How To Protect Your Teens From EMF Exposures


Today I made a video for you to answer one of my most frequently asked questions:

How can I protect my teenager from all the radiation they are exposed to?


These tips aren’t just applicable to teens, but would work well with anyone that seems a little resistant to (or even openly defiant about, lol!) considering that EMFs are harmful to our body’s health.

With plans for 5G being implemented throughout our nation (and the globe) and our loved one’s exposures increasing dramatically, any little thing you can do to get them to understand that these exposures come with health risks is very very important.




This is a timely message that is worth listening to — in this video I provide 20 different ways to reduce the cumulative radiation that your children are exposed to:


20 Ways To Protect Your Teen From EMFs:


(click to watch on YouTube)


(click to watch on my website)


Here is a summary of the 20 ideas I share with you in this video, along with links to some of the shielding tools I show you in the video as well.

Make sure you watch the video above where I go into detail on how to implement these ideas with resistant teens and watch me demonstrate exactly how to use the shielding tools as well!

  1.  Use Airplane Mode
  2.  Phone Free Car Rides
  3.  Phone Free Meals
  4.  Phone Free Sleep
  5.  Shielding Phone Case
  6.  Bedside Shield
  7.  Speaker Phone
  8.  Repetition
  9.  Shielding Router Bag
  10.  Shielding Blankets
  11.  Shielding Sleeping Bag
  12.  Shielding Robe
  13.  Outlet Kill Switch
  14.  Shielding Tank Tops
  15.  Shielding Boxers
  16.  Grounding Computer Cord
  17.  Shielding Throw Blanket
  18.  EMF Test Meter
  19.  Remove Charging Cords From Bedrooms
  20.  Move Gaming Systems Into Main Living Spaces



Lastly, here are some awesome resources that can help you feel more empowered and supported in reducing your loved one’s radiation exposures:


1.  Wireless Education


This awesome website offers a completely free, 5 minute introductory online course… perfect for gently introducing the topic of EMFs to those who are resistant to the message.  This website also has a fabulous 10 minute Children & Family Course and a 15 minute Corporate Safety & Awarness Course for work place awareness that I highly recommend!




2.   Screen Strong


This fabulous website offers tons of free resources to help parents figure out if their child might have a screen addiction, and what to do to if so… including a free quiz to help assess if screen addiction is an issue, medical studies, tips, books, videos and more to help you and your child break the strong pull of screens:



3.  Electrohypersensitivity Resources


This is a page full of tons of free resources that I have personally pulled together for you to support the health of those who are electohypersensitivie (EHS) — how to diagnose EHS, how to treat it, even print outs you can take in to your own personal physician to help them understand how to support your recovery better:




4.  How To Protect Yourself From 5G


This is another free article (with a free video) that I created for you on the topic of how to protect from 5G, after I returned from a 5G conference where the focus was more on the dangers or 5G and less on actionable solutions.  I really desire to spread solutions, not fear, so I created this video just for you.  Because no matter what, there absolutely are things you can do to protect yourself!



(me speaking at a 5G conference,

which is what inspired me to create a video full of solutions for you!)


4.  Shielding Boutique


Want more wonderful shielding ideas and tools?  Hop over to my Shielding Boutique for the most wonderful, physician developed and curated (by me, Laura Koniver MD!) stocked with eco-friendly, artisanal, custom hand crafted shielding tools made just for you:





To your innate and ever-resilient health!

And the innate resilient health of your precious children.

God bless you as you work to implement safe strategies that protect their wellness for a lifetime.

xoxoxo, Laura

Sauna + Grounding = A Win-Win Combo To Boost Your Health All Winter Long



The weather is getting unbearably cold for me, so I thought today I would share with you what I do whenever it’s too cold to ground outside and too cold to go outside to exercise:

  1.  I head to my local YMCA and sit in the sauna to reap very similar benefits to exercising, but without the risk of slipping on dangerous ice or feeling my lungs burn from the frigidly cold air
  2. Then immediately after my sauna session, I am warm enough to embrace grounding outside for a few blessed moments while I cool down.

It’s win-win!  Let me show you:







I love anything that boosts circulation — like grounding, sauna, steam room, hot baths, sleeping with a hot water bottle, massage, even (on occasion) exercise LOL…. it just feels intuitively right to get your blood flowing.

Sauna increases the circulation of blood all throughout your body — getting the blood pumping through your cardiovascular system, your muscles, your skin, your joints, your brain — so it turns out that routine sauna has many of the same health benefits that exercise does.

So when the weather is too harsh outside, if you can find a local sauna to go to, you can feel confident that you are still boosting your health and longevity even without hitting the treadmill.  

And now, there are several recent major medical studies that back this up!





Medical studies have shown that folks who use a sauna two or more times a week have a significantly reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and death, and a reduced risk of all-cause mortality (meaning they died less from all causes put together) than folks who used a sauna once a week or less.


This study was the largest yet, a meta-analysis of all of the medical literature on dry sauna from 2000 to 2017, so it provides definitive proof of the overwhelming health benefits of routine sauna.


