5G: The Good News and the Bad News (there is good news!)


5G:  You may love or you may hate the advancement in technology that higher speeds might bring, but no matter how you feel about the tech, you are right to be concerned about the health ramifications.



Although the increase in the EMF and radiation exposures will have ramifications on humans, animals, vegetation and the environment of our planet earth, I am going to focus today on the health effects of 5G on the human body.

I get emails from worried readers constantly, like this one:


Do you have any advise on the soon coming 5G that will be raining down on us from 20,000 satellites and millions of street boosters by 2020?  Yesterday I listened to a couple of videos on “Micowave warfare expert Jerry Flynn on 5G & EMF” and “The EMF Apocalypse”.   – C.S.


Well guess what?  

I have positive, uplifting news to share with you about that.



So in today’s blog post, I’m going to share with you the reassuring good news, do a quick overview on some of the concerns to be aware of, and then finish with a great list of resources on actionable things you can do to protect yourself, decrease your own toxic EMF exposures and boost your own body’s inner resilience.
So let me give you my take on this growing concern, with an emphasis on positive solutions.
First things first:

It’s not all bad news.


The newer technology of 5G uses some of the frequencies that we are already exposed to because they are the frequencies that current cell phones already use (in the 400 MHz – 7,000 MHz range) and then it also uses an extremely high frequency band in the 24 GHz – 52 GHz and higher range.

The good news about the extremely high frequency of 5G cell phone radiation (the 24 GHz to 52 GHz range) is that it does not penetrate your body further than your skin.

The wavelength of this type of radiation is so short, it has very low penetration potential, reaching into the skin only.

Medical studies show this wavelength penetrates the skin anywhere from 0.4 mm (conservative measurements) to 0.75 mm (highest measurements.)

Here is a figure I am sharing that sums this up nicely — taken from a comprehensive review article presented at the International Conference on Communications in June 2015.  In it, you can see that above 20 GHz, the penetration depth is very shallow.  In fact, anything above 10 GHz can not reach past your dermis:





So this is great news, because as you go out and about during your day exposed to radiation that unfortunately you can’t control, that has and is being installed without our consent across our entire country, at least you can feel comforted that the additional radiation that 5G is adding to our exposures is basically “only” skin deep.

But I say “only” with quotation marks around it, because skin deep is still a massive full body exposure, which accounts for why people who are ElectroHyperSensitive (EHS) have all kinds of reactions where they can literally feel the radiation throughout their entire body.

Pounding heartbeat, headache and brain fog, exhaustion, pain, decreased immune function, even higher rates of cancer over time… it’s a real thing.





That’s because the small penetration of radiation into the skin is enough to affect, in turn, every single organ system in your body.

Although the skin keeps super high frequencies from going deeper into the body, if the skin is affected, every organ in your body is affected.

The 0.4 mm – 0.75 mm penetration depth is enough to reach past the top layer of skin (the epidermis) into the deeper skin layers (the dermis.)

Here is an example.

In the breast, the skin turns from epidermis to dermis at only 0.16 mm deep, so the radiation is definitely reaching the dermal layer of your skin.  However, your dermis and epidermis together on the breast is actually almost 6 mm thick, radiation at this frequency is not actually directly reaching your breast tissue.

It’s a similar story on your abdomen — radiation is reaching the dermis after traveling only 0.15 mm through the epidermis, but luckily the dermal layer is another 5.2 mm thick so that no direct radiation at this frequency actually reaching your GI tract or internal organs.

So while it is not magically bouncing of the very top layer of dead keratinized skin on the very outer surface of your skin (as some advocates for 5G want you to believe) the truth is that it is actually going into the epidermis and dermis and being neutralized by your skin… but not penetrating any further.






But there is (unavoidably) some bad news. 


Your skin is your body’s largest organ.  It weighs the most (about 8 lbs of you is just your skin!) and it’s about 22 square feet of you.  Your skin represents and protects every organ in your entire body.

It has nerve endings that go directly up to your brain… that’s why you may feel tingling and/or pain if you are EHS, and why you might develop a headache or have migraines triggered after radiation exposures.

It’s why your brain might become overstimulated while you are out and about amidst all the cellular and WiFi signals all day long, and why you might experience fibromyalgia or other heightened pain states after prolonged exposures.

Your skin has blood vessels that run through your entire dermis and epidermis, called capillaries, which bring mast cells, macrophages, red blood cells, immune cells and other cells (plus the plasma of the blood) right up to your skin to be radiated by 5G and other radiation sources.

These irradiated blood cells and immune cells then go right back to your heart, circulate to every other organ system in your body, and you can feel sick, flush, have a pounding heart rate and/or rapid, shallow breathing.

Some people get really hot and dizzy because you have this radiation running throughout your skin and exposing all the nerves and blood to this radiation while it is being neutralized in the skin.

Your lymphatic system flows through your skin as well.  In fact, there are more T cells (a lymphocyte that has immune function) in your skin then there is in your entire blood stream.  So your immune system and your lymphatic system are both exposed to this 5G radiation (and other sources of radiation) all day long, even though 5G doesn’t technically absorb past the skin.

So with chronic exposures, your immune system is stressed out and you may find yourself picking up on colds and illnesses more frequently, feel run down, or feel bloated, stagnant, fatigued.  Over time, your stressed out immune system could give rise to more frequent auto-immune disorders, and even cancers.

Did you know even emotional stress can increase the rate of auto-immune disorders and cancers?  It does.  (For more on that, and to reverse this damage, join my upcoming Trauma Recovery & Resiliency Class which runs next month.)

