Grounding To Boost Your Metabolism & Lose Weight



Directly touching the earth impacts your metabolic functions,

and as I found out,

can even help you lose weight.


The first study to look at the basal metabolic rate of grounding was published in 2010. 

In this study, half of the participants were grounded and half were sham-grounded in a double-blind placebo-controlled study. 

After grounding (or sham grounding) the patients for 40 minutes, all of the parameters of metabolic function immediately improved in all of the grounded patients, but that boost was not seen in any of the ungrounded patients. 

Heart rate increased slightly, respiratory rate increased, and there was an increase in blood oxygenation in the grounded patients during grounding.




But here’s the interesting part… even when they stopped grounding, there was a persistent residual metabolic effect of increased heart and respiratory rates. 


Think about how this small boost to your metabolic function helps you over time.

With a slight increase in respiratory rate, you are actually getting more oxygen into your blood (it is pumping and flowing more efficiently, as we talked about last week) and as the blood is improved in its flow and delivery, it’s carrying more oxygen throughout your entire body and now you are actively healing. 

It’s like exponential support, because you are delivering oxygen, antioxidants and nutritional support to all the tissues in your body, on top of the direct electrical support (as we talked about three weeks ago) from the grounding you receive through your connective tissue.

This got me thinking. 

I decided I wanted to study my own patients because I wondered if, by boosting our metabolism through touching the earth, we would see a change in weight over time. 

So I personally enrolled a dozen overweight patients into an informal private study on grounding and weight loss.  I followed them for 10 weeks, measuring weight, energy, mood, sleep, and pain, with weekly weigh-ins and assessments. 





Their instructions were to touch the earth outside directly for 15 minutes a day…

and that was it. 


I told them not to change their diet at all. I wanted them to eat everything they had eaten before in the same quantities and in the same fashion. 

I told them not to start new activities or to change their activity level at all.  I wanted to see metabolic changes from short periods of daily grounding over time.

Following those patients with weekly weigh-ins and weekly assessments was very, very interesting. 




Most of the patients lost clinically significant amounts of weight — between 4 and 15 pounds in the 10 week study period — doing nothing more then adding in daily grounding for just 15 minutes a day. 


The fact that the majority of patients lost weight with no change in their diet and no change in their exercise pattern was in and of itself priceless.  But I wanted to find out why the rest didn’t also have a weight change. 

So I sat down and went over the medical history of each patient and their grounding records.  And what I discovered was remarkable and might actually be even more important than the weight loss results.  

What I found out completely transformed my understanding of just how powerfully healing the earth is.  It turned out that the patients that did not lose weight were battling other, more urgent chronic health issues that were all impacted and improved (and sometimes fully resolved) through the 15 minutes of daily grounding.  

Think about that. 

The participants that were overweight (but didn’t have any pain issues and didn’t have any other chronic health issues) enrolled in this study because they wanted to see if they could lose a little weight with minimal effort, and they did, every single one of them. 

So it was actually a 100% success in weight loss when the body didn’t have something else serious actively going on. 




And even more importantly, the patients in this study that were not losing weight were actually resolving other more urgent medical issues. 


One patient who had carpal tunnel syndrome and was going to have surgery was able to cancel that surgery because her pain had decreased so much in just that 10 week period.

Another patient had a lower back injury, and another had chronic neck pain, which both dramatically improved.  Of the patients that didn’t see any change in weight, all of them had improvements in other acute health issues.

What became evident in this study is that anyone with an acute issue had the grounding relief going towards resolving that issue.  




It turns out that grounding your body flows healing where you need it most. 


It’s as if the healing flow from the earth is saying:


“How can we ensure this person’s survival the best? What’s going on with this person? Is there inflammation?  Is there a metabolic issue?  Is there a sleep issue?  What’s going on with this person that’s keeping them from being in the pure, positive state of well-being?  Whatever’s going on, that’s what I’m going to work on first.  And once there is no active health issue to fix, I am just going to maintain the healthiest possible status for this human being to get the whole organism running more smoothly.”


I started thinking about the amazing results I saw in my patients and how encouraged I was by them and how wonderful it was to really see these powerful results first hand.

I started realizing that this is what’s going on with the majority of patients that come to me.

As an intuitive physician I tend to get more holistic-minded patients coming to me for support.  Many of them are already really healthy.  They eat the best they can eat.  They meditate all day long.  They do yoga morning and night, they drink raw juices, they sleep well and they take all kinds of supplements. 

It seems that it should be impossible for a human being who’s breathing that well, who’s eating that well, who’s hydrating that well, who’s sleeping that well and who’s getting the nutritional building blocks they need to feel bad in any way and yet they still do.

They come to me telling me there’s something missing in their health.

They have weight that they cannot seem to lose or they have another chronic health issue.  And every single time, after I talk with them extensively about their health practices, it turns out that grounding and docking themselves to the earth is that missing piece.




A lot of my patients are healers themselves.


They’re wellness-life coaches or they’re acupuncturists or they are energy healers or they are nurses or physician assistants or physicians themselves.  They know a lot about healthcare and a lot about the health of the body and so they’re doing all the checklists.  They’re doing everything right.


But the one missing piece of never touching the earth is enough to throw everything off because conductive healing is not something you can truly get in any other way.


Particularly if you’re an empath, weight may be an issue because you are absorbing energy and connecting and feeling other people’s energy and your body is becoming the tank for that energy and it’s stressful.  You gain weight.  Your body is using weight as a way to try and neutralize this stress and to ground itself if you are not grounding.

It’s increasing its mass to try to ground the energy that you’re taking in when you’re healing or working with or connecting to your loved ones or family members or coworkers or patients or clients. 

You are constantly taking on energy.

And your body is really trying its best to help you by gaining weight to try and offset that energetic burden.  I tell patients who have weight problems and chronic pain issues, your body’s doing the best it can.

It’s actually trying to neutralize things for you.  It’s trying to ground itself. 

But we don’t want to take on the stress or the pain from others.  Taking on the burdens of others and carrying it in our ungrounded bodies is not really helping anyone because now it’s harming you as well.

What we want to do is be that neutral grounded supported vessel so that we can be feeling our best, so that we can help others the best. 




