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I can’t wait to work with you!   xoxo, Laura

Private Medical Intuition Consultation

It is so disempowering to be seen as a simply a patient with a disease, a statistic, a test result, an imaging study or a prescription.

As a physician I refuse to see you for anything less then a unique soul with a lifetime of experiences.  Your health blocks and obstacles are only one part of a fuller picture that includes well being.  If you are ready to understand what is going on more fully then you ever have before, I’m here.


Intuitive information combined with medical knowledge is more powerful then either standing alone. 

I run your current health challenges through my medical knowledge as well as through heart open intuition to place your situation into a deeper context then medicine is ever able to on its own.  Using intuition I can see not only your illness but your unique health strengths as well, and we can use these strengths to heal faster.

As a result of looking at the entire picture, we heal the dynamic that created the illness, not just treat the resulting symptoms.

The bottom line is you get a deeper meaning and understanding of what you are going through and why, along with powerful relief and real, sustainable results.  Let me help you find the relief of seeing the depth and meaning of your health journey from both angles.
  • one-on-one online private medical intuition counseling
  • email or phone options available
  • combining the best of both worlds… medical information from my experience as a physician alongside intuitive information with a heart centered approach
  • all future consultations are at a reduced price

New Patient Consultation

Follow Up Consultation

Summer Release

A fabulous three months to re-invent your health, working privately one-on-one with me!  Let’s spend the next three months releasing old illnesses and disease and invest in a brand new you with noticeable improvements to your health by the time summer ends.

Only for members of my summer program… unlimited email access.  That means that if you have a question or a symptom pop up (or a thought or a worry) you can email me for instant connection and feedback for the entire length of our time together.  Superior access to me for superior results.

– three private one-on-one consultations where I focus only on you

– specific plans of action tailored just for you

– unlimited direct email access

By the end of summer, you can have more to show for your time then just a tired and fading old tan line.  You can have a new level of health, a new flow of energy, and a release of everything that is not supporting your health.  Goodbye to old stuck patterns and relationships and weight and more.  Hello fresh start!

This summer pricing is only available to my Summer Release patients and will not be available the rest of the year, so now is the time to begin!

Summer Release Program

Core Peeps Annual Breakthrough

You’ve read my blog, or you’ve gone through several of my books and courses, and you know I am speaking your language and can really help move things for you in your life.

Or maybe you’ve already worked with me one-on-one for a private consultation and you know that we figured out some pretty amazing dynamics in your life, but it’s going to take a longer term focused commitment in order to make sustainable change.

  • Maybe you are working on the *big* health changes in your life and you are ready to make that commitment to your body and your soul to feel better.
  • Maybe it is the type of stuff that works better with a gentle, long range plan… something we can ease into and touch base on all year long, formulating new and reachable goals as we go along through the seasons.
  • Maybe it is a weight loss goal, a chronic condition or disease, or a pattern you’ve had since childhood.
  • Maybe you need more intensive support as you navigate a big transition in life… finding the career that brings you meaning, releasing an old or unhealthy relationship, moving, graduating, releasing grief, releasing guilt, finding your heartsong.
  • Maybe you are ready for a positive change… to open up to your full potential, awaken your own creativity, step into the full glory of unleashed energy, or deepen your own intuition.


Whatever your goals, I can help you rocket out of your current health reality and into a place of deeper vitality, if you are ready to make that commitment to your own well being.

I can only take a handful of peeps in my annual plan.  Even though we go at the pace you feel comfortable, it can be intense and requires that you really commit to releasing the old and allowing in the flow of the new.
I’ll be spending hours and hours and hours directly connecting to you and talking with you throughout the year and cultivating the perfect program specific only to you and your energy.

The Core Peeps Annual Breakthrough Plan includes:

  • 6 annual one-on-one private consultationsjust me and you 
  • Specific and reachable plans after each consultation, tailored directly to you.  Each plan designed to get you moving towards and achieving your health goals in do-able, achievable two month increments throughout the year
  • Unlimited email access to me every single day of the year, touching base with you as often as you need so that you never ever feel alone and you always know how to handle any issue that comes up for you throughout the journey
  • 10% off the cost of individual consultations, plus free and unlimited email support all year long, directly from me


You know I hold a high level of passion and honor and support for you, and you know it is authentic and true.

You know I want nothing but the best for you and I deeply believe in your ability to get all the way to where you want to be and even further, to where you nave never dreamed!

I can only work with a small handful of people at this level all year long, but if this listing is available at checkout then that means I have one more spot just for you and I would be absolutely honored to align with you and start the journey.  It is my commitment to you that I hold you in a healing light for the entire year that we work together, manifesting change and really celebrating the results we see over the course of the year.

Peeps who work in an annual breakthrough plan with me always get priority to renew over incoming peeps, so by securing your spot today we can begin to build a therapeutic relationship that is unlimited in potential.

If you are ready to get started changing your life, having me coach you through to your health goals and beyond, let’s get started today.

I’m A Core Peep!

Health Flow Unleash eCourse

This month long eCourse will teach you step by step how to access your own innate capacity to heal and strengthen the flow of well being to you and through you…

  •  Offering a new way to entirely re-boot your thinking surrounding health.  Build trust in your own inherent ability to heal.
  • Four weeks to challenge your preconceived notions of health and change your health attraction point.
  • daily emails focusing on different health topics designed to establish a new way of thinking about our current state of health, and creating a new platform from which to attract the type of healing we desire.
  • the goal of the course is to support and enhance your journey towards developing a new sense of health, no matter what your physical condition.