Published in Evidence Based Complimentary & Alternative Medicine Journal, April 2018 , researchers review 40 studies that included almost 4,000 patients and found that routine sauna use:

  • reduced risk of heart disease, heart attack and sudden cardiac death
  • lowered blood pressure
  • lower risk of stroke
  • reduced risk of dementia and other neurocognitive changes
  • reduced risk of pulmonary disease such as asthma and lung infections like influenza
  • decrease risk of rheumatologist and immune disorders
  • decrease in pain conductions such as arthritis and headaches
  • decreased risk of death
  • improved quality of life




Looking at cognitive function yielded even more exciting results.

Turns out, sauna not only lengthens lifespan but protects against dementia to preserve quality of life, too!

Published in Age and Ageing (Dec 8, 2016) researchers followed more than 2,300 patients for an average of 20.7 years, and found:

  • Patients who averaged 4 to 7 trips to the sauna a week were two-thirds less likely to develop dementia over the next 20 years (a 66% decrease in dementia)
  • Patients were also two thirds less likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease (AD) during the 20 year follow up (a 65% drop in AD diagnosis)
  • This risk reduction was independent of any known risk factors, including body mass, age, smoking status, alcohol consumption or previous heart attack.

The Bottom Line:

Sauna users enjoyed a 66% reduction in dementia risk of all types (including Alzheimer’s) from this very easy-to-enjoy lifestyle intervention.  

It turns out, the circulation boost from sauna preserves memory function and protects us from developing memory diseases.  So, not only does sauna help you live longer (avoiding heart disease and all-cause mortality) but it also helps you avoid dementia and memory loss disease to enjoy that longer life more!






Why is sauna so good?


Sauna raises whole body temperature which activates metabolic changes like a neutralizing inflammation, reducing oxidative stress, increase nitric oxide bioavailability, increased insulin sensitivity, and improved vasodilation.  

In other words, raising the core body temperature and increasing circulation makes the benefits of sauna very similar to the benefits of exercise.  So increased time in the sauna helps increase vascular perfusion of the brain, increasing endothelial function and reducing inflammation.  And not just in your brain, but throughout your entire body, too, which is one of the reasons it’s so cardioprotective as well.

So if you can’t exercise (or, ahem, like me, don’t particularly love to do it in the cold winter months) then one good alternative is sauna.


Sauna is also a great idea for disabled or mobility-limited folks, who might find getting outside to exercise more challenging.  Almost anyone can sauna and enjoy very similar longevity benefits as if they exercised!


Often, the folks that could benefit from exercise the most (like those recovering from cancer, those with metabolic and weight issues, those with high stress loads, those who must sit for long periods of time at work, those caretaking of others with very limited time away, those recovering from trauma, etc…) may find it hardest to participate in regular exercise. 

So the answer to this is routine relaxing in a sauna to raise basal metabolic temperatures.

If you know someone who doesn’t have time to exercise routinely, someone who had mobility issues, someone who doesn’t have the energy to exercise, someone who is in recovery and doesn’t have the strength for exercise, someone who lives in such a cold harsh environment they are not likely to be outside for long… let them know about the healing benefits of sauna to supplement during the times when exercise is harder to come by.

Three times a week all winter long I wake up and ask myself — is it warm enough to go on a nice long brisk walk for exercise outside?  Is it warm enough to go ground outside?  And if the answer is a resounding “no!” on both counts, then I know where I’m headed — to my local YMCA that has a sauna that I can have unlimited access to 7 days a week.  Making it one of the least expensive holistic therapies I know of… less expensive than chiropractic care, less expensive than massage, even less expensive than acupuncture.

As an added bonus, I can use my cool down period to get outside in the fresh air and get grounded.


Sauna to boost circulatory health and grounding to boost conductive health…

…that’s your win-win winter health care routine.





Interested in giving sauna a try?


  1. The recommended routine is to sauna at least once a week and up to three times a week, for a time period of at least 5 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes.
  2. Hydrate before, during and after sauna.
  3. Be sure to cool down afterwards by grounding for several minutes in the fresh air outside.
  4. Touch the ground, or cement, the sidewalk, concrete, a tree, a bush, or a rock to get grounded.  Take five minutes to breathe deeply, let your core body temperature normalize, and then dive back into your day knowing you powerfully boosted your health.
  5. Don’t sauna if you have a fever, an active inflammatory condition like a rash or hives, or are intoxicated, and ask your physician if sauna is right for you if you have a serious cardiac issue or other health issues.

Sauna + grounding is so pleasurable it just might be one health care routine you want to keep up all year long, well past when winter’s chill is over!

xoxoxo, Laura


PS — I get asked all the time which type of sauna is better for your health: traditional sauna or far-infrared sauna.

From a medical point of view, most of the research that has been conducted has been using traditional (hot stone or wood burning) types of saunas in countries around the world, like Finland, where sauna is a cultural norm and part of a weekly, if not daily, household routine.

But while the most research has been done on traditional sauna, some promising newer research has shown similar positive benefits from far-infrared saunas.  For example, in the largest medical literature review to date looking at thousands of sauna participants in over 40 different studies many of the studies on cardiovascular disease and congestive heart failure used far-infrared saunas instead of traditional sauna. 

Traditional saunas have been used for over two thousand years, so if you want to go with the safest, most researched option, stick with traditional sauna. 