To do that, we have to reintroduce this missing piece of grounding.


As my study revealed to me, it only took a few minutes a day to make significant changes in the physical body. In just 10 weeks, some people lost up to 15 pounds with no change in their diet or activity and I feel on a spiritual level that’s because all the energy they were taking in from all the people they care about every single day, was finally discharged.

Their body became a clearer, more stable vessel.

Their body no longer needed a larger physical size in order to try and ground the soul energy of the person living it. 

When you can directly ground with the earth, your body doesn’t need to ground itself.  It can then become the avenue for expression, instead of the dumping pit for everyone else’s stress and strain. 

Directly grounding to the earth takes the pressure off of your body and that is what is most impressive to me about grounding.

Over the past three weeks we have talked about many of the different cellular and biochemical changes that go on in each organ system when you are grounded, but if you step back and look at what grounding does to support your entire body as a whole, how it really can come in and support you where you need most, as it did for the patients in my study, then you can experience a deeper level of well-being than you ever thought possible. 





Today, instead of your body being an ungrounded container for your soul that accrues stress and inflammation, let the earth free your body up to be an open, grounded vessel. 

And come back here next week for me to tell you all about how grounding helps to balance your hormones.

xoxoxo, Laura


Grounding To Support Your Heart Health


If the heartbeat of the earth resonates powerfully with your brain (as we talked about last week)

…imagine what the heartbeat of the earth does for your own heart! 



Your cardiovascular system is entirely electrically based, driven by the electrical impulse of the heartbeat which in turn drives the circulation through your body.  This relationship has been extensively studied for the effects of grounding. 

The first study I want to tell you about was a double-blinded, placebo-controlled study of 40 patients.

They had electrodes connected to their feet, and half of them were grounded for one hour (the other half were sham-grounded for one hour) and the blood flow through their facial skin capillaries was imaged in real time. 




Even though the grounding patches were on their feet, all the grounded patients had significantly increased capillary blood flow in their facial skin.


And the patients who were ungrounded had no change in their facial blood flow. 

This is a real, nearly instantaneous physiologic change in the circulatory system all the way up from the foot to the face. This has ramifications for the beauty industry and the anti-aging industry, since enhanced blood flow through the skin in your face (and all over your body for that matter) helps stimulate fresh skin tissue and reverse signs of aging from the damage of toxins, additives, preservatives, makeups, environmental exposures, etc… that you are routinely exposed to day in and day out. 





If you want to see the enhanced blood flow for yourself, I highly recommend that you watch the film “Heal For Free.”


Heal For Free is an incredible film, and shows first hand how a patient’s blood flow in the back of the eye changes dramatically after grounding through the bottom of the foot.  

This is a really beautiful way to capture what’s happening in the capillaries because the blood flow in the back of the retina looks very similar under the imaging study as it does in your skin, and all through every organ in your body. 

This patient had macular degenerative disease in the back of his eye, a disease that is usually irreversible, yet there was a significantly enhanced blood flow even to the damaged macula of his eye. 

The retinal specialist was in shock, never having seen an increase in blood flow through the retina once the blood flow had decreased… yet he was able to see significant improvement to the macula and was rendered almost speechless.




Grounding increases circulation, enhancing blood flow to organs throughout your entire body.


We touched on the increased blood flow through the skin and through the retina due to grounding, so now let’s talk about a study showing increased blood flow through the muscles.

In a double-blinded, placebo-controlled study, researchers studied 28 participants who performed strenuous yoga exercises for an hour straight, and half were grounded and half were not.  They cycled through a series of 10 strenuous yoga exercises over and over again, while their blood viscosity was measured. 

The study wanted to determine if there was improved blood flow to the muscles during use, and it turns out there is, which helps explain why muscles have less damage and are less sore after strain as we discussed two weeks ago in this blog post. 





The viscosity (the thickness) of the blood was decreased, so the blood actually ran more smoothly through their muscles.


And not only did it run more smoothly through their muscles while their muscles were actively engaged and strenuously working hard, the blood flow was enhanced both systolically and diastolically.  That means when the heart was squeezing, the blood flow was enhanced and also when it was at rest between beats, the blood flow was still enhanced.

Decreasing blood viscosity right when you’re exercising, right when you need it, right when your muscles are contracting, speeds healing and repair and buffers any strain that’s being imposed on your muscles as you’re actively using them. 

So not only does grounding open the capillaries and allow for more blood flow, it decreases blood viscosity to allow it to flow more smoothly and thus decrease the chance of blood clots. 



And even more importantly, grounding has a direct effect on your actual heart itself.


Heart rate variability (HRV) is an indicator of heart health.

HRV measures the variability between your heart beats and an increased HRV is a fantastic indicator that your heart is healthy and is functioning well, it’s receptive, responsive, tuned into your autonomic nervous system, tangibly taking in information about the environment and the stressors that you’re under and responding directly to them.

There’s an innate connection and inter-responsiveness between your heart rate and your environment. This beautiful measurement in the rhythm and variation of your heart beat gives it a chance to respond to how much oxygen you need at any given moment, how much blood flow you need in your muscles or organs at any given moment. 

When the HRV decreases (as it does during times of stress, after trauma, after a heart attack, after a heart transplant, in premature infants, in PTSD patients and much more) the heart reverts to a robotic beat with less variation.  It’s no longer in a relaxed, flexible state where you can change and respond and adapt to your environment.

Instead, a low HRV means your heart is in robotic survival mode and that actually has been shown to decrease lifespan. It’s an indication of an increased mortality rate and heart failure risk, so physicians look at the HRV (particularly after a heart attack, heart transplant and premature birth) because it predicts the risk of death. 

They also look at the HRV to predict a positive outcome as well, for example, there is a better prognosis in cancer patients with an increased HRV.   So a higher HRV enhances long term survivability, enhances recovery from major diseases, predicts a longer lifespan and decreases stress and wear and tear on the heart. 



The best news of all? 

Grounding directly increases your HRV. 


In the yoga grounding study mentioned above, participants who were grounded for 40 minutes during strenuous yoga exercises universally had their HRV increased, but the moment they stopped grounding, their HRV went back to baseline. This was statistically significant with every single patient, so when they were grounded, their HRV was enhanced, and when they were ungrounded, it wasn’t. 

