Do You Get The Feeling That Mother Earth Is Asking For A Reset?



Me too.


And I know how we can do it.


I just happen to have spent the past several years writing a book that New Harbinger is publishing right now… and in it I literally talk about exactly how our health, and the health of our planet, are intimately interconnected.

At first I have to admit that I was really sad about the timing of this book being release right now — as my book tour, book signings, and speaking events for the next two months have all been cancelled.


But then I realized that humanity is being primed to receive this deep inner truth

in a way that it would not have been truly heard at any other time.




The reality is that our wellness depends on the wellness of the planet… and we can boost and protect our own innate health and longevity by fostering this connection.


The proof is everywhere.


People are hearing birds singing again, noticing that springtime trees and flowers are waking up more vibrantly than ever before, the air is clearing as traffic decreases, global emissions are dropping dramatically, the water in rivers and bays are clearer, and consumerism and competition becomes obsolete as health and wellness become our deepest treasure.




The earth has been gently asking for us to slow down and connect with her for a long, long time now.

It took a worldwide pandemic for us to all hit a much needed pause button on environmental destruction and over-consumption of resources and the spiraling-out-of-control 24/7 workaholic daily routine to see it.

Let’s not let this global crisis be for nothing.  Let’s give the earth the reset she desperately needs… because we need it too.

Are you ready to take healing the earth seriously?

Are you ready to take your own health seriously?

They are more intimately connected than you could ever have dreamed possible.





I poured everything I know — all the research and patient experiences and medical studies, along with my heart-centered, optimistic approach to how resilient the human body is — into this book.

In it, I lay out for you exactly how, exactly why, and exactly when to use grounding to boost your own health instantly — the benefits are immediate — and yes grounding not only decreases inflammation throughout your body but it also boosts your immune system.


Perfect at-home therapy for the health challenges we are all currently facing.




If you are not sure how you can get grounded with stay-at-home orders in place, or if you live in a city and don’t have any access to a safe greenspace, this book is for you, because you absolutely can still ground daily for your health.

If you are not sure how to get grounded when the weather gets extreme, when the seasons change, what earth surfaces will actually ground you, how long you should ground for, or how to use grounding for specific health results, I wrote this book for you.

If you are curious about grounding but not sure what to do once you get outside, oh my goodness is this book for you.  It is an idea book filled with thousands of ideas to inspire and guide you, and help you troubleshoot to get the results you deeply crave.

If you want to know how the practice of grounding, one person at a time, on minute at a time, can help save the entire planet and put it on a different trajectory than the doom-and-gloom path it’s been on, than this book is for you.



If I could rename it right now to be called:

The Earth Reset: Protecting Your Innate Health During A Pandemic 

I totally would.


But instead, it’s called:  The Earth Prescription

and it’s waiting for you right here, right now:



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Our health reflects our planet’s health, and vice versa.

There is no getting around it.

And there is no better time to connect to our planet to support our collective healing than right now.

Let’s do this.

xoxox, Laura


PS — if any of my healing articles that I’ve been sharing every single week on my website — for free — for over a decade now has ever helped you in any way, I would truly appreciate you giving this book a shout out for me during this time.

A cancelled book tour means that this book is 100% dependent on you posting it to social media, sharing it with your friends and family, forwarding it to your email lists, and ordering it online.

Please help me spread the word about this much needed, incredibly uplifting resource for our global healing!

Forward this blog post to your own email list, forward the direct link to order the book to your loved ones, post on social media, post a review of the book on Amazon, GoodReads, and Barnes & Noble… and if you have an online platform to interview me about the book and would like to, please email me directly at and let’s set it up!

Gratefully, xoxo, Laura





Reduce Your Overwhelm In 3 Breaths, Right Now With Me



Meditation is a wonderful healing tool you can reach for any time, anywhere — making it the perfect practice to cultivate when you are practicing social distancing and stuck at home, under very stressful conditions, during this pandemic.


But the truth is, I just can’t get the hang of a meditation practice.

But luckily, I really don’t have to.


New research shows that simply by taking a few deep breaths, you can shift your body and brain chemistry enough to lower stress levels and increase focus and productivity.

In the 15 minute video below, I share with you 3 easy ways to remember to take a few deep breaths throughout your day… come on and do it with me!

Click now and let’s breathe together:





(newsletter subscribers can watch the video

on YouTube by clicking here)




As I mention in the above video, the work of Dr. Herbert Benson, M.D. paved the way for understanding how the brain actually improves performance when you take breaks during stressful tasks.

I also mention the study, published in the American Journal of Psychiatry on June 20, 2018,  that found that short sessions of repeating a mantra actually helped resolve PTSD symptoms in veterans even better than traditional talk therapy did.  Wow!  Read more about that here.

If you are like me and feel it would benefit you to incorporate a tool that makes taking 3 deep breaths easy, or if you are a physical,  somatic person or an auditory person that could benefit from adding sound therapy to your breaths, or if you just want a tangible reminder to take a break by having a chime out on your desk or a tuning fork on the dash of your car, here is where you can find my favorites:




Mental Clarity: Bar Chime


Calming Vibration: Tuning Fork


Therapeutic Harmony: Wind Chime


Take a minute long break to recite a mantra or take 3 deep breaths throughout your day when you feel your stress increase sharply — it’s simple, it’s convenient, and it’s free.    You don’t even need a chime, but if you find it helpful, feel free to simply replay my video above as often as you like, to listen to the chime and breath right along with me!