However, advocates for the newer, far-infrared saunas would point out that while far-infrared saunas haven’t been around as long, they require less heat to provide the same results because far-infrared waves penetrate more deeply into tissues.  They are also generally less expensive and make the possibility of investing in an at-home sauna more accessible.

So if you find a traditional sauna is too uncomfortably hot for you, you might prefer to choose an infrared sauna, which reaches temperatures typically about 70 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than traditional saunas reach (roughly 120 degrees Fahrenheit for far-infrared as opposed to 190 degrees Fahrenheit for traditional sauna.) 

But the best answer of all is that whatever sauna you are more likely to use routinely, and whichever one you have access to, is the best sauna of all!



It’s Way Too Cold For Me Outside… What I Do To Stay Grounded


I hate cold.

OMG I hate cold.


I am super honest about that.

Even though I just finished writing my new book:

The Earth Prescription

which has an entire chapter filled with the most fabulous Winter Grounding Ideas, I am totally transparent in disclosing that I just completely hate the cold.

Until you can get your hands on that book and have unlimited ideas on grounding in the winter (you can pre-order autographed copies right here to be the first to get your hands on it!) I have created a bunch of videos for you to demonstrate how you can stay comfortably grounded in other ways than the typical “go barefoot” advice you read everywhere else.

It’s too cold for that tired advice.  Here’s your alternatives…


Idea #1:

Ground through your indoor plumbing… I’ll show you how:




Idea #2:

Ground through your pet… I’ll show you how:




Idea #3:

Ground cheaply indoors with items you already own… I’ll show you how:




Idea #4:

Ground using your hands instead of your feet (yep, trees & rocks will ground you!)… I’ll show you how:





Idea #5:

DIY your own grounded hiking stick… I’ll show you how I make mine:




Idea #6:

Use meditation indoors to get some of the exact same benefits as grounding…

I walk you through it right here:



Want to sign up to receive these videos as I create them?

Hop over here to my YouTube Channel and click to subscribe!



For more many more, absolutely wonderful ways to ground directly to the earth outside

(no matter what the season)

(no matter what the temperature)

 (no matter where you live)

(even if you live in a city with no access to green spaces…)

I’ll keep you connected directly to the our beautiful planet.


Pre-order your copy of The Earth Prescription today!


xoxox, Laura

Anything Is Possible For Your Health. And I Mean Anything.


I just finished attending another medical conference…

…this one was about treating advanced stage melanoma.


My over all takeaway from that conference was so incredibly uplifting —

— because we saw case after case after case of metastatic melanoma patients becoming entirely cancer free — in full remission — after using the new immunotherapy agents we now have available.

A diagnosis that (decades ago when I was back in med school) we were taught typically offered a life expectancy of just a few months now has many patients with undetectable cancer levels, in full remission, cancer free years and sometimes even decades later after having metastatic melanoma.

That tells me: nothing is impossible when it comes to how resilient and rebounding the human body can be, and how robust our health and healing potential is.

So today, still on a high from all of the wonderful uplifting information presented at that meeting, I write for you a healing mantra that can change your life:


“I am open to what is possible.”



Recent medical studies have proven that simply repeating a mantra can help trauma patients recover from PTSD even better than traditional talk therapy.

I blog about that for you here.

So developing a healing mantra is one of the very best tools you can do to set the dial tone for your entire upcoming year.

Based on the fact that your body is a self-renewing machine, literally divinely design to renew itself around the clock, the best healing mantra you can gift yourself is to be open to this renewal.

So the healing mantra I suggest for you is:

“I am open to what is possible.”


As simple as that.

I am open to what I am experiencing, and I am open to what is possible for it to transform into.

Look at what is possible in health.

What is possible is where your healing lies.


Remind yourself:

  • You are always full of healing potential… always.
  • No one can tell you what is true for your body or your health… so don’t let anyone have that kind of power.
  • Conventional medicine can be helpful in illness and disease but is absolutely not equipped to help you maximize health and wellness.
  • For maximizing your own health, you have full and complete control… here’s why:

(I personally painted all of the healing artwork

found in this blog post… find prints here!)


Don’t take any negative or scary health news or statistics as set in stone.  Just like with a melanoma diagnosis, what was true for patients just a few short years ago is no longer true at all.  There is no limit to the healing potential you can have, even in the face of very serious disease.


I’m very familiar with the scientific method of research not only through keeping on top of the current scientific literature to as a licensed physician…

…but also because growing up as the daughter of one of the lead scientists at the National Institutes of Health I attended international scientific meetings since I could walk…

…and then went on to join a laboratory at the National Cancer Institute throughout my college years where we conducted leukemia research.

And with my experience in both laboratory medicine and clinical medicine, what I can tell you is: the way the current medical model is set up is to test and report medical interventions in the scientific literature is extremely backwards.


Here’s basically what happens:


A study collects data on a group of people — half of who get the drug (or surgery/intervention/etc…) and half who receive placebo in a double blinded study.

The results are collected which basically tell us what the outcome was for this particular group of people at this particular point in time in this particular location and with this particular modality.

Your doctor reads this and then sees you in his or her office.

When you are diagnosed with an illness, your doctor reviews the current standard of practice for that disease and based on these studies he tells you some statistics that are likely for you if you take this medicine or have that procedure done.

Your doctor unknowingly limits your healing potential

with what has been most probable in the past for others.


