How To Hear Your Body Tell You What It Needs



Every single one of us gets a constant stream of information coming to us from a deep, internally knowing of what is best for us in any moment of time — call it a gut hunch, call it a “felt sense,’ call it your inner truth, call it your intuition… whatever you call it, you can learn how to drop your awareness out of your monkey mind and into a deeper awareness that resides in your body.

Our bodies are always speaking to us about what is going on inside of us, and all we need to do is listen.  I meet so many people who don’t feel that they are getting any type of guidance from their body, but they are…. we all are. Today I’m going to help you figure out where in your body you get your information and help you figure out how to use that information to navigate decision making, so that the decisions you make are in deep alignment with you.  Not just aligning with your mental thoughts, on a mind level, but on a deeply rooted mind, body and soul level.

Here is how you connect to your inner guidance system.  First you figure out what part of your body speaks to you most clearly.  Then you drop your awareness to that area of the body and you ask yes/no questions, to see how the body responds.  It will tell you clearly what path is most aligned with your highest good.

We each have at least one intuitive center that we can lean on to get deeper knowings about our health, about how to  navigate relationships, or how to develop a soul career… in fact, there is no area of life where intuitive understanding can’t support us!

Today, let me walk you through how to figure out which way that intuitive information reaches you most easily.

Let’s figure out where your awareness lives!



First, get comfortable.


Sit or lay down.

Take a big deep breath in, and release it slowly.

Enter a place where you are neutral and not forcing any particular outcome at all.

You are relaxing into being a receptor, just receiving.

So this means:

  • you do not have to create any feelings
  • you don’t have to force any response
  • you do not have to come up with any answers
  • you don’t have to picture anything in your mind

Your job is only to be an active listener and feel in your body if you get a positive response at any time while connecting to these intuitive centers.


Now we will run through all the different ways your body can speak to you:





1.  Kinesthetic Intuition:  A Knowing In Your Bones


To see if you get intuitions on a kinesthetic level, first drop your awareness all the way down your spine.

Feel the connection you have with the floor underneath of you — how it is holding you up… supporting you.

Bring your awareness down to the base of your spine.  If you are sitting down, then feel down your back right into the area that you are sitting on.  If you are laying down, feel the lower most portion of your spine, right at the base of your glut muscles.

As you bring awareness to this portion of your body, ask yourself this:

  • Do you tend to get a knowing deep down in your bones?
  • Do you make decisions based on something indescribable all the way down to your core?
  • Do you ever use the phrase “I knew it in my bones.”
  • Do you ever get a feeling of deep comfort when making a decision?
  • Do you ever feel like sometimes your body moves itself when making decisions — like you are able to just watch it play out, knowing your body automatically makes the decision for you and moves when the time is right.

If this is how you tend to know when to say *YES* to a decision, then you are likely to be a grounded, rooted kinesthetic intuitive.

To access your natural intuitive abilities, you can focus on doing a body scan when making decisions or asking intuitive questions.  How your body responds: if you feel an itch, if you feel pain, if you feel your body tense up, if you feel your body relax, if you feel comfort or if you feel anxious after you ask yourself a question, a body scan is your go to tool for easily accessible intuitive information.


Follow your feelings of comfort:


My advice for a kinesthetic intuitive is to make a decision based on which choice provides you with a deep seated level of comfort during your body scan…  that will be your most true *YES*.




2.  Movement Based Intuition: Creative Expression


To find out if you get your best knowings based off of a creative movement, move your awareness up to your lower abdomen, just below your belly button.

As you bring awareness to this portion of your body, ask yourself this:

  • Do you tend to get intuitive information flowing to you while you are creating?
  • Do you find that doodling, or painting, or drawing, or sewing or cooking or gardening or doing any creative hobby is when your best answers and solutions arise?
  • Do you find that sex or focusing on physical pleasure allows creative solutions to flow more easily?
  • Do you find that after a massage or love making that you are able to open up to creative solutions?
  • Do you find that when you are creating music or art or working on another hobby, time stands still?
  • Do you tend to follow your pleasure to know when to say yes to an opportunity?

If creativity or pleasure is the strongest intuitive guidepost for you, then you are also likely a kinesthetic intuitive, — similar to the grounded kinesthetic above — but this is a more action oriented intuitive, one that needs to be doing something physical in order to allow the intuitions free range to flow.

For these types of creative or sensual kinesthetic intuitives, it is imperative that they get body work and allow for open ended, non-goal oriented expression.

Expressing themselves without an end point (so painting freely, not because you are hired to create a painting for a customer; or writing freely, not because you are creating copy for your website, etc…) is how these kinesthetic intuitives allow the answers to rise up from within.

So, knowing this, when trying to access intuitive information these types of intuitives often get great success when asking a question and then getting active — taking a hot sensual bath, receiving a massage, doodling on a sketch pad.


Take a temperature reading:


My advice for a sensory kinesthetic is to ask yourself: “does the decision make you feel warmer or cooler?

Visualizing a thermometer and watching how it goes up or down depending on your different choices and options, or simply feeling if your own body gets warmer or cooler in response to asking intuitive questions, can tell you everything you need to know about your best path.  Going with the choice that brings you a feeling of warmth, or a deep seated feeling of pleasure, is your best *YES*.





3.  Gut Intuitives: Follw Your Gut Hunches


To find out if a gut hunch or gut knowing is your clearest intuitive center, move your awareness up to your solar plexus.  This awareness center is in your upper abdomen, between your belly button and rib cage.

As you bring your awareness to this portion of your body, ask yourself this:

  • Do you ever get a strong gut knowing?
  • Do you know when to make a decision based on how it feels to you in your stomach?
  • Do you feel a sense of freedom or empowerment when you know you have made the *right* choice?
  • Do you get spontaneous answers and solutions best if you are exercising or totally enveloped in a task?
  • Do you prefer to take action — any action — instead of doing nothing when facing a choice?
  • Do you feel relief after making a decision, and would you rather make any decision than no decision at all?


If you know that you hit a home run when making a decision because you immediately feel in your gut that it’s the right call, then your type of intuition is through getting direct information into your solar plexus core.

It’s great to know if this is your intuitive type because those that receive gut knowings can work with this type of incoming information to go with their first, initial impression.

The gut response — quick, quiet, sure, immediate, direct knowledge — is direct intuitive information. Gut intuitives should not deliberate or wait or weigh the pros and cons or over think decisions.  Gut intuitives get a distinct first impression that aligns them with their inner knowings immediately. Waiting for more hits, second guessing the first gut response, letting the mind come in and overthink things, or dismissing the initial reaction and waiting for something bigger to come in can obscure intuitive information for these types.

Gut intuitives can work with their unique intuition flow by recognizing that the initial response is the most accurate, and they can carry a journal around to immediately jot down first impressions or desires, so that this direct intuitive information is not lost later on when second guessing or deliberating the decision.

Go with a feeling of expansion:


My advice for gut intuitive is to bring their awareness down to their solar plexus whenever faced with a decision, and feel whether there is an expansion (a yes) or a constriction (a no) in the solar plexus when asking for intuitive guidance.  Making a decision based on the choice that provides you with a deep seated feeling of expansion, power, or freedom is your most accurate *YES*.




4.  Emotional Intuitives: Heart Centered Alignment


To find out if your strongest intuitive center is your heart, move your awareness up to the center of your chest.

As you bring your awareness to this portion of your body, as yourself this:

  • Do you make most of your decisions based on emotion?
  • Do you feel like you’ve made all of the best decisions of your life based on it’s pull on your heart?
  • Do you feel that you can sense other peoples emotions, even when they are not physically present in front of you?
  • Do you feel so connected to others that you feel markedly drained or highly invigorated by spending time with them?
  • Can you have tears spring to your eyes simply by witnessing other people’s emotions?
  • Do you feel in your heart when you know exactly what you need to do?


If so, you are an emotional intuitive.

If intuitions come to you most easily through your heart energy center, then you can use your emotional guidance scale to make intuitive decisions. You can feel in your heart when you align, or do not align, with a particular decision. You can often sense a feeling of fullness in your chest or a lifted vibration when an option is intuitively right, and you can sense a heaviness or a subdued vibration when an option is not in your highest alignment.

Emotional intuitives can often feel the emotions of others, which sometimes helps in intuitive decision making because you can be privy to information that other people are trying to conceal.  Often emotional intuitives just *know* when other people are lying.


Visualize a heart connection:


My advice for helping emotional intuitive make decisions is to imagine an energetic cord leading from your heart to each particular decision, and follow the one that makes the strongest and most positive connection. Visualizing a heart centered connection is a fabulous tool for emotional intuitives to use when trying to obtain the clearest intuitive picture.  Which cord feels the strongest?  Which is the least knotted or tangled?  Which cord is shining the brightest?  Making a decision based on the choice that provides you with a deep seated feeling of love, energetic strength, and connection  is your most accurate *YES*.