As a huge advocate for grounding therapy, you know I am a big fan of free therapies that allow patients to take control over their own health.

So knowing that just repeating a single word has literally been clinically shown to make a significant difference in improving quality of life and treating insomnia, anxiety, fear, anger, depression and other PTSD symptoms is such a relief.

You can slow your breathing down and take just a few mindful breaths, or repeat a healing mantra, any time, anywhere.

It’s very private and very powerful.

In medicine, we know it only takes three deep breaths to significantly support your vagal nerve tone, which helps modulate your autonomic nervous system.  Meaning your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and brain all get calmed and centered and soothed… and pain actually significantly decreases as well.

Take 3 deep breaths gives your body a mini-break and your brain a mega-boost.  If you would like to incorporate mantra work into your breathing, here are some ideas for you…


breathing in:  I am lovable

breathing out:  I am loved


breathing in:  I am safe

breathing out:  I am taken care of by God


breathing in:  I am protected

breathing out:  I am healing





You can also take this work further by grounding.


Grounding immediately boosts vagal tone, calms heart rate, lowers blood pressure, slows respiratory rate, and decreases pain.

Grounding supports your vagal tone so well that it actually helped premature infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to improve outcome.  Read this article on my blog right here to find out more about that important study.

If you are suffering from trauma, from insomnia, from anxiety, from depression, from anger, or any other stress (and who isn’t?) support your recovery and release by simply focusing on a mantra and by grounding.




So here are some ways you can implement these tools today:


  • start the day with a few deep breaths while you breathe a self selected, calming mantra in and out
  • have a tuning fork or a bar chime or in your work or living space to use throughout the day whenever stress hits, or simply re-play the video I share with you above where I hit the chime for you and breathe right along with me
  • get grounded outside, touching the earth for at least a few minutes each day during daylight hours, and be sure to take three grounded deep breaths in and out while you are touching the earth (or a plant or cement or a rock or any of these 15 surfaces on the earth that will ground you!)
  • release tension from your body at the end of your day with a therapeutic wind chime washing over you
  • breathe your mantra in and out for a few deep breaths each evening as you lay in bed before sleep
  • sleep grounded all night long… or simply stand outside before bedtime each night, looking up at the moon and stars and taking 3 more grounded deep breaths in and out, slowly.


Feeling better?


It only takes a few days to start to reap the benefits of these all natural healing practices and the results can be maintained sustainably for the rest of your life.


Want more advice on how to naturally heal from stress and trauma?




I am teaching my trauma healing class in just a fews weeks, and I would love to have you join in.

Class runs May 11th – May 22nd.


It has sold out every single time I have run it, so I highly recommend you reserve your spot right now.   No matter what you have gone through, you absolutely do have the ability to rebound from from it and create a new normal and a new health set point.  Every body does.

Your body naturally want’s to trend back to full and complete wellness… mind, body and spirit.  I’ll give you the tools to get there.

Save your spot in this by-reservation-only course by clicking right here today.




Moving onwards and upwards…

xoxoxo, Laura


Uplifting Ideas To Keep Your Spirits High During A Pandemic




Over the past month, I’ve blogged a few times about coronavirus

prevention and treatment ideas, from a holistic physician’s perspective.


So today I want to add onto these tips with some less commonly heard, wonderfully uplifting ideas that you can implement (yes, even while practicing social distancing!) to feel strong, centered and resilient.

Today let’s go way beyond the “wash your hands & isolate yourself” recommendation that you have heard a thousand times and add some important tips gleaned from the medical literature after studying the course and resolution of earlier pandemics.

And yes, there have always been pandemics throughout human history, as this infographic (sent in to me by William — thank you so much!) highlights so well, which puts the coronavirus pandemic into amazing perspective:



Data as of March 15, 2020.  Image curtesy of Visual Capitalist, originally posted here.


As you know, the world population continues to grow dramatically, so for the coronavirus to impact the same percentage of the population as, for example, the Spanish Flu (shown above in green) it would have to kill 150 million people globally.  Not infect, but actually kill — these are mortality figures, not infection rates.

And even that would be only 1/4th as virulent as the Bubonic Plague, shown in dark purple above.  For the coronavirus to have a similar death toll as the Bubonic Plaque, it would need to kill 600+ Million people around the globe.

While this is possible, we can see that at least for now the coronavirus is certainly not yet anywhere near this death toll, so while we monitor this pandemic and watch it evolve, one of the best things we can do is scour the medical literature to learn from these much more severe, past pandemics to see what spreads disease and what stops it.




So that’s what I’m doing.  I read up on the medical literature from past pandemics, and was to share some of the key points with you here:

  • This New Zealand study, published 2010 in Emerging Infections Disease evaluating the spread of the H1N1 Spanish Flu (a pandemic in 1918-1919) aboard a ship, showed that crowded conditions increased death rates significantly (specifically, sleeping inside cabins dramatically increased mortality rates over sleeping outdoors in hammocks.)
  • Another study (published in 2012 in the American Journal of Public Health) on the mortality rates from the 1918 pandemic in Virginia, USA, found that crowding was the single largest factor in the spread of the disease, increasing infection risk 10-fold and dramatically increasing morbidity and mortality as well.
  • My favorite of all, this awesome study (published 2009 in the American Journal of Public Health) showed that open air hospitals treating patients during the 1918 pandemic actually had lower mortality rates than closed air hospitals, citing fresh air, direct sunlight, and use of respiratory masks in substantially reduced deaths over indoor hospital facilities.

