How To Get Your Physician To Take EMF Sensitivity Seriously


When will physicians become serious about the diagnosis and treatment of electrosenstivity?




There is a huge movement of physicians who are becoming aware and clear on how the non-stop onslaught of EMF exposures are affecting the physiology of the human body.

Many physicians feel that autoimmune disorders, inflammatory disorders of all kinds, insomnia, nausea, chronic fatigue, pain, dizziness, headache, food allergies, chemical sensitivities, anxiety, depression and psychiatric disorders are all on the rise secondary to around-the-clock saturation of our bodies with radiation.

Myself included.


So today, I wanted to give you some resource to share with your physician in order to help spread awareness.

Here are some things you can do before your next doctor’s appointment to sharing with your health care professional.



 1.  Print out this medical guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of electrosensitivity to hand to your doctor:


Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) has been recognized as a diagnosable disorder since 2012 in Austria, where they have very specific guidelines for diagnosis and treatment.

This may be a helpful guideline to print out and hand to your physician, just click the link below:


Austrian Medical Association Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treating EHS





2.  Fill out this electrosensitivity questionnaire and bring it to your next appointment:


You can pre-fill out the exact same questionnaire that is used for the evaluation of EHS by the Austrian Medical Association and bring this with you to your next appointment to share with your physician.

Just click the link below to print out and take it for yourself:


EHS Intake Questionnaire




3.  Consider taking a EMF vacation to help rule out other causes:


You never want to ignore other, more easily treatable sources of illness and disease.  Doing a non-EHS full work up for any symptoms you are having is always appropriate.

But similar to an elimination diet to figure out what foods are causing gut inflammation, you can consider an EMF vacation to see what symptoms resolve in the absence of persistent EMF exposures.

Camping in a remote location with no electronics for several days to weeks whenever possible, grounding your body to the earth in this natural setting to help expedite recovery, and then seeing what symptoms return when normal living arrangements are resumed can help really clarify what is EMF related and what is not.





4.  Ground the human body to help increase resiliency, but use an EMF filtering & shielding ground cord for all indoor grounding applications:



Grounding the body is a natural healing state for all living things to be in, but for those with EHS you want to be sure you are not introducing any dirty electrical currents into the body via your ground cord.

Be sure all grounding tools are grounded with a PureGround filtering and shielding cord to preserve the purest ground connection possible without resonance to manmade EMF fields in the area while grounded.

And join the Safe Grounding Coalition to stay updated on the latest ways to safely ground in an increasingly EMF toxic world.






5.  Ask your doc for laboratory evaluation of EMF mediated inflammatory markers:


These markers can include blood levels of high-sensitivity C reactive protein (hs-CRP), immunoglobulin E (IgE), histamine.

Salivary melatonin levels and salivary cortisol levels can also be tested.

Print out this article to give to your physician for them to consider these markers and others when evaluating patients with possible electrohypersensitivity… just click the link below:

Reliable Biomarkers Identifying EHS





6.  Decrease EMF Exposures On Your Own:



You don’t need a physician to formally diagnose you with EHS before reducing your exposures and symptoms.

Click over here for a printable checklist with 25 easy things to do to reduce your EMF exposures as a starting point.  You can go further with this by hiring a building biologist to evaluate your home if desired.

At the very least, start with these 5 steps:


  1.  Turn your cell phone onto airplane mode whenever not in use, when charging, and while sleeping at night.  Don’t bring your phone into your bedroom but if you must, put it on airplane mode and place it behind a Bedside Shield.  Never hold cell phone up to the head, use speakerphone or text instead.  Carry your cell phone in a shielding case when you need to carry it on your person, in a pocket, in your purse, in a bookbag, etc…
  2. Remove cordless phones from your home and change to a corded phone, as well as remove any LED or CFL light bulbs in favor of traditional incandescent bulbs.
  3. Cover your wifi router with a router guard to decrease radiation throughout your entire home while in use during the day, and turn off the wifi all together when not in use at night.
  4. Ask to have your smart meter turned off or shielded (best to have a building biologist shield your meter for you.)
  5. Sleep under an EMF shielding blanket at night, and consider shielding clothing for daytime use.





7.  Decrease Your Other Toxic Exposures:


There are lots of other ways you can boost your health and keep your body less burdened with toxic exposures, which is particularly crucial if there are EMF exposures you can’t modify.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Reduce total body toxic burden by eating less processed and artificial foods, and more antioxidant rich natural healthy foods.  Reducing environmental toxins like artificial fragrances and toxic household cleaners and toxic body, beauty and oral care products also goes a long way to reducing the total burden you put on your body each day.  And absolute stop using those fake toxic chemicals on your lawn as well!!!
  • Wash your hands before eating anything to remove all the chemicals we pick up as we go about our day so you don’t get traces of them into your mouth with each meal.
  • Supplement with antioxidants that can help alleviate free radicals and oxidative damage.  N-aceytl cysteine (NAC), glutathione, Vit C, Vit D, CoQ10, Apha-lipoic acid (ALA), Curcumin, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Resveratrol, even melatonin are all powerful antioxidants and help slow or even reverse the aging process.  The very best, highest quality supplements in the world are all waiting for you (at a discount!) in my trusty online dispensary here.
  • Drink filtered water in large quantities daily
  • Get plenty of natural sunlight daily to boost longevity.
  • Get a pet.
  • Sauna routinely to boost health.
  • Increase your sleep by just one hour to increase your lifespan.
  • Exercise daily to help deliver much needed fresh oxygen and nutrients to all organ systems as well as aid in the removal of toxins and waste by-products.  Exercise absolutely boosts your body’s health and resiliency!!!
  • Embrace a positive, uplifting health mantra.


Help spread awareness not only on the actionable things you can to help boost awareness of electrohypersensitivity in the medical community, but also all of the actionable things you can do to reduce your own toxic exposures to boost your innate resilient health… even without a physician’s recommendation!

Sharing this article with all of your loved ones will help them do the same.

Health is your birthright.  Claim it!

xoxoxo, Laura


Going From Surviving To Thriving After Cancer



One year ago today I almost died.

My appendix acutely ruptured and I went into shock.  I was rushed into surgery and my surgeon said I was about 2 hours away from things being very dicey with survival.

Thank God, truly, for advancements in modern medicine such that they could save my life that day.


That said, what modern medicine has not quite figured out as well, is how to maintain or boost wellness.  Or how to recover wellness after a major medical crisis.  After surgery I had one follow up appointment where they made sure I was basically still alive and not having any infection or prolonged pain, and I was sent on my way.

After cancer, I hear many patients tell me the same thing — that they were given a pat on the back and told to come back for follow up periodically to rule out that cancer hasn’t returned.  But that they didn’t hear as much about how to boost wellness in between appointments.