Many times, these statistics are frightening, scary, and deflating.

And often they change the outlook of the patient for the worse, because as we know in medicine:  Outlook changes Outcome. 

And even when the statistic or intervention offered has favorable odds of working, you are now being defined and limited in the doctor’s mind (which is then transferred to your mind) of what is standard, what is probable, what happened in the past to others.

What this model of healthcare never ever allows for is *POSSIBILITY*.

It never shows you what is POSSIBLE FOR YOU.



It brings you down to the lowest common denominator.  It never lifts you up and reveals to you the unlimited healing potential of your body.


new health



You have unlimited healing potential.

You should *know* THAT.

Every cell in your body has unlimited potential to heal.


What we do in modern medicine right now is collect data from around the world on what we are limited to, on what is probable.

But what we SHOULD be doing, is scouring the entire world to find all the anecdotal evidence, all the case reports, all the best outcomes, all of the miracles that happen all over the world every single day in every sort of condition in every type of person with every intervention ever dreamed up… and studying THOSE.

We should be finding out WHY some folks heal fully..

…why some invite miracles…

…why some never get a disease in the first place…

…why some are predicted to have a very poor outcome and they fully heal anyway.


Because these experiences, of people getting the illness that YOU HAVE

and surviving and thriving and fully healing from it

is PROOF of what is POSSIBLE.

I am not interested in reducing a patient’s healing to a pre-set outcome.




new rx


I want physicians to look through the medical literature like an encyclopedia:

filled with all kinds of beautiful outcomes from all kinds of amazing interventions and treatments, both holistic and conventional…

and to go through this information together with their patients as an IDEA BOOK OF WHAT IS POSSIBLE.

And together, come up with a treatment plant that feels right to that specific patient.

Because there are *UNLIMITED* ways to heal!

And there are many paths to healing and you can align with any one of them! Or many of them!  And the process of healing should be uplifting and a relief… not a battlefield.



I believe the medical literature should be an encyclopedia of

what has gone right for others and what is




Because if it is possible…

…if it has happened even one single time to one other person on this planet…

…than it can absolutely happen to you.


It  has already been proven POSSIBLE.

So let’s fill the medical literature up with what is possible and attainable and study THAT!


Let’s switch the focus from probable, to possible.

If even one other person has had this illness and experienced a complete recovery, than that is documented and possible for YOU too.

Even if it has never ever happened to anyone else, it can happen to YOU.


Anything is possible!



We just need to keep our minds and hearts open to possibility.

Because if healing has happened to even one other person, than for sure it’s been proven:


It can happen.

It has happened.

And it can happen to you too.


I don’t want the standard of care to be that we sit a patient down and look at the spectrum of outcomes in the past and we limit our patient’s future healing by overlaying what happened in the past onto their own patient’s future.

I want physicians to sit their patient down to look at the spectrum of WHAT IS POSSIBLE in healing, and lay out all the possible paths back to Well Being for them, and together reach for THAT.

That’s what health care should be!  A journey back to Wellness!

Visiting a doctor should be a wonderful uplifting experience, a chance to get all kinds of healing possibilities and inspiration and ideas collected from the medical literature from all over the world offered to us by someone who is our healing advocate.

Ideally we would walk away from every doctor’s appointment feeling full of possibility.

So… the next time your physician talks to you about a treatment plan and gives you outcome percentages and probabilities, just remember:  this is simply a mass marketed number.

It doesn’t tell you what is possible with this condition and it doesn’t tell you what is possible FOR YOU.



I think if we can shift the medical literature

from Probable To Possible

we’d experience a shift in the well-being of people everywhere.


Your body is completely new — inside and out — every few years.


All of your organs (except for one) completely regenerates, repairs, and optimizes on a continuous basis.

  • Some parts of your body are so fresh and new that they are only one day old… the cornea of your eye, for example.  Your cornea can completely regenerate every 24 hours.
  • Some parts are a little older… the lining of your intestines, for example, are about 3 days old.
  • Your skin is about 1 month old.
  • Your fingernails have completely grown out and replaced themselves in about 6 months.
  • Your taste buds are only little 10 days old when they get replaced.
  • Your liver is regenerated every 5 months.
  • Your lungs are renewed every two years.
  • Even your bones, the support system of your body, is on a 10 year replacement program.



“When we meet a friend we have not seen for six months

there is not one molecule in his face which was there when we last saw him.”

– Harold Saxton Burr



There is only one organ system that sticks with you for your entire lifetime:

Your Brain.


Nervous tissue is the slowest to repair, never increases in number of cells, declining  in cell quantity over time.

There are plenty of things you can do to stimulate new adaptations and promote brain health, as I’ve outlined here, here and here.   But for the most part, the brain you have now is the brain you will always have.

Here’s the thing though… your brain is the one you will always have, but your thinking doesn’t have to be the same thoughts that you’ve always had.


Every other part of your body has the ability to be made anew and replaced many many times in your lifetime.

So that means that you can outgrown conditions.

You can improve the health of your tissues.

You can begin to repair past damage and let go what isn’t working for you and enjoy manifesting a new body entirely… this is why it is never too late to quit smoking!

Within of quitting days your cardiovascular system improves, within months your lungs are repairing, and within years your chances of getting lung cancer are half of what they used to be.

