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Fibromyalgia Relief Right NOW

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help fibromyalgia healing

Since so many women in my practice are affected by fibromyalgia, I’m going to blog about it today with a tribute to the energetic dynamic behind this disease… because shoulder tension is something that is personal for me. What can you do energetically to release fibromyalgia flares?  Read on:     I carry all of… Read more »

Shout out to my loves…

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Just so absolutely on-my-knees grateful for the love in my life…   … a husband I met in med school…     … and married.         Children who have literally taken my breath away from sheer happiness…     … over and over again.     That my hubby is my best… Read more »

Thoughts On Health… a mid-December’s checklist (and a free gift!)

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Clara puts the star on our tree! Miles and Daddy playing football in the front yard… Hi!  I’m tying up loose ends here around my house for the holidays… getting ready for trips, getting last-minute Christmas orders created and packaged up and in the mail, finishing my children’s book, and sneaking in some holiday crafting… Read more »

Our family motto…

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Everything always works out for us. We say that out loud to each other almost every day.  I know I say that to myself, and really *feel* it, multiple times a day. I was just saying it to myself today and I realized… this must be our family motto.  It made me stop and realize… Read more »