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The Earthing sequel now available… Video On Demand

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Finally!!!   I’ve been inundated with requests to watch the sequel to The Grounded… The Grounded 2 …  but it was not available until now!   The sequel has officially been renamed to  Heal For Free (…it is the exact same film, unchanged from it’s original title The Grounded 2) and has just been released… Read more »

Earth Day Ideas That Will Also Improve Your Health

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This Wednesday is Earth Day! And the ultimate celebration for this? Let’s get Earthing! This Wednesday, we can connect to the planet with gratitude *and* improve our health — simultaneously. Combining health and harmony with the earth and your own Well Being… it’s a natural fit all the way around. So today, for you, here… Read more »

Sneak Peek: Painting The Grounded 2 (and link to watch it free today!)

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For one week only, you can watch The Grounded 2 for absolutely free… …just click the link at the end of this blog post to go straight to the free movie on Mercola’s website!!!! In celebration of this special offer… it’s the perfect time to take you behind the scenes and show you how I… Read more »

Exclusive: Watch The Grounded Sequel… right here, right now!

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For my readers… …early access to The Grounded 2!!!   The Grounded 2 will enjoy a theatrical release later 2014, but my readers can watch this beautiful, healing documentary TODAY. I am so pleased and so honored to be able to share this early access with you on my website!   This sequel takes the… Read more »

Creating A Healing Connection Through Music

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Today it is my great pleasure to interview composer and musician Marco Missinato. From the first moment I heard his music I knew that he was an incredibly gifted, intuitive based musician and I wanted to help support his vision by having him stop by my blog today share his recent work, “Unfolding Secrets, A… Read more »

Your Grounding FAQs, answered right now!

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WOW!!!!     I’ve gotten so many amazing questions about Grounding (aka Earthing™) from viewers who watched the motion picture The Grounded and Heal For Free… …I’ve really loved and appreciated all the wonderful feedback as well as all of the interesting questions!   I want to be as helpful as possible and pull together… Read more »

Sneak Peek (and first listen!) into The Grounded Soundtrack

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Last week I shared how I painted the front cover of the soundtrack to the motion picture The Grounded.   This week, I want to take you behind the scenes of the creation of the back cover of the CD.   The amazing and talented composer Stuart Mitchell gave me free rein over the design… Read more »