A course that will have you thinking outside the box and empowering your state of health

Health Flow Unleash eCourse

Instantly Downloadable eBooks



Skin Happiness eBook
How to naturally support and care for your skin, without the toxic drugstore and department store products.  Ten chapters chock full of in-depth info, delivered right into your in-box. The topics include cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing, lip care, sunscreen, hair care, deodorant, nutrition and more!

Skin Happiness



Female Health and Empowerment
This book is designed to walk you through the mystery and the magic of the female divine… from first menarche to menopause and beyond.  Come with me as we explore why menstruation is a time of personal power and find ways to come into this power.  I cover everything… from organic solutions to dealing with menstrual flow, to bloating, fatigue, mood swings, acne, cramps, perimenopausal symptoms, and the huge energetic shift that occurs at menopause.  Feel more powerful as a woman then you’ve ever felt before!

Female Health & Empowerment



Gentle Detox  
A detox gentle enough for any body, this 5 day detox will have you flushing out your body and starting fresh from the inside out!  eBook comes with a goodie bag that supports your detox with vitamins, a loofah, candle and other goodies, so that you have a new item to play with every day of the course!  Feel new again in only 5 days!

Gentle Detox



Heart Centered Parenting eBook
A fun and positive heart centered parenting course designed for a parent to share with their child. Fifteen chapters that help address health and life in a positive and re-affirming manner for children, designed by intuitive physician and homeschooling mother Laura Koniver, MD.  I share my 15 most important parenting principles, including nutrition, sleep, creativity, the power of intention, and many other ways to support your child’s natural well being.

Heart Centered Parenting




eBook Bundle  — all 4 eBooks instantly accessible at deep savings!

Picture Books

Law Of Attraction Picture Book

A personally autographed 40 page paperback picture book about joy, the law of attraction, and the art of allowing.

This book gently and positively introduces the law of attraction to children young and old.  Written and illustrated by Laura Koniver, MD.

Jake loves his little home, but lately, he’s become bored.  A day outside shows him how fun the world can be, yet at night he decides to return to the safety of his cage.  With a new perspective, he suddenly realizes that anything is possible, no mater where he is.  

Rich with emotion, this book allows readers to see how a simple shift in outlook, with a focus on gratitude and joy, can make the difference between living life in a cage or in a sanctuary.

book review:
“Jake, A Guinea Pig Finds Adventure is a sweet story with a powerful message.

In the beginning of the story, Jake feels a sense of lack in his life, but soon realizes that he was living his dreams all along!

When he begins focusing on what he has, rather then what he is missing, his reality changes… and the reader is along for the journey of seeing abundance everywhere!”

– Dayna Martin, author, “Radical Unschooling: A Revolution Has Begun.”


Attachment Parenting Bedtime Book


A 48 page bedtime picture book.  Perfect for parents who want a gentle bedtime story to ease the nighttime transition, Together We Sleep is a very special book. Filling a much needed gap of literature for parents, this book focuses on nighttime connections between a parent and child.

With a gentle, rhythmic text and images of animals and people all over the world snuggling together to fall asleep, this book is sure to have your child relaxing into bed.

In the back of the book there is a lovely reference section on easing nighttime transitions, written by physician Laura Koniver, MD. From discussing why nighttime is such an important time to bond and connect with your child, as well as a nice list of great ideas for you to implement tonight to begin to soothe the evening routine, Together We Sleep is a beautiful book for children and adults alike.

While many parenting experts encourage sleep sharing and a nighttime soul connection in adult books, there are no picture books illustrating how natural and beautiful it is to sleep as a family.

This book has filled that important need. Perfect as a baby shower gift, a gift for new parents, for seasoned parents looking for fresh new ideas to ease the bedtime struggles, or for attachment parenting fans everywhere.


Together We Sleep





Healing Artwork

I love painting artwork that shows the love, interconnection and Well Being that is available to us at all times.

Original canvases, notecard sets and more available here:

Energy Lift and Creativity Unleash

This 4 week course really teaches you how to let go of the anxiety and negativity that is holding you back… letting go and allowing your full energy potential to naturally float to the surface!

It is effortless to flow along the stream of life when you get into the zone.  This program uses a combination of mental, spiritual and physical tools to really allow your cork to float!

  • starting in June with one week of daily emails explain what energy is and how to get more of it.  Release old habits and mind frames that thwart your natural energy level
  • followed by a 3 week creativity course to really get your energy and expression flowing.  Easy creative art projects that everyone can do!
  • this program gets you releasing the old and flowing in with the new… supporting you through inspirational emails and creative, easy, soul inspired art projects that you will treasure.

Coming Soon!

Mind Body Refresh Program

Refresh your entire body, from the inside out.  Beginning with a one-month Health Reset eCourse to relax you into releasing your old health fears and limitations, we then launch directly into a three month long weekly support group teleconference.

I will lead you through a different organ system each week, explaining what the energy behind each organ system represents and leading you to re-connect to each organ with health and well being.

  • 4 week Health Reset eCourse
  • 12 weeks of weekly video conferences, working organ system by organ system to provide health from the inside out
  • Inspirational emails and ideas to support the topic of the week

This program supports you on many levels… on-line through my health eCourse, energetically through health videos, and spiritually as we flush out each organ system and build a new platform for your health and well being.

Coming Soon!