Researchers followed that study with an even more recent study on the HRV in some of the most vulnerable human beings of all — premature infants in NICU incubators.  And here too, grounding boosted markers of survival for these neonatal infants.





The last pieces of the puzzle to talk about is the blood itself.


The red blood cells that are in your blood have a connection and a responsiveness to being grounded and it’s just awesome.

It’s amazing to see how one system can be impacted by grounding, not just in one way but in multiple ways… the heart works better, the blood vessels deliver blood more easily, the viscosity of the blood goes down so it flows more freely, and now studies tell us that the red blood cells themselves are less likely to clot, and here’s why:

The zeta potential represents the electrical potential on the outer membrane of your red blood cells. The more negative the zeta potential is, the more likely your blood cells are to flow smoothly. When the zeta potential increases, your blood cells are more likely to clot, clump together and aggregate, increasing the risk for stroke, heart attack and other clotting diseases.

So researchers measured the zeta potential of 10 patients, before and after grounding them for two hours.  Ungrounded, the zeta potential of red blood cells increased, making it much more likely to clump and move slowly but after two hours of grounding the zeta potential decreased, allowing the red blood cells to flow freely and decrease the risk of clotting. 

That’s really the goal of aspirin therapy, which more than one-third of all adults (and four out of five patients with heart disease) routinely take to reduce the risk of clots.

Grounding does that naturally… and it does it for free… and without the gastrointestinal irritation!  It’s just natural for your blood to flow more smoothly, for your red blood cells not to aggregate and stick together and not to clot as much, for your HRV to be enhanced, and for the flow through your entire vasculature system to be open and free. 





So today, enjoy going outside and touching the earth to support not only your heart health but your blood flow throughout your entire body…

…and then meet me back here next week where I will tell you all about the awesome boost grounding gives to your metabolism!

xoxox, Laura





Your Brain On Mother Earth


Artwork I painted to remind you to head outside to support your brain health!


There is a beautiful relationship that our brain has with the energy of mother earth. 

This helps support everything our brain helps us to do — from enhancing our mood to maintaining a healthy weight to deepening our restorative sleep. 


Most people believe that our circadian (day/night) rhythm is dependant on sunlight to set that pattern for us, but scientists have actually known since 1970 that the earth’s energy field has as much, if not more, to do with our sleep/wake pattern than even the sun. 

Here’s how:


Researchers built two underground isolation chambers that completely cut the occupants off from any evaluation of time passing.  Both chambers were light proof, sound proof, temperature controlled bunkers, with one difference… 

While one was allowed to be connected to the electromagnetic field of the earth, one was completely shielded so that all connection was severed between the earth’s energy and the occupants of the bunker. 

Looking at several hundred test subjects for up to a two month period of time, researchers looked at sleep wake cycles and found that participants who were in the bunker that still allowed the earth’s field to reach them kept patterns that were close to a 24 hour rhythm, while those in the bunker that was completely shielded from the earth’s energies became completely desynchronized and experienced significantly longer, more irregular rhythms. 

Researchers then experimented with introducing different electrical and magnetic fields into the shielded bunker, and only one restored normal sleep/wake patterns…  you guessed it, the one that is our Mother Earth’s natural energy, the Schumann frequency.  




From this the researchers postulated that it is actually the frequency of the earth that regulates our natural biorhythms. 


Based off of this understanding, it’s easy to understand how directly connecting to the earth, grounding our body with our planet, can help enhance restorative sleep at night and boost daytime wakefulness.

In the first study to directly examine grounding and sleep, researchers looked at twelve participants who had a history of sleep disturbances.  They measured cortisol levels and tracked sleeping patterns while these patients slept grounded every night on a grounded mattress pad for two months. 

After eight weeks, the cortisol production of every single one of these patients had normalized.  Every single one.

Cortisol is really important, signaling to our body in the morning (when levels are highest) that it is day… and then slowly decreasing all day long while levels of melatonin rise by evening to signal to the body that it is night. 

It’s really crucial to have normal cortisol pattern and a normal melatonin pattern or your sleep becomes disrupted. 

But the good news is, grounding can correct this in just a few weeks’ time.  This is why one of the original applications of grounding was to treat jet lag to get you quickly into the new day/night rhythm of the new time zone you’ve travelled to. That just shows you how resilient the human body is.

Grounding is not going to be like a sleeping pill.  It’s not going to make you go to sleep.  It is going to improve the quality of the sleep you do have.  It’s going to heal your body so that you get natural sleep.  Restorative sleep. 

Beyond normalizing cortisol levels, being grounded directly calms and supports your brain wave patterns so that when you are sleeping grounded you are spending more time in restorative alpha brain wave patterns.  The feeling of having had a good night’s sleep where you had time to process and release the events of the previous day and have rested your body helps you wake up with a new possibility, a fresh start.




That’s the feeling of having a prolonged alpha brain wave pattern. 

That’s why meditation is so helpful. 


Meditation is an ancient healing practice, and we now know the reason it is so effective is that meditation puts your brain into that alpha wave pattern.

That is the state of healing, and there are essentially three ways to get your brain into that alpha brain wave healing state:

1 — You can do it through meditation

2 — You can do it while falling  asleep


3– You can do it through grounding. 


Better yet, you can combine sleep and grounding.  That’s the most powerful way to do it, which is why these sleep studies are so awesome and why every single participant in them reaped such significant benefits.

Good quality sleep is so good for our brain it is actually protective against dementia.  A recent study reported that even when study participants were sleeping but the quality was decreased (meaning they weren’t cycling through the really healthy sleep patterns that include alpha brain waves) than they had a five times increased risk of dementia.  Five times higher dementia risk!

And it’s really not about the length of time spent sleeping, because in that study, many of the participants who had the longest time in bed actually had the poorest sleep quality.  Even though they might be lying in bed for 10 hours it didn’t increase the time that they spent in those relaxing brain waves patterns.  

Your melatonin level naturally decreases as you age, so it’s very natural for your sleep quality to actually go down as you get older.  Poor sleep becomes more and more common with age.

