Know In Less Than 1 Minute If You Go Barefoot Enough


Are your feet trapped in unhealthy shoes?


You’ll know in just a minute.

Go ahead and kick off your shoes (yes, right at your desk!) grab a piece of paper and a pen and watch this super quick video.

I created this video many years ago but I’m sharing it again here today because my column in MaryJane’s Farm was all about foot health, and I wanted to share this video resource with those readers as well.

(If you haven’t heard of MaryJane’s Farm, it’s only the world’s best magazine!   I highly recommend you check it out!  Not only have I had a routine holistic health column in there for many years running, but each month is chock full of the most amazing holistic lifestyle fun!!!)


Most of us don’t have a choice.

Between work, school, shops, restaurants, and most public places, this sign is what you will see every day all day:



But even though as a society we insist on wearing shoes at all times, eventually this takes a toll on your entire body and the amount of energy you feel each day.

You can’t trick Mother Nature.

Your feet will tell you very clearly when they have not had enough barefoot time.

Corns, bunions, aches, pains, ingrown toenails, you name it… our feet need to have time walking around in freedom.

Foot alignment affects your knee joints, hip joints, lower back, upper back, gait… your entire body.

If you would like to test your feet to see if you have given them enough time barefoot to keep the rest of your body happily aligned, watch this quick video to see how!  All you need is one sheet of paper and two markers or pens.

In just a few seconds you’ll know if your shoes are healthy for your feet and if you are getting enough barefoot time, plus a bonus tip for realigning your smooshed tootsies.





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I benefit so much from these toe spacing socks that I carry them right here so that you can grab a pair too.



One more tip… there is a more streamlined version of these socks that allow you to wear them even with shoes on!

Most of us have to wear shoes at work, or while running errand, or at the gym, or even just for warmth… but you can still simply and easily naturally ground outside in an instant, without taking off your socks, by wearing toe open socks.

If you have open toe socks on, you will never lose a single opportunity to naturally ground directly to the earth when you are able, even if all you have is a 5 minute break at work.  No hassle of taking socks off, no hassle of finding a place to sit down to get your socks back on, just slip your shoe off and your toes are already exposed and ready to ground you in a millisecond!



Yes, even one split second of grounding is enough to make a measurable change in your body’s physiology.

An instant health boost.

So slipping your toes out of your shoes (while leaving your cute socks right on!) to rest your feet on the sidewalk or a blade of grass outside during your lunch break… that’s the best midday pick me up there is!

The skin contact with the earth grounds you from head to toe, while making sure your feet stay warm and ready to slip right back into your shoes!

And if you want to be grounded even indoors at work/school/office/studio/even home?  You can do it very discretely if you have open toed socks on.

Just slip your foot out under your desk and rest it right on this tiny little grounding tote… you’ll be powerfully grounded in an instant for as long as you want to be, but then ready to slip your shoes right back on when you need to head out (or when your boss walks by, lol!)

Toe Alignment socks come in 2 different colors.

Open toed socks come in 5 different colors.

Enjoy healing my friends!

xoxox, Laura




A New Way To Measure Stress… Your Hair



We all know someone’s who’s hair has literally seemed to turn grey overnight from stress…

…it’s a very real thing.


I know during the time when, years ago, my kids and I were unexpectedly abandoned by my then-husband who disappeared one night (and the stressful subsequent divorce that ensued) I got my fair share of grays that seemed to pop up daily and have remained in place right now, even 5+ years later.

We also know during times of chronic stress, hair can become markedly thinner, falling out strand by strand or in clumps, even clogging your shower drain night after night.

This is because your body has hormone imbalance during prolonged stress… a very real result of elevated cortisol, hypothyroid, intestinal malabsorption, leaky gut, and other situations that stem from body’s response in trying to protect you from all the stress in your system.  During this response, hair can literally fall out and leave you wondering if you are going permanently bald.  Luckily, usually after a stressful crisis has passed, hair usually grows back thicker than ever.

But now we have an explanation for why our hair mirrors the amount of stress we are going through.