Even muscles are represented in your skin, as there are arrector pili muscles that make your goosebumps rise… so literally every major organ system in your body, is represented by the skin: your brain, your circulatory system, your lymphatic system, your immune system, and your muscles.


This is why you can have whole body symptoms from prolonged 5G exposures — even in the higher 24+ Hz band frequencies, even though  this radiation is never penetrating any deeper than, at most, 0.75 mm around the outside of your body.





Your skin is your largest organ system and it’s your protector.

I know I don’t want to use the largest, biggest organ I have in my body — one that connect to every other organ system in my entire body — to constantly neutralize the radiation pelting it.

So although I truly, firmly believe that 5G radiation only penetrates us skin deep, and our skin does an AMAZING, thankless, round-the-clock job of protecting us, we can still have long term lasting health effects that we just don’t want or need.


So now for some solutions.  


We want to deal with this ever-increasing, ambient, background electrical smog that
we are exposed to every day by protecting ourselves from it.  And here is the good news… we can.




 1.  Remove what exposures you can.


Move gaming systems and charging cords out of your bedroom.  Remove corded phones and go back to using old fashioned corded phones if you can.  Put your cell phone on airplane mode when you are carrying it on your body or in your pocket or purse.  Turn off your WiFi at night if you can.  Use a hardwired Ethernet cable if you can.

Make car time cell phone free time — this is a great rule to instill in children of all ages as well!  Give them supreme rights to choose what music you listen to (yes even if you hate their music, let car time be music time, not screen time!)  Only radio and family talking in the car, and you’ll find you can use the time for bonding, not for getting lost in a cell phone.  Trust me, when they become teenagers and are starting to drive, you’ll be so glad they have not coupled car use with cell phone use.

Institute family game nights weekly that use board games instead of electronic gaming systems.  Yes, there are some families out there that still play board games, Jenga, cards, etc… (my teens still do!)

Make sure every single person in your family nurtures at least one non-electronic passion… from reading physical (paper!) books to playing basketball outside to cycling to joining in on a Zumba class at the local Y.  More on this in an upcoming blog post about protecting your children from radiation exposures.  But all the advice still applies to adults, and that means you!





2.   Reduce what exposures you can.


For example, read this blog post I wrote on how to use a cell phone more safely.  Or print out this free printable checklist I created for you on 25 ways to reduce radiation exposures in your home.





3.   Shield yourself from exposures you can’t mitigate.


Because these higher frequencies that 5G towers and boosters are going to add to the environment around you have very low penetration potential, they are very easy to shield.  Woot!  All we need to do is be as mindful about shielding from 5G frequencies as we are from UV radiation when we go outside and we can still navigate this world in a healthy way.

You already know that being outside in the sun all day long means that your skin is absorbing the UV rays (which comes with a host of health concerns) while your skin is actually preventing the UV rays from reaching deeper into our bodies (protecting our other organ systems.)

This is the exact same model we can use for protecting against 5G.


We just have to be smart and aware about knowing that there are other sources of radiation exposures too.  It’s not just the sun anymore.

But even so, if you read my blog you already know that a recent medical study showed that it’s healthier to go outside and get daily sun exposure than stay indoors, because time spent in the sun actually increases longevity.  

In a similar way, I don’t want you to feel like you have to go into hiding if and when 5G comes to your home town.  By simply adding on some radiation protective elements to your lifestyle you can protect your body just like you do when you put sunscreen on.

Wearing radiation protective clothing on our bodies and using radiation deceasing tools inside our homes (such as radiation shields to put around our router boxes and bedside shields to place our cell phones behind while we sleep) will go a long way to decreasing your exposures.

You can even sleep inside of a shielding sleeping bag or under a shielding blanket all night long.

These are all super simple protective measures that everyone can do, and will become as mainstream as applying sunscreen when spending a day outside under the sun.

You don’t have to wait for it to become mainstream to follow what other people are doing, you can do it first and be an inspirational leader in protecting your health and the health of your loved ones.




4.  Boost your health in other ways.


Now is the time to throw out all your toxic household cleaners, toxic body care products, consume organic produce and non-GMO foods, filter your drinking water, get nice deep restorative sleep, and get grounded directly to the earth whenever you can.  By focusing on what you can immediately do to boost your health and resiliency with high quality sleep, high quality food, high quality water, fresh air and exercise… you become internally healthier and better able to withstand stressful outer environments.


As the 2016 EUROPAEM EMF exposure guidelines state:

“Anything that supports homeostasis will increase a person’s resilience against disease and thus against the adverse effects of EMF exposure.”

 To that I say AMEN.


So when you feel overwhelmed or depressed by all the fear-based health scares and information out there about how this entire world is going to hell in a handbasket… focus on what you can control, which is to put some time and energy into boosting your own personal health in other ways:


  • Don’t drink enough water?  Put a water filtration system right out on your kitchen counter and drink a big glass every single time you walk by it.
  • Don’t exercise enough?  Start and end every single day with a walk.
  • Don’t sleep well?  Take immediate measures to change that — put on blue light blocking glasses after dinner and wear them through bedtime, take melatonin, use a light box every morning to reset your internal clock, and even go see your physician for a sleep study to see if a CPAP machine (or other sleep intervention) is right for you.
  • Don’t eat well?  Start fasting for 13 hours every night, wake up and take some amazing and powerfully supportive holistic supplements to boost your nutrient and mineral intake, and start bringing lunches from home instead of eating out.
  • Start reading books at night instead of watching TV.
  • Stop multitasking and let your brain focus on just one task at a time.
  • Start taking nightly epsom salt bath soaks.
  • Start going to your community sauna each week to relax tense muscle and boost your health (as I blog about here, routine sauna increases life span!)
  • Join a spiritual support group or get serious about finding a church or synagogue or meditation center that feels right the moment you walk in the doors.
  • Join a trauma healing class to let go of deep, buried and old emotional and physical wounds that are affecting your current health.
  • Breathe more deeply.  It only take 3 deep breaths to literally boost the function of your heart and other crucial internal organs.  Take 3 deep breaths right now.  I walk you through it right here in this video.  Feel that?  Do it daily.
  • Stop using social media and reach out to your real life friends to set up a weekly date.
  • Pretty sure you are ElectroHyperSensitive (EHS?)  Print out the resources on this page to take to your physician to get the support you need.