While you absolutely can supplement with high quality melatonin, you can also directly ground to the earth daily, because then you’re directly linking your central nervous system activity to the calming, centering, healing benefits of the earth’s electrical activity.  And you can actually do both — supplement your melatonin levels as well as sleep grounded, at the same time, for synergistic sleep benefits.




Another reason that your brain really needs that deep sleep is to maintain your ideal healthy weight.


A recent medical study showed that people who were sleep deprived gained weight.  The sleep deprived participants didn’t lose weight, and they didn’t just stay at the same weight, they actually gained weight nine times faster than the people in the study who slept well.  Nine times faster!

I consider grounding a great way to prevent weight gain as you get older, and much of these effects are likely to be from a lifetime of deepened sleep.  I have personally conducted my own grounding and weight loss studies and found that even with absolutely no change to diet or exercise, my grounded patients lost weight simply by grounding outside for 15 minutes or more every day.



Click over here to watch a video where I explain in detail about that study and why grounding will help promote a healthy weight by boosting your metabolism.



Grounding is a great way to maintain an ideal weight, to prevent diabetes and metabolic syndrome and much more.

Another recent study looked specifically at grounding and mood.  Researchers followed 40 patients in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study.  Twenty patients were grounded for one hour and twenty thought they were grounded but were only sham-grounded. Every single grounded subject had a statistically significant improvement in their mood assessment while the ungrounded ones did not.  

And I want you to know that even if you sleep grounded and you don’t notice that you fall asleep any faster and you don’t notice that you sleep any longer, what you do have is an increased quality of the sleep you are getting.

To your body, it’s like plugging into the most soothing, comforting heartbeat of the earth.  

The earth resonates at the exact same frequency of the healing brain waves in the alpha state, the same brain waves as a person in deeply healing meditative states, the same brain waves we cycle through in stage 1 of sleep.  




It’s called the Schumann frequency and it’s the frequency of the earth, it is the frequency of a healthy calm brain, and when we connect with the earth, we resonate with its healing pattern.


It’s how a baby feels when it hears the heartbeat of the mother when they are growing inside their mom’s body.

It’s like that for us because we’re then connected directly back again to the heartbeat of mother earth.

That energy that she pulses out at the same frequency that our brain needs to be in to restore and heal.

Our brain needs to be in that frequency to repair.

Our brain needs to be bathed in that frequency in order for us to be in the mode of well-being.

There’s no way to move forward with poor sleep. Study after study has shown that a lack of sleep does everything from causing weight gain, to shortening our lifespan (click over here for me to tell you more about that incredibly important medical study,) to increasing the risk of dementia.

There’s no way around it.

You have to get good quality sleep.  And grounding can help you do that.  You might not have the luxury of sleeping longer, but you can make the sleep you do get be of the very highest quality.

Take time to head outside and connect with the earth every single day, striving for 30 minutes a day but knowing that any amount of time is better than none.





And if you can’t fit in time to ground outside during the day, at least get grounded sleep. 


If you are interested in sleeping grounded, I have developed the only eco-friendly, organic, hand sewn, USA made, artisan grounding tools in the world, and they are waiting for you right here.  

Other grounding tools are made overseas in factories out of the cheapest possible materials.  Leatherette?  Yeah that’s just vinyl that will sit in a landfill for 500+ years.   Silver fibers running through cheap polyester?  That synthetic fabric don’t biodegrade either and will be sitting right next to the leatherette in your landfill.

How’s that for treating Mother Earth?  

I figure if we are reaching out to the earth for healing support, we probably should be using eco-friendly materials when we do.  



Eco-friendly for people, eco-friendly for the planet.  

Why would you ground any other way?


Then meet me back here next week as we look into the benefits of grounding on your heart and entire circulatory system!

xoxoxo, Laura


Feel Immediate Relief With Grounding: Relax Your Muscles, Strengthen Your Bones




Our musculoskeletal system, the bones, muscles, ligaments and joints that hold us together and allow us to function all day long, is the perfect conduit for grounding.


When you touch the earth outside, your entire body is instantaneously grounded and this is because your entire musculoskeletal system is conductive.

The fact that our entire skeleton as well as the connective tissues that hold all our organs and soft tissues in place within our skeleton is a conductive conduit for healing is the basis for how and why grounding works.  

The first medical study to reveal this was a beautifully designed study that looked at what happens to a grounded body when muscles and tendons are pushed to their limit and are purposefully strained (1).   It was a scientifically rigorous, double-blinded placebo-controlled study, in which patients carried one-third of their entire body weight in barbells on their shoulders and did repetitive toe raises until their muscles were exhausted. 

Going up on tiptoe over and over and over until the muscles are completely fatigued creates complete muscular exhaustion, which induces inflammation and damage to the muscle tissue.   This muscle damage can actually be measured in the blood using markers of inflammation that are specific to muscle (like creatinine kinase).   





Researchers measured laboratory parameters that included creatinine kinase, white blood cell counts and cortisol levels before the study began (i.e. at baseline) and at one, two and three days after this fatiguing trauma to the muscle. 

Each participant also had MRI imaging studies to determine if the grounding helped mitigate the damage to the human body after muscle strain in a statistically significant way.  All participants thought they were grounded through a grounding patch, but only half of the study participants were actually grounded, while the other half were only sham grounded.

Without fail every single ungrounded subject not only reported significantly more pain and a longer recovery time but they also had higher blood cortisol levels, higher creatinine kinase levels, and higher white blood cell counts. 

In contrast, every single grounded subject recovered faster after the muscle damage, not only reporting lower pain levels, but significantly lower blood cortisol levels (which means the grounded patients were less stressed from the injury), significantly lower creatinine kinase levels (meaning they had less muscle damage) and lower white blood cell counts.

Interestingly, the white blood cell counts of the grounded patients were actually better than before the study began.  This means it was better for them to be grounded even while facing a strong insult to their muscular system than to avoid trauma but remain ungrounded. It was actually so healing for them to be grounded that it completely compensated for the muscle damage and then actually went beyond that and improved their blood panel over the baseline.

So this study revealed that there’s actually repair happening during the trauma just by being grounded. That’s truly an amazing finding.