What we find when evaluating pandemics is that indoor, manmade conditions make pandemics worse.

Staying indoors decreases fresh air, increases exposure to recirculated air, lowers natural Vitamin D levels, creates ongoing circadian rhythm disturbances, and causes tremendous mood disorders.

In the end, it’s all about a balance — maintaining distance and avoiding crowded conditions, while not being entrapped by the artificial indoor environments that disrupt our sleep with artificial lights and electronic exposures, decrease our natural levels of anti-inflammatory Vitamin D, and jeopardizes our ability to stay active and emotionally uplifted.



Throughout history, fresh air, sunshine, and grounding (typically all three combined in “seaside prescriptions”) have been a go-to treatment for untreatable disease.  (A wonderful of the history of sunlight therapy was published in Medical History in 1997, and awesome overview of the tradition of prescribing time at the ocean for open air treatment of resistant disease was published in 1769 by Dr. Richard Russell here.)

Today, I’d like to go through each of the different ways we can still practice social distancing and decrease transmission rates while not jeopardizing lowering our own natural immunity by staying cooped up 24/7 in indoor artificial environments.


My Favorite Tips For Keeping Healthy

While In Voluntary Quarantine:


1. Increase Your Exposure To Sunlight:


The typical recommendation during pandemics is to practice social distancing, but most people interpret that as a command to “stay indoors.”   Not a good idea, for multiple reasons.

The first is that sunlight is germicidal.  This medical study (recently published in 2020 in the Journal of Infectious Disease) found that sunlight exposure decreased the survival of aerosolized influenza virus by 93% — decreasing viral lifespan from 32 min (with no sunlight exposure) to 2.4 min in full sunlight.

Wow.  As antivirals and other prescription interventions fail to control transmission, thank goodness for the natural viricidal properties of sunlight!  This medical literature review, published in 2013 in the Journal of Hospital Infection) suggests that infections caught indoors is a major contributor to worldwide morbidity and mortality rates and urges medicine to consider optimizing sunlight when designing architecture for healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics.

While an infected person will always be able to spread the virus to another (no way for sunlight to kill the virus inside of living tissues) so social distancing is still going to be absolutely necessary to stop the spread of a pandemic, at least we can be comforted to know that on outdoor surfaces, the virus has a much shorter lifespan.  Meaning, if you are going to be out of your home — make sure you stay outside instead of in indoor venues, where sunlight can not work it’s magic.

The second is that sunlight actually prolongs life span, in a dose dependent way (meaning more time in the sun = longer life span.)  I blog about this extensively in this article I wrote for you last year, right here.

The third is that sunlight allows our body to naturally make vitamin D, which is crucial to our immune system.  As this medical literature review discusses (published in 2018 in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences) Vitamin D not only directly boosts our immune adaptive response (meaning our bodies are better able to fight off new, novel, mutating and never-before-seen pathogens) but it also decreases inflammation, a leading cause of mortality during viral infection.


My Therapeutic Suggestions:

  1. Get direct sun exposure whenever possible, for at least 10 minutes or more daily, even during times of social distancing.  I’m not saying to gather in big groups, I’m saying seek your own sunlight exposures in a way that honors social distancing such as:
    • sitting on a porch, balcony or front door stoop every morning and every evening
    • eating picnic lunches outside mid-day
    • observing which of the windows in your home are sunny and at what time of the day there is a sunbeam and sitting in those precious light rays while drinking your morning coffee, your evening tea, while working on your computer like I am doing right now, or while reading a good book, etc… (the glass will stop the majority of UVB waves needed for making Vit D, so open the window if you can)
    • even going for a drive or sitting in your car even without driving it if you have your own car and it’s a sunny day — be sure to roll the windows down and enjoy!

2.  Even if you get direct sunshine outside or through a window daily, I highly recommend during pandemics that you supplement with Vitamin D as well.  Some of the other supplements I’ve mention in the Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog series include Vit C, Vit D, Probiotics, Vit B1, Serrapeptase, and Curcumin.  I have every single one of these supplements available to you in my online dispensary right here, at a nice discount just because you are a reader of mine! I’ve put them all in my online catalog under the “anti-inflammatory” category:

3.  Along with these tips to get direct sunlight and supplement with Vitamin D, take advantage of the fact that viruses can be heat-inactivated and bath daily in comfortably hot water, drink hot beverages often, wash clothes on the hottest water setting possible or run them through the dryer on highest heat setting available, and use the heated dry cycle on your dishwasher to sanitize dishes.



2.  Increase Fresh Air Exposure & Boost Indoor Ventilation:


Again, the typical recommendations to practice social distancing to decrease transmission is being misinterpreted by many to mean “shut windows and doors tight.”

But like I explained at the beginning of this article, open air hospitals actually have lower morbidity and mortality rates than closed air hospitals do.  Breathing and re-breathing the same indoor, recirculated air is a bad idea.  Especially if you share your home with anyone else, or if you live in an apartment or multifamily unit that has central air.