And on and on and on.  There is always something you can do to feel better, and better and better.

For weekly tips on how to continue to boost the natural, innate health we all have inside of us, sign up for my newsletter and I’ll continue to supply you with fabulous healing ideas that are all positive and encouraging, never discouraging or fear based.

I’ll also continue to post new videos that demonstrate how easy it is to incorporate grounding and other fun, uplifting holistic healing modalities into your modern lifestyle on my YouTube channel here (subscribe to get notified when new videos come out!)


And in the end, all in all, this is a testimony to how innately resilient human beings are.


Because there are people living in the highest high rise in the most radiation dense city environments, being pelted 24 hours a day, seven days a week, eating nothing but processed foods and smoking and never exercising and still they live full long lives.

So know that we are really innately meant to be here, living on this planet, and lean into that knowing.

We are resilient, we are adaptable, we are capable of expansion and growth and creativity and love and joy and ultimately, of vibrantly living.




I’m here to help cheer you on as we all figure this out together… and we will!

xoxoxo, Laura


P.S.  Want to come meet me in person to talk about this?

Join me in Greenville, S.C. on Sept 24th at 5:30 PM for a 5G Technology Evening… sign up for more details here:

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8 Ways To Make Grounding Instantly Easier, More Powerful


Today I want to share with you a super informal video I made for you.

It’s perfect for anyone who is sick of hearing:

just go barefoot!


Well what if you don’t want to go barefoot?

What if the ground outside your home is littered, hazardous, sprayed with chemicals and pesticides, full of fire ant mounds or rocks or broken glass?

What if you have mobility issues, what if you can’t stand or walk, what if you are recovering from a major illness and the thought of going barefoot is so overwhelming you’d rather not ground at all?

Or what if you work all day every day and can’t get your feet dirty?  What if your break is only 5 minutes a day and it’s not enough time to even take off your shoes?


There are alternatives.  


You can ground through your hands, you can ground through other outdoor items beside the ground, and you can also prep your body so that you are actually more conductive.

Here are 8 alternative ways — that I demonstrate myself for you — to get grounded… how many of these tips and tricks do you already know?



(to watch video on YouTube, click here!)



Here are a few of the take away points of the video, plus helpful links:


 1.  All Skin Grounds You!


This means, it absolutely does not have to be through your feet at all.  A fingertip touching a rock, a bare shoulder resting against a tree in the shade, your nose touching a flower petal as you breathe it in… all of these instantly ground you from head to toe.

Even if you are on a blanket or a towel, just trailing one fingertip over the edge grounds your entire body every bit as much as if you were standing fully barefoot in grass:





2.   A Small Surface Area Is As Grounding As A Large Surface Area!


If you don’t believe me, you can grab a grounding test meter right here and test it for yourself.

If you touch the smallest bit of skin to the earth you are grounded throughout your entire body instantly, just as much as if you were rolling around naked in the dirt with full body contact.

That’s because your entire body is conductive through and through — every single cell — so grounding is just as simple as turning on a light switch.  The instant you flip the light on, you instantly fill the room with light.  That’s what grounding one part of your body does to your entire body… immediately, your entire body is grounded.

Because one small millimeter of skin can fully ground you inside and out, through and through, this means you can stay fully covered and shielded from UV rays in the summer (and insulated and warm from frostbite in the winter) simply by leaving one little fingertip or toe out.

So consider wearing fingerless gloves in the winter to utilize your hands, and toeless socks in the summer (so you can quickly slip off a shoe to ground on a lunch break at work) to get your grounding fix directly with the earth:


Find fingerless gloves here.



Find toeless socks in a variety of colors here.


3.  The Entire Earth Can Ground You!  


It’s not just dirt and grass that can ground you, everything rooted and living on the crust of the earth is grounded.  And so are many surfaces that are lying on top of the earth, like water, rocks, and cement.

So if you don’t feel like getting your feet muddy and dirty and sandy, you don’t have to.

The tree you walked past, the rock you are sitting on, the cement sidewalk you are standing on, the flower you just smelled, the bushes you trailed your fingertips along… these are all clean grounding sources.

Everything grounding and rooted in the earth is grounded, all rocks and cement surfaces that are poured on the earth are fully grounded, and all beautiful clean fresh water sources on the ground are grounded too!

Clean, simple, easy to touch, and feet stay fresh!  Think about your living and work areas each day.  Do you have any access to directly touch:

  • Trees
  • Bushes
  • Flowers
  • Concrete
  • Cement
  • Sidewalks
  • Rocks
  • Water


Here are some pictures of me touching the earth without getting dirty in mud, sand or dirt.  All of these surfaces are grounding me even though I’m not getting dirty…

…maybe some will give you an idea to grab some quick clean grounding moments today:




4.   You Can Prep Your Body To Maximize Grounding!


By removing any dead skin, making sure your skin is moist and hydrated, making sure you are not mineral depleted, and making sure you drink a big glass of water so you are well hydrated internally before grounding, you can maximize how quickly and how easily your body gets grounded through contact with the earth outdoors.