5.  Inner Voice Intuitives: Guidance From Your Inner Truth

To find out if you get your clearest intuitions through your inner voice, move your awareness up to the center of your neck, in your throat.

As you bring your awareness to this portion of your body, ask yourself this:

  • Do you ever use talking or journalling to make big decisions?
  • Do you ever use singing to de-stress or to amp up your energy before tackling a big task?
  • Do you hum or whistle a lot?
  • Do you like to make a list of pros and cons, do you like to talk big decisions through, do you prefer to bounce your ideas off of others?
  • Do you feel like you get your best and most clear *YES* by talking out loud about your options and as you speak about each option, the decision becomes clear?


If journalling and using the written word or speaking out loud to hear your inner voice helps you to get that intuitive hit of clarity, then you are likely adept at connecting to your inner voice to get intuitive information.

For people who connect most easily with their inner truth through the use of vocal or written expression, it helps to simply get your mind out of the way and let the words arise in a free flow format — whether by talking out loud or stream-of-conscious writing.  If you have this as your most easily accessible form of intuition, it might help you to begin each day writing a page or two uncensored in a journal, or ending the day this way. It might also help for you to talk out loud to yourself when making big decisions, instead of quietly thinking.


Speak it until you *know* it:


My advice for inner truth intuitive is to go outside for a walk or get into your car and go on a drive — talking out loud the entire way — when making decisions.  Other techniques that can help are to use chanting, humming, singing and even simply whistling to help intuitive information flow through through your throat to pick up on words or sounds that resonate with your inner truth.  Making a decision based on the choice that provides you with a deep seated feeling of truth — what feels true for you, right now, in this moment… that is your most accurate *YES*.




6.   Sensory Intuitives: Messages From your Minds Eye

To find out if you visualize or “hear” intuitive information best, move your awareness up to your mind’s eye, in the center of your forehead.  Close your eyes for this one if you do not already have them closed.  This is nothing to do with what you are actually seeing thorough your eyes and everything to do with what images or words are floating up in your minds eye.

As you bring your awareness to your mind’s eye, ask yourself this:

  • Do you ever get sudden pictures or images that seemingly come out of nowhere?
  • Do you have a little voice in your head that allows you to make quick decisions (like which street to take when you are driving or to wake up at a certain time in the morning)?
  • Do you ever see energy around others?
  • Do you ever get distinct impressions or visions in your mind’s eye?
  • Have you always been thought of as having an *active imagination* as a child?
  • Do you get mental images that are seemingly co-incidental to reality — for example, you think of someone and then they call you later that day?


This is the most traditional way that intuitive information comes in… yet most of us filter out this information automatically, without even realizing we are filtering it out.  I actually think we all get intuitive information in this way, but we discard it before it comes into our awareness.  But if you are a visual or auditory intuitive, you are still open to getting this information without filtering it out!  Go you!  This is awesome.

Keep a journal and record all messages and visualizations as they come, before your analytical mind erases them for you.  Make sure to express gratitude for these intuitions and to not discount them.  Receive them and acknowledge them… acknowledging and recording the intuitive information you get is the best way to keep strengthening your gift.


Watch Thoughts Like Watching Clouds:


Let your mind bring up any image, words, sounds or songs it likes as you ponder a decision you are making… not attaching too much to any one image or voice but watching them all float in and out as if watching clouds blow by.  Acknowledge all incoming sensory information, in the form of visuals that pop into your awareness, or songs that play in your mind, or words or voices that speak to you.

Practice letting them come and go freely.

You will know when a visualization is important to listen to.  Very often you can actually hear or *feel* a resounding YES when you are hitting on the best choice for you.  Making a decision based the choice that gives you a deep seated feeling of wisdom and alignment is your most accurate *YES*.



7.  Unity Intuitives: Aligning With The Big Picture


To find out if you receive intuitive information best from a spiritual source, outside of your body, move your awareness up to your crown, slightly above your head.

As you bring your awareness to this area, ask yourself:

  • Do you get your best intuitive information through dreams?
  • Do you have vivid dreams, instructive dreams, dreams where you receive information or dreams where you get to speak to loved ones who have passed?
  • Do you wake up knowing what to do better than when you went to sleep the night before?
  • Do you feel like one of the best things you can do when facing an important decision is to sleep on it?
  • Do you find more clarity after taking a quick cat nap?
  • Do you enjoy mediation?
  • Do you feel comfortable in silence?
  • Do you often prefer to take a break and leave a stressful environment than stay in the struggle of it?


These intuitive types can be the opposite of the gut intuitives — instead of acting on that very first gut feeling they have, often they need to take the time to let a day or two pass before making a big decision. Sleep allows for information to integrate and process, and for intuitives that allow divine information to come in when the brain is most receptive and relaxed can be their smartest intuitive move.

These types of intuitives should absolutely have a dream journal by their bedside and should get into the habit of recording feelings, thoughts, words, images and sensations that they have while they are still in that open hypnagogic state, before becoming fully alert.  While in the hypnagogic state, your intuition can access information that is closed to it when the mind returns to it’s daytime state.

Another great tool for these types of intuitives is to work with meditation, as deep meditative states induce the same type of brain frequencies that deep sleep induces. Even deeply relaxing yoga states can create this type of open brain function, and grounding (touching the earth directly) can help enhance this as well, particularly when you sleep, it will prolong the amount of time you are in that deep open restorative sleep state.

The core of the earth, the mind in restorative sleep, and the mind in a deep meditative state all resonate at the same frequency (the Schumann frequency) and you can use your ability to receive intuitive information while in that open frequency by utilizing all three modalities to make decisions: sleep, meditation, and earthing.


Let Your Body’s Edges Inform You:


Feel the outer boundaries of your body.  Feel the space around you and try to notice how connected you are to the air and energy around you, or not.  Visualize energy tendrils, or sensors, or little sensory hairs feeling into the space around you.  As you bring different choices or decisions to mind, see how this changes how connected you feel to the energy around you.

The right answer will make you feel fully enmeshed in the fabric of the universe.  You may feel your body’s boundaries soften, relax or expand, you may see your energy tendrils become interwoven into the air around you.  Your sense of separateness may lessen and you may feel more connected to the bigger picture when you are making the right choice for you.  Making a decision based on the choice that provides you with a deep seated feeling of unity is your most accurate *YES*.



As an intuitive physician, I’ve learned a few things about how the body speaks to us, and how we can use our physical bodies as an informant, letting us know when we are on the right path and when we are veering off of it.  So I wrote an online class and I run it once a year.  And it literally starts today.

Expand Your Intuition Class


Class includes two custom Q&A sessions, where I personally answer any questions you have on opening your intuition.

I would so love to see you there and connect with you, supporting your inner knowings and helping you get practice using intuition in your daily life.

This class is a *must* for all empaths who find their energy affected or drained by others.  I’ll teach you how to become more resilient and strong by tapping into your intuitive gifts, instead of depleted or drained by others.


Click over here to find out more & to hop into class — it’s not too late!



No matter which way you resonated with receiving intuitive info as you read through this list, you absolutely can use your body to feel your way to your best decision making.

Whether that’s for your health or any other decisions in your life (big or small….) get used to dropping your awareness into your body and feeling your way towards an answer.

xoxoxo, Laura


How To Stick With Your Long Term Health Goals, Even When It Sucks




I just finished with a wonderful medical conference in which I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Terry Wahls speak.

She so impressive, with the amount of medical experience, knowledge and wisdom she possesses… particularly in the field of autoimmune disorders and how diet impacts our body’s health.  Visit her website here if you are interested in learning more about that.

That’s not what I loved most, however.  The part I loved most was when she talked about helping patients get clear on why they even want to do the work of healing in the first place.

She walked us through how to help patients become really clear on why they are willing to work for their health, because that same motivation will get them through sticking with their healing plan even when discomfort arrises.

Even when cravings hit, or physical therapy is hard, or addictive urges arise. Almost all healing plans — from diet modifications to exercise goals to more dramatic things like recovering from surgery or completing rehab… almost all depend on your ability to stick with the plan even when it gets uncomfortable.

Knowing why you want to do the healing work is exactly the reminder you need to stick with it even when it gets hard.

If you find yourself not following through on your health goals — whether you start and then stop different diets, or pledge to go to the gym and then quit, or if you’d like to be more diligent about grounding daily but never can seem to find the time, or you are having trouble breaking your addiction to your smart phone and find yourself checking social media so much more often then you really have time for… this advice will help you.

