Tutorial: Garden Markers




Today’s quick and easy tute:

1.  Collect rocks

2.  Paint and allow to dry (doing it in your jammies, highly recommended.  Even better if you can get your sweet daughter to paint them with you…)

Use acrylic paint so they are weather resistant… avoid tempura, watercolor, or washable paints!

3.  Using a permanent marker, write the names of each crop across the rock.


Once my garden is actually underway, I’ll show you pics of them in use!  Until that warm spring day… plan, germinate seeds, start your seedlings, get your markers set, and dream, my friend, dream.


xoxo, Laura

6 Responses to “Tutorial: Garden Markers”

  1. Vicki

    Fantastic idea. My Mom used to paint rocks that looked like buildings. Used molding clay to make porch overhangs, steeples, etc. Would make litte villages. Sweet memories.

  2. Steph

    i lurve (love!) your imagination! I have a rectangular small backyard that gets lots of sun, but also needs lots of help; it’s just weeds…would you come up and start it for me?! Then I would get to see you too! My favorite cousin, my kindred spirit! Every year I say I am going to have a veggie garden, and then…oh well, you know…life happens as you’re busy texting! (ha ha, as one of my teachers always says!) Plus I just don’t know where to start (with no $$ or real supplies!) argh. Do you have a starting a garden from seed tute? Can’t plant outdoors here till late May, early June 🙁
    xoxo stephie

    • Steph

      Oops, just read the “Super Simple Spring Detox”, has some helpful tips and guidance, thank you!

    • laura

      Hi Stephie!

      Lots of sun is a GREAT start! If you are overwhelming thinking of tilling the ground and making a garden, I’d totally start by just a few pots along the perimeter of your yard… container gardening is easy (no weeding!!!) and can give you enough results to get your excited to think bigger the next year! I think a tomato plant, a cucumber plant, a bean plant, each in their own garden pot and then maybe a small box of lettuce sprinkled wildly over the surface would be enough to have you looking forward to eating a few great salads this spring and summer! They say beans are the easiest to grow! Then next year if you dig up a small patch you can add on some root veggies like beets and carrots, both of those are so easy you practically do nothing! LMK how it goes, my friend!!! xoxo, Laura

  3. Sarah Goldstein

    TOTALLY letting my girls make these! They chose the paint this weekend…fun pinks, purples, greens…now we just have to collect the rocks! Thanks for the great idea…and a good one for getting little ones involved with the garden planning! You are awesome!

    • laura

      Awesome Sarah!!!! Thanks so much for checking out my blog and for your sweet comment! I hope you’ll share pics of your garden with me this spring!!! xoxo