Here are some of the helpful grounding body tools I demonstrate for you in the video above, all in one place:




A file to remove thick calluses, a dry brush to remove dead skin from body, mineral lotion to boost skin conductivity, and more!  (If you are looking for the mineral lotion separately, click here.)




The best water filter I’ve ever used… to keep your body hydrated and pure without all the fluoride, chlorine, aluminum, perchlorate, lead, mercury, pesticides, drugs, bacteria, viruses, parasites and other microbes that are common in public drinking water.

Many of these (like perchlorate and teflon) are not ever tested for in the public water supply, and some are even added directly by the water treatment facility (like fluoride, trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids.).

You definitely don’t want that in your body, or in your child’s body.  Here’s how I filter out these chemicals and contents for my own family.



Lastly, my online dispensary  has the Mineral Drops I recommend most, waiting to remineralize you and boost your body’s conductivity!


I hope this list of alternative tips and tricks, beyond just “go barefoot!” (which is all I ever hear all over the internet in grounding circles,) was super helpful…

…and that you share it with everyone you know who resists grounding because they don’t like to, can’t, or won’t go barefoot!

xoxox, Laura

Trauma Changes The Health Of Your Body, But It’s Reversible


Trying It Out For You: A Salt Cave (aka Halotherapy)



Halotherapy is simply the inhalation of aerosolized dry salts…

…which is quickly becoming a very popular new therapy added to many spas. 


These salt therapy lounges can be very beautiful, with gorgeous Himalayan salt wall features and flowing loose salt over the floors to give the appearance of a salt cave, while plain old sodium chloride crystals (table salt, basically) are aerosolized into the room’s air for inhalation.  

These spas claim that halotherapy can improve respiratory allergies, fix chronic dermatologic skin issues like atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, and even decrease the frequency of upper respiratory infections. 


But is it safe?  And is it worth the money?


I gave it a try and brought my phone along to film it for you.

In this super quick, 3 minute video I’ll share with you my experience and then below this video, I share what the medical research has to say about salt inhalation therapy as a medical treatment.





(If the video does not come through in your newsletter,

simply click here to watch!)


So after I came home from this trial of halotherapy, I did an exhaustive search of the medical literature for you, and here’s what I found:



I continued to review the medical literature past 2013, to see if any new studies have found halotherapy to be beneficial.


  • I found one study, published in 2014 in the Journal of Medicine and Life, that failed to show statistically significant improvement in patients with chronic respiratory allergies and inflammatory lung conditions.  What is notable to me in this study is the finding that out of the 15 patients studied, 7 of them developed an irritative cough from the treatment itself.
  • Another study, published in 2016 in Meditsina Truda I Promyshlennaia Ekologiia, showed that mild to moderate cases of chronic obstructive lung disease was clinically improved in about one-third of cases.  
  • Another study, published in 2017 in Pediatric Pulmonology, showed that mildly asthmatic children had less bronchial hyper-responsiveness after 14 sessions (two a week for 7 weeks), but sadly lung function/spirometry tests did not show any statistical improvement at all.  


Over all?


I did not find any evidence in the medical literature that halotherapy is used in hospitals (despite this being stated as fact by the Salt Cave attendant) and while there were no studies showing positive results in double blind placebo based studies, there did not seem to be much harm in the therapy either, with the exception of a high rate of induced cough in the 2014 study.

So for patients wanting to relax, de-stress, or perhaps address allergies or skin issues, there doesn’t seem much of a down side, or risk, if you want to give it a go.

For example, if you have enlarged tonsils, I’d say this might be worth a trial run, as long as you are comfortable knowing it may take weeks of treatments before seeing a statistically significant result.


None of the studies reported any results after just a single treatment.


For patients with lung disease or asthma, however, I would steer clear of halotherapy, as a 50% rate of induced cough is not something I would want triggered in any of my asthma patients… or anyone with lung or breathing issues at all.

Don’t live near a salt cave and want to try this at home?  Use a personal Himalayan Salt Inhaler.


An economical alternative to inhale microparticles of salts is a personal inhaler made from ceramic, used with Himalayan sea salts.  Simply hold up to your mouth, breath in through the mouth and out through the nose for 10 minutes daily. 

I have zero affiliation with any salt inhalers, I just want to provide you with as many ideas as possible.  Be sure to consult your physician before use, as I would highly recommend they know you are starting salt inhalation and that they follow you with spirometry measurements to monitor any results.

Any studies on a personal salt inhaler?


I could only find one, published in 2007 in Pneumologia.

This study looked at if using a personal salt inhaler could help adults with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and unfortunately, although the patients in the study reported feeling better and walking faster, on spirometer there was no statistical improvement to lung function and there were several reports of sore throat as a side effect.



Another alternative?  Plug in a Himalayan Salt Lamp.


Although there are no medical studies directly proving a salt lamp is therapeutic, there are lots of general claims that a Himalayan salt lamp provides negative ions to the living space — and negative ion therapy actually has been studied and shown to slightly reduce depression symptoms, decrease headaches, and marginally help normalize circadian rhythms. 

So theoretically there may be a slight health benefit to introducing a salt lamp into your home and it’s certainly much cheaper than repeated sessions of halotherapy at a therapy center

I hope you enjoyed that fun test run of a Salt Cave, and I am planning on trying Cryotherapy for you soon… as well as CBD therapy and Sauna therapy.