I loved it so much I made a video about it for you right here.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:







Now that you have clarity on why you want to do the healing work, maybe you are facing difficult health related decisions that you are going to have to make.

I’ve got you here too… I recently created a video walking you through how to get clarity when making tough decisions.

If you enjoyed the video above, you might enjoy this one too:






I created a free printable worksheet for you too, that will help walk you through the steps to making the decision that feels most aligned with your unique goals and your unique situation.

Simply print it out and then click the 9 minute video above and I will personally talk you through filling it out.



If you love the worksheet, feel free to save it as a file on your computer to use whenever you like, forever more.  Print out as many copies as you want, whenever you want.  Or bookmark this blog post and I’ll keep this link active on my website indefinitely.

I guarantee if you run through this exercise just one time with me today, you will remember it forever.  And in the future, you’ll be able run through the acronym in just seconds, without ever writing a single thing down.

Of course, please share it with any loved ones who are making difficult decisions too — we could all use a little more support these days.

Clarity, ease, a sense of relief, a meaningful choice and an actionable health plan that actually excites you, instead terrifies you…  that is my goal in sharing both of these healing videos with you today.  I hope they were helpful!

Created for you, with love, from me.

xoxox, Laura


Movement Immediately Helps Your Memory Improve, Right Then And There





A recent medical study caught my eye, so today I am excited to share it with you here.   Researchers looked at how exercise helps to boost memory, and found that there are literally immediate benefits to your memory function after literally just one bout of exercising.

Published September 2020 in Scientific Reports, this study finds that one session of exercising (cycling on a stationary bike was the exercise used in this study) significantly improved motor sequence memory — immediately!  This is super encouraging, because it was not looking at just the long term benefits from exercise (which of course has far reaching protective health effects, that I will go through below) but suggests that even if all you can do is one single episode of  exercise, you will get immediate benefits that very day.

In previous animal studies, just one bout of exercising has been found to boost anandamide levels in the brain.  If you follow my podcast (Intuition Physician UPdates) then you already know why boosting anandamide levels in the brain is so good for us — it helps our brains to heal so well that it may literally help the brain recover from trauma.  And the exciting thing is that exercise is not the only way to boost anandamide levels… I go over several other ways to do my podcast episode here.




So today’s uplifting health tip is to use exercise as a way to focus before a mental task.  Some examples might include walking up and down a flight of stairs quickly before giving a presentation at work, doing a few jumping jacks in the office before writing an important email, playing a game of frisbee with friends just before settling down to study for college exams, encouraging your kids to jump on a trampoline before hopping on the school bus each morning.

And although just one session of exercising provides benefit, ideally it would be even better to sprinkle movement throughout your entire day.

It could be as simple as standing up and walking around a bit every hour or two, getting in some gentle stretching routines in throughout the day, walking up and down your stairs if you have them, and/or doing a before-bed yoga routine to reap massive benefits.

For those that want to read a good medical study summarizing this, I highly recommend you hop over to read this medical report published in 2015:  Sitting At Home Is Deadly.  Meanwhile, see if you can come up with a way to move your body:

  • upon waking in the morning
  • as a mid morning break
  • as a mid day break
  • as a mid afternoon break
  • and end with a before-bed stretch.


Consider if any of these 7 ideas may be added to your daily routine:





Idea #1: Morning Stretch


Develop a stretch routine that you do when you first wake up, before even starting your day.

Once you get into a habit of morning stretching, you will realize how much this impacts your entire day and you’ll never want to skip this again.

Getting into a morning and evening stretch routine is just one of the many many ways that you can actually benefit for the rest of your life from self care routines that you start during quarantine.   Seriously!  I honestly believe that if we take this time while under social distancing precautions to focus on developing healthy routines and self care strategies, we will actually be healthier for our entire lives than if we would not have had this pandemic.

To get ideas of stretches that feel good for you, here is a great YouTube video that includes some of my personal favorites, and is only 10 minutes long.  Take what you like from these suggestions and create your own routine that you will stick with:

If you prefer looking at stretch suggestions instead of watching a video, this page has 4 great stretches for you:

And then you can add these 6 on to create a simple 10 stretch routine to start your day:




Idea #2: Mid-Morning Walk


If at all possible, I highly encourage you to go outside mid morning and mid afternoon on a walk.  Do as little or as much as you like, anything is absolutely better than nothing.

Walk the sidewalks of your neighborhood, walk the perimeter of your yard or driveway if you have one, walk back and forth to your mailbox several times, walk any neighborhood trails if you have them.

If you can not even go outside on a walk, find a pattern to loop inside of your home, going in and out of each room or simply up and down hallways.

Aim for at least 10 minutes of walking in each session, more if you can.





Idea #3: Mid-Day Steps


An easy way to get more movement into your day without needing a gym membership is to seek out a flight of stairs, or even one single step if that is all you have.

You can walk up and down the steps leading to your front door, any steps you have inside your home if you live in a multi-story house, any steps that you have leading to your parking area or garage, or any steps you might have in your neighborhood.

Even if all you can find is one step, you can so some great calve strengthening exercises on that one step alone… a great mid-day pick me up.

Here are some ideas:




Idea #4: Mid-Afternoon Walk


Repeat the same walk you did mid-morning (see above) or find a new way to walk — for example, if you walked around your neighborhood in the mid-morning while it was cool, you may wish to stay inside and loop your living room or office a dozen times in the heat of the afternoon.  Or vice versa!  Just keep moving for at least 10 minutes.





Idea #5: Before Bed Yoga Stretches


Never head to bed without stretching your body out — releasing tension from the day and giving your muscles one more deep release.  If you enjoy following a video, here is a great one:

If you prefer reading over a written list of stretches (with pictures) here is my favorite set — this is one is very similar to the routine I do each night before I go to bed myself!






Idea #6: Invite Heat Into Your Muscles


There have been so many studies recently looking at the health benefits of routine sauna.  Sauna increases the circulation of blood all throughout your body — getting the blood pumping through your cardiovascular system, your muscles, your skin, your joints, your brain — so it turns out that routine sauna has many of the same health benefits that exercise does.

So if you have mobility issues or find that your job makes moving your body through the day impossible… sauna is a great substitute (or addition) to any wellness plan.  In fact, sauna actually helps protect brain function and routine sauna is correlated with over a 60% reduction in dementia risk!  I write about that for you here:  Sauna To Protect Your Brain

You may also want to read more about how routine sauna is correlated with a longer lifespan, which I review for you here:  Sauna For A Longer Lifespan

Even better if you can do a combination of sauna and then grounding, which and friend and I demonstrate for you in a video.  Hop on over to watch!   Sauna + Grounding, A Win-Win Combo

If you don’t have access to a sauna (and let’s face it, most of us don’t) you can still use this healing principle to invite heat into your body in other ways.

Pick one of these ways (or use them all!) and write it down in your worksheet so you remember to use it:

  • a microwavable rice pack to wrap around neck and shoulders
  • a hot water bottle to place on stiff lower back muscles
  • a 15 minute hot bath with magnesium salts to relax all muscles
  • a 5 minute hot shower to release tension from head to toe

I love a hot bath every few nights, as well as wrapping a hot rice pack around my neck whenever I feel muscle tension throughout the day — you can buy these online but if you are crafty you may even enjoy making your own out of an old hand towel and a bag of rice:







Idea #7: Body Work


The feeling of worry and stress and anxiety is often the stress of energy that is accumulating in the body without release.

I know I personally feel this as a ball of pressure right in my solar plexus, as well and incredibly painful tension in my shoulders and neck… but where stress shows up for you in your body is different for everyone.

Irritability, crying, headaches, diarrhea, nausea, tension, muscle stiffness, decreased or increased appetite, weight loss or gain, insomnia… often these all represent energy that just needs to be released to make room for the natural healing process and optimism and energy to return.

If you are feeling stuck and in need of physical release, along with movement and heat like we addressed above, body work can help assist your body in letting go of stress.

If you have a partner, take turns giving massages to each other.  But you absolutely can perform wonderful self massage techniques that release tension from your neck, shoulders, hands and feet on your own too.  Just click on one of the videos below and follow along!






Not able to exercise?  There are other ways to keep your mind open and your brain sharp.

There is actual medical evidence that the more you are self motivated when learning something, the better your brain works.  No exercise involved!  Simply being curious can actually improve brain function.  Published October 22, 2014 in Neuron, researchers found that having your own internal motivation, in the form of curiosity, allows your brain to have enhanced memory and function… allowing you to more quickly master the information you are trying to learn and even enhances your ability to remember non-related information alongside it!

Researchers looked at brain function on MRI when the subject was highly curious about the material they were engaged in, and found that being curious about something literally changes the way the your brain functions, enhancing key parts of the brain such as the hippocampus and the dopaminergic circuit.