After cancer you are left with quite a bit of fatigue, lingering symptoms, fear and shock.  That’s normal.  It’s a time to recover and a time to uncover a new identity.

Modern medicine doesn’t help you so much with finding the new you.

I truly believe that modern medicine is fantastic at helping in a medical crisis, and in treating disease.  I am all for conventional medical treatments, especially as they pertain to cancer treatment or other health emergencies. In a car crash, you want the ambulance taking you directly to the ER for evaluation of your internal injuries… modern medicine is blessedly so good at saving your life.

So I was really sad to read a medical study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute that looked at patients who chose to do absolutely no modern medical treatment for cancer at all and instead only use alternative therapy for treatment.

This study  found that patients who exclusively used alternative medicine for cancer treatment (without any conventional medical treatment at all) had dramatically decreased survival rates.   For example, breast cancer death rates were more than 5.5 times higher in the alternative medical ground vs. conventional medical therapy, colorectal death rates were 4.5 times higher, and lung cancer mortality more than doubled.  All in all, for all forms of cancer studied, survival decreased 2.5 fold when patients did not utilize conventional medical care along with their alternative therapies.

So after reading that study, I wanted to make sure that my readers know that you can approach cancer treatment and recovery both conventionally and holistically at the same time.  It’s not one or the other… it’s both.  Modern medicine to remove tumor and/or treat disease, and holistic health care approaches to support wellness.

So today, in addition to the recommendations of your cancer care team, I give you 8 holistic ways to boost wellness after cancer recovery.

These all work in addition to and synergistically with your conventional medical care and follow up:


  1.  Walking Daily


Did you know that simply walking has been shown not only to reduce cancer recurrence rates (for example, cutting the risk of colorectal cancer recurrence in half!) which I blog about for you here.  Oh and walking also deepens restorative sleep during and after cancer treatment, which is always a good thing.  Hop over here to read more about that.  Exercising daily is great but if you are not feeling up for exercising, focus on simply reducing inactivity by walking.  Even just standing up more often to break up sitting intervals… it all helps.





2.  Fasting Overnight


Did your doctor tell you about the wonderful study that showed that fasting every night (going for 13 hours or more without eating between dinner and breakfast) dramatically reduced cancer recurrence?  I blog about that for you here. 





3.  Addressing Brain Fog


Feeling in a fog or with a markedly decreased attention span?  Yep, that’s neuroinflammation and that is normal — typically the stress of cancer spikes cytokine levels, which cross the blood brain barrier and interferes with brain function.  We can decrease this with antioxidants that also cross the blood brain barrier (like theracurcumin) and omega 3 fatty acids (which has also been shown to decrease cancer recurrence, so hey that’s win-win!)





4.  Restore Nutrition


After cancer treatment, patients often have nutritional depletion because nausea and vomiting during treatment can limit food intake drastically.  Whole foods, unprocessed foods, Mediterranean and paleo style diets work well to get in plenty of veggies, fish, nuts, seeds…  and don’t forget berries, well known for their cancer prevention properties.  All phytonutrients and antioxidants are basically wonderful.

Eliminating pesticides and eating organic as much as possible helps to decrease the toxic load on the body.  Pesticides and other chemicals (as well as the presence of genetically modified foods) harm our body and inhibits our ability to heal. Eat organic whenever possible, wash produce well before consuming, eliminate convenience packaging (never microwave food in plastic containers and try to choose beverages in non-plastic containers when available) and drink filtered water often.

Decrease alcohol consumption and decrease sugar as much as possible.  Adding supplements with high quality antioxidants, trace minerals and vitamins can help optimize nutritional status and boost mitochondrial function to get your energy back where you want it to be.  There are also some specific recommendations for supplements depending on cancer the type that you might want to ask your physician about… for example blueberry extract and/or green tea extract for decreasing breast cancer recurrence, curcumin for decreasing melanoma and prostate cancer recurrence , omega 3 fatty acids for decreasing colon cancer recurrence, etc…





5.  Reduce Toxins


Eating organic is great to remove toxins from your internal environment but you can also significantly decrease your toxin load by removing them from your external environment too.

Remove as many artificial ingredients, preservatives, scents and additives from laundry care products, house hold cleaners, body care products, hair & make up products and household cleaners and items as well.  Organic mattresses that don’t have flame retardants in them, for example.  Try to decrease the toxic EMF radiation exposures in your home.  Here are some ideas to help with that.






6.  Fix Sleep


Patients can still have lingering fatigue long after cancer treatment is stopped… this is not only from disrupted sleep during treatment but also from a deeper HPA axis imbalance from stress on the adrenals.  Over time you can reverse this by restoring sleep and addressing adrenal fatigue.

You can restore balanced sleep in many different ways, from supplements such as L-theanine and melatonin to light box therapy, all of which I blog about for you here.

To help assess your adrenals you can have your cortisol levels checked with a simple salivary test, add adaptogenic herbs such as ashwagandha and Maca Root, and nutrients like CoQ10 can help you recover strength.  My favorite pharmacy grade supplements are available to you right here.

!As a side note, make sure you purchase any supplements either directly from your physicians office or from a trusted online dispensary, and steer clear of purchasing supplements off of sites that are not set up to specifically store or ship supplements.  For example, I wouldn’t recommend buying supplements from Amazon where they are often shipped by independent sellers that have no guidelines for storing or shipping supplements.  Supplements can easily go rancid or become worthless if not stored properly.  You don’t want someone who stored their supplements in their home garage sending you something as important as your therapeutic nutrients.  A pharmacy grade shop devoted to proper storage and shipment of supplements is your best bet to get the most out of your treatment plan.)





7.  Follow Up With Your Physician


Make sure you stay in close follow up with your medical team.  They can help support all of these symptoms by offering therapy, reassurance, lab studies and other medical follow up, and offer even more powerful treatments when necessary (such as sleeping medications for insomnia when holistic approaches are not enough.)

They can also order labs to follow markers of inflammation such as C-Reactive Protein (CRP), cytokine levels, homocysteine levels, and neutrophil-lymphocyte ratios, all markers that can help you see tangible proof that your health is improving even when you don’t feel fully restored.  Also important, they can double check that your Vitamin D levels are good, which improves remission rates in multiple types of cancer as I blog about here.




8.  Support Your Spiritual Nature.


Do anything and everything that helps to provide meaning and spiritual growth to your recovery.  Increase your time in nature (you all know I feel that grounding is essential to boosting wellness both physically and spiritually!) increase your time spent in spiritual growth, retreats, religious groups, support groups, prayer, read spiritually uplifting books, listen to spiritually uplifting music, and perhaps most importantly of all, connect as often as possible with your loved ones.