Hair, it turns out, keeps a very accurate “stress diary” for us, and analyzing hair strands is actually a wonderful, measurable, non-subjective way to quantify cortisol release in the body — much more quantifiable than the typical subjective stress diary that counsellors often recommend patients keep as they move through trauma.


The Study (published in Neuropsychoendocrinology in March 2018):

  • Hair samples were collected from over 700 Syrian refugee and Jordanian non-refugee adolescents (12 – 18 years old) living in northern Jordan near the Syrian border.
  • Hair samples were collected at baseline, after a 8 week support program offered by the Mercy Corps, and 11 weeks after the support program ended.
  • Hair was analyzed for cortisol concentrations at each collection.
  • Lifetime trauma events were assessed with a Trauma Event Checklist, a screening tool based on Harvard’s Trauma Questionnaire.
  • In addition, multiple questionnaires were used to assess impact of event, resilience, fear, and perceived stress.
  • Subjective measurements of stress and trauma were analyzed alongside hair cortisol concentrations for each participant both before and after the therapeutic intervention.


The Results:

  • Hair cortisol concentrations decreased by one-third after the support intervention, which mirrored the subjective assessments from the participants gave on stress levels and symptoms of trauma.
  • The therapeutic intervention helped patients to recovery healthy cortisol levels no matter which way the cortisol levels needed to go in order to reach healthy ranges again.
  • When participants had abnormally high cortisol levels at baseline (common in the initial phases of trauma and stress) the therapy decreased cortisol levels (towards normal, healthy levels) by about 43%.
  • When participants had abnormally low cortisol levels (coming in later stages of prolonged trauma and adrenal fatigue) the therapy increased cortisol levels (towards normal, health levels) by about 57%!   All from a 8 weeks of a supportive intervention.


The Bottom Line:


This tells us two things:

1) hair samples are a fantastic way to follow cortisol levels and help explain why our hair mirrors the stress that is going on internally in the body, since it collects cortisol in a *hair diary* for us…


2) therapeutic interventions during and after times of trauma actually help heal the physical body, normalizing cortisol… even short term therapy helps significantly!


Therapy during stressful events is not just a relief for the mind or for emotional support.

Therapy during and after trauma literally makes a difference on how your body functions and returns to healthy function after stress.

Meaning therapy builds resiliency after trauma, and protects the future health of the body.




Want more ways to understand the impact of stress and trauma on the human body, and ways that we can resiliently rebound from these experiences?


I am teaching a brand new trauma healing class in just a few weeks, and I would love to have you join in.

As a holistic physician, not only have I scoured the medical literature for positive, actionable ways to help our bodies and minds heal from stressful, unavoidable trauma, but I share detailed ways to guide you through your own healing (along with both personal and patient examples from my past 20 years of medical practice.)

Because of the very intimate and personal nature of this course, I am keeping it very small so I can offer one-on-one email consultations for each student throughout the entire two weeks of the class.

Let’s connect directly.  Privately.  You and me.

I’m here to boost your innate recovery.  You’ve got this ability already within you.  Let’s unleash it.

No matter what you have gone through, you absolutely do have the ability to rebound from from it and create a new normal and a new health set point.  Every body does.  Your body naturally want’s to trend back to full and complete wellness… mind, body and spirit.  I’ll give you the tools to get there.

Save your spot in this by-reservation-only course by clicking right here today.

xoxoxo, Laura


Is It Safe To Ground Around EMFs?



I must get thousands of emails

— literally —

asking me about grounding in areas where there are EMFs present

(which, let’s face it, is basically everywhere.)




The medical literature is very very clear on this.

So today, I wanted to share a ten minute video with you explaining what the clinical response is to your body when you are grounding with EMF fields all around you.

This is one question we have a very definitive answer for.

I also am going to give you a ton of resources for going further with protecting your conductive health… with links to previous articles I’ve written on simple ways to your EMF exposures, direct links to the medical studies on patients grounding with EMF exposures all around, links to shielding tools, grounding tools, and much much more… all waiting for you below.