Curiosity about life in general enhances your experience of life itself, opening you up to new things and enhancing your ability to absorb it.  So it’s not as much about completing a task as directed, or rote memorization of material, or getting a specific test score on an exam in school that allows you to truly learn.  It’s about following your inner guidance system, engaging in your own innate curiosity, and allowing that to guide you in making educational and career choices that align your soul gifts with your occupation.

Ideally what you are offering to this world is something that is perfectly suited to you because you are self motivated to learn about it, master the material related and ancillary to it, and offering this unique vantage point that only you can offer back to the world.  In short, learning and processing and giving your thoughts back to the world becomes meaningful, instead of simply memorized.  That study shows that you are naturally suited to learn, retain and remember information that you are self selecting, motivated, and innately curious about it.

Need some help discovering (or re-discovering) your natural curiosity?  That’s normal, because the way our educational system and corporate work system is set up, it minimizes personal autonomy and creativity. But you have it inside of you.  Watch this video for inspiration to give yourself permission to become curious again, and then keep reading below for links to tons of resources of fun, learning, and growth!







Idea #1: Learn A New Language


Do you have a bucket list of trips you want to take?

A perfect way to prepare for future adventures, and keep your brain sharp at the same time, is to sign up for one of the many free language classes that are offered online — there are literally thousands of different languages you can master.

It may help to learn a language with a friend to stay motivated.  Not only can you both sign up for the online classes together, but you can call or FaceTime each other to practice speaking it out loud as you learn, and then you can have the fun of planning a future trip together for an immersive experience, visiting an area where your chosen language is spoken!  Win-win-win!






Idea #2: Reduce Job Stress


Stress on the job is such a real threat to your health that I think you should take it into account when figuring out your future.  One medical study shows that stress on the job might literally drive you crazy.  This study, published in Lancet Psychiatry on May 10, 2018, suggests that occupation alone might cause as many as one out of every 7 new cases of depression, anxiety, and other common mental disorders.

Even after adjusting for lifestyle factors, stressful life events, temperament, personality, family history and personal history of mental illness, researchers found that job strain alone was responsible for a statistically significant number of mental illness cases over a lifetime.  14% of all common mental disorders that onset in midlife was attributed purely to job stress.

Researchers looked at over 6,800 participants, ranking job strain at age 45 with risk of mental illness at age 50.  The results were astounding:

  • Having a job that is highly demanding increased mental diagnosis rates by 70%.
  • Having a job that causes high strain (moves at a fast pace, or is highly risky, for example) increased mental diagnosis rates by 220%.
  • Having a job in which the employee had very little control over decisions increased mental illness rates by 89%.
  • All in all, researchers estimate that simply having higher job stress increased the overall likelihood of subsequent mental illness significantly, accounting for 1 out of every 7 new cases of mental illness in midlife.

Forget the usually-thought-of triggers such as divorce, bereavement and serious medical issues… job strain alone can put you at significant risk for mental disorders.

What constitutes a stressful job?  A job that requires high intensity, a job that moves at a fast pace, a job that has high risk, a job that gives you very little control over your duties, and/or a job that doesn’t allow you to make your own decisions were all factors that contributed to job strain.

If you are thinking… yes my job is stressful but I really love it, unfortunately that’s not enough.  Job satisfaction was not protective of the strain that job stress can put on mental health.  Although ideally we would all have meaningful soul satisfying jobs… even when they are super fulfilling soul careers, they can actually still be toxic, stressful, high paced, and put us at high risk for mental illness.  And let’s face it, many times jobs simply are not in the slightest bit soul fulfilling at all and yet still are so stressful that they raise mental illness diagnosis, all for a job you don’t even enjoy.

But there are ways to help protect yourself and your mental state. Here are some ideas to help you decrease the negative effect of job stress on your health:

1.  Factor job strain into your career choices early on whenever possible:  If you have a family history or a personal history of mental illness, it is absolutely imperative that you protect your mental health by choosing jobs that give you autonomy, or at least allow you to participate in decision making. Or… if you want to work in a tightly regulated job field where you don’t get to have control over the decisions, then select a job where the pace is slow and relaxed and/or the job is low intensity, low stakes. If one out of every 7 cases of mental illness in midlife comes from having a stressful job, it is absolutely something to take into account when selecting between several possible career pathways.  Look for a job that allows you to be a part of the decision making process, or look for a job with lower intensity and a slower pace if you have an option and want to be protective of your mental health.

2.  Modify existing job parameters:  If you are already in a stressful job that you want to stay in, consider small ways to modify your current stress levels at work. There are three different ways you can lighten your job strain: increasing your autonomy (getting to make more job related decisions,) lightening the pace of the job, or lightning the demands on the job.  Even choosing just one way to modify your current work load, even just slight modification, can help reduce mental illness risk:

  • Ask to be part of decisions whenever possible… if there are committees to be involved in, if there are meetings you can speak up during, if there are opportunities for a leadership role — this study shows that even in a highly stressful job, having some sort of say in what decisions are made allows the job to cause less strain over all.
  • Negotiate terms whenever possible… not just the classic example of asking for a raise, but speaking up over anything you can… such as negotiating when you take a break, what shift you work, what snacks are stocked in the vending machine, or what the dress code is can help give you some say in your work day and reduce strain.
  • If you can’t make decision and you can negotiate terms, sharing the burden is another way to reduce job strain.  Asking for help, getting co-workers involved, turning individual tasks into group tasks, forming alliances, delegating and and all tasks that you can delegate — these are all ways to reduce job strain even in jobs that are highly stressful and where you have little control.

3.  Recover fully when not at work:  Create clear boundaries around time spent working vs. time spent not-working each day.  One of the worst habits you can get into is working on your time off.  I should know, doctors are the classic “on call” occupation but every doctor I know makes this occupational stress a hundred times worse by bringing work home even when not on call.  I have strained myself beyond capacity for years (decades actually) staying up in the middle of the night on my computer, returning emails from my phone at the wee hours of the morning, packing and shipping shop orders literally around the clock… I even worked all day when my appendix was rupturing, had emergency surgery in the middle of the night, and by the next day was back to packing up orders. Which was totally stupid, I know (I blog about this here.)  I not only risked delaying my healing process but I was still groggy from the surgical anesthesia so I mixed up quite a few of those orders, and then had the hassle of having to redo them.  I should have stayed in bed.

I know I am not alone.  In many — if not most — jobs these days, there really are no designated off hours since technology can reach us anywhere, and this can create a situation where there is no down time, no recovery time, no off time.  So you have to be proactive and protective to ensure — for your own mental health — that there absolutely *is* time off from work and time away from all work related activity.  If you are in a job that you can’t modify, can’t control, has high stress, and little autonomy, then the next best thing you can do to protect your mental and physical health is to make sure off hours are actually off hours.

  • Make it harder to access work related tasks… leave your computer at work (if you work from home, leave your computer in a designated *home office* space and do not bring it into the rest of the house!)
  • Put cell phones on airplane mode at night, or better yet turn them off completely.
  • Designate a cut off time in the evening where you will no longer check emails or return business related calls.
  • Prioritize sleep.
  • Make the sleep you do get more restorative by sleeping grounded.
  • Move your body in a non-job related way: exercise, stretch, get into a yoga routine, go on a long walk, have sex, even simple taking a hot bath in Epsom salts will help soothe tense muscles and get you out of “work mode.”
  • Read a book that is absolutely 100% simply for pleasure and *not work related!!!*. I’m the worst at this because I typically read medical journals before bedtime instead of romance or mystery novels but this is one of my new goals.
  • Schedule time for leisure activities — from a designated weekly movie night to a routine family date to time alone — off time is so crucial for balancing out the stress from your job and should be given the same weight (or even more weight) than your dedication to your career.
  • Take time for friendships and relationships that are not in any way work related.  Consider this… are most of your relationships with people in the same work place or career path as you?  Be sure to go out of your way to nurture friendships and relationships that have nothing to do with work at all — if you have to join a knitting club or a book club or sign up for a gym class or introduce yourself to your neighbors — meet people that it would be literally impossible to “talk shop” with in your down time because they do not work with you.  Having outside interests and outside relationships apart from work helps ensure you don’t think about or talk about work in your off time.
  • Take vacation time — up to 1/3 of all vacation days are simply never even used!!!!  What the…?  No way.  Please take those vacation days, every single one of them.

4.  Be proactive about protecting your mental health in other ways:  Particularly if you know you have high job strain, you want to be sure you are eating foods, taking supplements, staying well hydrated, sleep well, and many other things you can do — even if you can’t modify your current job in the slightest — that will boost your mental health.  To that end, here are more blog posts I’ve written for you on holistic ways to support your mental health:



Idea #3: Take An Online Health Class (With Me!)