Any other alternative therapeutic treatments you’d like to see me try out for you, and do a medical literature review on?  Shoot me an email at koniverMD@gmail.com and I’ll add it to my list of upcoming videos!

xoxoxo, Laura



Grounding To Release Chronic Issues




For the last 4 weeks we’ve talked about how grounding helps with acute issues, like:


So when we talk about grounding, it’s usually because there are instant perks:

  • immediate pain relief
  • instantaneous release of muscle tension
  • immediate boost to energy and mood
  • immediately improved blood flow, etc…


But did you know that grounding is actually even more helpful in chronic conditions — disabilities or illnesses that need support over a lifetime?  This is where grounding can really, truly shine.




So if you’ve been told you have a condition that will never improve, old injuries or scars or chronic pain conditions that you have been told you just have to get used to as your *new normal*… uh, no.


If you haven’t been using grounding as part of your healing plan, then there is a huge part of healing that has been completely missing.

Grounding is an entirely different pathway for bringing fresh healing flow into old issues that seem stuck.

This is because conductive healing supports your body in a totally different from every other healing modality.  So with grounding, we’re bypassing the digestive system. We’re also bypassing the circulatory system.  In fact, you can directly support areas of your body that are covered with scar tissue and haven’t had good blood flow and good support for years, maybe for your entire life. 

If you are trying to get a prescription medication, or a supplement, or fresh oxygen, or fresh blood flow to those areas, the decreased circulation to the scarred area is going to limit your healing.



But enter grounding.


Grounding doesn’t depend on the circulatory system. It doesn’t depend on your digestive tract. It doesn’t depend on the health of the tissue that you’re trying to help support. That’s what other healing methodologies do. And that’s why they often fail, because they depend on the health of the area that is actually not healthy in the first place. 

Healing usually depends totally on the circulation to the area that’s not working well, to deliver nutrition or medication or oxygen to the area that’s damaged.  So there’s a mismatch. You are trying to heal an area that is not healing.

And in chronic disease, that’s where you hit a wall. You get to a certain level of healing and a certain level of recovery and repair, and you are told that’s it. That scarred damaged area you are left with is your “new normal.”

Not so with grounding, because even with a walled off abscess or very old scar tissue that’s just dense and fibrous and thick… it’s all conductive.  The abscess = conductive.  The scar tissue = conductive.  The only thing that grounding depends on is the conductivity of your body.  And every cell in your body is conductive, every cell, even wounded cells, even scar tissue. Every cell, without exception.

So if one little cell in your entire body is grounded, then your entire body is instantaneously grounded because that cell is grounded, and the conductive gel inside that cell (the cytoplasm) is conductive, the cytoskeleton of each cell, that holds the structure of the cell in place, is conductive.

It’s like having little fiber optic conductive fibers going through every cell in your body and connecting and interconnecting every single one of them, and then the fluid around them, and then the organ systems themselves and even the fascia they are encased is conductive, and the skeleton, the joints, the skin, the muscles, the nerves running through your body, the brain innervating it all, the blood, everything is conductive.




Everything is conductive! 


So an old damaged area that you’re trying to heal that doesn’t have the benefit of good circulation can be accessed by grounding because no matter what state it is in, it is still conductive.  So areas that have not had a new healing modality or a new energy flow or a new way to be supported are finally supported.

Areas of your body that you thought had hit a plateau with healing can get a new entire delivery system of support and healing and health.  Your entire body is a healing zone, an electrically conductive healing zone, when you are grounded… cocooned in health and support… with both instantaneous and cumulative effects.

They are not stuck.  Grounding can change all of that.  In fact, chronic disease and disabilities are exactly where grounding makes the most impact.



In the film “The Grounded”, you can see the benefits of grounding on old injuries as you follow Dave Olreud, a man who suffered a spinal cord injury 30 years ago while building a house.  The house collapsed on him and he was crushed in that accident. He has been paraplegic ever since.

So he had a spinal cord injury for three decades when he was finally introduced to grounding.  His autonomic nervous system was compromised by the spinal injury, he’s lost some bowel motility, had problems with defecating, and had decreased sensory and motor functions as well.

He was told there was no hope for improvement.  That it wasn’t going to get any better. And, over time, as a result of the stress on his body, he developed a heart murmur and was told he wasn’t even healthy enough to have surgery to fix his heart valve. He began grounding, and the first thing he started noticing was his improved sensory changes, and more muscular strength to the point where he was able to actually get out of his wheelchair for the first time in 30 years and had enough muscle strength that he was able to walk across a room.  

You can see this by watching the documentary for yourself.   


But that’s not all. 


To his doctor’s amazement, after that movie completed filming, he continued to improve to the point where he was able to have his aorta repaired and have the cardiac surgery that he wasn’t healthy enough to have before.

And he’s continued to improve so much that his gut motility and his ability to defecate has become easier, which adds immeasurably to his quality of life. More important than walking across a room is an increase in the quality of daily life, things like having a bowel movement with less effort, being able to feel increased strength, feeling increased sensory input… experiencing sensations that you haven’t had for a long, long time. 

He was told there was no chance for improvement.  And then he began grounding.  And to quote him directly, he said, “I was told I’m not supposed to have a better tomorrow. But I do have a better tomorrow.  He’s continued to see improvement in chronic old issues.  As Dave told me, “grounding has been a godsend.




Allow grounding to breathe new life into old health conditions that you didn’t feel were possible to modify.


The very impasse that your body has is an avenue for healing when it’s grounded, because that entire pathway is groundable and conductive and, therefore, can become the conduit of healing in and of itself.