I think it’s really disturbing that there is so much division between grounding & EMF circles.

It seems you have to choose to ground and then stick your head in the sand about EMFs…

…or get so zealous about EMFs that you are scared to ever ground again.


What the heck?

There is total and complete unity here.


The truth is that the very thing that makes grounding so powerful is that we are fully conductive human beings with every single cell in our body completely and totally conductive and ready to receive the earth’s healing energy.

And the very thing that makes us so susceptible to EMF exposures is that we are fully conductive human beings, with every single cell in our body completely and totally conductive, which means we are affected by the electromagnetic fields around us.

This is all one united field of medicine, a field that I am now calling Conductive Medicine.

The health of our bodies absolutely depends on us uniting these two issues, not dividing them.



To stop grounding because there are EMFs around is to remove the biggest source of power and resilience and healing potential right out from under you…

…cutting you off from the healing flow of your own conductive health.

You don’t want to isolate yourself even further from the earth… what you want to do is support your conductive health AND protect your conductive health.

Both, not one or the other.



Your conductive health actually is your biggest asset in healing!

We support our conductive health by grounding.

We protect our conductive health by decreasing EMF exposures… and shielding what we can’t decrease.

These two approaches are both wonderful, powerful, awesome, positive things we can do, and they overlap in beautiful ways… covering us from both angles, not dividing us.


To divide the two, and have EMF experts try to take away the healing modality of grounding is to cause division and fear where there is none, and to artificially remove something that is absolutely critical to the longevity of the human body.

But on the other side, to have grounding experts completely ignore that EMFs affect us at all is to stick your head in the sand and only recognize one arm of conductive health.

This division is not good.


I am here today to tell you that protecting our conductive health (by shielding and buffering EMF exposures) while boosting our conductive health (by grounding) is a completely compatible combination and absolutely the best thing you can do to support you body’s long term well being.




And in the video below, I also let you in on a secret:

I’m developing a new technology that merges the two together — stopping any EMF resonance from affecting the purity of your grounding practice.



I am working hard to make this technology available to you soon… very soon!

I want to provide you an easy way to use your grounding tools as nature intended, unaffected by the inevitable presence of surrounding EMFs.

It’s the ultimate way to bring the field of Conductive Medicine into a peaceful merger.

We can get there, together.

Sign up for my weekly newsletter or subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the first to know when I release this new technology.

And meanwhile… keep grounding.  Here’s why:




(newsletter readers click here to watch this video on YouTube)




Helpful Links mentioned in the video:


1.  Grounding In The NICU: My favorite medical study showing that grounding works… even around EMFs. 


Watch a video where I go into more detail about this incredibly important medical study right here


… and read the abstract of this important clinical study for yourself here!


2.  Cell Phone Radiation:


Read about the largest medical study to date on the impact cell phone radiation has on our health, along with a free printable checklist of 25 easy things you can do to easily decrease your radiation exposure!



3.  Grounding Studies:

Here is where I have pulled together a comprehensive list of the best grounding medical studies and videos for you:



4.  EMF shielding:


I only carry what I know truly WORKS… find the most effective shielding tools right here.

Tools which compliment your grounding practice beautifully.


5.  The Grounding Boutique:


Medical grade grounding tools that are the ultimate support to your conductive health:


By supporting your conductive health (with grounding) and protecting your conductive health (with shielding) we can get these two powerfully healing approached united…

…so that they can both ultimately work together to support your innate, robust health.

Isn’t that what healing and healing is all about?

No more division.

No more fear.

Just positive action and double the healing.


Share this video and these resources with everyone you know and let’s unite these two approaches under one umbrella of Conductive Medicine.


xoxox, Laura


Honey for Gut Protection and Healing, Here’s How



A new major medical study left absolutely no doubt about the incredible healing power of honey.



Published in Laryngoscope on June 11, 2018, researchers found that using honey literally protected the gut lining against corrosive damage from swallowing a battery — how’s that for protection?