Be sure to also address any anxiety, depression or PTSD that you may have as a result of your cancer diagnosis and recovery.  For some more support directly from me, I’d love to have you join into my Trauma Recovery & Resiliency online class that I run once a year… it starts next month and you can sign up right here, right now to reserve your spot.  






Research (published in Nature Dec 16, 2015) shows that cancer is a very modifiable health risk… estimating that the vast majority, up to 90% of cancers, are actually environmentally induced.


Why is this good news?


Because if the vast majority of cancers are caused by extrinsic factors (not *pre-determined* in your genetic make up) then the vast majority of cancers are actually preventable, so there are tons things you can do to prevent the occurrence of cancer and decrease your own recurrence risk dramatically!

That means that cancer risk is influenced most heavily by things *you actually can modify*… much more heavily than by things you can’t modify.

So know that the above measures, along with guidance from your in person medical team, can truly help you move on once and for all into a new level of health and a new platform of recovery.

Your body is naturally, literally, a healing machine… we are well equip to deal with mutations on a cellular level and when aberrant cells do arise, our body naturally gets rid of them through the process of cellular apoptosis.  And on top of our bodies being naturally equip to clear out potentially cancerous cells at all times and our body’s incredibly resilient basic design, we can also enhance our well being even further with the above steps.


To your longevity, your innate well being, and your eternally bright & beautiful soul…

xoxoxo, Laura

8 Ways To Lift Your Mood In The Middle Of Winter


I’m no stranger to the winter blues… otherwise known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD.) 

This temporary blah feeling that accompanies the winter months is thought to be triggered by shortened hours of daylight, which causes an imbalance in melatonin rhythms and decreased serotonin levels in the brain. 


SAD is thought to have a genetic component as well, and sure enough, almost every woman I know in my family has a touch of the winter blues.

But there are 8 things you can do right now to help re-balance your mood naturally and feel better this winter than you ever have before.   

It absolutely IS possible to enjoy winter and feel just as centered and joyful as you do during every other season.  If you typically feel more tired, crave carbohydrates, lose pleasure in the things that normally bring you joy or if feel weepy or sad during only the winter months, you might be suffering needlessly with SAD too.

Read on to support your body holistically during this natural seasonal fluctuation and feel just as good this winter as you typically do in the warm springtime!





Are you drinking plenty of water each day?

More important than the food you eat today is your hydration status, especially amidst all the dry artificial heat.  Even natural heat sources like wood burning fires and gas heat cause the air to become incredibly dry.

Focus on drinking plenty of water during the winter months.  

It’s easy to remember to drink water in the summer when you are perspiring, hot, and sticky.  It’s trickier to remember to drink plenty of water in the winter when you are dry and cold and flaky.  Drink it anyway.

Bonus points if your water is filtered and pure — removing toxic fluoride, chlorine and other stressful chemicals from your water supply.  Find my favorite water filtration system here.






Are you allowing yourself the time to sleep more than you usually do in the spring, summer and fall?

Allow yourself to re-connect to the natural rhythm of the earth.  That means more sleep during the darker winter months.

Bright artificial lights and TV channels blasting shows 24 hours a day can keep us feeling like there isn’t much difference between the middle of the night and the middle of the day.  But there is.  To your body, to your pineal gland, your hormones, your muscles, your brain… the difference between night and day is iron clad.

You are meant to sleep at night, and you are meant to sleep longer in the winter months.

Allow your body to get an extra hour of sleep each night during the winter and watch your mood, energy level, eating habits, activity level and joy all get a boost!  If you need help in getting more restorative sleep, hop over to my blog post here for ideas.






You knew I had to include this one!  If you only do one thing on this list to feel immediately better today, I would go outside and touch the earth.

There is a beautiful relationship that our brain has with the energy of mother earth.  This helps support everything our brain helps us to do — from enhancing our mood to deepening our restorative sleep — both things that are crucial to support in the winter time more than any other time.

Most people believe that our circadian (day/night) rhythm is dependent on sunlight to set that pattern for us, and that is true in part, as I will mention below.  But scientists have actually known since 1970 that the earth’s energy field has as much, if not more, to do with our sleep/wake pattern than even the sun.

Researchers built two underground isolation chambers that completely cut occupants off from any evaluation of time passing.  The two chambers were light proof, sound proof, temperature controlled bunkers, with one difference between the two rooms.  While one was allowed to be connected to the electromagnetic field of the earth, one was completely shielded so that all connection was severed between the earth’s energy and the occupants of the bunker. 

Looking at several hundred test subjects for up to a two month period of time, researchers looked at sleep wake cycles and found that participants who were in the bunker that still allowed the earth’s field to reach them kept patterns that were close to a 24 hour rhythm, while those in the bunker that was completely shielded from the earth’s energies became completely desynchronized and experienced significantly longer, more irregular rhythms. 

Researchers then experimented with introducing different electrical and magnetic fields into the shielded bunker, and only one restored normal sleep/wake patterns…  you guessed it, the one that is our Mother Earth’s natural energy, the Schumann frequency.   From this the researchers postulated that it is actually the frequency of the earth that regulates our natural biorhythms. 

Based off of this understanding, it’s easy to understand how directly connecting to the earth, grounding our body with our planet, can help enhance restorative sleep at night and boost daytime wakefulness… especially during winter when you can feel cut off from enjoying time outside in nature.

To combat this, I highly recommend we all sleep grounded in the winter.  My favorite way is picture above — the world’s only grounding hot water bottle that will keep you toasty warm in bed all winter long, and is hand-made right here in the USA using organic, eco-friendly materials.

Grab your organic hot water bottle, organic grounding fitted sheets, or other grounding sleep systems right here.  



 4.   POOP


It’s normal for everything to slow down in the winter,  but if your bowels are feeling full of rich and hearty winter meals and you are feeling dense or bloated on the inside, getting things moving again can help you feel more balanced.  

Up your water intake, take tons of healthy fish or flax seed oil, go on a walk every day to stimulate bowel peristalsis, and ground each day to restore your daily bowel rhythm.

In addition, one of my favorite remedies is juicing a whole bunch of apples, or eating a prune a day during the winter.  And as a last resort, a cup of nighttime tea with senna in it will certainly help you feel back to normal the next day.







Stave off the sadness that can become overwhelming in the winter by increasing your exposure to light.  As I blog about here, light therapy has been actually shown to naturally treat depression better than a prescription anti-depressant!  And yes, you can do both at the same time for additional benefit.

On top of light therapy for 20 minutes every morning, go outside and get as much natural light as possible between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. If you can, bundle up and get outside for a morning walk, or at least sit by a window.  Open the curtains and spend time in the sunniest room in your house each morning.  