Now let’s go further. 

Does grounding help improve muscular function when you are not even exerting yourself, but just at baseline muscle tension?  Would grounding help with tension headaches or fibromyalgia or other baseline sensitivities?  This was addressed in a larger study of almost 60 patients (2.) 

In this study, researchers grounded the participants and monitored their brainwaves through EEG imaging and their muscular tension through EMG monitors. The EMG (electromyogram) was placed on the trapezius muscle, which is the large triangular muscle spanning the upper back, shoulders and neck (the muscle that is involved in fibromyalgia, tension headaches, neck pain and more).

The researchers then grounded the patients through a grounding patch on the sole of their foot, and instantly, with absolutely no discernible lag in time, their muscle tension immediately decreased in the neck and shoulder area.  The EMG readings went down instantaneously, showing that even grounding through the bottom of your foot affects the muscle tension all the way up to the neck, instantly.  

This explains why you feel good all over, instantly, the moment you step out onto the earth barefoot! 





This is all only possible because of the conduction of the skeletal and facial and microskeletal system of our body (all the way down to the cytoskeleton of each cell) is conductive. 


If we had to wait for our circulatory system to carry support from our foot up to our shoulders, we would have to wait minutes, not seconds (which is why it takes at least 20 minutes for an anti-inflammatory pill like ibuprofen to start to decrease pain… since it relies solely on your circulatory system to deliver the anti-inflammatory relief).  

Now let’s look deeper at how our connection to the earth supports us all the way into our bones. Because the bones are really what provide the structure to our body and create its functionality.

I want to tell you a little bit about how bones work so that you can understand why grounding is so important to the longevity of your skeletal system.  Bones are basically mineral deposits in our bodies and we use those minerals to maintain homeostasis.

The minerals in our bones are used to make sure that the pH in our body is within a healthy range and to make sure that we have the right electrolytes and minerals to keep us functional. 

We can measure the renal excretion of calcium and phosphorous to monitor the release of these two important minerals to determine if you are leaching minerals from your bones into your blood in order to maintain homeostasis. 



Another study looked to see if spending only one night grounded had an impact, and it turns out that it did, all the way down to the bones (3). 


After only one eight-hour session of grounding, the renal excretion of both calcium and phosphorous went down significantly, which means the primary indicators of osteopenia and osteoporosis in these patients went down after just a single night of grounding. 

This to me is incredible… after just one night, instead of their body having to go in and pull minerals out of their bones in order to repair the inflammation of the day and to correct the pH, the minerals remained in the bones preserving their strength.

And so, over time and over a lifetime, instead of leaching away your bones and creating brittle bones, grounding is naturally helping to maintain the integrity of your entire musculoskeletal system.  Not just your muscles when you use them, but your muscles when you are not using them, and your bones even deeper than that! 

And here’s the shocker to me, as a medical physician, when I was examining this study.  The same participants who had their bones protected by grounding overnight had an entire metabolic overhaul that included a boosted thyroid function and decreased blood sugar levels.  

This is an incredible finding in a nation where hypothyroidism is an epidemic, affecting more than one out of every ten Americans, with Synthroid (a synthetic thyroid prescription given to treat hypothyroidism) being the number one brand-name drug prescribed in the United States.



The musculoskeletal system is what makes you conductive, and what makes grounding instantaneous throughout your whole body.


Most medical professionals just aren’t aware yet that the entire structure of your body (all of your ligaments, tendons, muscles, skin and bones) are all conductors.  And it goes further than that.  Because it’s not just your muscles, skin, bones, ligaments and joints that are conductors.  And it’s not just the fluids, it’s the actual cytoskeleton of every single cell. 

Your cells are made up of their own structural system that maintains their three-dimensional shape that is conductive and the fluids that our cells are filled with are conductive as well.  I think of it as an electrically conductive gel. 

So because each cell in our body is primed to receive conductive healing, you can have an instant response that’s not dependent on digesting something or circulating something or absorbing something. It’s not dependent on absorbing a prescribed medication. It’s not dependent even on the food you’re eating. Those things can be very helpful and adjunctive. But nothing is as direct as the immediate result of grounding.

Even for chronic old issues, because now the earth can speed relief and repair right to an area that may be walled off and encapsulated by scar tissue and is not accessible any other way than electrically. So that is the incredible power of grounding your musculoskeletal system.



Grounding one cell is all that it takes.


Grounding just one cell will electrically conduct this healing flow through your entire body. Releasing muscle tension, supporting your joints, strengthening your bones.

First and foremost, it’s using your connective tissue to speed this healing flow throughout your body.

So if it’s cold and you just touch the earth with one finger and stay bundled up everywhere else, you’re grounded.

If it’s warm outside and you can fully lay right down on the earth that’s awesome, but it’s not superior to just being grounded with one tiny little part of your body.  That is how electrically conductive your body is — the moment one cell in your body becomes grounded, your entire body is grounded.

Today, touch the earth for a minute and feel your muscle tension literally drain.  Then meet be back here next week for the next blog post I am writing for you on the wonderful benefits of grounding for your brain’s health!

xoxoxo, Laura

The Healing Power Of Grounded Touch



I recently received an awesome question from a reader.  It was:

“If a very sick person is lacking in the earth’s electrons, can they unknowingly ‘steal’ those electrons from another person by touching them?”


The short answer to this is: yes.


When you were a kid, did you ever walk around in your socks, rubbing them on a carpet repeatedly so you could sneak up to your sibling and shock them?  (Or was that just me, LOL?). If you’ve ever shocked someone when touching them, you know this on a large scale — with a large quantity of electrons passing between the two of you causing the shock.

On a smaller scale, this is happening with every interaction, all day long.  Because no two bodies are 100% completely balanced and neutral in respect to each other, electrons are always flowing one way or another when you touch someone else, or they touch you.

Although the amount of electrons transferring is such a small amount relative to the amount of electrons in a human body, I believe this is in part why healing touch is so powerful.  When you “donate” some of your electrons to someone who is in worse physical condition than you (such as someone in pain, with an inflammatory process going on) you are supporting them in many ways.

Medical studies are just starting to reveal the healing power of physical touch:

And all of these studies are just from touch alone!