As Dr. Becker talks about in his book The Body Electric, mankind has known that conductivity is an important avenue for healing since the first reports published back in 1909 by Owen Franze who used electrical stimulation to enhance salamander regeneration, and again in the 1970s, when electrical stimulation was used in animal studies for limb regeneration in frogs, and then rats. 

While those are among the first studies to demonstrate a reproducible, scientifically based result from the property of the conductivity of living tissue, humans have turned to the healing energy of the earth since the dawn of mankind.

What we know from the published medical literature so far is that there is no amount of time spent grounding that is too short.  Grounding can support the function of the body instantly.  And I believe that in the future, as we have longer and longer studies, that we will find there is no amount of time being connected to the earth that’s too long.  I believe an entire lifetime is not too long to live connected to the earth and to live in our best, most optimized state of well-being. 




What we now know is just the tip of the iceberg!


Many more studies are ongoing and will continue into the future, as my dream for an entire branch of medicine to be known as Conductive Medicine hopefully becomes reality.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of the healing benefits of grounding over the past month.  Next week I’m going in a totally different direction with a fun new healing modality to introduce you to.

Have you ever heard of, or considered going to, a therapeutic Salt Cave?

I did and I took a video for you, and then I came home and did a complete review of the medical literature.  I’m sharing all of that with you on the blog next week!  See you then!


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To your natural health!

xoxoxo, Laura


Grounding To Balance Your Hormones


Hormones are the signs in your body telling each organ system how to function together.


Hormones are all about the interplay between organ systems and keeping the entire human body safe and functioning as one… that’s their role.

So when grounding supports our hormone balance, it’s so exciting, because that means grounding is not just helping one specific organ system but instead it’s impacting how you feel and function as a whole.  

The classic example is how our gut interplays with our hormones.

Conventional medicine is just starting to realize how gut inflammation and what we eat affects many different processes in our body, including thyroid function, autoimmune and inflammatory disorders such as arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis, renal diseases and even causing neuroinflammation in the brain, which may play a roll in increasing dementia risk. 

We know now that constantly eating foods that cause inflammation, having food sensitivities, gluten intolerance and other inflammatory bowel conditions puts the body in a reactive state which goes beyond just the gut lining being inflamed, but actually increases the incidence of other inflammatory conditions and autoimmune disorders because our body is in a hyper-vigilant state.

We begin reacting to things that we normally shouldn’t react to. The incidence of food allergies, environmental allergies, asthma, all kinds of immune and allergic and inflammatory disorders world wide is dramatically increasing.

Because if we don’t touch the earth and we don’t get that natural conductive support, we become containers filled with inflammation that has nowhere to go.  All day long, we’re just adding inflammatory triggers to our body and it’s just going to be a matter of time before something that would not normally harm our body overwhelms it.





If we can get back to the point where nothing is too much because we’re constantly discharging it to the neutralizing earth, we’re going to be more resilient.

It’s natural for us to interact with our environment, to eat a variety of foods, to have a certain amount of wear and tear on our body and for us to rebound and be resilient to it.

That’s the human condition.


We’re adaptable and we have a constant flow of energy and no cellular system in our body really stays the same.  There’s a constant renewal process of all of your cells and all of your organ systems, and there’s a constant, ever-available process of refreshment to your body and to let go of the old and welcome in the new, and a constant system of repair.

Unfortunately, we’ve lost that resilience because we’ve lost that connection to the earth. And because we are now accruing inflammation, we’re not resilient anymore. So let’s get our resiliency back. That is what grounding is all about.  Grounding is about getting you back into that state of constant repair and renewal.

So let’s look at how connecting to the earth really impacts the homeostasis of all our different organ systems and through the chemical signaling between the organ systems, which is our hormones:






As I touched on a few weeks ago in my review of grounding and sleep, a medical study published in 2004 in the Journal of Complementary and Alternative medicine showed that patients had normalized cortisol levels after sleeping grounded.   

In this study, researchers looked at twelve participants who had a history of sleep disturbances.  They measured cortisol levels and tracked sleeping patterns while these patients slept grounded every night on a grounded mattress pad for two months.  After these eight weeks, the cortisol production of every single one of these grounded patients had normalized.






This study, published in 2011 in the Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, showed how just one night of grounding boosted thyroid function.  Grounding statistically significantly decreased free tri-iodothyronine, increased free thyroxine and increased thyroid-stimulating hormone levels.

Some patients may actually be able to reduce their thyroid replacement hormone therapy and/or avoided going on it in the first place.

So make sure, if you are taking any kind of prescription thyroid replacement, that you work together with your personal physician to monitor your body’s response while you’re grounding, because most likely you will be needing to adjust that medication as your body’s thyroid function regains its balance.


Another thing you can do to decrease inflammation in your thyroid is to protect your thyroid from constant EMF exposures by wearing a protective scarf like this one, which wraps your thyroid in 360 degrees of shielding.







The same researchers that looked at thyroid function during grounding also designed a study looking at blood sugar levels while grounded.   By stabilizing blood sugar over time, researchers postulate that this can impact insulin resistance. 

In their double-blinded study, investigators followed 12 patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) who had unsatisfactory glycemic control (fasting plasma glucose >10 mmol/L) despite dietary and exercise advice and glibenclamide (doses 10 mg/day). 

Patients were grounded for three days and measurements in their fasting serum concentration of glucose were made at baseline, after 24 hours and after 72 hours and were compared to ungrounded controls. 

The results showed that grounding significantly decreased blood glucose levels by 17% after only 24 hours, and continued to decrease them by over 30% after 72 hours.  Ungrounded controls had no statistically significant change in their serum glucose levels at all. 