My Therapeutic Suggestions:

  1.  Be sure to move outdoors daily, ideally combining some type of stretch or cardio boost during this outdoor time.  I’m very heart-warmed to see so many families where I live going on after dinner walks, riding their bikes, jogging in the early hours of the morning, shooting basketballs in driveway hoops, jump roping, etc…  Whether you do it alone or with family or a friend, be sure to find some way to get your circulation up daily, and push yourself to make that an outdoor activity.  I like to do my online Barre3 workouts in my garage with the garage door open, play tennis with my son, and bike by myself when I can.  Other ideas include yoga, stretching, tai chi, hiking, running, rollerblading, etc…
  2. Go outside even if you don’t want to exercise.  If you have limited mobility due to medical conditions or just want to relax when you are outside, still do it.  Even taking a hot cup of tea outside at night and looking up at the stars and moon, when the rest of the world is shut up tight at bedtime, is wonderful for clearing the mind and grabbing a few minutes of beautiful fresh air.
  3. In addition to getting outside, be sure to deliberately increase ventilation indoors too.  Increase the number of houseplants you have in your home, open windows whenever possible, consider sleeping with open windows at night, open doors when you can (I have an upstairs balcony door that I love to keep open all day, every day and I’m so grateful for it) and never let the opportunity, when you need to drive, to keep car windows open at least a crack.
  4. When you have no control over ventilation (like at the grocery story) you can still make deliberate changes to your behavior to decrease viral transmission:
      • wash hands repeatedly throughout the day, especially before eating or food preparation, and use re-usable, washable silver hand wipes when you don’t have access to hot soapy water for hand washing
      • don’t touch your face
      • wear glasses instead of contacts
      • change clothes right when you get home from being outside
      • get into the habit of putting on fresh clothes before touching surfaces in your home that are less easily washed, like your sofa
      • switch from morning showers to nightly showers to keep bedding decontaminated, or do both
      • use disinfectants on indoor surfaces, my favorite are colloidal silver sprays like this one
      • wear a disposable face mask over nose and mouth if you must be out and about in highly populated areas… consider keeping a reusable, washable face mask made from antimicrobial silver (like this one) in your purse or car so you are never caught without one when you need it
      • similarly, wear disposable gloves if you must be out and about (grocery shopping for example) or working in field where you touch potentially contaminated surfaces




3.  Restore Your Circadian Rhythm:


Everything living on this earth has a unique circadian rhythm — even microbes and pathogens if you can believe it — as discussed in this 2019 article published in Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology.

Another article, published 2019 in Nature Communications, specifically shows the incredible impact of circadian rhythm on the inflammatory reaction of the human body — circadian rhythm has even been shown to play a role in lung inflammation during influenza infection.

The two ways we maintain a good, vibrant, healthy circadian rhythm is through exposure to sunlight and direct contact with the earth, which I will discuss in a minute.  So the typical pandemic response of staying indoors to decrease proximity to others and practice social distancing has a dramatic impact on your ability to sleep at night and wake during the day, because it keeps you out of the sunlight and off of the earth outside.

Add to that the increased exposure day and night to artificial light, blue light input to the eye, and artificial electronic EMF exposures, and your body becomes easily confused as to what is day and what is night.  Melatonin production goes down and cortisol (your stress hormone) goes up during times of forced isolation, decreased activity, decreased natural exposure to daylight, increased exposure to artificial lights, and of course increased times of fear, anxiety and depression.

The typical advice, to get morning sun to help reset your internal clock, still holds true.  But actually there are two ways your internal clock is set, and both are crucial: it takes both sunlight exposure and direct earth contact.

Sunlight exposure will be taken care of by tip #1 (increase exposure to sunlight) and tip #2 (increase exposure to fresh air) above.  Let’s also proactively seek direct earth contact to reset our circadian rhythm as well.

Scientists have known for decades that the earth is equally responsible for our day night rhythm after extensive experiments in isolating subjects from the earth in shielded isolation chambers, a unique study published in 1970 in Life Sciences and Space Research.  Because it is actually the frequency of the earth (along with with exposure to light) that regulates our natural biorhythms, it’s easy to understand how grounding our body with our planet can help enhance restorative sleep at night and boost daytime wakefulness.  It’s also easy to see why staying indoors, ungrounded, eventually leads to daytime sleepiness, nighttime wakefulness, and decreased quality of sleep at night, which is incredibly stressful to the body and ultimately decreases lifespan.


My Therapeutic Suggestions:

  1. Get outside and routinely make time to directly touch the earth outside, even if it’s just for a few moments a day.  Longer time spent grounded will yield better results, but anything is better than nothing.  Although I strongly feel that grounding directly outside is best, during pandemics or for my patients with mobility issues or other health concerns that keep them indoors, there are fabulous indoor grounding options that will allow you to ground your body for hours each day, even sleeping grounded all night long if you want.
  2. Support a healthy circadian rhythm in other ways — using natural sunlight to light rooms during the day, using a light box if there is not good natural light in your living area, wear blue light blocking glasses if you watch tv or use electronics after dinnertime, have a goal of 9 hours of quality sleep a night if possible, and read this blog post I wrote for you with my 14 favorite holistic ways to boost your sleep, naturally.
  3. Take melatonin supplements.  Interestingly, melatonin is emerging as a possible treatment against lung complications from coronavirus infection, as melatonin directly decreases lung inflammatory cytokines.  Melatonin has even been proven to significantly decrease lung inflammation in patients who are on ventilators.  This article, just published March 2020 in Respiratory Research, found that a melatonin receptor agonist not only significantly reduced lung inflammation for patients on a ventilator, it also significantly reduced their inflammatory concentrations of cytokines in the lung.  Because melatonin naturally decreases with age, it may be a unique factor contributing to the “agism” that the coronavirus is displaying.  Infants and young children have the highest natural melatonin concentrations of all, which might provide natural lung protection that steadily decreases throughout the human life span.  Melatonin concentrations peak at age 6, are cut in half by age 45, and are almost non-existent in the elderly 80+.  Maybe this is why lung complications and death increases in coronavirus infections at age 40 and dramatically spikes from there.  My favorite melatonin supplements, along with all the other supplements I’ve recommended in this article, are all waiting for you at a discount in my online pharmacy right here.




4.  Create Uplifting Routines:


Again, the typical advice is practice social distancing.  Well please do, but don’t mistake that for “stop your life.”

You can decrease proximity to others, be aware of leaving a 6 ft perimeter whenever possible with people who may have unknown exposures (anyone who doesn’t live with you, basically,) eliminate unnecessary travel, avoid crowds, no hand shaking, saving hugging only for those living with you in your home living space, etc… but that does not mean to sever connection or contact with the meaningful relationships in your life, nor does it mean to stop doing activities that you find pleasurable or interesting.

And even if you don’t have meaningful relationships nor any activities that you find enjoyable, it doesn’t mean this isn’t the perfect time to start!  Actually, a voluntary quarantine situation is literally the perfect time to dive back into all of the hobbies you enjoyed as a child, or the classes you always wanted to take as an adult, or develop new skills that you never even knew you would enjoy.

From learning a new language to photographing your pets to finally beginning that manuscript you always thought you’d write, this is exactly and precisely the time to start exploring other sides of you than the routine “eat, work, sleep, repeat” robot that normal life forces you into most of the time.


My Therapeutic Suggestions:

  1. Maintain, develop and even initiate online communication when in person meet ups are on pause.  We are so lucky that we get to text, Skype, send videos, call each other on the phone, and even (gasp!) write old fashioned letters to everyone we love.  You can literally develop and deepen current friendships — and find new ones through online groups and social media — more than you ever would have time to during non-pandemic times.
  2. Never stop learning.  Actually let’s put this one in all caps.  NEVER STOP LEARNING!  One of the best ways to stay engaged and stave off depression, anxiety and other mood challenges is to have goals and comforting routines in place.  Because of this, I highly recommend joining an online classes that sends daily assignments or articles.  Because this is literally my favorite recommendation out of the entire article I’ve written for you, I’m following through on this and providing exactly what I think will help most:




Join my: “Stuck At Home” Online Class:

Keeping Healthy, Active & Inspired

In this two week online class, you will get an uplifting, inspiring holistic health idea directly into the comfort and safety of your own inbox every single morning.  So if you find your mind is constantly picking up on tension, fear and rumination about this pandemic (and whose isn’t?) this online class will be an uplifting treat, a way to gift yourself some mental and physical support from a holistic physician that you have known for years — that’s me!

This class is my way to make sure every single day I can offer something that perks you up and brightens your mood, and gives you something uplifting and actionable to look forward to daily.

It’s full of inspiring ways to attend to your mental and physical health while still practicing social distancing and maintaining healthy quarantine & prevention protocols.  By the end of this class you will have found what ideas resonate most with you and used those to create a weekly routine that can continue to uplift you indefinitely!


Class runs March 29th – April 11th, 2020.

Sign up today to hold your spot.

Better yet, forward this email to your friends and take it together!





I hope this article today has allowed you to feel the knot in your stomach loosen a bit.

Bookmark it, share it, pin it, print it out, re-read it as needed.


And one more thing to help comfort you…

know that more solutions being created right now.  




All around the world there is research ongoing into cures, treatments, vaccines, therapies and prevention strategies and more.  All of these are coming.  These are exciting, wonderful times!  Think of all of the pandemics humans have survived without any help from modern medicine at all.


And that’s on top of the fact that naturally, everything has a time line, even pandemics.

There is a beginning, a middle, and an end to this, with or without conventional medical intervention.

Written and sent out with much love to everyone, everywhere.

xoxo, Laura


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Hang In There. There Are Lots Of Solutions That Are Within Your Control.




Today I’m sending out just a quick newsletter letting you know that I am

working on a new Pandemic Solutions blog post that I will send out to you next week.


In it will be a list of so many different ideas on things you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones — and not the typical “wash your hands and stay indoors” advice you are already inundated with, but fresh uplifting ideas that you can do from the comfort of your own home to feel strong, centered and resilient.

With schools closing and social functions being curtailed, I know we are likely to be home more than usual and also discouraged and possibly even bored.  So I am pulling together a list that you can come back to again and again of things you can do, right from your own home, to boost not only your immunity and resiliency but also your mood!!!

Maintaining an optimistic, long term view on short term stresses is vitally important.  Nothing (and I mean nothing!) lasts forever, and pandemics are included in this.