Honey helped:

  • slowed the amount of acid discharged from the battery
  • neutralized the tissue pH at the battery contact site to optimal levels for clinical protection
  • prevented deep tissue injury
  • and completely prevented all esophageal perforations (which was a 50% rate in controls, meaning one out of every two ingestions resulted in perforation without the honey)

The results from using honey were actually better than the Rx ulcer medication Carafate, with absolutely zero risk of the side effects that this prescription medication brings (side effects of Carafate include: constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, gas, dry mouth, rash, insomnia, dizziness, drowsiness, headache, back pain, shortness of breath, lip swelling, and hives).


These results were far superior to other substances tested, included pure maple syrup, saline, juices, and electrolyte drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade.

If honey protects agains the damaging effects of battery ingestion (a common foreign body ingestion, especially in children due to the increasingly common use of button batteries in toys) imagine what adding honey to your gut healing protocol can do.

Remember, don’t feed infants under 1 year of age honey, so for those 12 months old and younger, I would suggest Carafate treatment, but in everyone else… honey is the way to go.  In this study, 2 teaspoons of honey was given every 10 minutes, a reasonable course of action in suspected battery ingestions until you can get to a health care treatment facility.



Honey is so powerful!

But my readers already knew that… as I have previously blogged for you about using honey for it’s powerful wound healing, including for burns!

Published on April 12, 2012 in the International Wound Journal, this medical study showed that when honey was used on all types of wounds, it:

  • promoted healing
  • minimized necrosis
  • minimized the amount of skin that sloughed off the wound
  • reduced wound size
  • decreased affected area around wound


It sped wound healing in the vast majority of wounds… over 84% of wounds!!!!

We are talking:

  • post operative wounds
  • general skin wounds
  • infections
  • burns
  • ulcers
  • pressure sores and more!


Honey has well-known antimicrobial benefits, doesn’t spoil, is easy to have on hand and is portable (no refrigeration required!) so it really makes perfect sense to use as a secondary wound dressing in children older than 12 months old.


  • First be sure to flush out any wound with lots of water… for a long period of time (I recommend holding the wound under clean running water for 2 minutes straight.)
  • Then, depending on wound type you may consider a topical antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, or antibacterial dressing, and then honey.
  • Of course have deeper or larger wounds evaluated by a physician.


Because honey is so safe and so effective for so many different types of wounds… and because it speeds healing and decreases the amount of skin that is affected by the wound, I am confident that honey would reduce the appearance of scarring as well.

In addition to honey, what else can help heal the gut lining and alleviate symptoms of gastrointestinal distress?





There are tons of gut healing supplements I routinely recommend, including:


1. Probiotics


Studies suggest that the gut microbes in depressed and anxious individuals, celiac patients, autistic patients, and most autoimmune conditions are decreased in both amount and in variety.

Probiotics lift your mood, help digestion, alleviate constipation, balance gut flora issues such as SBIO, boost the immune system, control yeast and fungal overgrowth, promote healthy skin, and even lower blood pressure!   Fecal transplant is even being used to help fix chronic gut infections like C. Diff infections that even Rx antibiotics are not able to fix!


2.  Omega 3 Fatty Acids


Shown to improve symptoms in ADHD and decrease postpartum blues, omega fatty acids are a must have to soothe and support your entire body inside and out, from skin to gut to brain.  Newer studies also show that Omega 3 fatty acids help support the gut biome, which is crucial in healing almost all major bowel disorders.


3.  L-Glutamine


Helpful in restoring an intact gut barrier in leaky gut conditions and auto-immune conditions, L-glutamine supplements are one staple that you will find in any gut healing protocol.  Proven to help with difficult to treat chronic conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis, diverticulitis and more… even helping to resolve multiple food sensitivities!


4.  Vit D


A new medical study released June 2018 showed that Vit D decreased colon cancer risk — talk about major gut protection from a supplement!  This is a case of a supplement being able to actually prevent cancer in the gut!





There are others too… digestive enzymes with Betaine HCl, aloe vera… lots you can do to promote gut healing an impact your whole body’s health.