Even if it’s cloudy, the natural light will do you good.

If getting some natural light exposure each day in the winter is not enough to lift your mood naturally, one of the most effective interventions for SAD is using a light box daily.  The light from these devices are 10 times the intensity of regular household lighting.  Find my favorite one right here.  






5-HTP:  One of the causes of SAD is thought to be decreased serotonin levels in the brain in winter.  You can naturally raise serotonin levels by supplementing with the pre-cursor to serotonin, which is 5-HTP.  Using 5-HTP in the winter months works really well for many of my patients with SAD.

MELATONIN:  Another natural supplement that helps combat SAD is restoring nighttime melatonin levels to ensure deep sleep.  Taking melatonin 1 hour before bedtime can get you that extra winter sleep that your body naturally craves which paradoxically can help you feel more energetic, happy and centered during the daytime hours.

L-GLUTAMINE:  You can use the supplement L-glutamine to help curb your carbohydrate cravings in winter.  This amino acid supplement can help take the intensity out of sugar cravings and help you avoid the carb overload that so many of us turn to in the middle of winter for comfort.

VITAMIN D:  Most of us are Vitamin D deficient and could benefit from Vitamin D supplementation, especially in the winter months.  Vitamin D is important and impacts everything from cancer risk to stroke to mood.  Supplementing with Vitamin D is more crucial during the winter months than at any other time of the year, as we are exposed to less sunlight and are likely experiencing a natural dip in our Vit D levels.

OMEGA 3s:  Start an Omega 3 fatty acid supplement such as fish oil or flax seed oil.  Omega 3s are crucial for  mood support and supplementing with fish oil, flax oil, cod oil, krill oil, coconut oil or flax seed oil will help lift the winter fog in our brains and help protect our body from the brittleness that winter brings.

PROBIOTICS:  Along with the gut/brain connection we talked about earlier, another supplement to consider upping in the winter months is probiotics.  Probiotics have been shown to make a significant impact on mood, alleviating anxiety and depression.


Find all of these supplements plus all of my very favorite, tried and true, most trusted pharmacy grade supplements, all at a special discount for my readers, waiting for you right here:




7.  WALK


Engage in regular aerobic exercise, especially if you can exercise outdoors in the early morning hours. Simply walking for 10 minutes each day can make a HUGE difference in your mood all winter long. 

Other options include biking, swimming, yoga.   If you must exercise indoors, try exercising in the morning near a sunny window.

If you can’t walk or get any other form of exercise?  Sauna is your answer.

Medical studies show that sauna is just as good as exercise in boosting longevity.  I blog about that for you right here.  Sauna in the wintertime?  Hells yes.






Most people can’t just get up and relocate to a sunny place, even though the research has shown that ultimately, living in a sunnier climate closer to the equator is a definitive cure for SAD.  SAD rarely affects people living within about 30 degrees of the equator. 

But realistically most of us can’t re-locate.  Instead, if at all possible, plan ahead to take a trip during the winter months to a warm and sunny climate… it only takes about three days of bright sunshine to reverse symptoms of SAD.   

So if you know your mood tends to take a dip in the winter, be sure to go ahead and use up your vacation time to take a much needed break in a sunny location and soak in the relief that the sunshine brings.

You can definitely justify a winter trip as a medical necessity if it gets you through the darkest part of winter in a healthier mindframe!


If your depression does not respond to these natural remedies or if you feel overwhelmed and struggling from the winter blues, be sure to seek guidance from a healthcare professional.  

Otherwise, enjoy incorporating these 8 tips into your wintertime routine and feel better this winter than you ever have before. 

With a little extra attention on hydrating, bowel movements, sleeping, exercise, seeking early morning light, earthing and adding on a few holistic supplements, you can work in concert with the seasons and feel your best year round… winter included!


xoxox, Laura

PS — need a little more support for healing this winter?  


I am running my Trauma Recovery & Resiliency class in this last part of winter specifically so that you can emerge this spring feeling lighter, more free, more whole and more healed than you have in a long long time.

Maybe more than you ever have in your entire life.


Anyone who has gone through a trauma at any point in their lives, even a trauma that happened decades ago, is going to be dealing with residual stress and health issues that need to process thorough the physical body.

None of those symptoms are in your head… this is exactly how the human body works.

I understand very intimately how trauma affects our body and exactly how to release the resultant residual unseen scars.

So  I’ve got your spot reserved for you in my Trauma Recovery class right here — please join me in this transformative, positive, uplifting healing class right now so I can get your trauma healing goodie bag to you before class starts in a few weeks.  

Together we can become more resilient than we ever thought possible.


Join my upcoming Trauma Recovery & Resiliency Class!



Your 2019 Healing Mantra


Do you know what the single most important factor in long-term health is?

  • Is it drinking enough water each day?
  • Is it eating only raw foods?
  • Is it getting high quality sleep?



All of those things are amazing, of course… but here is the ONE factor that is controlling your current state of health completely:  your thinking.

In health, mindframe is everything.

Don’t believe me?  Look at it this way:


Your body is completely new — inside and out — every few years.


All of your organs (except for one) completely regenerates, repairs, and optimizes on a continuous basis.

  • Some parts of your body are so fresh and new that they are only one day old… the cornea of your eye, for example.  Your cornea can completely regenerate every 24 hours.
  • Some parts are a little older… the lining of your intestines, for example, are about 3 days old.
  • Your skin is about 1 month old.
  • Your fingernails have completely grown out and replaced themselves in about 6 months.
  • Your taste buds are only little 10 days old when they get replaced.
  • Your liver is regenerated every 5 months.
  • Your lungs are renewed every two years.
  • Even your bones, the support system of your body, is on a 10 year replacement program.


“When we meet a friend we have not seen for six months

there is not one molecule in his face which was there when we last saw him.”

– Harold Saxton Burr



There is only one organ system that sticks with you for your entire lifetime:

Your Brain.



Nervous tissue is the slowest to repair, never increases in number of cells, declining  in cell quantity over time. While there are plenty of things you can do to stimulate new adaptations and promote brain health, as I’ve outlined here, here and here.   But for the most part, the brain you have now is the brain you will always have.

Here’s the thing though… your brain is the one you will always have, but your thinking doesn’t have to be the same thoughts that you’ve always had.

Every other part of your body has the ability to be made anew and replaced many many times in your lifetime.

So that means that you can outgrown conditions.

You can improve the health of your tissues.

You can begin to repair past damage and let go what isn’t working for you and enjoy manifesting a new body entirely… this is why it is never too late to quit smoking!  Within of quitting days your cardiovascular system improves, within months your lungs are repairing, and within years your chances of getting lung cancer are half of what they used to be.