I’ve got several health classes coming up this fall and winter — keeping you feeling uplifted, supported and inspired no matter how cold and dark it gets outside.  Here is a list of my next 5 classes:




October 4: Earth Connect Online Class.


Now is exactly when we need the healing support of the earth most of all.  Grounding will help you keep your immunity high, your inflammation low, reduce stress, deepen sleep, and boost your mood… throughout this pandemic and beyond.  I developed this class to give you tons and tons of ways to incorporate grounding into your daily health care and wellness routines, so that no matter where you live — yard or no yard, urban or rural — you can find ways to stay connected to the earth.

Our planet offers you so many different ways to stay healthy and strong, from the air you breathe to the water you drink to the food that we eat to the land that supports our homes, cars, communities and life as we know it… but the most direct way to get support from the earth is to touch it directly through grounding. Join me in this two week course and get materials, tips, and ideas for grounding that you can use again and again and again, for the rest of your life.   Save your seat here.




October 18th: Expand Your Intuition Online Class


Almost all of us are intuitively open and don’t even know it, so we feel drained by our ability to pick up on intuitive information, instead of empowered by it.  You might find yourself exhausted after interactions with others or time spent in crowded places.  Or maybe you don’t feel you have any intuitive capabilities at all, but you’ve always wanted to.  Let me reassure you that you do — we all do — it’s in our biology… and I’ll help you find it.

I created this class to help you uncover and strengthen your intuitive, empathetic nature.  Because the more you know about how to work with your intuition, the more powerful you feel and the stronger you are from tapping into it… not weakened or exhausted by it.  This class is a 4 week long, online class.  In it, I personally share with you exactly how I dropped out of the constricting conventional world around me and opened up to a whole new level of intuitive guidance.

  • Have you ever wanted to receive, honor, and actively make decisions based upon your own intuitions?
  • Have you ever wanted to use intuition in your own health care?
  • Have you ever wanted to use intuition to make your daily life go more smoothly?
  • Have you ever wanted to feel more empowered by your intuitive, empathic gifts… instead of drained by them?

I want that for you too!!!  So, I lead a private class to help you do just that. This class is a *must* for all empaths who find their energy affected or drained by others.  I’ll teach you how to become more resilient and strong by tapping into your intuitive gifts, instead of buffering yourself from others or playing small.  Join me here.




Jan 10th:  Weight Release & Reset Online Class


Your New Year New You tune-up, right from the comfort of your own home!  In this 5 day online class, I’ll walk you through the 5 pillars of sustainable, feel-good weight loss.  I’ve based this course directly off of the positive take-aways from recent medical literature on metabolism and weight, as well as on my 20 years of experience helping to support my patients with their weight loss goals.

I’m excited to offer this class to support a health weight, not the lowest weight.  You’d be surprised that your body naturally knows what weight is the perfect one for you, and it can sustain it at this perfect weight effortlessly once you naturally align your metabolism.  I’ll show you how in a very non-threatening, supportive, uplifting way.  It’s not about being rigid or militant or hard on yourself, in fact, it’s the exact opposite.  The harder you are on yourself, the harder it is to align with your healthiest version of you.

And it’s not even about your diet and exercise plan — there are actually several other things that are even more important than what you eat and how you move… and without knowing what those three things are, you just can’t lose weight.  Understand what really is sabotaging your weight loss and the weight releases, naturally.   Join me here.



Jan 24th: Chakra Healing Online Class


This is such a powerful, healing, information rich, uplifting (and completely fun!!!) way to align your chakras from root to crown.  And even if you don’t know what that means, I’m going to teach you.  And show you.  And get you in touch with your own unique energy flow!

In this class we spend one week together on each of your seven chakras: taking a self assessment of how your energy is flowing in that particular chakra, activating and opening that chakra, journalling and doing exercises to expand and heal that chakra, yoga poses and food suggestions to support that particular chakra, meditations to radiate and strengthen that chakra, along with a Q&A session to go over all of your chakra related questions.  Join me here.





February 14th: Trauma Resiliency Online Class


I start this class on Valentines day because I can’t think of a better way to practice self love than to deeply focus on your own healing.  As a holistic physician, not only have I scoured the medical literature for positive, actionable ways to help our bodies and minds heal from stressful, unavoidable trauma, but I share detailed ways to guide you through your own healing (along with both personal and patient examples from my past 20 years of medical practice.)

No matter what you have gone through, you absolutely do have the ability to rebound from from it and create a new normal and a new health set point.  Every body does.  Your body naturally wants to trend back to full and complete wellness… mind, body and spirit.  I’ll give you the tools to get there.

This class has been hugely helpful in giving participants actionable, positive, enjoyable healing tools that are medically based and proven to work.  One participant who just took my online classes said that the content on the very first day of the class alone far exceeded what she thought she would get out of the entire class, all put together.  Another participant said she felt movement on old stuck traumas from childhood for the first time in her entire life.  Another said that even though he had been in treatment for PTSD for years, he learned things he had never been told before about how the body holds on to trauma and how to let it go.  I would love to support you in this exact same way as well.  Join me here.



Not up for a full class but still want to focus on your health?


I have a bunch of free ebooks for you here, click on any to instantly download:





More Tips To Help You Protect Your Brain:




To your naturally resilient, astoundingly incredible brain!

xoxox, Laura

Grounding Outside In the Cold This Fall And Winter? You Can, Here’s How




Well, we just passed the fall equinox (in the northern hemisphere where I live) that was on September 22nd this year. And as we move towards the cooler months of fall and winter, my inbox always gets overflowed with folks asking me if there is any way to keep grounding outside when the weather turns cold… and even bitterly cold.

Yes, actually, there are tons of fabulous options to stay warm while still grounding outside.

I’ve thoroughly tested them all for you — literally confirming that these grounding options work and truly ground you by verifying them with a grounding test meter on lots of different outdoor surfaces. I can confirm that there are several effective grounding shoes that truly do ground you, that there are conductive socks you can wear inside the shoes to keep your toes toasty warm and still be grounded, that there are shoe stickers that you can place on any shoe you already own and it will truly to ground you (perfect for a favorite pair of orthotic shoes you love, or if you simply want to be eco-friendly and not buy more pairs of shoes, as one of the best ways we can support our earth is reuse what we already have instead of consuming more!)

You can also switch to grounding through your hands (instead of barefoot) with several different options to keep your hands warm but effectively grounded… and even ways to keep warm in pajamas yet still be grounded while you sleep — wearing conductive sweatpants, socks, tank tops, t-shirts, etc… while sleeping inside, right on top of your grounding bedding.

Let’s get started!


My favorite ways to stay grounded even when it is cold:


1. Wear Grounding Shoes:


A. Harmony 783:



Finally, a grounding sneaker that truly works.  This company was founded by my dear friend Sharon Whiteley who developed a new technology called GroundWorks™.  This technology utilizes a conductive carbon outsole connecting to a silver conductive footbed.  For those looking for a lace up style shoe, Harmony 783 are the ones you want.




❶ Patent pending, proprietary Groundworks® technology
❷ Pure silver stitched footbed for conductivity
❸ Silver stitched lasting board layer
❹ 99% pure silver fabric loop to enable conductive flow
❺ Bio-friendly algae-based EVA by BLOOM in midsole.
❻ Carbon & rubber conductive outsole with trampoline heel for a stable stride




They have sneakers, loafers, walkers and flip flops all available in both Mens and Womens styles.  These are my go-to shoe to recommend hikers, dog walkers, bikers, and really anyone who needs a stable and cushioned foot bed on their foot while being grounded.

Here are the sneakers I have and I love them:





B. Raum:




Ethically made, individually hand crafted leather shoes that are minimalist in design and come in closed toe slip on designs in TONS of colors, for both men and women.

Raum shoes have a zero-drop sole made from a porous water buffalo leather. This type of sole is made extra conductive by absorbing the earth’s moisture and your perspiration.  In addition, a copper metal grommet located behind the ball of your foot at the KD 1 pressure point provides maximum conductivity to ground your body.

I particularly appreciate that these shoes are hand sewn, because most shoes on the market are simply glued or cemented together, not hand stitched.  So your feet mold into the leather over time to create an amazing level of comfort that brings you back into alignment with how your foot feels and functions best.

These are the Raum shoes I have that I use when a lace up shoe is not necessary — a slip on loafer style in color Natural — and I love them.  They are my easiest slip-on-and-go shoes.




If you are looking for a slip on shoe that is minimalist in design (read: a non-cushioned footbed that allows feet to stay in their natural alignment ) and you want the largest selection of colors, then you want Raum shoes.  Whenever I head out the door with my hands full (which is pretty much every time I head out the door) and I don’t want to stop, put things down, and sit down to lace up or buckle up my shoes, I slip my feet right into these and carry on with my day effortlessly.