You can find all of these supplements in the absolutely highest quality, pharmacy grade, strictest purity standards right here in my online pharmacy.  I even have a digestive support category in my shop where you can find every single one of these supplements hand selected by me, for you.

These are the supplements I take, the ones I feel good about giving to my children, and the ones I prescribe to my patients as well.  Waiting for you right here.



What else can you do to promote gut healing on a deeper level?



Deal with gut issues where they are actually starting… with our deeply rooted emotions.

Our gut health is connected to our emotional health.

You know this.  You can feel this.



You know that sudden feeling when you are scared and you become instantly nauseous?

As a mom I got that feeling all the time when my kids were younger and I lost sight of them for a moment in a public place.

It’s a horrendous feeling… it doesn’t matter how hungry you were or how long since your last meal… in life-or-death situations, secondary needs like hunger immediately evaporate and the rest of your senses are heightened (heart pounding and ears and eyes on maximum alert) and you scan the crowd looking for your precious child.


Or… have you ever had nervous diarrhea before a big test, a blind date, a job interview?


Or… what about a dry mouth as you stand up to give an important speech to your peers, act in a play, sing your solo at a choir concert?

Your dry mouth isn’t a true reflection of your hydration status… matter of fact you just drank two cups of water before stepping out on that stage… it’s your body’s immediate response to emotional stimulus.


While we all *know* on some level that our digestive state and our bowels are connected to our mind and mind frame, you may not know that your gut actually plays a role in your mental health.

What if it’s not just that our mind signals our gut to develop physical symptoms, but the other way around too?

Is it possible that disease in our gut can cause a signal to our brain to develop physical symptoms, such as anxiety and depression?

Published in Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics on July 22, 2016) this study helps to figure some of this connection out.


The Study:

  • Researchers looked at over 1,900 individuals with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
  • Using a validated survey evaluating for Rome III IBS and functional dyspepsia (FD) and the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, researchers set out to test if there is a specific gut-to-brain connection and what the signalling order is.  In other words, can gut health affect brain health?

The Results:

  • Researchers found that participants with higher levels of emotional distress (anxiety and depression) were significantly more likely to develop IBS and FD, and those with IBS and FD at the start of the study were more likely to report new onset of anxiety and depression in the year following enrollment in the study.
  • 1/3 of participants had the mood disorder first, and then the gastrointestinal disorder.
  • 2/3 of the participants had the gatrointenstinal disorder (IBS or FD) first, and then the mood disorder.


Researchers now believe there are two different types of functional gastrointesntinal disease pathways — not just one.  One subset of patients experience gut symptoms (pain, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, etc..) first prior to anxiety or depression developing.

This suggests that gut disease may signal the onset of a gut-to-brain disease pathway.

Another subset of patients may have anxiety or depression signal to the gut and subsequently give rise to gastrointestinal distress… brain-to-gut signaling.


The bottom line:

The more common pathway appears to be gut-to-brain signaling, being twice as common as brain-to-gut signaling!


This is a really important finding… because as I firmly believe, it’s not just that our body has random symptoms but that our body and our mind are intimately connected…
…each supporting the other and each signalling to the other in an effort to constantly balance and re-balance by expressing symptoms and emotions.



Want more holistic healing support that addresses the energy dynamic that is behind your biggest health issues?


Join my Chakra Healing Class — it starts in two weeks and sign ups close this Friday!!!

I will personally guide you in working with an entirely new platform of healing potential.

This is a 7 week long class filled with uplifting daily articles, activities and support, directly from me…

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To your resilient and ever evolving, ever improving health!

xoxox, Laura



10 Ways To Use A Cell Phone More Safely



On the heels of the largest cell phone study ever conducted, which I blog about here, I wanted to create a quick video giving you some easy, actionable ways to decrease your radiation exposure while still having access to your cell phone when you need to use it.

I know I rely on my cell phone on a daily basis both personally and professionally… so I know that giving up my cell phone is not a realistic answer for me.

