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I am the Intuition Physician…

…a medical intuitive and a physician rolled into one!  


I love approaching health and well being from every angle and offering the most helpful solution to my patients.  I offer on-line health e-courses, private consultation, and live events that merge medical knowledge with heart centered intuition.


But how did I make the transition from traditional medical doctor to an intuitive physician?

It was a long road, one I’m still traveling.   Here’s how it all started:

I grew up in a very loving and wonderful family, who I am so thankful for. I had a wonderful childhood filled with lots of laughter, games and travel. Everyone in my family is super smart and super goal oriented. Very governed by the thinking and analytical mind, there was always lots and lots of doing… lots of education, lots of competition, lots of goal oriented direction to achieve a certain grade, earn a certain allowance.

This was great for the traditional path I was on, because going to college and then medical school was very natural to me and I accepted this very conventional world… while always inwardly striving to figure out what was the deeper point of it all.

I had artistic talents that I secretly loved to spend my spare time on (my favorite coloring book as a child was a black and white anatomy book that I filled in page by page with glorious color!) but I never gave art much weight in my life because it was not a strictly goal-oriented activity.  To my family, art was humored or tolerated but not considered a “real” career, and so I treated it as such too.

Buckling down to my “real” career I went through medical school and finished my internship and began my life as a physician.


Then, everything changed.  I had my daughter Clara and it completely rocked my world.

Becoming a mother was the most intense thing I have ever done.  It completely dissolved my notions of what I should be doing and the career I had worked so hard to achieve and opened me up.

It completely took me out of the equation.  It no longer mattered what degree I had earned and what I was thinking and if I was clever.  It only mattered that I hold a space for this precious amazing soul of my daughter.  All I had to do was hold her and breathe and I felt complete.


It was a spiritual awakening.

All of a sudden it hit me… who the heck cares about what is “real” or “not real” or “goal oriented” or not?  Who is to judge what is worthwhile for someone to be doing in any given moment of time?  Why would memorizing anatomy be more important then painting, for example?

What could possibly matter more or be a better use of our precious time on earth then connecting with what makes you happy?  With what makes you feel alive?  With what brings you joy?


This was never more clear to me then as a mother, looking down at my children, and finally finding my heartsong. 

I wanted NOTHING on the earth more then for my child to just be HAPPY.

It was painful and intense and overwhelming and beautiful, all at the same time.  I no longer cared about my goals and career and all I cared about was standing in awe of my child.

I stopped working and exclusively devoted myself to mothering.  During this time I also had my son Miles.  I loved this babyhood time so much, but eventually I started wondering what, if anything, I was going to do with my medical career.


Seeing patients in the old medical model way felt wrong to me.

Taking a medical history and doing a physical exam and seeing a patient as a number or a statistic or a symptom or a prescription just horrified me.  Here I was used to dealing all day and night with these lovely, amazing, glowing souls that were my children… I could not longer see a patient as a 2-dimensional problem to solve. 

It sickened me on a deep level, to finally realize that each and every person on earth is as precious and valuable and eternal as my very own children, but then to just treat them medically on the surface.

The problem is, medical school doesn’t teach you how to do anything other then take a medical history, evaluate a health problem, and treat it.  It doesn’t tell you how to connect to a patient on an intuitive and meaningful soul-level… which is essential in the healing process.

I had to find this intuitive approach towards healthcare on my own, and it took me quite a few years to find my way.

Seeing my children as the magical, amazing, eternal souls… then going in and ignoring the soul of my patient… just clinically touching and examining a person and viewing them as a puzzle to solve… it felt wrong to me.

I began to feel that I didn’t fit into medicine any more.

What I decided to do was leave traditional medicine entirely.

I began to homeschool my children (who were now school aged) and I also started to sell art in an on-line shop.

Finally, something that I had delegated as superfluous in my life was given time to flourish because I finally realized… it made me happy.  And that is reason enough.  Matter of fact, that is all the reason there is in the world to do anything!


Now that my thinking was changing so was how I wanted to spend my time. 

I stopped judging what was important or worthwhile or goal oriented and I started reaching for what felt right intuitively.  With patients in the office, with my lovely family at home, and in my free time with a paint brush in my hand.