It takes work to change our thinking and it takes some time and patience to see this manifest in our bodies.


After all, lots of these health conditions are our life’s work!

They were not meant to clear up overnight, nor could they.


But the next time you get frustrated with your body… the next time you curse your bad posture or your sensitive stomach or your sluggish metabolism or your seasonal allergies… just remember:  those tissues in your body are literally in the process of being replaced right now!!!!


The only thing you are carrying with you, decade after decade…

isn’t that red blood cell (lifespan of about 4 months)

or that stomach lining (lifespan of about 2 days)

it is the way you feel about your body and the thoughts you think about it.


So I write this post today so that you can give yourself a chance… just a chance… to open to the fact that the conditions you have now are not the conditions you need to be saddled with forever.

The health reality you are dealing with right at this very moment has the potential to shift and change and release.




Because your body is literally a self-healing machine,

capable of fully replacing itself,

it is worth being very positive and aware of the thoughts you think

and the baseline activity of your brain…


… which is the only part of you that you need to be carrying with you in 10 years time.


And today it starts with you.   Your new healing mantra?


“I am open to what is possible.”


Repeat this often.

Look into a mirror, gaze directly into your own eyes, feel the presence of the YOU that is living inside of your body, and tell yourself out loud:

“I am open to what is possible.”



To your unlimited healing potential…

and a wonderful, ever repairing and ever upleveling body!

xoxoxo, Laura

Brand New Holiday Gift Sets For Your Favorite People


Yes… I know, I know:

it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet.

But most of the items I offer are  custom made (just for you!) when you place an order.

And because they are hand sewn by local artisans, they can take several weeks to have made and ready to ship…

…so the deadline for ordering from my shop in time for holiday gift giving is the end of next week: Friday, November 29th.


Therefore, today I give you my 10 favorite gift ideas for all the loved ones in your life!


1.  For the DIYer


This DIY grounding kit allows Do-It-Yourselfers to simply and easily set up a grounding zone in their home or office or on-the-go!  Know someone who has a unique grounding need, or simply wants create their own grounding surface?

With this kit they can create a strong ground anywhere they like — down walls, across ceilings, lining the inside of a tent or RV, running along floorboards, across bedsheets, across chairs, even a pet bed.  Cut the tape into as many pieces (in any shape or size they desire) and ground multiple areas.  Stick onto any surface, then clip on your ground cord and you are instantly grounded!


Yes, I know someone who would prefer to rig up their own grounding area!



2.  For the Outdoorsman


This kit contains everything your favorite adventurer needs to ground during the day on their adventures, as well as sleep blissfully shielded all night long.  Solid wood, hand made grounding walking stick keeps them grounded as they navigate nature’s terrain… then an organic shielding sleeping bag helps them curl up for a full night of the most protected, restorative sleep possible.

Using all natural, eco friendly and non-toxic materials, both the sleeping bag and the walking stick are custom hand crafted, artisan made( by hand) just for you.  With free bonus treats included: my favorite Warm Skin skin protectant so they can comfortably stay outside longer, plus an autographed book written by my favorite outdoor adventurer, MaryJane Butters, founder of MaryJane’s Farm (do yourself a favor and read her inspiring story right here… my goodness I love this woman!)


Yes, I know someone who’d love to be grounded and shielded as they roam!




3.  For the Dreamer


In this fast-paced, artificially-lit, EMF-pulsing stressful world, it’s almost impossible to find the quiet, to go within, find your dreams, and re-align your soul.  But if we don’t re-connect with our own inner needs, touch base with what our soul feels good about and nurture our own desires, we will arrive at the end of our lives wondering what we did with it all.

To help you favorite loved one turn inwards and connect with their own soul knowings, I’ve created this little gift set that is perfect for anyone who is feeling a little bit (or a lot bit) burnt out.  Including yourself, if you are the one that needs a little encouragement to take time for some TLC.

This kit encourages you to take a moment each night before bed to pick a healing focus card, journal your day’s experiences and goals, release your to-do list, and deeply relax your body with a magnesium lotion massage.

Ahh… now doesn’t that feel better?


Yes, I know someone who deserves way more self care!




4.  For the Germaphobe


I love these silver cloths so much that they were my “Oprah moment” last year with my girlfriends — we were each to bring one item that we could not live without to share, and my germ-busting silver cloth was an easy no-brainer.

I’ve noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of illnesses that I pick up throughout the cold and flu season since keeping my silver cloth clipped to my purse. In this kit, I’ve combined my three favorite ways to cut down on all of the germs I’m exposed to every day into one gift, so your favorite germ-avoidant friends can still get out there and navigate those holiday parties this winter without fear!


Yes, of course… I have a germaphobic friend too!




5.  For the Nature Lover


We all know someone (or are that someone!) who prefers dancing around in nature barefoot (all the best people do!). But by the holidays, bare feet are no longer a sensible option, so this is the most incredibly thoughtful gift.  Your favorite nature lover can still stay connected to Mother Earth simply by switching to grounding through their fingertips.

Using this Winter Hands Grounding Kit their hands stay toasty warm by layering conductive gloves with warm wool fingerless gloves, their fingertips are still instantly available to ground any time, any place.  Touching trees, rocks, cement, the ground and more all winter long, while their feet stay bundled up inside socks and rubber soled waterproof snow boots!   Contact with Mother Nature is absolutely possible year round, if you have the right tools.