They do not include all of the wonderful studies that show the healing power of therapeutic touch, such as massage therapy and physical therapy.  Just simple skin-to-skin contact.

Do these results sound familiar?

What other healing modality do you know that can decrease pain, calm brain waves, lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, and calm respiratory rate?   Grounding.


Yep, grounding does all of that in the exact same way, with direct physical contact and the transfer of electrons between the human body and the earth.





So the first take home point today is:

Yes, you might be donating electrons during physical contact to someone who needs them.

In short, you are grounding them.  So remember to get grounded yourself.


If you ground your body routinely, this can be a very kind thing to do — with every hug or hand squeeze or touch, you are literally helping to neutralize their depleted body, which is one reason why touch is so healing.

And while you may be very willing to be an electron donor to those you love, you should be aware that even brief casual contact with strangers is enough to donate electrons — when getting handed a receipt at checkout, for example, or shaking hands after introductions at work or at a party.





You may want to ask yourself, do you ever feel depleted at work?

Do you feel depleted after group meetings, after introductions that include handshakes, or after social functions where you spent time embracing large numbers of friends or family members that are not routinely grounded?

Or maybe you notice feeling depleted after public transit, in crowded shopping areas, or while eating out?


The solution to this is so simple: just take a break and touch the earth.



The ground outside has an ever available supply of electrons, and it will never run out of electrons to tank you back up… just reach for earth to restore you.

Make it your new policy to get outside before, after — *and particularly during* — events that drain you.

For example:

  1.  At work: You can make it a routine to go outside during a lunch break and touch the earth.  It’s super easy to do if you wear open toed socks that allow you to slip off your shoe for a moment and touch the earth.  Although grounding for long periods of time can have cumulative benefits, you are grounded immediately and a single second is enough to have a flow of electrons wash over you.
  2. Waiting for bus or other forms of commuting:  I have a practice of touching the cement curb beside where I am parked and always take a minute to connect before getting into my car.  On long car rides, I take time to break up the drive with a grounding moment on the earth.  Especially after getting off public transit, cement sidewalks and curbs are always your friend.
  3. Socializing out with friends: Feel exhausted while hanging out with friends?  Or maybe your socialization comes in the form of getting your kids together at playdates with other parents and there are tons of children running around a playground.  Either way, if you feel your energy draining after contact with others, you can always discretely touch a tree as you walk around outside, getting grounded in an instant without ever having to take your shoes off.  No one has to know why you want to stop and lean down to smell a flower (hold onto a leaf as you do to get a grounding fix) or stop and touch a leaf on a tree or touch the grass with your fingertips.  Any contact with the earth will restore your electrons, it absolutely does not need to be through your feet.  And it does not need to be the ground directly — any living rooted tree will be fully grounded as will rocks resting on the earth — so sit on a rock, touch a leaf, caress a flower — and tank up on those electrons directly.
  4. Ultimately, consider sleeping grounded: if you find you are routinely exhausted from daily life, which is super common in this ungrounded world around you, consider sleeping grounded each night.  That way, your sleep is more restorative and you are all set, flush with electrons to face another day, interacting with people all day long who more than likely do not sleep grounded and are in need of their own electron fix.




The second take home point to this:

You can absolutely use this principle of electron sharing to your advantage!

It can be a good thing!

Because when you are touching someone who is grounded to the earth, you are grounded as well, even without touching the earth yourself.  Your partner becomes a grounded contact, like a grounding cord, that tethers you to the ground.

There are many many applications where this can be helpful.  For example:

  1.  Holding hands = when one is grounded, you both are grounded.  For me, as someone who is always cold, I love love love to hold my husband’s warm hands while we are on a nice walk outside in the winter.  He never gets as cold as I do, so he very much enjoys touching a rock or holding a tree branch as we explore the neighborhood, even sometimes going barefoot while I stay toasty in my boots.  As long as I have his warm hand slipped into my pocket holding mine, I’m grounded every bit as powerfully as he is.  Want to bring your relationship to new heights?  Make sure one of you is grounded outside and share a kiss, knowing the entire time the kiss is grounding both partners instantly!
  2. Sleep sharing = one person sleeping grounded means both people are sleeping grounded.  If you sleep with a partner that isn’t too into the whole grounding movement, as long as you are grounded, every time you reach over to touch your partner, have the comfort of knowing you ground them as well.  For example, if your side of the bed has a grounding bed roll running down it, as you cuddle your partner, they are every bit as grounded as if they had a full grounded bed roll under them as well!
  3. Pets outside = let them stand directly on the earth so you don’t have to!  Every time you pet your pup as they play outside on the earth, it’s as good as you grounding directly to the earth without you having to get dirty, muddy, or cold (or hot, depending on the season!). So if the sidewalk is too hot for your own bare feet, or the rain is too muddy and wet for you to want to go barefoot, or you are simply too cold to have direct skin contact with the earth, let your warm furry friend do the grounding for you. Thick fur is insulating and can prevent grounding contact, so try to pat their tummy, rub their ears, kiss their snout, or massage down under the fur or in areas that are less fur covered.  Every time you do, you are tanking up on the earth’s electrons without depleting your pet’s supply.



Because in each of these examples, one of the two living bodies is grounded to the earth, they are continuously tanked up with electrons and you never have to feel you are taking any away from them directly, instead they are an earth donor while they themselves are simultaneously getting tanked up too!

I’m sure you can think of many more scenarios where you can either be proactive about restoring your own electrons after interacting with others in this ungrounded society we live in, or situations where you can use this principle of grounded contact to double the benefits of grounding to more than one person at a time.





So my challenge to you is to simply be aware of getting grounded multiple times throughout your day, each and every day, and see if you feel less drained all day long.

Don’t limit yourself to the examples I shared in today’s blog post… there are infinite ways that you touch others all day long and infinite ways you can use the healing power of touch to restore both you and those you love.

With much love…  xoxoxo, Laura



P.S.  Do you have a question about grounding that you can’t find answered anywhere else?

Email me at and I will try my best to create upcoming blog posts that address as many of your questions as possible!    In the meantime, head over here to read a full list of my most recent answers to your Grounding FAQs…


New Healing Ideas: Float Therapy & A DIY Version To Try Today



If you visit my website, you’ll see that my motto is “Enjoy Healing.”