C. Groundz:



I just had to include this shoe line, even though they are sandal style, because I’m so impressed with them and because where I live in the south, I can get away with wearing a sandal style shoe throughout the fall and even into early winter. These are also the first grounding shoes I pull out when it warms up in spring.

Groundz uses sustainably sourced and eco-friendly leather and goatskin throughout the sandals, chrome-free, water based and nontoxic vegetable dyes (very impressive) and a copper plug that is so comfortable I literally can not feel it.  It’s so comfortable I had to check and double check that I was actually grounded in them — and yep, I am, every time! They are also so beautiful I would want to wear them every single day even if they were not grounding me!

Obviously they are a warm weather staple, but they are so soft and comfortable that even in the fall, if it’s a warm-enough day, these are my go to shoes.  And as you will see in the video I made for you at the end of this article, wearing open toed shoes whenever possible is extremely important for your foot alignment (and subesquently, for the health of your knees, hips and back over a lifetime!) so I typically reach for sandals instead of a closed toe shoe whenever weather permits.

Groundz are also the least expensive option in this list, while still being superbly made.  And because I am a physician nerd, the cute little Copper Element tag on the top of my sandals make me smile every single time I slip them on.  These are the style I have… yesterday I was able to slip these on and take a pic for you:






D. Inner Mettle:




If you want shoes that use recycled materials, than you want these.

Although other grounding shoes may be eco friendly, all natural, use only non-toxic materials, or even be handmade… Inner Meddle has the only grounding shoe made out of recycled everything: recycled lycra, recycled mesh, recycled vegan suede, and a shoe sole made of naturally biodegradable rubber.

I tested a pair out for myself and was strongly grounded on all natural surfaces, including rock, slate, dirt, sidewalk and grass.  The shoe was designed in Europe, and features a flexible ultra-cushioned insole (with memory foam and cork) plus a fully conductive insole, midsole and outer sole — these all connect the healing earth energy directly to your feet.  Woot!  Check them out right here.





2.  Add Grounding Shoe Stickers To Shoes You Already Own:



These grounding shoe stickers are so easy to use — stick them to your shoes once and forget them!  Get access to all of the benefits of grounding outdoors while being able to wear your favorite footwear.

I can’t think of much more eco-friendly than to continue to use shoes you already own.  And if you love them, and they support your foot function best, why not convert your favorite pair of sneakers, running shoes, hiking shoes, or even sports cleats into grounding shoes?  A grounding sticker is the way to go.

The sticker is fully conductive and runs the grounding energy from the earth beneath you up and around your shoe and into the sole of your shoe where your feet are.  By touching the sticker, you bypass the rubber sole entirely and are basically standing barefoot on the ground, conductively speaking.

I can’t even feel these stickers on my shoes.  Find them here.




3.  Grounding socks:



If you wear a grounding shoe sticker or any of the grounding shoes above, you’ll be grounded the moment you slip your bare foot into the shoe and stand outside on the earth.

But what if you like to wear socks?

Almost every sock manufactured on this planet will block the grounding flow from the grounded shoe (or grounded shoe sticker) because almost all socks have synthetic, non-conductive fibers or are too thick to allow grounding contact.

But it’s truly no problem to wear a sock with a grounding shoe or grounding shoe sticker, you just have to make sure it is a conductive sock.  Luckily there are tons of beautiful socks made with conductive materials that will ground you instantly.  I’ve got three styles for you to consider:

In each of these pictures I am modeling the sock for you, and have thoroughly personally tested their conductivity with a grounding test meter. Each sock utilizes silver fibers throughout the entire sock, every inch of it, so the entire sock is conductive from top to bottom.

By wearing a conductive sock with your grounding footwear, your entire sock will instantly encase your entire foot and ankle immediately in grounding energy, which will then powerfully ground your entire body from head to toe.





4.  Ground through your hands:


Grounding through your hands is a great option, and comes with many variations!



A.  Fingerless Gloves:


The first option is to wear fingerless gloves that keep your hands toasty warm but your fingertips available to touch the earth, like these lovely wool fingerless gloves I’m modeling for you here.





B. Conductive Gloves:


The second option is to wear these conductive gloves that cover all exposed skin, protecting you from the elements while still allowing grounding to conduct right through to your hands.  Find these right here.





C.  Layering Both:


The third option — my favorite by far — is to layer the two!  Put your conductive gloves on, then slip the fingerless wool gloves overtop so you have a double layer of warmth while allowing grounding through your fingertips comfortably all winter long.

Wool fingerless gloves keep the palms, wrists and base of the fingers extra insulated, while allowing the conductive layer over the fingertips to touch the earth and directly allow the healing flow of grounding to ground your body from head to toe.

Sets of these gloves are sold together in Youth (XS), Small, Medium, Large and XL unisex sizes.  Very stretchy to accommodate most hand shapes and sizes!   Find your set right here.




D. Protect Bare Skin With A Skin Protectant:



You could also consider simply using a skin protectant like Warm Skin to allow you to stay out in the cold a bit longer, even without protective clothing on.  I have to say I use this not only on my hands, but even on areas of my exposed skin that I don’t use for grounding, like my nose and cheeks!

As someone who personally suffers from Raynaud’s Disease all my life, staying grounding outside as the temperature drops is a huge challenge for me.  I turn to using Warm Skin to protect my skin and prolong the time I am able to directly ground outside — Warm Skin prolongs my outdoor grounding season by several months each year, even on windy and cold days.

It works by holding in the body’s own natural warmth and serves as a barrier to prevent water loss, moisturizing the skin to keep it pain-free and flexible even in the harshest environments, without the interference of heavy clothing that would block your ground connection.  It’s also made in the USA by a a small family business in Minnesota and is all natural.   Find it right here.



E.  Hold A Grounded Walking Stick:




The other creative way to ground through your hands while staying bundled up and warm is to simply hold onto a conductive grounding walking stick!

I can personally hand make one for you, like the one I show above… or you can grab a DIY kit to transform any cane, stick, even a broom handle into a conductive walking stick that will ground you from head to toe without you ever needing to touch the earth directly.

I demonstrate how to use my DIY kit to make your own grounded walking stick at the end of this video here: 




5. Ground Through You Pajamas:



I have these soft, elastic waistband, comfy sweatpants hand made, custom sewn per order right here in the USA.  They are made from a lovely shielding material, but the perk of this is that is also allows you to lay on a grounded surface (like an organic grounded bed roll or an organic grounding mattress panel, both waiting for you right here) and ground right through your clothes.

Find these options to wear to sleep to keep you grounded to your favorite grounding bed surface:

That’s right, yet another perk of having the grounding socks we talked about above… not only can you wear it with your grounding shoes to stay grounded outside, but if you like to sleep in socks to keep your feet warm in the winter, you can wear theses socks to bed and use them to ground while you sleep as well.

Slipping into bed and resting your feet on a grounding mattress panel or grounding bed roll will allow you to ground right through your grounded pajamas or grounded socks all night long.


6.  Sleep with a grounding hot water bottle:


For decades one of my ultimate go-to healing recommendations for patients is a hot water bottle, which combines the healing properties of water (the most intuitive medium on Earth!) with heat (the most holistic supportive therapy that helps relax, repair, and soothe aches and pains from head-to-toe!)

So I have these custom, hand sewn hot water bottle cozy’s made just for you when you order it, so that you can sleep all night long, grounded in warmth and healing energy.  I can’t think of a better way to stay warm and grounded all winter long, and if you are thinking ahead to holiday gifts, this must be one of the most lovely, comforting, supportive healing gifts you can possibly give.

You just have to make sure you order them early, because I have these literally hand made just for you when you order it and it does take a few weeks.   Order yours before it get’s too darn cold at night… you can find them right here.



7.  Treat your feet with toe alignment socks:



My feet instantly relax with these socks on, and as a bonus not only will the improve the health and alignment of your feet but they will also allow you to ground at the same time, thanks to the fact that your toes are still bare and ready to connect with the earth outside or a grounding mat while grounding indoors.

At the end of a long day, these are almost as good as a nice foot massage from the spouse.  Almost.  But infinitely more practical, because I can wear them while I’m standing in the kitchen making dinner and doing the dishes, and my feet feel stretched out and free by the time I’m done.

I always smile when I pack up an order that someone has placed for these toe alignment socks and some magnesium lotion to go along with them — it’s just the sweetest little duo and I always imagine how good the recipient is going to feel after working some magnesium lotion onto their feet and slipping into these socks.