Yes, I know someone who’s favorite love affair is with Mother Earth!




6.  For the Snuggler


If you know someone who loves to cuddle, and especially if you can’t be there in person this holiday season, you can still wrap them up in a snuggle… and support their health and healing by grounding them, too!

Like sending a warm hug in the mail, my grounding hot water bottle is the ultimate winter gift.  Your loved ones can fill it with hot water and sleep grounded all night long, placing it by their feet to warm cold toes, hugging it to their heart or abdomen for comfort, placing it behind their neck to relax tight muscles…

…and in the warmer months it will be every bit as useful, because the water bottle can be filled with ice water to apply soothing grounding relief to ice sore muscles and joints, as a cold pack over the forehead to relieve headaches, and much much more.


Yes, I know someone who would love a warm, grounded hug!




7.  For the Pet Lover


Not only is is awesome for the health of your favorite animals to get outside on the earth for grounding time each day, but you can harness that grounding power — **literally!** — and benefit from being grounded too!   Did you know that your furry friend is grounded when they are outside?   It’s true — you can stay clean and bundled up and with protective footwear on when you go on a walk, and just by touching your pet while outside on the earth or on sidewalks, you are grounded too.

If you know an ultimate pet lover that adores spending time with their pup, gifting them this organic grounding collar and leash set is the most wonderful way to support their health while they spend time with their beloved fur baby.

Duh, of course I know a friend who is obsessed with their pet!




8.  For the Yoga Nut


Stretching the body is not only therapeutic to the muscles and joints and bones, but helps literally support the health of our body from recovering from trauma and treating PTSD to helping support deeper sleep at night.  It is no wonder that yoga is one of my top recommendations for theraputic physical therapy to my patients.

Ideally we would be grounded while doing yoga, but typically we are indoors.  That’s why I created this grounding yoga mat.  Because even if all you have each day to stretch out your body is ten minutes before bed or upon waking, if you can do those ten minutes grounded, your body is on the fast track to healing and supported energetically, physically, spiritually during your yoga practice.

Simply clip the ground cord onto the conductive stainless steel ribbon at the end of your mat, and any time one single cell in your body touches that grounded ribbon, you are grounded from head to toe.  Take your yoga practice to new heights by practicing grounded yoga.

I have a very limited number of these grounding yoga mats, so if you know someone who this would be the perfect gift for, grab yours quickly right here:


Yes, I know a friend who would love to do sun salutations grounded!




9.  For the Electrosensitive


New studies show that shielding the head while you sleep can offer additional benefits to your health, including a dramatic reduction in autoimmune disease symptoms.  Luckily, you don’t have to be sick in order to shield your entire body and protect your long term health.  You rely on your brain for full functioning day and night, no matter what you are doing.  Allow it to get deep, restorative sleep while protecting it from the radiation exposures that we are all subject to around the clock.

Our natural health can rebound from almost anything if we give it the space and time to heal… so if you know someone who is healing an illness or simply could benefit from shielding their electrosensitive brain (yeah… that’s all of us!) while they sleep at night to feel infinitely better the next day, this gift set is for them.


Yes, I know someone who is EHS and I’d like to protect their precious brain!




10. For the Skeptic


Do you have anyone on your holiday list that you would love love love nothing more than to introduce grounding to?

If so, this is the most uplifting, reinforcing, positive way to do it: a fun movie night where they can learn all about grounding while experiencing it for themselves the entire time… all from the comfort of their own home!  Two DVDs, a grounding wrist band, and even a grounding tracker notepad to encourage them to make grounding part of their new daily health routine. Each kit will ship bundled up with a bag of organic popcorn, ready for gift giving.

Treat your most precious loved ones not just with the gift of entertainment, but with the gift of supporting their health… while letting them experience the joy of grounding for themselves.


Yes, I have a loved one I want to introduce grounding to!



Sadly, the cut off date for any of my hand sewn, custom crafted healing tools


(which is most of my grounding and shielding products… even ones that are not in this gift guide, like my organic grounding sheets, organic shielding blankets, shielding clothing and so much more!)

is: November 29th… that’s next Friday!


So please place order this week to ensure your healing tools are delivered in plenty of time to celebrate the holidays with all of your beautiful loved ones.

To the vibrant health of all of your very favorite people!

xoxoxo, Laura

Tips To Help Anyone Who Is Electrosensitive (EHS) Feel Better


Have you ever tried grounding and actually felt worse instead of better?


You are not alone, it happens all the time and it’s probably because you are electrohypersensitive (EHS).

To me simply means you are so in touch with your own body, you can literally feel what so many people can’t: that you are a fully conductive organism and can feel your own conductive body interacting with the electrical activity of the environment around you.

I think it’s a good thing to be that in touch with your own body.


I get so many questions on why grounding feels so good for most people, yet so bad for others (the electrohypersensitive) that that I decided to make a video for you on it today:




So here is the good news.  If you begin shielding, you truly can alleviate many of the symptoms that have been flaring for you because of the EMF exposures you are bombarded with all day long.