Everything has a trajectory and an end date and we can get through this too.





So in that vein, not only am I pulling together a blog post full of actionable things you can do right this very minute to boost your wellness, but I am also writing a two week long “Stuck At Home” online course that will run at the end of March, to help keep you entertained, optimistic, and inspirited to protect your health even if we are staying at a healthy “social distance” for a prolonged period of time.

I’ll give a link to sign up for that class in next week’s blog post, so watch your inbox for my next newsletter and sign up for my newsletter on my homepage here (just add your email to my opt in box) if you got this email forwarded from a friend (and please continue to pass this email along!  The more people staying active and engaged in their healing, the better for all of us!)





Lastly I am also creating a two week “Earth Day Relief” online class in April that will specifically focus on the healing properties of grounding and how you can incorporate grounding into your healing plan (both indoors and outside) right from the comfort of your own home to stay proactive about your health and have something new, fun, fresh and entertaining to read, enjoy and do every single day… even if you are staying home all of March and April and beyond.

Taken back-to-back, these two online classes will allow you to have a daily uplifting email directly from me into your inbox for an entire month straight!

And if you are still stuck at home after that month?  Do them all over again and again until this pandemic is passed.

And it will pass.

And I will be there right alongside of you just like I was beforehand, just like I will be during, and just like we will be together, afterwards.




To the innate health and the strong inner fortitude we all have to make it through hard times…

xoxoxox, Laura


PS — While you wait for my fresh new posts and online classes to come out, do you want to read the blog posts I’ve already written for you about protecting against coronavirus?
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Grounding While You Eat, A Game Changer For Your Digestion (+ Freebies)



Why does food always taste better at a picnic?

Why does your morning coffee seem so much more satisfying when you take it outside to your front doorstep?

Why do you never seem to feel the same heartburn or bloating or indigestion when you eat lunch outside on your lunch break instead of inside at your desk?

Why is cooking dinner over an outdoor campfire or grill so much more fulfilling than cooking the same meal indoors?



Grounding has a profound impact on your digestion, boosting your vagal tone (which supports the function of your entire digestive tract, from your esophagus to your colon and everything in between!) while meanwhile directly impacting your ability to feel full and satiated, even enhancing absorption by decreasing inflammation, which also helps with recovery after a meal.

From every single angle, eating grounded helps:  putting you more deeply in touch with your hunger and satiation, helping you digest and absorb your nutrients better, boosting your metabolism and keeping weight gain at bay, even decreasing discomfort after eating.

Even if you eat completely organic, fresh, dairy-free, gluten-free, best-diet-in-the-world you can easily still have irritable bowel issues, or indigestion, or bloating, or pain.

That’s because you can’t fully resolve bowel inflammation without being grounded.

Here is why adding grounding to your daily routine is the quickest way to heal your gut:







I believe so strongly in the power of eating grounded

that I painted this original anatomical artwork myself,

to help remind you of the beautiful interplay between the earth and our digestion:


To grab this original canvas for yourself, click over here for more information. I’d absolutely love to send it to you!


I really want you to try to find one way each day to eat or drink something outside, so that you can experience this support for yourself.

So today, I have a few free gifts for you to help remind you to make eating outside a priority.

First, I turned my painting above into a free printable for you to tape at your desk, in your kitchen, in your bathroom, by your front door, to help remind you.

Just click on it and print it out right now!


Free Printable “Eat Grounded” Reminder Poster:




While I was at it, I turned my last anatomical painting into a free printable for you as well… to remind you to go outside and move that beautiful precious body of yours each day too.

Click on this one to print out right now as well:


Free Printable “Move Grounded” Reminder Poster:



(If you want to see how I painted that painting or to learn more about how

grounding supports your musculoskeletal system, hop over here to read that blog post.)


Know anyone who would enjoy these free printable reminders?  Forward them this blog post… anyone can print out unlimited copies… for free!

Lastly, let’s brainstorm.

I’ve got you.

I’m gonna start a list of suggestions for you, ways to routinely incorporate grounding to support your digestion.

How many more can you add to this list?  And which one are you going to try out today?




Ideas To Incorporate Grounding & Your Digestion, Today!