But as a holistic physician, I also realize that every single cell in our body functions on the basis of conductivity.

That’s exactly why grounding is the most powerful healing tool possible!

But that principle of conductive health is exactly why EMF smog affects us so terribly as well.  Every cell in our body relies on conductivity to function, and so every cell in our body is exquisitely sensitive to the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) around us.

If you can give me 10 minutes, in the video below I will tell you 10 effective ways to protect your body’s conductivity while preserving your body’s conductive health… things super simple that you can start using today when you are on your phone.





For newsletter readers,

just click here to watch this directly on YouTube!



And here are a list of  helpful links that I reference in the video for you:



1.   Cell phone radiation study:

Largest Study On Cell Phone Radiation, Here’s What You Need To Know


Hop over here to read my recent blog post where I go over the largest cell phone radiation study to date and give you a free, printable 25 point guide to reducing your radiation exposures.

Free Printable EMF Reduction Checklist




2.  The best cell phone shield:

Easily removable (to understand why this is so important, watch the video above!!!)

…and it allows you to be shielded even if you hold your phone up to your head while you are speaking on a live call, without any interruption to your call or signal strength!

 The best cell phone shield in the world is available right here.






3.  Portable shielding napkin:

Wrap your phone in this shielding napkin before slipping it into your pocket or purse, in the car, on your desk, etc…

…and have the added bonus of always having the worlds healthiest hand sanitizer on hand as well!

As easy & lightweight to carry as a handkerchief!  Available right here.


4.  Shielding headband:

Particularly crucial for folks who have inner ear issues such as dizziness, vertigo, ringing in the ears… you can have a soft stretchy shielding headband wrapping around your ears protecting your inner ear.

Decrease dizziness and reduce the impact talking on a cell phone has to your vestibular canals and chochela with this headband…

…which also doubles as an easy grounding tool!  Simply clip a grounding cord to this headband and you are also grounded from head to toe.

Super easy to travel with, protect your ears while using your cell phone and have the option to ground your entire body as well!  Woot!  And because the headband is soft and stretchy, you can slip it on your leg to ground, loop it around your wrist to ground, even loop it around your pillow and then lay on it!  Touch it anywhere on your skin and you will be grounded from head to toe.

Grab yours here.



5.  Get grounded:

To fully protect your conductive health it’s not enough to reduce radiation exposures, you actually want to boost your cells conductive recovery!

I highly recommend sleeping grounded at night to combat the constant EMF assault your body puts up with all day long.


Hop over here to find the most effective ways to sleep grounded all night long,

as well as the most effective shielding tools:




To your ever resilient, innately robust conductive health!

xoxoxo, Laura

Proof That Early Life Experiences Affect Your Adult Body


A new study shows what we can already *feel* —

— that trauma in childhood affects our physical health as an adult.



Our cells, organs, tissues, physical body holds on to the effects of emotional trauma and this energetic tension literally changes how our body is able to function.

I’ve written previous blog posts highlighting this, how our body’s health is an expression of our emotional well being, in articles such as:





Today’s medical study shows an association between trauma in childhood resulting in an increased risk of having surgery to remove the reproductive organs as an adult.

In other words, earlier trauma significantly impacts the sexual health and reproductive health of a woman and culminates later in life to increase their risk of having major surgery.


The Study (published June 7 in the British Medical Journal):


  • 256 patients were studied: 128 women who underwent ovarian and uterine removal operations before age 50 and before entering menopause were paired with 128 age-matched controls.
  • Patients had to have medical records that dated back to at least age 15 and researchers used epidemiological studies to access medical records with direct documentation of events that gook place up to 40 years prior to the ovary/uterine removal surgery.
  • Using data on reports of abuse, violence, neglect, verbal, emotional, physical or sexual abuse that occurred  between birth and age 19… these childhood traumatic experiences were then stratified and validated with the patients directly.