It’s very exciting research and I look forward to seeing more medical studies in the future on grounding to help prevent and treat type 2 Diabetes. 





One imbalance in any single hormone will affect your entire body.


Inflammation in our gut impacts our thyroid hormones, which impacts our adrenal hormones, which impacts our sex hormones, which impacts our day/night rhythm.

Everything is interrelated between cortisol and thyroid and adrenal function and estrogens and progesterones and melatonin and serotonin and even insulin sensitivity.

So today, I challenge you to consider touching the earth as much as possible to stabilize the hormone signaling throughout your body today.




In fact, in light of how gut inflammation affects hormone and disease signaling so broadly, consider eating one of your meals today outside while grounding.


Whether you take your lunch outside to eat during your work day, with one foot resting on concrete outside while you sit at a park bench or a picnic table or a sidewalk, or if you relax tonight while eating a picnic dinner outside, or even if it’s tomorrow morning, grounding with a cup of coffee and fruit, yogurt or toast outside before heading to work (this is my daily routine)…

…grounding can help decrease whole body inflammation, including the inflammation in your digestive tract, which helps to calm and soothe the entire gut/brain axis.

Prevent triggering an inflammatory cascade while grounding during your next meal, and then meet me back here next week to talk about how grounding can support the resolution of even long-standing, chronic health issues.

xoxox, Laura



P.S. Plus, here are 4 more holistic ideas to support your natural hormone balance:


1. Direct Grounding in AM Light


Support your natural healthy energy rhythm by combining morning light on your face with grounding.  Giving your body the *clear signal* that it is daytime is absolutely crucial to feel your best.

Medical studies have shown that a few minutes of morning light on your face is actually **more effective** than a prescription anti-depressant in treating depression!

Combine this with the centering, adrenal supportive healing therapy of Grounding and this one daily practice could very well transform your entire life.

Even one minute is okay… just get out there and do it… all week long and see how your body responds.  Your mood.  Your energy.  Your sleep.  Even your sex drive!

In fact, try to allow this gentle routine to become a lifelong habit that will continue to help you feel the very best you can possibly feel, for a lifetime!


2.  Assess Your Adrenals


Click the link below to print out my free Adrenal Assessment Quiz to see if your adrenals are functioning optimally.  This assessment is part of my 5 Day Adrenal Recovery Online Class.  

If you take the quiz and find your adrenals are in need of support, I would love to work with you to repair them!  Just fill out this free adrenal assessment quiz to see if your adrenals could use a little TLC heading into spring!


Free Adrenal Assessment Quiz


If you have been through any kind of recent stressful situation or big life transition or change (even fun, positive ones!) chances are your adrenals could use some rejuvination.

In this healing class I’m going to share with you exactly what causes adrenal fatigue and all the absolutely CRUCIAL ways to address it.  In fact, we are going to start actually repairing your adrenals together, right from Day 1!

And luckily, my class starts this fall!  Click here to sign up and join in.




3.  Eat thyroid and adrenal supportive foods:


What you eat matters.

Click here to print out a list of foods that naturally nurture your adrenals and boost your thyroid!



4.  Thyroid supportive supplements:


In addition to consuming thyroid supportive foods as outlined in the printable food list, consider adding on a thyroid boosting supplement.

Grounding, taking thyroid supportive supplements and stopping gut irritation by decreasing or eliminating gluten, sugar and dairy is often enough to make a noticeable change in the need to supplement with thyroid Rx, so be sure to work closely with your in person physician to monitor and adjust (usually decreasing!) your thyroid Rx doses as your body is better supported, your gut heals, and your adrenal glands repair.

Find my very favorite pharmacy grade thyroid supplements in my online dispensary here.




Grounding To Boost Your Metabolism & Lose Weight



Directly touching the earth impacts your metabolic functions,

and as I found out,

can even help you lose weight.


The first study to look at the basal metabolic rate of grounding was published in 2010. 

In this study, half of the participants were grounded and half were sham-grounded in a double-blind placebo-controlled study. 

After grounding (or sham grounding) the patients for 40 minutes, all of the parameters of metabolic function immediately improved in all of the grounded patients, but that boost was not seen in any of the ungrounded patients. 

Heart rate increased slightly, respiratory rate increased, and there was an increase in blood oxygenation in the grounded patients during grounding.




But here’s the interesting part… even when they stopped grounding, there was a persistent residual metabolic effect of increased heart and respiratory rates. 


Think about how this small boost to your metabolic function helps you over time.

With a slight increase in respiratory rate, you are actually getting more oxygen into your blood (it is pumping and flowing more efficiently, as we talked about last week) and as the blood is improved in its flow and delivery, it’s carrying more oxygen throughout your entire body and now you are actively healing. 

It’s like exponential support, because you are delivering oxygen, antioxidants and nutritional support to all the tissues in your body, on top of the direct electrical support (as we talked about three weeks ago) from the grounding you receive through your connective tissue.

This got me thinking. 

I decided I wanted to study my own patients because I wondered if, by boosting our metabolism through touching the earth, we would see a change in weight over time. 

So I personally enrolled a dozen overweight patients into an informal private study on grounding and weight loss.  I followed them for 10 weeks, measuring weight, energy, mood, sleep, and pain, with weekly weigh-ins and assessments. 





Their instructions were to touch the earth outside directly for 15 minutes a day…

and that was it. 


I told them not to change their diet at all. I wanted them to eat everything they had eaten before in the same quantities and in the same fashion. 

