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  1. Juta Semmel
    September 12, 2011

    Had to comment on this one; my first job was with Dr. Forrest Gibson, a wonderful OBGYN doc who I worked for 5 yrs before I married; got very close to the patients and could talk to them so that they would be at ease with anything we talked about; well, one lady who had given birth to 4 children, came in to see Gibby, as he was called by everyone, because she felt that “all her insides were falling out”…back then we had speculums made out of metal that each night I sterilized before going home…he inserted that in her to see what was going on….he always had me look too so that I could understand…it was a one gal office and I did everything…as I looked, I remarked, “well, all you have to do to clean your floor is just squat, walk around the house like that, and it would pick up all the dust bunnies hanging around and get good excercise at the same time”….she, and Gibby started howling so hard that we laughed for a long time about it…her prolapse really hung very low…you have to understand the situation with this..it was not out of place because this type of conversation was an ongoing thing in our office…very easy going, good-natured, etc., anyway, the problem was solved by using a glass pessary.. they were made of different sizes, but sure did the job of holding everything in place; she left happy, didn’t need an operation, which back then was a much bigger deal than now…we called it a “ball-pinup” when I booked the surgery; the patient stayed in the hospital longer..she learned to take her pessary out, clean it, and use it again….am mentioning all this because it bought back many happy memories of that job; in fact, am beginning to have my own issues with it but am leaving it alone at the moment…doing kegel excercises seems to help a bit too…its good you brought out this problem of prolapse..you have such a wonderful platform to talk of so many things Doc:) keep it up! Juta

  2. Steph
    September 12, 2011

    Hi Laura!

    Could wearing a sponge promote vaginal health in general (for a woman who has no current issues other than intermittent itchiness)? Or is that horribly unnecessary?

    LOVE your blog!

    • laura
      September 12, 2011

      Hi Stephie!!!! No, I think that would be unnecessary… it’s possible that it may help support the tissues as they age, but unless you are already having signs of prolapse, I really wouldn’t enter anything unnecessary into our bodies… I think since you are so healthy and no prolapse, it wouldn’t be warranted. I do think if you want to use it intermittently for itchiness by putting plain yogurt/probiotics on a sea sponge and letting that sit for a few hours whenever you feel itchiness come on, that would be wonderful and healthy… or if you ever need to use the anti yeast creams, could do the same thing with that… but otherwise leave well enough alone!!! HTH!! xoxo, Laura

      • Steph
        September 12, 2011

        Haha, I love that answer, thank you! I think I’ll try the yogurt…

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