing and Well Being.


All you need to do is follow your own intuition.


But if Google searches, and medical studies, and statistics and scary worst-case-scenario stories are overwhelming you and adding to your health anxiety instead of alleviating it… there is a better way.

Today I will literally walk you through EXACTLY how to use the internet to your advantage when you are trying to find answers.


Give the video below a listen and share it with loved ones who tend to do internet searches to find health care answers.


And if you have any questions about using your intuition, how to interpret online medical information, or topics to suggest for future videos, absolutely leave those questions and ideas for me in the comments below and I will do my best to answer you personally!


16 Responses to “The best way to Google health information”

  1. vicky

    Thank you so much for all your wonderful information.
    You are a true blessing.

  2. Jed Diamond

    Laura, This is very, very important information to give people. We all need to be reminded how we can align with health.

  3. Emily

    Laura, Thank you for sharing your wisdom. It is a real comfort to watch your videos, they speak to my doubts and bring such reassurance on my healing path. I am deeply grateful.

    • Laura Koniver, MD

      You are so welcome Emily, I’m really glad you enjoy the health videos… I love sharing them and so glad they found you 🙂 xoxoxo, Laura

  4. k

    You are truly amazing. Thank you for being such an inspiration and guiding light. You are truly a beacon of hope. Thank you.

  5. Lea

    Hi, Laura!

    Thank you for the post!
    I am just beating my battle with the anxiety that caused my health problems and
    I thought I’d share it.

    I was searching the Internet a lot and came across The Siva Method and decided
    to try the free lessons of mind-body healing. It’s a method where you make visualisations
    in your meditation in a deeper level of the mind… anyway… I started to use it to heal my stomach problem.
    I was really working on the visualisations, I made up mantras that sounded right to me and
    I could feel the progress. But than I realised, that while I’m healing the problem my mind is still
    creating the same problem and that I have to fix my mind most of all. Now it gets a little more difficult.
    I started to open the questions and fears that rolled me into this and I started to fall down again.
    But I somehow managed to remind myself, that I am on a mission to heal myself and overcome
    the demons, that came crawling back. So for each problem or fear or anger that were still there
    on stand by, I started to look for a medicine. For the anger it was forgiveness, for the fear it was
    trust, for the feeling of worthlessness it was self-confidence… the answers didn’t come from thinking
    about it but from feeling the solution, a question that my soul called into the universe. I started
    to use these solutions in everyday. It is a discipline to keep your mind positive. You have to guard
    it so it doesn’t start to go down again, until you teach it to see and think positive. The most simple
    way is to imagine yourself healthy, calm and content. Just imagine… and immediately my spine
    straitens up, my muscles relax, and my soul feels warm. But it’s difficult when you
    have to change some mind frames, that you have for a long time and became habits,
    but it’s possible. I’m struggling and I’m slowly getting better and I’m still determined to get healed.
    Oh yes, and one more thing that I wasn’t doing enough: celebrate the successes!

    I think visualising the desirable outcome is really the most powerful tool, but you have to work on it
    and be persistent, not to forget where you’re going and never give up.
    So thank you for reminding me that going into negative isn’t the way,
    but if you do, you should be extra careful, not to get caught into it,
    you can go there only in order to release it, to heal it, to go over it.

    Hope you’re doing fine.
    Thank you and best wishes.

    • k

      Hi Lea, I just wanted to thank you for this wisdom, it’s an excellent reminder.

  6. Nancy

    Hi Laura!!!

    This came in very handy today. Perfect timing! Thanks for sharing this very helpful information.

    xoxoxo, Nancy

    • Laura Koniver, MD

      I’m so glad you liked the video Nancy! I really appreciate your comment and always grateful to touch base with you… xoxo, Laura