I told them not to start new activities or to change their activity level at all.  I wanted to see metabolic changes from short periods of daily grounding over time.

Following those patients with weekly weigh-ins and weekly assessments was very, very interesting. 




Most of the patients lost clinically significant amounts of weight — between 4 and 15 pounds in the 10 week study period — doing nothing more then adding in daily grounding for just 15 minutes a day. 


The fact that the majority of patients lost weight with no change in their diet and no change in their exercise pattern was in and of itself priceless.  But I wanted to find out why the rest didn’t also have a weight change. 

So I sat down and went over the medical history of each patient and their grounding records.  And what I discovered was remarkable and might actually be even more important than the weight loss results.  

What I found out completely transformed my understanding of just how powerfully healing the earth is.  It turned out that the patients that did not lose weight were battling other, more urgent chronic health issues that were all impacted and improved (and sometimes fully resolved) through the 15 minutes of daily grounding.  

Think about that. 

The participants that were overweight (but didn’t have any pain issues and didn’t have any other chronic health issues) enrolled in this study because they wanted to see if they could lose a little weight with minimal effort, and they did, every single one of them. 

So it was actually a 100% success in weight loss when the body didn’t have something else serious actively going on. 




And even more importantly, the patients in this study that were not losing weight were actually resolving other more urgent medical issues. 


One patient who had carpal tunnel syndrome and was going to have surgery was able to cancel that surgery because her pain had decreased so much in just that 10 week period.

Another patient had a lower back injury, and another had chronic neck pain, which both dramatically improved.  Of the patients that didn’t see any change in weight, all of them had improvements in other acute health issues.

What became evident in this study is that anyone with an acute issue had the grounding relief going towards resolving that issue.  




It turns out that grounding your body flows healing where you need it most. 


It’s as if the healing flow from the earth is saying:


“How can we ensure this person’s survival the best? What’s going on with this person? Is there inflammation?  Is there a metabolic issue?  Is there a sleep issue?  What’s going on with this person that’s keeping them from being in the pure, positive state of well-being?  Whatever’s going on, that’s what I’m going to work on first.  And once there is no active health issue to fix, I am just going to maintain the healthiest possible status for this human being to get the whole organism running more smoothly.”


I started thinking about the amazing results I saw in my patients and how encouraged I was by them and how wonderful it was to really see these powerful results first hand.

I started realizing that this is what’s going on with the majority of patients that come to me.

As an intuitive physician I tend to get more holistic-minded patients coming to me for support.  Many of them are already really healthy.  They eat the best they can eat.  They meditate all day long.  They do yoga morning and night, they drink raw juices, they sleep well and they take all kinds of supplements. 

It seems that it should be impossible for a human being who’s breathing that well, who’s eating that well, who’s hydrating that well, who’s sleeping that well and who’s getting the nutritional building blocks they need to feel bad in any way and yet they still do.

They come to me telling me there’s something missing in their health.

They have weight that they cannot seem to lose or they have another chronic health issue.  And every single time, after I talk with them extensively about their health practices, it turns out that grounding and docking themselves to the earth is that missing piece.




A lot of my patients are healers themselves.


They’re wellness-life coaches or they’re acupuncturists or they are energy healers or they are nurses or physician assistants or physicians themselves.  They know a lot about healthcare and a lot about the health of the body and so they’re doing all the checklists.  They’re doing everything right.


But the one missing piece of never touching the earth is enough to throw everything off because conductive healing is not something you can truly get in any other way.


Particularly if you’re an empath, weight may be an issue because you are absorbing energy and connecting and feeling other people’s energy and your body is becoming the tank for that energy and it’s stressful.  You gain weight.  Your body is using weight as a way to try and neutralize this stress and to ground itself if you are not grounding.

It’s increasing its mass to try to ground the energy that you’re taking in when you’re healing or working with or connecting to your loved ones or family members or coworkers or patients or clients. 

You are constantly taking on energy.

And your body is really trying its best to help you by gaining weight to try and offset that energetic burden.  I tell patients who have weight problems and chronic pain issues, your body’s doing the best it can.

It’s actually trying to neutralize things for you.  It’s trying to ground itself. 

But we don’t want to take on the stress or the pain from others.  Taking on the burdens of others and carrying it in our ungrounded bodies is not really helping anyone because now it’s harming you as well.

What we want to do is be that neutral grounded supported vessel so that we can be feeling our best, so that we can help others the best. 




To do that, we have to reintroduce this missing piece of grounding.


As my study revealed to me, it only took a few minutes a day to make significant changes in the physical body. In just 10 weeks, some people lost up to 15 pounds with no change in their diet or activity and I feel on a spiritual level that’s because all the energy they were taking in from all the people they care about every single day, was finally discharged.

Their body became a clearer, more stable vessel.

Their body no longer needed a larger physical size in order to try and ground the soul energy of the person living it. 

When you can directly ground with the earth, your body doesn’t need to ground itself.  It can then become the avenue for expression, instead of the dumping pit for everyone else’s stress and strain. 

Directly grounding to the earth takes the pressure off of your body and that is what is most impressive to me about grounding.

Over the past three weeks we have talked about many of the different cellular and biochemical changes that go on in each organ system when you are grounded, but if you step back and look at what grounding does to support your entire body as a whole, how it really can come in and support you where you need most, as it did for the patients in my study, then you can experience a deeper level of well-being than you ever thought possible. 





Today, instead of your body being an ungrounded container for your soul that accrues stress and inflammation, let the earth free your body up to be an open, grounded vessel. 

And come back here next week for me to tell you all about how grounding helps to balance your hormones.

xoxoxo, Laura