So why do we still struggle with those chronic health problems?


Why the skin conditions that won’t go away, the irritable bowel that won’t quit or the allergies you just haven’t outgrown?

Since we can get a new body every ten years… why do we carry the same problems for decade after decade?  It’s because our thinking hasn’t changed.

Every single day we get a chance to wake up and re-invent ourselves.  A chance to see things from a new perspective and breathe a new breath and have a new thought.

It takes work to change our thinking and it takes some patience to see this manifest in our bodies.


After all, lots of these health conditions are our life’s work!

They were not meant to clear up overnight, nor could they.


But the next time you get frustrated with your body… the next time you curse your bad posture or your sensitive stomach or your ingrown toenail or your seasonal allergies… just remember:  those tissues in your body are literally in the process of being replaced right now!!!!

If you can let the illness die away and be replaced along with this natural process, you can help unfold a new body that works how you want it to work.


The only thing you are carrying with you, decade after decade…

isn’t that red blood cell (lifespan of about 4 months)

or that stomach lining (lifespan of about 2 days)

it is the way you feel about your body and the thoughts you think about it.


Now disease is a real thing, it’s not *in your head* at all, and there is much much more we can do to support and facilitate health then just changing our thought patterns.  But I write this post today so that you can give yourself a chance… just a chance… to open to the fact that the conditions you have now are not the conditions you need to be saddled with forever.

The health reality you are dealing with right at this very moment has the potential to shift and change and release.

Because your body is literally a self-healing machine,

capable of fully replacing itself,

it is worth being very positive and aware of the thoughts you think

and the baseline activity of your brain…


… which is the only part of you that you need to be carrying with you in 10 years time.



So here is where a healing mantra comes in.

Recent medical studies have proven that simply repeating a mantra can help trauma patients recover from PTSD even better than traditional talk therapy.

I blog about that for you here.

So developing a healing mantra is one of the very best tools you can do to set the dial tone for your entire upcoming year.

Based on the fact that your body is a self-renewing machine, literally divinely design to renew itself around the clock, the best healing mantra you can gift yourself is to be open to this renewal.  So the healing mantra I suggest for you is:

“I am open to what is possible.”


As simple as that.

I am open to what I am experiencing, and I am open to what is possible for it to transform into.

Look at what is possible in health.

What is possible is where your healing lies.

What you feel is possible for YOU defines exactly how far you can go with your healing.

You can go as far as you feel is possible for you to go and no further.


So let’s start 2019 off reminding ourselves:

  • You are always full of healing potential… always.
  • No one can tell you what is true for your body or your health… so don’t let anyone have that kind of power.
  • Conventional medicine can be helpful in illness and disease but is absolutely not equipped to help you maximize health and wellness.
  • For maximizing your own health, you have full and complete control… here’s why:

(I personally painted all of the healing artwork found in this blog post… find prints here!)


The way the current medical model is set up is to test and report the outcome of a medication or surgery or intervention in the scientific literature, and to use these statistics as the standard of care.

I’m very familiar with the scientific method of research not only through keeping on top of the current scientific literature to as a licensed physician…

…but also because growing up as the daughter of one of the lead scientists at the National Institutes of Health I attended international scientific meetings since I could walk…

…and then went on to join a laboratory at the National Cancer Institute throughout my college years where we conducted leukemia research.

And with my experience in both laboratory medicine and clinical medicine, what I can tell you is: the entire thing is messed up.


Here’s basically what happens:


A study collects data on a group of people — half of who get the drug (or surgery/intervention/etc…) and half who receive placebo in a double blinded study.

The results are collected which basically tell us what the outcome was for this particular group of people at this particular point in time in this particular location and with this particular modality.

Your doctor reads this and then sees you in his or her office.

When you are diagnosed with an illness, your doctor reviews the current standard of practice for that disease and based on these studies he tells you some statistics that are likely for you if you take this medicine or have that procedure done.

Your doctor unknowingly limits your healing potential

with what has been most probable in the past for others.


Many times, these statistics are frightening, scary, and deflating.

And often they change the outlook of the patient for the worse, because as we know in medicine:  Outlook changes Outcome. 

And even when the statistic or intervention offered has favorable odds of working, you are now being defined and limited in the doctor’s mind (which is then transferred to your mind) of what is standard, what is probable, what happened in the past to others.

What this model of healthcare never ever allows for is *POSSIBILITY*.

It never shows you what is POSSIBLE FOR YOU.



It brings you down to the lowest common denominator.  It never lifts you up and reveals to you the unlimited healing potential of your body.


new health



You have unlimited healing potential.

You should *know* THAT.

Every cell in your body has unlimited potential to heal.


What we do in modern medicine right now is collect data from around the world on what we are limited to, on what is probable.

But what we SHOULD be doing, is scouring the entire world to find all the anecdotal evidence, all the case reports, all the best outcomes, all of the miracles that happen all over the world every single day in every sort of condition in every type of person with every intervention ever dreamed up… and studying THOSE.

We should be finding out WHY some folks heal fully..

…why some invite miracles…

…why some never get a disease in the first place…

…why some are predicted to have a very poor outcome and they fully heal anyway.


Because these experiences, of people getting the illness that YOU HAVE

and surviving and thriving and fully healing from it

are PROOF of what is POSSIBLE.

I am not interested in reducing a patient’s healing to a pre-set outcome.




new rx


I want physicians to look through the medical literature like an encyclopedia, filled with all kinds of beautiful outcomes from all kinds of amazing interventions and treatments, both holistic and conventional, and to go through this information together with their patients as an IDEA BOOK OF WHAT IS POSSIBLE.

And together, come up with a treatment plant that feels right to that specific patient.

Because there are *UNLIMITED* ways to heal!

And there are many paths to healing and you can align with any one of them! Or many of them!  And the process of healing should be uplifting and a relief… not a battlefield.

Instead of sitting down and pulling out a study that tells me what percentage of people do poorly with this condition and what percentage of healing will or won’t happen and having my patient walk away with a statistic or a number, I want them actively choosing inspired action!


I believe the medical literature should be an encyclopedia of

what has gone right for others and what is




Because if it is possible…

…if it has happened even one single time to one other person on this planet…

…than it can absolutely happen to you.


It  has already been proven POSSIBLE.

So let’s fill the medical literature up with what is possible and attainable and study THAT!


Let’s switch the focus from probable, to possible.

If even one other person has had this illness and experienced a complete recovery, than that is documented and possible for YOU too.

Even if it has never ever happened to anyone else, it can happen to YOU.


Anything is possible!



We just need to keep our minds and hearts open to possibility.