The Results:


  • Researchers found a statistically significant correlation between women who had ovarian and uterine removal surgery as an adult and verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, substance abuse in the household as a child, and suicidal ideation or suicide attempts.
  • Women who had considered or attempted suicide were more than twice as likely to have their reproductive organs surgically removed as an adult than their matched controls.
  • The highest rate of statistical significance was childhood physical abuse, with patients who had the surgery being almost 6 TIMES AS LIKELY to have had physical abuse as a child.


The Bottom Line:

Traumatic experiences in childhood may cause epigenetic changes that increase the chances of having the reproductive organs removed as an adult.


More studies are needed to determine whether bringing an awareness to the fact that the pelvic pain, fibroid growths, excessive bleeding, etc… leading to surgery may stem from experiences in childhood and young adulthood, and to see if getting support to deal with prior traumas can help mitigate symptoms and decrease the need for pelvic surgery entirely.




I hope these studies are conducted soon.

Because often, the removal of the reproductive organs is not a definitive solution to pelvic pain… as the dynamic behind the pain cascade has not been adequately addressed.


This study is a very vivid reminder that what happens to us affects our physical body.


What happens to us emotionally, what happens to us when we are under stress, what happens to us when we are betrayed, neglected, sexually abused, or mistreated shows up in painful ways that you can’t ignore as an adult.

If there is one thing I know after working with patients on both a physical and an energetic level for all of these years, it’s that there is a heck of a lot more to a physical illness than just what is physically going on in the cells and tissues of the body.


Health is an expression of who we are and what we have gone through over our entire lifetime.


This example… of how childhood trauma can make it much more likely that you might have your reproductive organs surgically removed later on… is just one of many ways that the body processes life events and modifies our physical body in order to process and release it.

Trauma, in this case, held in the sacral chakra area, can give rise to sexual and reproductive issues.

Trauma on any level can give rise to physical health issues in many different areas of the body.

From the root chakra all the way up to the crown chakra, I’ve seen health issues arise as a healing response to past trauma and stressors over and over again.


This is literally why I spent years creating my Chakra Healing Class.

In this class, I go through how the body handles and processes (and heals and releases!) energetic dynamics so that you can understand and make sense of what your body is trying to tell you.

In fact, here is a painting I hand painted to show how grounding and energy flow combine to boost your health!  I hope you love it!


Chakra Radiance


I would love to work with you in my upcoming Chakra Healing Class… class starts in just 3 weeks, and I want to ship out your chakra healing goodie bag to you ASAP!

Symptoms and illnesses are the body’s way of speaking to us.

I’m listening.

And together we can figure out a way to align the energy of your emotional and physical body so that we can optimize your health.

Click over here to hold your spot right now!

xoxoxo, Laura

The Vitamin Combo That’s Saving Lives


Sepsis is an overwhelming infection of the body which triggers widespread inflammation that carries a very high death rate.


Sepisis is one of the leading causes of hospital deaths, even when treated with the most advanced intravenous antibiotics and life support.

Yet a recent study (published in June 2017) has shown that a simple vitamin cocktail can reduce the rate of death in sepsis from a 40% death rate down to a 9% death rate!

Dropping deaths to less than 1/4th the original death rate, just from adding on a simple vitamin + steroid combo.  This is big news.  Life saving news.


Sepsis is a very alarming and expensive emergency condition — the overwhelming infection and inflammation can quickly lead to blood clots, organ failure and death.

Treating sepsis is hard and often fails, with up to half of patients dying despite immediate antibiotics, fluids and monitoring for organ failure.

As you can imagine, this type of intervention is expensive, costing the United States alone about $24 billion dollars a year to treat which still resulting in up to a 40 – 60% death rate.


So the news that adding a few vitamins and a steroid into the treatment plan can save the lives of an additional 3/4ths of patients, with only a negligible increase in cost, is astounding news.

This shocking and amazing result has researchers all over the world testing out this vitamin cocktail in many other, inflammatory related acute conditions.



What is this incredible concoction?

Vitamin C

Vit B1



…and that’s it!  This simple combo has the potential to save billions of dollars and millions of lives, with very little downside, very little risk.