After all, the truth is that life is hard enough, and health issues are scary enough, without physicians piling on layers of fear and negativity to the healing process.

Even well-meaninged doctors can destroy a patient’s hope with one single casual negative statement or statistic.

I won’t do that, because to me healing is all about feeling better and better and better. 


It is a powerful forward moving process that should be uplifting.


So, if lately your health care routines leave you feeling stuck, uninspired, fearful or even simply bored, maybe it’s time to introduce a fun new alternative into your healing journey! 

It’s always a great idea to find a new way to exercise, fun ways to express your inner creativity, to introduce new healthy recipes inspired by seasonally available fruits and vegetables, and to add humor and play into your life. 

Studies since the 1970’s have shown us that laughter literally boosts the immune system, balances stress hormones and even decreases pain.  For example, a recent study published in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice in January 2018 showed that laughter effectively delayed the onset of diabetic cardiovascular complications.  

But sometimes even new foods, creative expression, play, touch and exercise aren’t enough.  Maybe it’s time to consider a new adjunctive healing therapies… because believe it or not, there is always a new fun way to approach wellness. 

So interspersed with more serious bog posts about the latest medical literature, I also want to have some fun introducing you to some of the more unusual alternative healing modalities that you might want to consider, and I’ll also give you some tips on how to try an at-home versions of each as well!




Today is my first topic in this new series, and it’s on Floating.


Floating is a therapy that involves laying for about an hour in a darkened, body temperature tank filled with such a hypertonic magnesium solution that you actually, literally, float without effort.

Never heard of it?

Heard of it but never did it?

In this video I show you exactly what the float tank I tested out looks like and how I felt before and after.

Then I came home and did some exhaustive research into the science behind float therapy, and below this video I share what I found out with you so you can decide for yourself… is a float session something you want to do?




 (click here to watch video on YouTube)



After my own float session, I searched the medical literature to find there actually are quite a few studies that show that floating in a sensory deprivation tank — a body temperature tank of ultra-concentrated magnesium salts that allow the body to float effortlessly — is helpful in decreasing chronic tension headaches, significantly decreasing anxiety, and treating insomnia. 


Here are my favorite studies and what they found:

  • A study published in Biological Psychiatry: Neuroscience and Neuroimaging in June 2018 found that muscle tension was significantly decreased and blood pressure was measurably reduced after float therapy.  
  • Another study published in the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal in March of 2016 found that anxiety symptoms were significantly reduced to the point that almost 40% of patients with generalized anxiety disorder reached full remission post-treatment.  Generalized anxiety disorder is a very difficult diagnosis to treat, even with powerful pharmacotherapy, so this full remission rate for an alternative holistic therapy is actually really impressive.  That study also found that sleep disturbances were significantly reduced after float therapy. 
  • A study published in Pain Research and Management in 2001 found that float therapy helped chronic and severe pain conditions more than it helped low pain issues, suggesting that the more pain you have, the more relief you can find through floating.
  • Another study published back in 1991 in the International Journal of Pschosomatic Research found that patients who used float therapy sustained longer relief from chronic tension headaches than folks who used progressive muscle relaxation and other control groups did.


All in all — yep, floating was more powerfully relaxing than taking a bath at home.

A typical float tank has over 800 pounds of epsom salts in 200 gallons of water to create an exceptionally buoyant hypertonic solution to float effortlessly in.





But still, if you don’t live near a float tank facility and/or don’t have the time or funds to do a series of treatments, I do feel there is significant benefit to be gained from a dense epsom salt bath at home.  Magnesium is an essential mineral (required for over 300 different enzymatic reactions) and absolutely crucial for energy production as well as proper function of our heart, our nerves, our brain and our muscles.  And most of us are magnesium deficient.

If you are magnesium deficient, you can be anxious, depressed, low energy, have muscle tension, headaches and insomnia.  You’ll find immediate benefits after just one single Epsom salt soak.

Here’s how:

  • To experience an inexpensive at-home version of float therapy, draw a warm bath just before bedtime, making it close to body temperature (98 degrees) and add several cups of epsom salts to make a hypertonic magnesium solution. 
  • 2 cups of Epsom salts will equal one pound of salt in your bath, so shoot for at least 2 cups of salts per bath. Double that for a more intense session.
  • Darken the room or place a warm washcloth over the eyes and soak for at least 15 minutes and up to 60 minutes, adding warm water when needed to maintain body temperature. 
  • See if you feel more calm, with less muscle tension, and get a better night’s sleep!


I’ve gotten some great ideas on future alternative health videos under the video on YouTube — please hop over there to add any ideas you’d like to see and I will add it to the list!

And stay tuned for the next video in my “Testing It Out For You” series…

xoxoxox, Laura

A Sincere Thank You To Mothers & Caretakers Everywhere



It was Mother’s Day weekend and mine, like all mom’s everywhere, was totally hectic and full of activity and slightly organized chaos.

And I loved it.



My firstborn child, my daughter, love of my life, is headed off to college at the end of this summer… so you better believe I am just soaking in every second.

Today, in honor of mothers, parents, grandparents, stepparents, guardians and caretakers everywhere, I want to share with you 9 things you can do to boost the health of your children… protecting their wellness for a lifetime.



9 Ways to Support Your Child’s Healing:


Nothing triggers more of our fears, as parents, than watching our children suffer.  

Illness has a way of removing — in one instant — everything that is a distraction in life and distills it all down into the *real deal* — the reason you are upon this earth in the first place. 

Everything else falls away.  

No more distractions.

The meaningful surfaces.

In some ways, facing a crisis together with your child is the ultimate form of healing for you both, as you uncover what it is that you deeply fear and you reveal it, release it, layer by layer together you find ways to grow closer and closer leaning into the unknown.  

The truth is, trusting in life’s unknowable process, in the journey, in the unfolding is healing in and of its-self.  

And while there are lots of things we can do to support health and healing, it’s really important to start off right away deeply *knowing* that underneath it all… there is meaning and value in what you are going through, and you can model this to your child. 