Because if healing has happened to even one other person, than for sure it’s been proven:


It can happen.  It has happened.

And it can happen to you too.


I don’t want the standard of care to be that we sit a patient down and look at the spectrum of outcomes in the past and we limit our patient’s future healing by overlaying the mass failure of others onto them.  I want physicians to sit their patient down to look at the spectrum of WHAT IS POSSIBLE in healing, and lay out all the possible paths back to Well Being for them, and together reach for THAT.

That’s what health care should be!  A journey back to Wellness!

Visiting a doctor should be a wonderful uplifting experience, a chance to get all kinds of healing possibilities and inspiration and ideas collected from the medical literature from all over the world offered to us by someone who is our healing advocate.

Ideally we would walk away from every doctor’s appointment feeling full of possibility.

So… the next time your physician talks to you about a treatment plan and gives you outcome percentages and probabilities, just remember:  this is simply a mass marketed number.

It doesn’t tell you what is possible with this condition and it doesn’t tell you what is possible FOR YOU.



I think if we can shift the medical literature

from Probable To Possible

we’d experience a shift in the well-being of people everywhere.



And today it starts with you.   Your 2019 healing mantra?


“I am open to what is possible.”


Repeat this often.

Look into a mirror, gaze directly into your own eyes, feel the presence of the YOU that is living inside of your body, and tell yourself out loud:

“I am open to what is possible.”


To your unlimited healing potential…

and a wonderful ever expanding and upleveling 2019!

xoxoxo, Laura

When You Are Doing Something Meaningful, Your Brain Works Better



Now there is medical proof that the more you are self motivated when learning something, the better your brain works.


Published October 22, 2014 in Neuron, researchers found that having your own internal motivation, in the form of curiosity, not only allows your brain to have enhanced memory and function.

Being curious about learning something enhanced the study participants absorption and ability to master the information they were curious to learn and even enhanced their ability to remember non-related information alongside it.

Researchers could literally see the brain enhance function on MRI when the subject was highly curious about the material they were engaged in — showing that being curious about something literally changes the way the your brain functions, enhancing key parts of the brain such as the hippocampus and the dopaminergic circuit.


Curiosity about life in general enhances your experience of life itself, opening you up to new things and enhancing your ability to absorb it.

Study highlights:

  • Participants ranked how curious they were to specific subject topics, and then were given a series of questions in a quiz format, along with random images of faces that were displayed in between the trivia question and the being given the correct answer.
  • Participants were then given a surprise assessment test at the end, in recalling faces.
  • Participants recalled significantly more answers to questions that they were highly curious about than answers to questions they ranked as having low curiosity to.
  • Participants recognized the faces better when they were encoded during states of high curiosity than when the faces were encoded during low- curiosity states.
  • Participants underwent MRI imaging of the brain to identify areas of the brain that were activated during their states of heightened curiosity.
  • Researchers found that when participants were engaging their curiosity, there was increased activity in the hippocampus (which is a part of the brain that formulates new memories) along with greater interaction between the hippocampus and the dopaminergic circuit.
  • This shows that the physiological function of the brain changes when the material a person is focusing on is one that they are curious about learning, as opposed to material they have low curiosity about.
  • Not only does the brain allow for learning of self motivated material better, but it even allows better recall of ancillary information presented while in that engaged, curious state.




So it’s not about completing a task as directed, or rote memorization of material, or getting a specific test score on an exam in school that allows you to truly learn.

It’s about following your inner guidance system, engaging in your own innate curiosity, and allowing that to guide you in making educational and career choices that align your soul gifts with your occupation…

…so that what you are offering to this world is something that is perfect suit to you because you are self motivated to learn about it, master the material related and ancillary to it, and offering this unique vantage point that only you can offer back to the world.


In short, learning and processing and giving your thoughts back to the world

becomes meaningful, instead of simply memorized.


This study shows that you are naturally suited to learn, retain and remember information that you are self selecting, motivated, and curious about.

This is exactly why I am so glad that I never ever ever had any formal training in painting…

…I just picked up a paint brush in medical school and starting painting on a canvas between classes as a way to completely unplug and de-stress from the mental grind of my medical studies.


Because I didn’t know what colors mixed with what or any formal do’s or don’ts with regard to how to layer paint on a page, I was free to experiment.


I am far from being a skilled artist, yet my artwork has been on the cover of magazines, CDs & DVD, painted every image for the three healing children’s books I’ve published, was blown up to astronomically huge proportions to be the entire backdrop of a stage at a music festival, and more!


All because I followed my curiosity when I picked up my paintbrush, and I was motivated to do it, not instructed to do it.

Some examples of my imperfect artwork:


(please do not use or reproduce these images in any way, but please do head over here to see more artwork painted by moi and to order prints!)



So my question for you today:

Do you find you are going through most of your day being told what to do, bossed around or directed at work, instructed through life instead of exploring through life?

Yeah, that doesn’t vibe right with your soul.


The creative expression of you that has it’s own, powerful, inner knowings and inner desires.

So… what to do if your days are too full of meaningless tasks?

Follow your curiosity.

If you can’t figure out the end point to your destination, you don’t know exactly what your soul strengths are and what your soul career is… simply follow your curiosity.

Your open ended wondering and interest in that particular topic will lead you naturally to discover, learn and uncover your unique soul strengths and turn them into an offering you can use to enhance this world.



I can say for certain (after 22 years of formal education and 18 additional years of practicing medicine) the things I remember most and the things that make the biggest impact on my patients are not the lists of facts I memorized in medical school or the lab values that I dryly take note of in the medical literature…

…it’s the meaningful information I personally uncovered on a quest to help a specific patient, to support a specific health care goal of a loved one, or to advocate for a particular outcome to help empower a person I care about.

It’s not the facts about the illness, it’s the motivation — the caring state of advocating for a patient I adore — that helps me find, learn, retain, and use the information I glean in the best possible way…

…and to remember and use this information to support and enhance infinite patient encounters in the future.


In this way… combining meaning and motivation with information…

we can deliver the most soul value and align our physical journey with a rich and meaningful spiritual purpose.



Intuition Live Class

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Start 2019 off with strengthening your own internal guidance system.

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I will work directly with you all month long to get your soul energy enhancing your life’s journey, working with your natural energy flow instead of against it.

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To your unique gifts!

xoxox, Laura


P.S. — I’m taking the next two weeks off of my blog to focus on family over the holidays, as well as to spend some extra time in writing my new book!

New Harbinger Publications offered me a book deal to write all about grounding, so that’s what I’ve been spending every spare moment doing lately.

More on that soon!  Woot!


