Thoughts On Health… my #1 recommendation for head-to-toe Well Being


If you are looking for something totally free, totally healthy, totally amazing…

if you are looking for a way to feel better from head to toe…

if you are looking for a simple, safe detox that takes only minutes a day and resets your body inside and out…

if you are looking for the best anti-aging secret on earth…

if you are looking for a better night’s sleep, less aching joints, relief from headaches, and the best anti-inflammatory ever invented…

watch on!  xoxo, Laura



11 Responses to “Thoughts On Health… my #1 recommendation for head-to-toe Well Being”

  1. Paula

    I sooooo wish I could do this but we have a major problem with deer ticks in our area which can result in lyme disease. Anyone have any creating ideas to deal with that situation?

    • laura

      Hi Paula! Man, that’s tough… I think I might schedule my grounding in the evening right before coming in so I could take a nice hot shower and wash my hair/body immediately aftewards… or grounding by putting my bare feet right on the earth while sitting on my front doorstep or somewhere you feel safe… also possibly wearing a natural EO tick deterrent and protective clothing, etc. Taking advantage of the indoor grounding products too and seeking out places to ground that are more urban (grounding on concrete sidewalks, basements that are on a concrete slab, etc…) would be helpful too! xoxo

  2. Alison Price

    Love this post and I think this may be my new years resolution. Your updated site looks sooo beautiful too by the way!

  3. Alison Price

    Do you have anything to say about earthing sheets? I’ve looked at those online for year round use. Same benefits as actually touching the earth?

    • laura

      Yeah, those are wonderful… You do get the same neutralizing benefits and it’s the perfect solution for winter months, elderly or confined patients who cannot go outside. Of course it’s so good to get the fresh air and sunlight/Vit D on our face and nothing is as much of a mood enhancer and modulates sleep patterns, etc… as being out in the real sunlight every day as you ground organically! Thanks for your kind comments Alison, I appreciate them! xoxo

  4. Connie Young

    I go barefoot as much as possible; I love to feel the crunch of leaves beneath my feet and they are so tough now that they can take an acorn too! wonderful video! I will be encouraging the kids to do this more often instead of saying “where are your shoes!?”