Each medical decision you make or each pain you comfort your child through or each fear you embrace together and release together or each night you help them fall asleep — each of it has a deeper value than just the passing of time.  

Let’s give our children lots and lots of resources to find inner strength during health challenges… because setting an example of resilience during a crisis for your children NOW will benefit them for the rest of their lives, during times when you may not be there to help.

Modeling resilience now will support them forever.

So here are 9 tangible ways to transform the hurt and the fear and the hugeness of illness for children and provide room for comfort, safety and hope:




  1. Emphasize PLAY.  


Play is a child’s therapy.  Play is not only a relief and a respite from the seriousness that illness, trauma and disease brings abruptly into a child’s world, but it is a way to restore innocence.  It’s a way to off-gas and release inner workings and thoughts and fears that the child doesn’t even consciously know they have yet!  

Play is an avenue for healing.  

Encourage play.  Allow *inappropriate* play like laughter even on the saddest days, violent actions towards dolls and stuffed animals that might otherwise be macabre… during a crisis, children need to see that their favorite toys can get beaten down by life and still be there for them the next day.   

Allow anger too — anger expressed can turn your child into a centered warrior, giving them inner strength when the anger is witnessed and allowed to flow — transforming a passive child desperately struggling to release fear into an empowered warrior ready for the next round.

As adults, we might find our way through illness by taking long showers or baths, working out until we reach pure physical exhaustion, crying until there are no tears left, praying and therapy and acupuncture and massage and millions of other ways…  

For a child, the direct route to this is through play.





  1. Focus on POSSIBILITY for your child.


Illness, trauma, death, divorce… these outer circumstances may take certain choices away from your child and leave them with a feeling of not having any control over the situation.  This results in DISEMPOWERMENT.  

Disempowerment and lack of control is what makes serious illness so hard.

Sometimes it is not possible to give a promise or control outcomes in order to empower a child.  Even if you can offer a choice or secure a certain outcome, this is only temporary  relief anyway, because there will always be another crisis.

The healing won’t come from getting control back — control is (at best) an illusion.

The healing comes from re-establishing POSSIBILITY!!!  

Finding meaning, and even joy, by living in possibility and open ended wonderment is the healing mind-frame. 

Not the answer… the question.  The questions are the healing.  


What is possible?”  

“What can I imagine?”

“What do I wonder?”

“What can I transform?”


Re-establishing possibility and open ended thinking re-establishes health because it brings back HOPE.

Asking more then answering the questions in your life.  Asking “I wonder?”.   Can you think of the last day you spent asking more questions then answering questions?  

For many of us, that day was way back in our childhood.  

Keep this realm of possibility open for your child.  

Keep the potential of any and every healing outcome within reach to your child by staying open to possibility.






3.  Remind your child that they are a miracle.


“The child must know that they are a miracle… that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been… and until the end of the world there will not be, another like them.”

-Pablo Casals


I believe that with my whole heart, and I believe that is true for my children and that it is true for your children and that it is true for YOU.  

And with that truth comes the knowing that each moment of your existence is precious and rare and VALUABLE.  

Remind your child of this by treating them in such a way that you witness their value in every moment… in sickness and in health… in joy and in pain… in tears and in laughter… in rest and at play.





  1. Spend healing time in nature 


The earth is perfectly suited for reminding your child that he or she is part of a bigger plan and that they are well supported for life here on this planet, that in fact the planet itself has a healing energy to give to them.

Touching the earth (grounding) supports the body’s ability to heal. 



It’s so important, I wrote and illustrated a children’s book about it, called From The Ground Up, available on my website and on Amazon. 

This book can be an important healing tool that can set your child up for a lifetime of enhanced health by teaching them the value of spending time grounding.




  1. Spend healing time with animals


The comfort of an unconditionally loving pet can NOT be underestimated.  

Let your child’s favorite pet sleep with them at night, lay on their sickbed with them, even take a bath with them!  

And if they don’t have a pet, ask them if they’d like one.  Watch their face light up.




  1. Music 


Healing music has a way of opening us up to possibility.  

When the energy in a room gets heavy or dark or stagnant, bring new energy in with the beauty of sound.  

Ask what your child would like to listen to or just begin by some gentle nature tunes like the kind used in massage therapist’s office… there is a reason this music is played, it helps the client relax and get into a healing, positive mind-frame!




  1. Heal through art 


Art has a way of letting you get out of your own worry and into your hands.  

Many times, something you have no way of expressing or even formulating and idea about can be released through active use of your hands.  

Especially for children who are facing a health crisis and are too sick to actively play or adventure or get out of the hospital or home, bringing art in (just like with music) is a way to give them a bit of play, a bit of fun, a bit of possibility back.  

Modelling clay, paper and crayons, finger-paints in the bathtub… all are doing more than just giving your child something to do, it is giving your child a way to heal.  




  1. Be certain they are getting enough sleep.


Sleep time is healing time.  Deep sleep gives the body time to repair on a different level than we can repair during activity.  

Restorative sleep is crucial to the healing process.

Be sure your child is getting 10 or more hours of sleep, especially when they are facing an illness.

Solid sleep allows the body to decrease inflammation, improve memory function, improve daytime stamina and decrease fatigue, increase attention span, regulate a health weight, lower stress, boost mood, and boost immune function… all key when you are fighting off illness.






And by the way, I am such a big fan of cosleeping with young children and babies, especially those that are sick, that I wrote and illustrated a book about it for you, you can find that here.






9.  Know that your very presence in your child’s life transforms their future health.  


YOU are a healing presence in your child’s life.  Enjoy being that presence and that light for them. 

During a crisis, simply your presence IS ENOUGH.  


Your consistency in their life is the rock upon which they draw strength, comfort, hope and yes… healing. 

Continue to show your unwavering presence to your child through every health crisis they could possibly face and you show your child the power of unconditional love… the best medicine there is.



For more ideas on how to nurture your child through illness and raise them in vibrant Well Being, you can find my Parenting Idea Book — it contains 160 pages of ideas, information, and fun tools to nurture the fullest health potential of your child for a lifetime!


xoxox, Laura



PS — here are some other blog posts I’ve written about the health of children, hopefully one of these will help someone out there right now, today!

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