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The Most Effective Way To Recover From Cancer

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walking for health

Today I’ll be reviewing a recently published study that examines the link between exercise and health… specifically, cancer recovery.   Just like last week’s article, the article today shows that being up on your feet – simply walking — is the best predictor of positive outcome in cancer recovery we have. No stressful or intense… Read more »

Studies Prove: Long Term Health Is NOT About Exercising Hard

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stretching to release tension

  For years physicians have been recommending an exercise program for cardiometabolic health. Well… turns out it’s not really about the intensity of the exercise.   Several landmark studies have come out in the past few months revealing that it’s not how strenuously you exercise that matters. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you “exercise”… Read more »

Dr. Sinatra Shatters Everything You Thought You Knew To Stay Heart Healthy

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Dr. Steve Sinatra in Dr. Laura Koniver's hometown

The month of love, February, is Heart Month on my website!   All this month I’ll be releasing information to keep your heart healthy. Today I have some extremely important information that you MUST KNOW to protect the longevity of your heart. Have you been told your high cholesterol level is bad for your heart?… Read more »

My insane husband

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For Fathers Day, my husband wanted a work out video.  Huh?  A work out video?!?!  Crazy man, I know. Has anyone else ever heard of this work out… Insanity, it’s called.  Not just because it is insanely hard, the website promises, but because you get insane results.  We’ll see. So after the kids gave Daddy… Read more »