What I Do To Stay Helathy When It’s Too Cold To Exercise Outside


The weather is getting unbearably cold for me, so I thought today I would share with you what I do whenever it’s too cold (or I’m too lazy) to exercise

I hit my local Y and sit in the sauna to reap very similar benefits to exercising, but without the hassle!

Medically proven!

Now this is a healing modality I can really get behind, because


And I love love love anything that boosts circulation — like grounding, sauna, steam room, hot baths, sleeping with a hot water bottle, massage, exercise (ok, maybe not exercise…)

…it just feels intuitively right to get your blood flowing, don’t you think?


Because I don’t like to exercise, for me, being active comes in the form of a nice long walk outside several times a week.  But that means in the winter…. uh I basically don’t get outside at all.

Thats why I’m so thrilled that there have been so many studies recently looking at the health benefits of routine sauna.

Sauna increases the circulation of blood all throughout your body — getting the blood pumping through your cardiovascular system, your muscles, your skin, your joints, your brain — so it turns out that routine sauna has many of the same health benefits that exercise does.

So when the weather is too harsh outside, if you can find a local sauna to go to, you can feel confident that you are still boosting your health and longevity even without hitting the treadmill.

And there are several major medical studies that back this up!

The most recent study was the largest yet, a meta-analysis of all of the medical literature on dry sauna from 2000 to 2017.

Published in Evidence Based Complimentary & Alternative Medicine Journal, April 2018 , researchers review 40 studies that included almost 4,000 patients and found:

  • reduced risk of heart disease, heart attack and sudden cardiac death
  • lowered blood pressure
  • lower risk of stroke
  • reduced risk of dementia and other neurocognitive changes
  • reduced risk of pulmonary disease such as asthma and lung infections like influenza
  • decrease risk of rheumatologist and immune disorders
  • decrease in pain conductions such as arthritis and headaches
  • decreased risk of death
  • improved quality of life



Another recent study looked at how sauna specifically supports brain health.


Researchers had previously discovered that men who used a sauna two or more times a week had significantly reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and death, and reduced risk of all-cause mortality (meaning they died less from all causes put together) than men who used a sauna once a week or less.


So next, researchers turned to look at cognitive function, to see if this longer life had an improved quality to it.

Turns out it does.

Published in Age and Ageing (Dec 8, 2016) researchers followed more than 2,300 patients for an average of 20.7 years, and found:

  • Patients who averaged 4 to 7 trips to the sauna a week were two-thirds less likely to develop dementia over the next 20 years (a 66% decrease in dementia)
  • Patients were also two thirds less likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease (AD) during the 20 year follow up (a 65% drop in AD diagnosis)
  • This risk reduction was independent of any known risk factors, including body mass, age, smoking status, alcohol consumption or previous heart attack.

The Bottom Line:

Over a 66% reduction in dementia risk of all types, including Alzheimer’s, from a very easy-to-recommend lifestyle intervention that preserves memory function and protects us from developing memory diseases.  



So, not only does sauna help you live longer (avoiding heart disease and all-cause mortality)

but it also helps you avoid dementia and memory loss disease to

enjoy that longer life more!


Why is sauna so good?


Sauna raises whole body temperature which activates metabolic changes like a neutralizing inflammation, reducing oxidative stress, increase nitric oxide bioavailability, increased insulin sensitivity, and improved vasodilation.

In other words, raising the core body temperature and increasing circulation very similar to exercise.  So increased time in the sauna helps increase vascular perfusion of the brain, increasing endothelial function and reducing inflammation.  And not just in your brain, but throughout your entire body.


So one take away from today’s study is this:


If you can’t exercise (or, ahem, like me, don’t particularly love to do it) then one good alternative is sauna.

Sauna is also a good idea for disabled or mobility-limited folks, who might find getting outside to exercise harder to routinely access.  But almost anyone can sauna and enjoy very similar longevity benefits as if they exercised!


And often, the folks that need exercise the most (like those recovering from cancer, those with metabolic and weight issues, those with high stress loads, those who must sit for long periods of time at work, those caretaking of others with very limited time away, those recovering from trauma, etc…) may find it harder to participate in regular exercise…

…so the answer to this is relaxing in a sauna to raise basal metabolic temperatures.

So if you know someone who doesn’t have time to exercise routinely, someone who had mobility issues, someone who doesn’t have the energy to exercise, someone who is in recovery and doesn’t have the strength for exercise, someone who lives in such a cold harsh environment they are not likely to be outside for long… consider letting them know about the healing benefits of sauna to supplement during the times when exercise is harder to come by.

Just forward them this blog post!

Three times a week all winter long I wake up and ask myself — is it warm enough to go on a nice long brisk walk for exercise outside?  And if the answer is a resounding “no!” then I know where I’m headed — to my local YMCA that has a sauna that I can have unlimited access to 7 days a week.  Making it one of the least expensive holistic therapies I know of… less expensive than chiropractic, less expensive than massage, less expensive than accupuncture.  The only thing cheaper is touching the earth directly outside to get grounded.  And even that is hard to do in the very coldest months of the year.


But hitting my local sauna regularly throughout the winter?

That… I can do.


Interested in giving sauna a try?


The recommended routine is to sauna at least once a week and up to three times a week, for a time period of at least 5 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes.

Hydrate before, during and after sauna, and be sure to fully cool off by recovering for several minutes resting at room temperature, taking a brief swim or taking a shower.

Don’t sauna if you have a fever, an active inflammatory condition like a rash or hives, or are intoxicated.

No longer just for pleasure and relaxation, sauna might be one of the best ways to boost your over all longevity.


If you are looking for holistic ways to really boost your health, a great Rx to start with might be:


If you do those (or even just some of those!) you are really on your way to allowing your natural, innate, always recovering, always resilient health to shine through for a lifetime.

xoxoxo, Laura


Going To Sleep Earlier Prolongs Your Life, Here’s How



A new study, published April 11, 2018 in Chronobiology International, found that folks who prefer staying up in the evenings have a 10% higher risk of dying, from all causes of mortality, when compared to those who prefer mornings.


Looking at those who strongly prefer activity in the evenings vs those who strongly prefer activity in the mornings in over 430,000 study participants over a 6 1/2 year time period, researchers found higher nighttime activity resulted in:

  • an increase in diabetes of 30%
  • an increase in psychological disorders (almost doubling the rate at 94% higher incidence!)
  • an increase in neurological disorders of 25%
  • an increase in respiratory disorders of 22%
  • an increase in gastrointestinal disorders of 23%
  • a 10% increase in death from cardiovascular events (in both men and women)
  • and a higher all-cause mortality of 10% over all for ages 63 and older.