There was an impressive medical study, published in 2017 in Immunologic Research, that followed 64 patients with autoimmune diseases (such as lupus and multiple sclerosis) while they slept shielded with a silver based sleep cap over their heads, for a total of 8 hours of shielding in a 24 hour period.

The results?

90% of the patients responded with a significant decrease in their disease symptoms.


While the current medical literature estimates that only 3% of the population is electrohypersensitive, this study suggests that there are many many more of us that are actually affected by RF exposures (and potentially have our symptoms exacerbated by these exposures) than that.  This study suggests that up to 90% of patients might feel a noticeable and measurable amount of relief by shielding their central nervous system from EMF exposures.

While this medical study was somewhat small and needs follow up studies to confirm, what I take from this is further confirmation that whether we label ourselves EHS or not, we are all electrical, conductive human beings that are absolutely impacted by the radiation around us.

To sleep shielded like these study participants did is simple — you place a shielding night cap on your head and then slip a shielding eye mask over your eyes, leaving your nose and mouth fully able to breath easily while blocking out the vast majority of RF frequencies from reaching your brain.

Ahhh… you can feel the relief almost immediately.

If you’ve never been to a remote enough location to feel what your brain feels like with the eSmog lifted from it, you are in for a treat.

I have them for you in a kit, together right here.





Nighttime hours should be restorative hours, so sleeping shielded can make the biggest impact, even when you can’t decrease your daytime exposures.

Even just using a simple shielding throw will protect all of your vital organs for hour after hour all night long, and the one I have hand crafted for you (which is organic, of course!) is such a small lightweight blanket that you can use it year round, even in the warmer summer months… and it’s so travel friendly you can even bring it to your office, in the car, onto an airplane to use no matter where life takes you each day.

I’ve pulled together a EHS introductory kit that combines this shielding throw with the shielding night cap and shielding eye mask that I talk about in the medical study above — alongside a router cover to reduce the radiation from your router throughout your living space and a bedside shield to place your cell phone behind as well.

This combination of personal shielding and home shielding tools will allow you to dramatically reduce your radiation exposures and hopefully make a significant boost to your health.  The EHS introductory kit is available right here.



Free resources for the EHS patient:


There is a huge movement of physicians who are becoming aware and clear on how the non-stop onslaught of EMF exposures are affecting the physiology of the human body.

Many physicians feel that autoimmune disorders, inflammatory disorders of all kinds, insomnia, nausea, chronic fatigue, pain, dizziness, headache, food allergies, chemical sensitivities, anxiety, depression and psychiatric disorders are all on the rise secondary to around-the-clock saturation of our bodies with radiation.

Myself included.

If you are struggling with your electrohypersensitivity and want to address this with your own physician, I’ve pulled together a ton of free resources for you right here that you can print out and take in to your next health care appointment.  I’ve got these all in one place for you here, for free, and given from my heart to yours, in order to help your health and healing journey.  I hope it makes a difference.

So here are 7 things  you can do before your next doctor’s appointment:



 1.  Print out this medical guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of electrosensitivity to hand to your doctor:


Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) has been recognized as a diagnosable disorder since 2012 in Austria, where they have very specific guidelines for diagnosis and treatment.

This may be a helpful guideline to print out and hand to your physician, just click the link below:


Austrian Medical Association Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treating EHS





2.  Fill out this electrosensitivity questionnaire and bring it to your next appointment:


You can pre-fill out the exact same questionnaire that is used for the evaluation of EHS by the Austrian Medical Association and bring this with you to your next appointment to share with your physician.

Just click the link below to print out and take it for yourself:


EHS Intake Questionnaire




3.  Consider taking a EMF vacation to help rule out other causes:


You never want to ignore other, more easily treatable sources of illness and disease.  Doing a non-EHS full work up for any symptoms you are having is always appropriate.

But similar to an elimination diet to figure out what foods are causing gut inflammation, you can consider an EMF vacation to see what symptoms resolve in the absence of persistent EMF exposures.

Camping in a remote location with no electronics for several days to weeks whenever possible, grounding your body to the earth in this natural setting to help expedite recovery, and then seeing what symptoms return when normal living arrangements are resumed can help really clarify what is EMF related and what is not.





4.  Ground the human body to help increase resiliency, but only with the PureGround cord for all indoor grounding applications:



Grounding the body is a natural healing state for all living things to be in, but for those with EHS you want to be sure you are not introducing any AC current or dirty electrical currents into the body via your ground cord.

Be sure all grounding tools are grounded with a PureGround filtering and shielding cord to preserve the purest ground connection possible without resonance to manmade EMF fields in the area while grounded.




5.  Ask your doctor for a laboratory evaluation of EMF mediated inflammatory markers:


These markers can include blood levels of high-sensitivity C reactive protein (hs-CRP), immunoglobulin E (IgE), histamine.

Salivary melatonin levels and salivary cortisol levels can also be tested.

Print out this article to give to your physician for them to consider these markers and others when evaluating patients with possible electrohypersensitivity… just click the link below:

Reliable Biomarkers Identifying EHS





6.  Decrease EMF Exposures On Your Own:



You don’t need a physician to formally diagnose you with EHS before reducing your exposures and symptoms.

Click over here for a printable checklist with 25 easy things to do to reduce your EMF exposures as a starting point.  You can go further with this by hiring a building biologist to evaluate your home if desired.


