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Thoughts on Health… The Brain, Part 1

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    Thoughts on Health… The Brain, Part 1     There’s a lot of suffering in thinking you should know and be right and figure things out and that sort of thing. When we are out there in ego, we believe we can know and should know. When we come back to center, we… Read more »

Thoughts On Health… Cell Phones

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This one is a disturbing one. If you want to think happier thoughts, just click on over to Martha Stewarts blog or some craft blog… because today’s topic is a bit of a downer. I wanted to share with you a very recent, hot off the press research finding that was published only two weeks… Read more »

Thoughts on Health… Super Simple Spring Detox

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Wow.  The weather this past weekend really knocked my socks off!  The warmth and sun has made me into a new woman! And like I do every year when the earth begins to warm and spring buds start popping up everywhere, I get spring cleaning fever.  Not just in my home (although I spring cleaned… Read more »

Happy Valentine’s Day… and, oh well, might as well talk about periods anyway. Menstruation Part III

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This post will feature Valentine’s touches we’ve had in our home over the past week or so… here, some roses from my husband in my work space This might be a weird coincidence, but heck, on some level it is fitting.  I mean, Valentine’s Day is a day of love and romance… and we all… Read more »

Thoughts On Health… Cosmetics

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Clara takes a few pictures of me plucking my eyebrows… and plucking my brows to open up the eye area is my favorite “beauty secret” by far! Although there are many types of preservatives and artificial colors and scents in make up that I’d prefer to avoid, I don’t have any set rules.  I prefer… Read more »

Skin Care, Part II

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Thank you so much for such a great discussion about skin care last Monday.  I appreciated the comments and the suggestions and insight from readers so much! Wendy gave a great tip to avoid using citrus essential oils on the skin (it increases photosensitivity) and Barbara had a great recommendation for all you locals wanting… Read more »

Thoughts on Health… A Poem That Wrote Itself

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a close up on my All Is Well original painting Welcome back from the holidays!!!!  This Monday I was planning on doing a FAQ about Homeschooling… until I woke up this morning with a poem half out of my head and the other half wiggling out.  I didn’t want to forget a word of it,… Read more »