  1.  Drink a cup of hot water (with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice & honey) outside while grounding in the morning dew each AM to gift yourself a daily grounding detox for your gut.
  2. Take your morning coffee and yogurt (or oatmeal, or cereal, or toast, etc…) outside onto your front doorstep to eat a grounded breakfast before heading off to school/work.
  3. At lunch, take your brown bag outside to the sidewalk in front of your building, or the picnic bench in the back of your office plaza, or anywhere you can touch the earth (maybe something as simple as the concrete that surrounds your parking area) and eat a grounded lunch outside for an instant pick-me-up to get you through your afternoon indoors.
  4. Once a week, turn your dinner into a picnic by grabbing your plates and taking them outside, eating al fresco… see if you notice a improvement not only in your digestion but your sleep that night too!  If you are adventurous and want to cook your dinner outside too (not just take it outside to eat…) there are countless amazing campfire meal recipes and grilling recipes waiting for you for free on the internet, or to motivate you even more, treat yourself to a beautifully illustrated campfire meal cookbook and enjoy picking out your next grounded dinner.
  5. Once a month, invite all of your friends and family to meet up at a park for a potluck meal enjoyed outdoors in a free park pavilion.  As you know from my video here, just touching the concrete floor of the pavilion is instantly grounding!  Bring your frisbee or football and get some grounded exercise in while you are at it!
  6. As evening draws, take your nightly hot cup of herbal tea (or hot chocolate!) outside to drink in the warmth while looking up at the stars overhead… the most peaceful and centering way to ground that I know of.
  7. Outdoors not your thing?  You can still eat grounded by sitting on (or resting your feet on) a grounded mat at your chair, indoors.
  8. Still have some indigestion?  Consider holding a soothing grounded hot water bottle over your abdomen during or after meals to help soothe gut peristalsis with powerful grounding support to your vagal nerve, while dissipating bloating and heartburn with relaxing heat, all at the same time.
  9. Want to add on some more digestive support?  Take a big glass of water outside, along with these gut supportive digestive supplements, and support your digestion with:  probiotics (not only good for boosting immunity, these also help balance your gut flora so that you can break down and absorb nutrients with less inflammation and bloating, resolving irritable bowel issues as well) digestive enzymes (especially important for those with gall bladder issues) and for a dramatic improvement in digestion, mix Inflama-GI drink mix into your water and enjoy immediate gut soothing support.  The Inflama-GI drink mix has literally changed the lives of many of my patients (and even my family and friends!)  To order yours with an automatic discount, hop over to my online dispensary right here and click the “Digestive Support” section of my dispensary catalog.  





To your innate, beautiful, powerful health!

xoxoxo, Laura


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The One Big Health Secret I Learned In Medical School




As I talked about in the beginning of this video I shared with you two weeks ago, I went to medical school hoping to be taught the secret that would allow me to make, and keep, people healthy.


In fact, what I found out is that physicians really don’t know how to keep people healthy, and that we what we do know is confined not to health but to disease… to what can go wrong in the human body that makes us sick.

And to be honest, worse than that is that out of all the things that can go wrong in the body, we honestly don’t understand most of those either, or how to diagnose or fix it.

In fact, in the end, what I learned about how to diagnose and treat and fix what goes wrong in the human body is probably less than 10% of all health conditions, and that the reality is no one really knows what is going wrong 90% of the time, nor how to help.




But underneath of that scary reality, what I began to realize on my own was that the reverse was also true:

Because we don’t know how to fix most things, we also can’t take credit for the natural and continued health that has been the basis of our human existence for the past 200,000+ years.


I started to understand for the first time that our body naturally self heals.


The more I realized we can’t fix most things, the more shocked (and then impressed) I became with how naturally corrective the human body is.

And then I realized something even more profound…

That every time, in the slim arsenal of tools a physician has, that a doctor has ever helped anyone get better — they really haven’t at all.  It’s actually been your body, using the healing modality offered by the physician, that has healed its self.


Here’s what I mean:



If you have a cut, there are no amount of stitches that a doctor can sew into you that will heal the wound without your body healing itself.

The stitches hold the wound together, but it is your body that makes the first tenuous connective tissue threads that bond the tissue back together.  It is your vasculature that re-establishes blood flow through the tissue.  It is your skin that ultimately mends back into one intact barrier of protection once again.



If you have a broken bone, there are no amount of pins or steel rods that heal your bone.  And no thickness of cast on the outside is what fuses the broken pieces back together on the inside.

Doctors rely on your bones to mend themselves.  They may use pins, plates, brackets or rods to hold them in place, but the bones are still broken until your bones heal together on their own.



If you have an infection, doctors 100% rely on your own immune system to clear it up — yes even when you are taking an antibiotic — it’s not the antibiotic that’s clearing the infection, it’s your own immune system.  Without your own immune system, doctors could hook up IV’s with every powerful antibiotic known to mankind and pour them all into you, but nothing would clear it away.

Unfortunately I saw it myself many times while working in the ICU… patients with fully compromised immune systems, hooked up to powerful antibiotics, antibiotics that *should* have been able to work… antibiotics that were specifically tailored to that particular infection… but nothing helped because their own immune systems were not working.

There is just no antibiotic that can fully clear an infection without help from your own immune system.

The antibiotic slows the bacteria from replicating, but that’s only to give your own body the time to clear up the infection itself.  Doctors rely on your immune system to beat an infection, on your body to clean up the inflammation and pus, on your body to rebuild new cells, on your body to recover.

Every time you have had an infection and taken an antibiotic… don’t you dare give the antibiotic credit.  YOU HAVE HEALED YOURSELF. The antibiotic has given you time. The antibiotic has put the bacteria at a disadvantage.  But your body has done the healing.





So you can go back, and make an endless list of all the injuries you’ve had in your life, and you can remind yourself that *you* have healed *yourself* every SINGLE time.

Each of us healed from an infinitely long list of damage and injury to our own body.

Small things: stubbed toe; poison ivy; paper cut; colds; a fever; allergies; a twisted ankle; a burn from your curling iron; a finger smashed by the hammer when you were hanging a picture on the wall.

Large things: pneumonia; cancer; whiplash; broken bones.

And those are just the things you know about!

Think about how many germs you’ve come across that have contacted and even entered your body, that you have healed yourself from without conscious knowledge, before you’ve developed a single symptom or illness.

