Thoughts on Health FAQ: Uterine Prolapse… or “Thanks a lot, gravity!”


I’ve been asked about uterine prolapse multiple times over the past month or two, so I thought it would be a good topic for my blog.
With all of the commercials out there asking you to sue your doctor if you’ve had a mesh implant… and all of the complications that can arise from the surgery, I wanted to share with you my advice for mild prolapse.  Avoid surgery.  That is my advice for sure.  But what can you do to help with mild to moderate prolapse?

Enter Jade and Pearl.


Jade and Pearl sell reusable sea pearls (all natural sea sponges) in different sizes… sized anywhere from teeny tiny  to large.

Today, I’m going to talk about using the sea sponges as a pessary, but they are great for lots of uses.  The super teeny sea pearl sponges are perfect for young girls who are not ready (or wanting to use) tampons or menstrual cups.  You can cut the sponges in any shape and size… long narrow strips or flat wide triangles that can be only partially inserted very shallowly and act as a temporary containment device… perfect for young girls who do not want to insert anything but want to contain their menstrual flow a bit in their vaginal canal during activities/summer/swimming and such.




As you can imagine, I wasn’t exactly sure what type of picture would be appropriate for a post about uterine prolapse.  I mean, this is a family friendly blog and all.  So here is an out-take from some pics I had to take for my necklaces… and pretty much sums up how it feels to be talking about vaginas on the internet.  Yep.  I expect a lot of spam to filter out from the comments section on this one!



Now for prolapse, the sponges are a great deal wider and bigger, but again, can be trimmed to size.  The eco-friendly part of this is that you use and reuse the same sponge for up to six months.  Just wet it… squeeze it out until just damp, and insert.  Wash it out once every 24 hours (or more often if you are using it for menstrual flow) and re-insert.

The larger sea pearls for prolapse will support your uterus, relieving pressure on your bladder and preventing those pesky bladder infections that become an endless cycle of antibiotics and resistance.

On top of that, continued use may help prevent further uterine prolapse.  Similar to wearing a bra to prevent breasts from sagging (make that a wireless bra FOR SURE… promise me you will have nothing to do with wire clamping off the lymphatic flow around your breasts!!!!  And organic cotton bras would be all the better, like those found at Blue Canoe) using this all natural sea sponge as an organic pessary to support your relaxing pelvic floor is a great option that might actually decrease the severity of prolapse in the long run.


For a bit more help in inserting the sponges, you can put a small drop of any organic oil (like grapeseed oil or coconut oil) on the sponge to act as a lubricant.  Even better, for menopausal users, Jade and Pearl sell a Wild Yam Bodacious Body Butter that is pure shea nut butter blended with wild yam essential oil which is a natural source of progesterone.


To clean the sponge, you can use any natural soap.  We love organic Dr. Bronners liquid castile soap around our house.  Do not use synthetic soaps like Dove or Ivory, as they are too harsh for internal (or, in my opinion, external) use.  If you want to take it a step further, you can put a drop of tea tree oil into hot water and soak the sponges as well.  The tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and is bacterocidal.
There are so many uses for these all natural, trim-able and shape-able sea sponges.  From a young girls first menses, before she is ready for a more invasive option like the Diva cup (which I blog about here…) to uterine prolapse in a menopausal woman, the sea sponge is a great alternative to mild to moderate prolapse.

I wouldn’t even consider a surgical option unless the prolapse was really severe and you’ve run through all your other options first.

The sea sponges are also great if you have a yeast infection… you can use all natural plain yogurt or your favorite anti-yeast remedy (even prescription preparations) and smear it all over your sponge before insertion.  This will hold your treatment in place much longer then just depositing a cream inside your vagina to trickle out all day, ruin your underwear, and in general drive you crazy.


I hope that reaches some folks out there who are just beginning to notice signs of early uterine prolapse (pelvic pressure, yeast infections, bladder infections, etc…) and hope that the sea sponges can help support your uterus against the effects of gravity.

xoxo, Laura

4 Responses to “Thoughts on Health FAQ: Uterine Prolapse… or “Thanks a lot, gravity!””

  1. Juta Semmel

    Had to comment on this one; my first job was with Dr. Forrest Gibson, a wonderful OBGYN doc who I worked for 5 yrs before I married; got very close to the patients and could talk to them so that they would be at ease with anything we talked about; well, one lady who had given birth to 4 children, came in to see Gibby, as he was called by everyone, because she felt that “all her insides were falling out”…back then we had speculums made out of metal that each night I sterilized before going home…he inserted that in her to see what was going on….he always had me look too so that I could understand…it was a one gal office and I did everything…as I looked, I remarked, “well, all you have to do to clean your floor is just squat, walk around the house like that, and it would pick up all the dust bunnies hanging around and get good excercise at the same time”….she, and Gibby started howling so hard that we laughed for a long time about it…her prolapse really hung very low…you have to understand the situation with was not out of place because this type of conversation was an ongoing thing in our office…very easy going, good-natured, etc., anyway, the problem was solved by using a glass pessary.. they were made of different sizes, but sure did the job of holding everything in place; she left happy, didn’t need an operation, which back then was a much bigger deal than now…we called it a “ball-pinup” when I booked the surgery; the patient stayed in the hospital longer..she learned to take her pessary out, clean it, and use it again….am mentioning all this because it bought back many happy memories of that job; in fact, am beginning to have my own issues with it but am leaving it alone at the moment…doing kegel excercises seems to help a bit too…its good you brought out this problem of have such a wonderful platform to talk of so many things Doc:) keep it up! Juta

  2. Steph

    Hi Laura!

    Could wearing a sponge promote vaginal health in general (for a woman who has no current issues other than intermittent itchiness)? Or is that horribly unnecessary?

    LOVE your blog!

    • laura

      Hi Stephie!!!! No, I think that would be unnecessary… it’s possible that it may help support the tissues as they age, but unless you are already having signs of prolapse, I really wouldn’t enter anything unnecessary into our bodies… I think since you are so healthy and no prolapse, it wouldn’t be warranted. I do think if you want to use it intermittently for itchiness by putting plain yogurt/probiotics on a sea sponge and letting that sit for a few hours whenever you feel itchiness come on, that would be wonderful and healthy… or if you ever need to use the anti yeast creams, could do the same thing with that… but otherwise leave well enough alone!!! HTH!! xoxo, Laura