Vitamin C and B1 both have an incredible safety profile, and both are easily available for at home use.

  • Vitamin C helps lower inflammation, decrease oxidative stress and stabilize blood pressure, and help stabilize blood flow to tissues, which is possibly what is helping to prevent organ failure.
  • Vitamin B1 has been previously shown to help reduce kidney failure in septic patients, and is essential for proper mitochondrial function.


It may take a while for the conventional medical paradigm to go as far as to try replacing the traditional steroid with an all natural supplement, so for now, I’m excited that they are willing to further test the Vit C, B1, and hydrocortisone combo at all!



In fact, I truly hope they expand their treatment trials to see if this combination can help in other acute and chronic overwhelming infections that are hard to treat…

…like meningitis, candida, shingles, Lyme, even HIV.


And the steroid is something that I feel we can even improve upon at home, because steroids themselves actually lower our immune response short term and long term have yucky side effects like thinner bones, increased risk of infections, weight gain, mood disorders, muscle weakness and even cataracts.

In a life and death situation, steroids make sense.  But although they are great at decreasing inflammation (the reason they were added to this vitamin cocktail) they do not treat the root cause and they have nasty side effects.



So for at home use, there are some fantastic holistic substitutes for steroids that you can add to make your own anti-inflammatory, healing combo at home.


My favorite two supplements that can substitute in for the Rx steroid are serrapeptase and turmeric.

  • Serrapetase is a fantastic enzyme that our body uses to fight inflammation, decrease excessive mucous production and even reverse scar tissue formation.
  • Turmeric is probably one of the worlds best and most studied anti-inflammatory supplements, the active ingredient (curcumin) has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties that are so powerful, it helps prevent and treat arthritis, dementia, and even some cancers!  Turmeric has been shown to be effective even in deadly, treatment resistant cancers such as melanoma and advanced prostate cancer.  So it definitely makes sense to me to add this in to a vitamin cocktail aimed at helping save lives under difficult conditions!


My suggestion for helping to fight inflammation at home is: Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Serrapeptase and Curcumin.


1.  Vitamin C (buffered Vit C is best!)


My fav is Buffered Vitamin C by Integrative Theraputics.




2.  Vitamin B1 (aka thiamine!)


My fav is Thiamine by Seeking Health.



3.  Serrapeptase (enteric coated is best!)


My fav is Enteric Coated Serrapeptase by Source Naturals.



4.  Turmeric (curcumin + bioperin is best!)


My fav is Curcumin 500 + Bioperin by Pure Encapsulations.



… and I have every single one of these supplements available to you in my online dispensary right here, at a discount just because you are a reader of mine!

I’ve put them all in my online catalog under the “anti-inflammatory” category.



On top of this vitamin combo, simply touching the earth, through the healing practice of grounding, decreases whole body inflammation and brings CRP levels down naturally.

This powerful, natural effect is the mechanism of action behind the earth’s ability to elevate mood, boost energy, deepen sleep and brighten health.



Know the feeling of spending a morning in your garden or an afternoon walking along the beach and how calm, centered, and supported you feel?


Grounding your body is at work here, decreasing your whole body inflammation, decreasing the stress hormones (like cortisol) in your bloodstream and decreasing your C-reactive protein levels as it completely naturally reduces inflammation in your body… no drugs necessary!


Click over here to read through a huge list of medical studies

on the power of grounding to reduce inflammation.


There’s no better way to naturally prevent inflammation in the first place than through the powerful healing practice of grounding.

You can even ground indoors through the use of high quality grounding tools like these.

I would consider grounding as preventive care for thwarting many of our inflammatory related illnesses…

…and adding on this potent vitamin cocktail for treatment of minor or chronic inflammatory conditions that have already been evaluated by a physician.

And of course, seek immediate medical care for acute or worsening conditions.


Please share this potentially life saving vitamin combo recipe with anyone you know who is battling conditions that involve acute or chronic inflammation, and consider going outside today (and every day!) to touch the earth to help prevent them in the first place.


To our natural healing ability!
xoxoxo, Laura