At the very least, start with these 5 steps:


  1.  Turn your cell phone onto airplane mode whenever not in use, when charging, and while sleeping at night.  Don’t bring your phone into your bedroom but if you must, put it on airplane mode and place it behind a Bedside Shield.  Never hold cell phone up to the head, use speakerphone or text instead.  Carry your cell phone in a shielding case when you need to carry it on your person, in a pocket, in your purse, in a bookbag, etc…
  2. Remove cordless phones from your home and change to a corded phone, as well as remove any LED or CFL light bulbs in favor of traditional incandescent bulbs.
  3. Cover your wifi router with a router guard to decrease radiation throughout your entire home while in use during the day, and turn off the wifi all together when not in use at night.
  4. Ask to have your smart meter turned off or shielded (best to have a building biologist shield your meter for you.)
  5. Sleep under an EMF shielding blanket at night, and consider shielding clothing for daytime use.





7.  Decrease Your Other Toxic Exposures:


There are lots of other ways you can boost your health and keep your body less burdened with toxic exposures, which is particularly crucial if there are EMF exposures you can’t modify.  Anything you can do to decrease the toxic load on your body — even in other areas that have nothing to do with radiation — will help make you more resilient and recover faster to toxic exposures you can’t control

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Reduce total body toxic burden by eating less processed and artificial foods, and more antioxidant rich natural healthy foods.  Reducing environmental toxins like artificial fragrances and toxic household cleaners and toxic body, beauty and oral care products also goes a long way to reducing the total burden you put on your body each day.  And absolute stop using those fake toxic chemicals on your lawn as well!!!
  • Wash your hands before eating anything to remove all the chemicals we pick up as we go about our day so you don’t get traces of them into your mouth with each meal.
  • Supplement with antioxidants that can help alleviate free radicals and oxidative damage.  N-aceytl cysteine (NAC), glutathione, Vit C, Vit D, CoQ10, Apha-lipoic acid (ALA), Curcumin, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Resveratrol, even melatonin are all powerful antioxidants and help slow or even reverse the aging process.  The very best, highest quality supplements in the world are all waiting for you (at a discount!) in my trusty online dispensary here.
  • Drink filtered water in large quantities daily
  • Get plenty of natural sunlight daily to boost longevity.
  • Get a pet.
  • Sauna routinely to boost health.
  • Increase your sleep by just one hour to increase your lifespan.
  • Exercise daily to help deliver much needed fresh oxygen and nutrients to all organ systems as well as aid in the removal of toxins and waste by-products.  Exercise absolutely boosts your body’s health and resiliency!!!
  • Embrace a positive, uplifting health mantra.


Help spread awareness not only on the actionable things you can to help boost awareness of electrohypersensitivity in the medical community, and enjoy all of the actionable things you can do to reduce your own toxic exposures to boost your innate resilient health… even without a physician’s recommendation!

To your resilient, rebounding health!

xoxo, Laura



How To Protect Yourself From 5G


Here are some pictures from the 5G summit I recently spoke at:


(thank you for taking them Melissa, you are the best!)



While I am still waiting for the recording from that event, I had a quick moment while I was between presentations at a medical conference to run up to my hotel room and record some quick thoughts for you about 5G exposures and what you can do to feel more empowered.

In the video below, I summarize what I presented at the 5G summit and I give lots of actionable, easy things you can do to protect your health and decrease your own radiation exposures:





The point is this: you can take charge of your own health.

You are innately resilient and you can protect that.

Even if the government doesn’t.

Even if your own family physician doesn’t.


You don’t have to be scared and you don’t have to give up hope, you can simply start thinking of radiation exposures in the same way that we think of ultraviolet exposures — now it’s just a matter of habit to wear sunglasses or sunscreen or limit your time out in peak sunlight hours.

Eventually we will begin to think of the EMFs that bombard us day and night in a similar way.   Not exactly good for our health, but manageable with the right protection.

Here are some of the tools I reference in the video above… hopefully you will find them helpful in boosting your own innate health!



  • This router cover, to dramatically decrease the radiation coming from your router while still being able to use your internet throughout your home.
  • Shielding lotion, this silver based gel cuts radiation exposures roughly in half… and I’m currently in development of a stronger cream that will block even more RF from reaching you.  (Sign up for my weekly newsletter right here if you would like to be notified when my new, patent-pending RF blocking lotion is available!)  Meanwhile this one will definitely decrease your exposures to help you feel your best and function your best!
  • Organic shielding throw blankets, in several different styles.
  • Organic shielding sleeping bags, 100% hand made to surround your entire body in a cocoon of protective shielding.
  • Shielding clothing… I have a wide range of shielding protective clothing whether you want a nice shielding jacket to walk around in as you are out and about in urban settings, or (new to my shop!) you want to snuggle in at home with a shielding robe wrapped protectively around you, or something in between (my new shielding sweatshirts, for example!)




All of these healing tools (and so much more, including organic grounding tools and EMF shielding ground cords) are all waiting for you in my

Shielding Boutique right here.


You absolutely can take your own health into your own hands!

I hope this information helps someone out there feel more optimistic about the future and more empowered at how incredibly resilient the human body is!

xoxox, Laura