If you are looking for a little stocking stuffer to give your hardest working loved ones, some toe alignment socks, my favorite magnesium lotion and a handwritten coupon for a free foot massage is the best thing I can imagine.  It’s like physical therapy for your feet!  Available in sizes small through XL.


8.  Activity Time!

Grab a pen and paper to test your foot health:


  • Want to know if you are getting enough barefoot time?
  • If your feet properly aligned?
  • If the alignment of your foot is giving you knee, hip and back pain?
  • If the shoes you are wearing causing foot issues?
  • And how can you reverse damage shoes have caused your feet?

With the two very simple tests that I demonstrate for you in this video, you can test your own feet right now and you’ll know the answer to all of these questions!


A Quick Way To Know If You Are Going Barefoot Enough


This exercise is extremely eye opening, and you can do it in less than 2 minutes!  I highly encourage you to give it a try right now!



9.  A Resource For Even More Cold Weather Tips:


For more awesome winter time grounding tips, you’ll want to grab the ultimate guide to grounding outside, no matter where you live or what the temperature is.

I’ve filled this book with my very best ideas to get you inspired to head outside in the hottest and coldest seasons, no matter if you live in a city or have any green spaces around you or not… you can get grounded naturally to the earth and I’ll be right there with you, showing you how:


The Earth Prescription


I have signed copies waiting for you right here… or find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, New Harbinger, and anywhere books are sold!


To a healthy winter full of outdoor grounding!

Yes, it is absolutely doable!

xoxoxo, Laura


How To Feel At Home In Your Body





Most of us live with a sense of not really inhabiting our body fully.  We want things to change about our body or about our health before we will actually want to be in it.  Or we have some judgement against it, or even disdain for it, on some level.

We feel, subconsciously maybe, that our body is against us. We can feel that it’s too damaged by health issues to truly cherish. We have a half hearted sense of tolerating our bodies for the time being.


You aren’t settling for that!

Your body, in exactly the condition it is in, is allowing you to have a living experience on this earth!  It’s the only way you are present, right here and right now.  Your body has faithfully kept you alive every day of your entire existence, no matter what condition it is in.

Until you can full embrace living in your body, you can’t really enjoy living life itself.  If you are holding your breath, waiting for changes to happen before you will appreciate the body you are in, then you are holding yourself detached from it.

And if you are in detached holding pattern like that, it’s very hard to allow new healing in.  You have to allow yourself to sink into this blessed body you have and draw your energy through it… not away from it.

Today let’s appreciate the job it’s done for us so far — knowing that we are not at the end result, knowing that health is constantly evolving for us — and just appreciating the millions of things our body is doing right, right in this moment.




This quick healing meditation I am sharing with you today is a very easy way to feel safe deeply inhabiting your own body.

Let’s not wait for perfect wellbeing before we live inside of our bodies.  Let’s commit to the fact that we are living this imperfect existence and having these imperfect experiences.  Let’s enjoy the healing and the path towards well- being, instead of just glorifying an imagined perfect ending and waiting for that.

Life is coming to you through this body you have.  It is safe to enjoy it.  It is safe to come back to your body again and again and again with this simple healing technique.

You want to be here.

You are committed to this lifetime, this experience.

Let’s send that message all the way through your body, so every single cell in your entire being is aware of this and you feel deeply connected to this precious vessel that is holding your soul, right here and right now.

Click on the short, 2 minute video below and I will walk you through feeling safe in your own body.

Or, in case the video does not show up correctly in the newsletter, simply click here to hop directly over to the video on TikTok or click here to watch it on YouTube.







I find that this meditation, and really all meditations, are easier to sink into and maintain if I am grounded while I do it.

I love being outside, connecting to the earth, enjoying that feeling of the tension in my muscles draining, my mood lifting, and my stress levels falling when I rest.

Have you ever felt the complete surrender of being totally docked on our planet, so relaxed that you drift in and out of sleep?  I highly recommend it.




Recently I went outside in the afternoon, closed my eyes for what felt like just a few minutes, and repeated the thought over and over again… “I am at home in my body.”

When I reopened my eyes a few minutes later, it was actually quite a while later and it was turning dusk.  I had never felt so at peace. How long had I been resting and restoring my body through grounding?

I watched the last of the sun’s rays flare gloriously through the leaves of the trees and felt the grass all around me.  I thought to myself — why do I not do this every single day?

I decided to paint this experience, to remind myself to just walk straight out that door and touch the earth if I am feeling stressed out, hurried, overwhelmed, anxious, or just disconnected from my body in any way.

Here is what I came up with, I thought I would share it with you here:




To reconnect, it’s as simple as docking yourself to the earth, feeling at home in your body, and letting go.

If you could use a reminder to too, I painted this painting for you.

Here is how I did it:




I set up my paints, palette and a canvas in my little art studio space.




A blank canvas is intimidating.  So I started easy, with the pink colors of dusk in the sky.




I added the trees around the top and put the base layer down for the grass around me, curving it to give that delightful drowsy feeling of resting on the earth, grounded, with muscles releasing all tension.




I added a bunch of bokeh spots to the background, and at this point I feel like I ruined it.

I know I have a point like this with every painting I’ve ever painted (click here to see some more of my artwork) so I just keep painting.




I add many layers of grass swirling all around.





Now it’s time to paint the rays of light coming through the trees.

I’ve never painted anything like this before so I take a big breath and just go for it.




I add three more bokeh to the foreground, coming right up to me as I awaken in the grass.

Here is the final result, I titled the painting:





It is a gallery wrapped canvas, here is what it looks like from the sides:






And of course I signed it in the corner:



You can find out more about this painting right here if you like!


To feeling at home in your body, right here, right now.

And letting the healing support of grounding allow you to sink more deeply into that precious body of yours.

xoxox, Laura


When You’re Struggling to Listen to Your Intuition… I’ve Got You




Today I am sharing an interview I recently did for the fabulous Rachel Molendo… she features this interview on her podcast: The Fill Your Cup Podcast.

Honestly I do interviews all the time and I rarely share them here, because they usually focus on grounding, which repeats much of the same information that I already share with you here on my blog.

But this one is different.

In this podcast I share TONS of information that I’ve never shared in an interview before, including exactly why I left conventional medicine, and exactly why I feel intuitive guidance is so important to include when you are making a major life decision.

If you are wanting to know more about how you can listen to your own intuition (or to just get to know me a little bit better!) I hope you will join me in listening to this podcast.

In it Rachel and I talk about:

  • Why I left a successful career as a conventional Medical Doctor

  • Advice for how to leave a job or situation that doesn’t feel right for you

  • What I experienced after I left my medical career and how I stayed true to my journey in the face of criticism

  • Ways that I practice listening to my intuition (you can do it too!)

  • A little on grounding and how grounding can help you find your center

  • How we are energetically connected to the earth and why this matters

  • How living intuitively can truly deepen your happiness

Lots of hand’s on examples and practices that I will run you through on how to silence the brain and listen to the intuitive heart center that I know you absolutely have:


When You’re Struggling to Listen to Your Intuition – Dr. Laura Koniver, MD



Listen on:

Episode Resources:


I recently got some criticism for always linking to a healing tool or a class at the end of each blog post… resources where you can go deeper with the information I present in that healing article.

I felt very sad about that because I provide tons and tons of free content — literally thousands of healing articles, interviews, YouTube videos, podcasts, tiktoks, worksheets, ebooks and more… that are all free free free!  In fact, I actually spend the majority of my day creating free content to help uplift others.  I truly don’t want you to feel that I’m always trying to sell you something.  I deeply apologize if this is how it feels at times with me always sharing a link or two for folks that want to go deeper.

Everything I offer comes from a very strong desire to support you in ways that I wish I had been supported.

  • Damn, if I had had just ONE SINGLE CLASS in med school on how to include intuition when helping patients through their healing journey, I could have been so much of a better physician from the jump.
  • If I had had just ONE PERSON in my life encouraging me to drop into my heart space when making big life decisions, I could have felt so much less anxious than I have for the past (almost!) 5 decades of living.
  • If I could have had just ONE CLASS to join into the help me quiet my overactive, overthinking mind and center instead into my gut knowings, I could have avoided so much of the trauma I have been through in my life… and I could have stopped my energy from getting drained over and over and over again by the world around me.

So I want that for you — I want to offer a group where you feel seen, supported and lovingly guided, and that’s why I took months to create an Intuition Online Class, where I can go step by step through the process of you opening to your own unique intuitive gifts.

Yes, you absolutely do have them.  I’ll show you how to find your intuition, hear your intuition, and feel empowered — instead of drained — by being empathetically intune to the world around you.

Join me right here, we start in just a few weeks.


To your healthy, vibrant and totally unique soul energy…

xoxoxo, Laura

The Effects of EMFs On The Human Body & The Natural Antidote (+ Free Printable)






This is a fundamental truth in medicine: the basis of how our body functions is through it’s conductivity.

Every single cell in your body is conductive, every single organelle inside of each cell, every single cell membrane, the extracellular fluid around each cell, the intracellular fluid inside of each cell… yep, it’s all conductive.

Which is why grounding is so powerful — the moment one single cell in your body touches the earth, this amazing conductivity grounds your entire body from head to toe, just like flipping on a light switch — in one instant — ahhh…. you are grounded.

But exactly what makes our body grounded — the fact that we are  highly conductive — is why we need to protect that exquisite conductivity, and also explains why you may literally feel the affects of ambient EMF fields around you.





Everything from your thoughts to your feelings to your sensory experiences to your heartbeat to your breath to your speech to your digestion to every blink of your eyes is all only possible because you are conductive.

So while natural earth EMFs soothe and heal you, bathing your conductive body in the supportive energy field of the earth, manmade EMFs disrupt and sicken you, artificially imposing polarized disruptive radiation fields around you.

Many people — I’d say maybe even most people — feel uncomfortable sensations when they are in the presence of strong EMF fields.

Do you notice you ever feel these symptoms after being on your computer, or cell phone, or near your router, or in an area with wifi?

  • stinging or tingling
  • headache
  • decreased concentration
  • vertigo/dizziness
  • disorientation
  • tinnitus/ringing in the ears
  • skin sensitivity or reactions
  • restlesness
  • insomnia
  • mood changes, including anxiety or depression
  • fatigue
  • heart palpitations
  • muscle pain/tension





Recent medical research has found this to be true — millions of people are affected by electrohypersensitivty and in population-based surveys, the prevalence of electrohypersensitivity (EHS) ranges from 1.5% of the population (found in Sweden) up to 13.3% (found in Taiwan.)

Even going with the lowest commonly agreed upon prevalence of perception (0.1% of the population, or 7 million people) this is roughly the same worldwide incidence of many other illnesses that no one would ever brush off…  a quick look through the WHO Global Burden of Disease report shows that this incidence is similar to the incidence of stroke, for example.

Electrosensitivity is more common than congestive heart failure.

It is more common than Parkinson’s disease.

It is more common than breast, lung, prostate and colon cancer combined.

So yeah, let’s not ignore this huge population of electrosensitive individuals and instead let’s address the fact that we are all highly conductive (whether we feel symptoms from it or not) and take steps to protect our conductive health.

How?  It’s simple.





The natural opposite of man-made EMFs are the natural earth made EMFs… and you can easily access these through grounding.

Grounding helps mitigate the effects of EMFs and rebalance your conductive health.  It gives you results you can feel… grounding helps to:

  • boost mood
  • decrease anxiety
  • deepen sleep
  • decrease pain
  • decrease inflammation
  • decrease blood pressure
  • boost cardiac function
  • decrease muscle tension
  • improve digestion
  • improve immune function
  • and on and on… pretty much the exact opposite effect that manmade EMFs have on our body


Today I want to share a free printable for you.  I created this for my electrosensitivity class, and I’m sharing it freely with you here today.  So be sure to take advantage of this and forward it to everyone you know who could benefit from seeing directly how manmade EMFs and natural grounding are connected and why!

Simply click the button below for a free printable version that you can study and even tape to your door, reminding you to go outside daily to get grounded!





Manmade EMFs and Earthing EMFs are Yin & Yang to each other — each one affecting our body because of our highly conductive living tissues.

So today, and every day, head outside for at least a few minutes to rebalance your conductive health.

It doesn’t have to be for long — grounding is as instantaneous as flipping on a light switch.  When you turn on a light, the entire room is illuminated — and that’s exactly what happens when one cell in your body becomes grounded: your entire body becomes grounded.

While there are cumulative benefits over time to grounding, there is really no time that is too little for grounding, either.  I never want you to miss an opportunity to be grounded just because it’s might only be for 30 seconds while you stop at a street crossing, or lean against a tree while you take a break during lunchtime, or when you stop for a second to pull a weed out from a garden bed.


  • Within seconds your skin surface conductance has changed throughout your entire body and your muscle tension has decreased. 
  • As seconds turn to minutes, your brain and vagal tone have gotten a calming boost from grounding, and you might notice pain decreases and mood lifts. 
  • Over time, as minutes turn to hours, your metabolic processes get a boost and your circulation (which supports every single organ system in your body) is running more smoothly. 
  • Grounding day after day means nighttime sleep is more restorative, stress hormones normalize, inflammation decreases, and health benefits begin to accumulate, often resulting in noticeable health benefits on a large scale.


Grounding daily to reset the conductive health of your body is essential — it is not enough simply to remove EMF insults, you must replace those toxic frequencies with the natural healing frequency from the earth.

Luckily, the human body is an incredibly resilient force of nature and we naturally go back to vibrant health when we allow our body to bounce back by giving it time to heal between insults.  Often by making a few small changes, you can feel relief — literally overnight.

The basis of life is a natural ability to repair and recover and a natural adaptability as well.

Your body simply needs time and space, away from a constant toxic onslaught, to do so.

This is even more crucial for those of us who are electrosensitive.

I truly hope today’s article helps to reassure you exactly what you are feeling when you notice symptoms of electrosensitivity, as well as get you started with one simple solution to help you feel better than you’ve ever felt: get grounded outside.




Need more support?

If your in person physician is not able or willing to offer guidance on how to use conductivity to help heal you (grounding) and how to protect your conductivity to minimize damage (electrosensitivity) I am here to help.

In a two weeks I am running a class to teach you everything you need to know to protect your conductive health and lower your EMF exposures.

I don’t know why we are so late to formally diagnose and treat EHS in the USA, but throughout Europe and in Canada you can get a formal diagnosis and even disability support, including letters from your physician to request employers and schools to accommodate your needs (and your children’s needs) to reduce EMF exposure and safeguard your health.

Physicians can write:

  • letters requiring employers to provide you with a hardwired ethernet connection
  • recommendations to your employer to have you work in a place that is furthest from the wifi router
  • letters to school educators to seat children in the class seat that is furthest from router
  • letters to school educators to create a cell phone free classroom, with all cell phones put on airplane mode at the beginning of class
  • letter to school educators requesting they allow students intermittent times to go outside and ground to the natural energy of the earth to help offset EHS symptoms

You don’t have to wait for your local health care professional to get on board with diagnosing and treating electrosensitivity, because I will be your healthcare advocate and help you.  I developed a class to teach you everything you need to know about your conductive health — including both positive ways to boost your conductive health through safe grounding practices, as well as ways to protect your conductive health through lowering your EMF exposures.

In this online class I will even walk you through how to get your own, in person physician comfortable with diagnosing EHS and writing those recommendations listed above on a Rx for you to hand to your employer or you child’s teacher.




It’s absolutely possible to be EHS and safeguard your health, while still living in the modern world.  I walk you through exactly how to do it, starting with a self assessment tool that will help you figure out if you are electrohypersensitive (EHS) and walk you, step by step, through all of your living spaces to making them safer for you and your entire family.

Plus I give you tons of encouragement and additional tools to boost your health, decrease the reactivity and inflammation in your body, as well free printables and worksheets that you can keep forever, as well as lots of medical literature to validate exactly what you are experiencing and why.

No longer will you be brushed aside and told that your legitimate, valid ability to perceive electrical currents and EMF fields imposed on your body are simply a “detox” to ignore.  Nope.  In this 7 day online class we will go over together:

  • Day 1: What is electrosensitivity and how to assess if you are electrosensitive
  • Day 2: Removing the exposures you can remove (I’ll walk you through it!)
  • Day 3: Reducing the exposures you can further reduce (let’s do it together!)
  • Day 4: Shielding from any remaining exposures: key concepts & actions to take
  • Day 5: Grounding to rebalance your conductive health with natural earth EMFs
  • Day 6: Boosting your body’s resiliency to mitigate the symptoms you may already be feeling
  • Day 7: How to talk to your physician about further in person diagnosing & treatment of EHS
  • BONUS: Custom recorded class Q&A session


Reserve your spot today and take action to protect your well being (and forward this to your family and loved ones so they can take it with you!)

Taking this with an accountability buddy is a great idea so you can encourage each other and stick with it.  And I’ll be your ultimate accountability partner, walking beside you the entire way:



It absolutely doesn’t have to be overwhelming, I’ll break it down for you into easily actionable steps that will leave you feeling empowered, not scared.  Reserve your spot today before class enrollment is full!  I cap this class to so that I have time to answer every single question from every single participant in our class Q&A, so grab a spot here while they are still available.

To your incredibly resilient health!

xoxo, Laura Koniver, MD