I’ve already blogged for you before about how short sleep at night can double your mortality rate, and this study today goes one step further in showing that even if you get long sleep times, if the sleep onset is later in the night, your mortality rate is still affected.


So… are you a night owl?


If so, winter time is the absolute perfect time to address adjusting your circadian rhythm to protect your health and possibly prolong your life.

Because the days are shorter and the nights are longer, your body naturally craves hibernating now more than ever.

Use this natural desire for earlier sleep onset in the winter to shift your routine from staying up late at night to an earlier bedtime — as I blog about here, literally shifting forward by just one hour — just one hour! — is enough to make a measurable improvement in how your body functions the very next day.


To that end, here is a list of my 10 favorite holistic ways

to help you get back into a health sleep/wake cycle:



1.  Melatonin an hour before bedtime


The hormone that signals it is time to sleep for our body, our melatonin levels naturally decline with age.  If you find it hard to naturally  fall asleep, try boosting your own melatonin levels with a low dose melatonin supplement.


2.  GABA/L-Theanine at bedtime


GABA is very soothing to the brain and if you are have trouble with anxiety or racing thoughts at bedtime, you might feel the calming benefits of supplementing with a product containing L-Theanine, which crosses the blood brain barrier and converts to GABA to help relax over active thoughts.


3.  Probiotics daily


The mind/gut connection is completely underrated.  Decreased gut flora has been linked with anxiety and probiotics are now shown to be a very effective treatment for both anxiety and depression, and as a bonus, they boost immunity.  My favorite way to reestablish a healthy gut balance is to kick start any probiotic regime with a 7 day intensive probiotic inoculation with Innate Response Flora 200-14 Seven Day Intensive treatment, waiting for you in my online dispensary here:



4.  Magnesium “tea” as part of a calming bedtime routine


Magnesium is very relaxing and because it helps your muscles relax and release, it is a wonderful nighttime drink.  On nights when I am feeling tense (especially helpful for anyone who grinds their teeth at night or has restless legs!) I enjoy a hot cup of water with a teaspoon of Natural Vitality’s Calm magnesium drink, found in my online dispensary as well.


5.  Decrease EMF exposures in the bedroom


Decreasing the disruption to your health at night by decreasing your EMF exposures — removing those you can remove, decreasing those you can decrease, and shielding from those you can’t do anything about — will help your body truly restore it’s health during sleep.

I have a guide for you to help you do just that, without the overwhelm of “where to start!?!?!”

Hop over here for a blog post I wrote that gives you a free printable checklist on decreasing your body’s EMF exposures… especially crucial if you suspect you are EMF sensitive.


6.  Use A Light Box in the morning


To easily correct your circadian rhythm, totally naturally, get into a habit of getting natural light on your face every single morning as early as possible outdoors… or simply use a light box when you wake up.  I use my lightbox every morning — all fall and winter long — for 20 minutes each day while I am attending to my emails and drinking my morning coffee!

Effective to not only boost your daytime energy levels (making you more active during the day, when it’s healthiest to be active!) but a light box will also help you sleep better that night… naturally, without taking any mediations or supplements at all.

Perfect for those who don’t want to risk any untoward side effects from taking pills, a light box does more than just correct your circadian rhythm, light boxes have been shown to directly treat depression as good as a Rx medication and even boost libido.


7.  Block Blue Light from reaching your eyes in the evening.


Ok I’m a mother of two teenagers (oh my how the time has flown) and it’s just completely unrealistic for me to expect them not to use their computers at night to complete homework assignments, or use their phone at night to arrange plans with friends, or to use their televisions at night to catch up on their favorite TV shows or (in my son’s case) watch their favorite sports teams play.

That said, you can make the glow from these screens less disruptive to circadian rhythm simply by the compromise of wearing blue light filtering glasses, like these.


8.  Sleep Grounded nightly


To take your sleep resonance to the next level, you can combine your brain’s healing alpha sleep state with the Earth’s soothing Schulman frequency directly by grounding the body when sleeping with in indoor grounding product.

Increased time spent in alpha brain wave patterns equals greater time in the restorative healing phases of sleep and the healing processing time of sleep, which is when dreams occur.  This is why dreams often increase in intensity when we sleep grounded.  While we sleep, we cycle through alpha sleep states and REM sleep states and each time we do we are held in beautiful resonance with the Earth’s healing energy.

This is one of the reasons why getting a good night’s sleep impacts our entire body from head to toe… because high quality sleep does everything from preserve our brain volume and function to enhancing weight loss!

I have invested a great deal of time and research creating the highest quality, most reliable, washable, and ethically respectful (crafted by hand right here in the USA!) grounding healing tools.  Tools like my eco-friendly organic hemp Grounding Mattress Panels.  Or sleep right on top of my Grounding Organic Fitted Sheets, or even sleep warmly curled up with my Organic Grounding Hot Water Bottle on your tummy or by your feet… warm, comforting, reliable grounding… complete with a machine washable cover.


9.  Re-examine your work schedule


Lower your stress at work in order to protect your sleep patterns.  Not only be re-examining work hours and job responsibilities, but by lowering stress loads all together.

Hop over here to read my blog post on how to decrease the negative impact that job stress can have on your life and re-consider or re-negotiate your work hours, your job load, your career path, your commute, your training requirements, think of ways you can delegate or ask for help for routinely overwhelming responsibilities, and many more ideas here.


10.  Address the Adrenal Fatigue that has you “tired but wired” and unable to go to sleep.


If you have been through any kind of stressful situation or big life transition or change (even fun, positive ones like marriage, a new job, a new baby!) chances are your adrenals could use some TLC.

In this healing online class I’m going to share with you exactly what causes adrenal fatigue and all the absolutely critical ways to address it.  I run this class every winter because winter is the perfect time to finally go inwards and address your burn out.  If you start to take care of your adrenal rhythm now, in just a few short months from now you can be fully recovered from Adrenal Fatigue and emerge this spring feeling better than you have felt in many many years!

Ready to eat lighter, sleep in a healthier pattern, lose weight, and move your body more.

Did you know that you can actually be in adrenal fatigue from birth?  It’s true.  But did you also know it’s fully reversible, no matter how long you’ve been living on fumes?  That’s also true, and I will help you get there.  Grab one of the last spots in this class, because it starts next week and I want to send your goodie bag out to you today!


Let’s repair your adrenals together

(this short and sweet 5 day class starts next Monday, Dec 10th!)


I hope this information helps you positively impact your circadian rhythm, helps you boost your mood, remedy your sleep, even protect the longevity of your lifespan.

A good night’s sleep is absolutely crucial to maintaining wellness — one thing is for certain — your body needs good sleep to function over a lifetime!

xoxox, Laura


P.S. For more articles I’ve written on sleep health, click over to read: