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Eco Friendly, Recycled, Fabulously Glitterized Banner tutorial

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  My house needed a little glitter to get 2012 started off on a fabulous foot.  And I mean, who couldn’t use a little more glitter in their life?  How can you really go wrong with something so superfluous and happy, I ask you???? I created this banner with my daughter, and it was really… Read more »

Eco-friendly Christmas Tree Craft Tutorial, or… how to distract your kids while you get some stuff done around the house this holiday season

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I can barely call this a tutorial because it is just gluing paper on a cone shape, but that is the genius of this sweet little craft. I first showed this post last Christmas, and as we pulled these trees out from storage this year my daughter begged to make more.  So see?  Even though… Read more »

Firestarter Tutorial

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Temps are dipping into the cold near-freezing numbers at night here in SC, and instead of turning on my heat, we’ve been having lovely evening fires to heat the house. So that means, starting a fire.  Which can sometimes be frustrating, but not so when you have a fabbo, eco-friendly, completely free, made from stuff… Read more »

Gazing balls for your gorgeous fall yard… craft tutorial

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“Gazing Balls” just doesn’t sound right, does it?  I mean, I have a spam filter and all, but dang.  Gazing balls?  I almost wrote “Glitter Balls” but oh my goodness that’s worse.  So “Gazing Balls” it is. Overlook the name.  Ahem. Because this craft is a really fun and simple one to do outside with… Read more »

Tutorial: Creepy Dismembered Hand

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        I made up a fun craft that I really enjoyed doing with my daughter, and I wanted to share it with you all! I was trying to think of a fun Halloween project that I could do inexpensively but high impact… being a physician I guess coming up with a craft… Read more »

Saving Summers Seeds (say that three times fast!)

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Remember my tutorial, back in June, about allowing some of your garden fruits and veggies to go to seed and how to harvest and save them for replanting? If enjoy gardening, you’ll take twice as much pride and twice as much pleasure in planting seeds that you’ve saved from your own garden.   Propagating your own… Read more »

Grape Jelly Time

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Around here in SC we are wrapping up grape picking season. You have another week or so to get yourself (and your kids!) out there picking the lovely muscadine grapes that are growing right on the vine. After you come home with them, you’ll want to be sure to make the easiest jelly on earth… Read more »