I had never gone to art school or had any formal training, and for this I became very thankful.  As I didn’t really know *what* to do, I could do anything!  Nothing was off-limits in art!  Nothing was wrong!  Everything was right. 


It’s true for my art and it’s true for yours.  You can’t get it wrong and you can’t mess it up.


I began feeling like my paintings were calling to me… and that what I painted had the ability to heal people just as much as any diagnosis I could give or any prescription I could write. 

I started painting souls… I started painting the interaction between what we can see in this tangible world with the energy around us in the spiritual world.  I started painting things like the earth, covered with happy soul energy watching over us.  That painting is called All Is Well and is now my top selling print.


I found that there was room for both sides of me…

the analytical mind and the intuitive one.


I began to blog about this… at first I blogged mostly about my creating art and the meaning behind my artwork, but I soon started throwing in health ideas into the mix.

On my blog, I would write about an organ system or a disease and what I felt that it energetically represented… why a person would be expressing this particular disease and the message that disease was conveying.   So for example, I would take an illustration from my old anatomy book — LITERALLY rip it out of the book, and start painting the energy around it to illustrate the energy flow through that organ system for my readers.

I took a heart out of the book and painted the movement of energy through the heart and how the heart represents our flexibility and strength, and why current treatments that prevent heart attack work because they aim at restoring fluidity to the blood and blood vessels… that kind of thing.  I profiled brain, and joints, and the immune system, and so forth.

I still enjoy blogging weekly and have all of this information on my blog here.


To my surprise, people began to write to me personally asking for advice on particular health issues.


When I would read these emails, I noticed that I would get a gut *knowing*… a color associated with each person.  I figured this is because I’m an artist and I love color.  But as I began to really focus on this I started dropping down into my heart space and listening for a deeper meaning.

And what I found is that I got a very sure *knowing* about what it represented.
I started screwing up my courage and telling the people who were emailing me exactly what was coming through for me… what physical symptoms I was feeling and what information I was getting about their health condition.


Over and over again, people were telling me I was right on target.


I began to figure out that I was using my intuition to sense the deeper meaning behind health issues.  Not just what the issues were but the reason behind the issue, the energetic imbalance and the energy work that was needed to resolve an issue.

Now I can’t ever imagine how I practiced medicine *without* intuition.


It is my pleasure and my honor and my duty as a healer to look at health problems from a deeper level then just an analytical mindframe. 


It is so important to use a heart open approach and allow intuitive information to help fill in the picture.   Running a health problem through both the lens of modern medicine and the lens of intuition reveals a bigger picture that you can’t see any other way.


Now I offer on-line medical intuition counseling to patients all over the world, and I really deeply love what I do.

I have been interviewed by healthcare reporters, magazines, news programs and websites including FoxNews, First for Women, MaryJanes Farm and many more… I write a regular health column in a national magazine and am a featured expert protagonist in the motion picture Grounded.


I also enjoy running on-line health courses so that I can help and heal more patients around the world then I could ever possibly see in person.

I love helping others access intuitive information because intuition can provide information that is simply NOT ACCESSIBLE to the rational mind… it’s not linear, it’s not something you can puzzle through, it’s not a feeling, it’s not an emotion… it is information from a higher power.

If you are ready to understand what is going on more fully than you ever have before, I’m here.  

Intuitive information combined with medical knowledge is more powerful than either standing alone.

I believe in developing a deeper relationship with my patients…to see them as not only as a body but as a heart and soul too.  Let me help you find the relief of seeing the depth and meaning of your health journey from both angles… medically and intuitively.


Together we can:

  • take the anxiety and stress out of health challenges
  • increase your energy level as you open to well-being
  • help you feeling better and breathe new life into chronic health issues
  • turn your health obstacles into tools for greater healing
  • find your unique health strengths and use them to heal faster
  • heal the dynamic that created the illness, not just treat the resulting symptoms


From hundreds of healing articles posted weekly on my website, to instantly downloadable eBooks and on-line programs that give you immediate access to the questions I am asked most, to private one-on-one consultations and programs, we can get you moving in a positive health direction.


Dr. Laura Koniver, grounded


So… am I an artist? Am I a physician? Am I a mother? Am I a soul?  Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes.


And I am happy blurring the lines between all four each day. 


xoxo, Laura