Think about all the micro-injuries that have happened… micro- tears in your muscles every time you exercise… microscopic abrasions on your skin that have self healed just from activities of daily living… hell, did you know that even brushing your teeth causes micro- trauma to your oral mucosa, and sends hundreds of bacteria into your bloodstream, every single time?  That even taking out a tampon actually causes micro-tears internally, inside of you?

It’s true.




Every minute of every day your body is doing its job… it is literally a healing machine.

A perfect gorgeous living work of art — that’s what you are — an organism that renews itself every single day.

A million times that you haven’t even been aware, your body has healed and returned itself to a healthy equilibrium before you have even been aware of the injury — or the infection — that entered your body but was cleared before you ever had a single sign that something was wrong.


So you know, no matter what it is you face right now with your health, this is what you do.


This is natural for you.

Of course you can (and should) accept any medical help that feels right to you… surgeries, medicines, vitamins, supplements, physical therapy, dietary changes, etc… but just know, that whatever healing tools you do use will work in harmony with your natural flow of well-being.

Because ultimately, you are self-healing.

Your body is meant for this!!!! It’s perfectly designed!

It’s what it does best.

Every single cell in your body is working at this very moment to restore a state of health and equilibrium that feels best to it.

That is its full time job.




So the big secret, after I went through med school, internship, and private practice?


It’s that our body is self healing.


That everything any health care practitioner has ever offered you was to augment and support your own natural healing mechanism.

No  medical intervention, no herbal concoction, no prescription, no surgery, no spinal adjustment, no acupuncture treatment, no vitamin can or has every healed you without your body healing itself in concert with the support of your health care practitioner.

Every drug and even every vitamin is just one factor in the mix that tips the scales toward helping you heal.  It might help by boosting your immune system. It might help by decreasing blood flow to an area of inflammation.  Or by slowing the replication of infectious organisms.  Or by surgically removing a lump or tumor.

But NO surgery, NO pill, NO vitamin, NO cream or lotion is the thing that is actually healing you.


It is creating the best possible environment to allow healing,

while your own body heals itself.


That is an incredible shift in mind frame, one not ever touched upon a single time in all of my medical training, but yet the fact remains:


You heal yourself.

It’s as simple, and as profound, as that.



xoxox, Laura

P.S.: A Healing Mantra I Created For You

As you read this mantra, allow the knowing of your own ability to heal yourself wash over you.

It might help if you print it out and post it somewhere you’ll see it every day.

Because if you repeat this mantra out loud every day, you’ll soon be able to connect more and more easily with this inner knowing, until it becomes a wondrous and true part of your core beliefs.



I am always drawing health through me, even without trying.

Health flows naturally to me.


My cells, tissues and organ systems are repairing themselves right now,

without my even needing to know or understand it.

I trust in the process.


I know I do not have to be fully healed in this particular moment

to understand that my body is healing itself…

the process is ongoing, and is happening in this very moment.


The act of healing is always active,

ever flowing through me from head to toe.



Immune Boosting Recommendations Part 1: Prevention





As the world watches the spread of the Coronavirus with great intensity, I wanted to give you an overview of the very latest in the medical literature on how to distinguish the coronavirus from the flu and offer some strategies to reduce transmission of both.


So today I offer you, Coronavirus FAQs:



1.  Is the coronavirus spread the same way that the flu is spread?


Transmission of both viruses comes from the inhalation of droplets while talking, spreading through respiratory transmission from person to person.  The flu has been shown to be transmitted by a distance of up to 6 feet, so consider (until direct research on coronavirus is available) a zone of 6 feet to be within reach of the respiratory transmission of infectious material, and consider a distance of greater than 6 feet to be your safe zone.


2.  Is the coronavirus the same thing as the flu?


No.  Although both the flu and the coronavirus are respiratory tract infections, they are very different viruses and the anti-virals (like Tamiflu) that typically work to shorten the duration of the flu have failed to alleviate symptoms in coronavirus patients.


3.  Can you tell a difference between having the flu and having the coronavirus?


The truth is, although there is a huge difference in the long term pathophysiology between the two viruses, you can not tell from the initial symptoms alone which patient has the flu and which has the coronavirus.

Infection with both the flu and the coronavirus typically starts with a fever, cough and muscle aches.

There are some distinguishing traits as the symptoms progress, however.  The flu can evolve to include other symptoms that involve the gastrointestinal tract, something the coronavirus typically does not do.  For example, the flu may include sore throat, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, as well as upper respiratory tract symptoms such as a stuffy nose or runny nose.

The coronavirus, on the other hand, dives deeper into the lower respiratory tract as symptoms progress, with over 75% of cases showing visible lung changes on X-ray such as pneumonia and pulmonary edema.


4.  If you can’t tell a difference between the flu and the coronavirus at initial onset, how do you diagnose coronavirus?


Right now, only the CDC can diagnose the coronavirus, as there are no rapid tests for detection… unlike the flu which has RIDT (rapid influenza diagnostic tests) readily available.

So my suggestion to help make a distinction between the two is to get a chest X-ray and a rapid influenza test:

  • the coronavirus will be negative on influenza test and likely positive for chest Xray changes
  • the flu will be positive on influenza test and likely negative for any changes on chest Xray


Secondly, over time there evolves a more noticeable difference in symptoms, as stated in the previous question and answer.  The coronavirus moves into the lungs and can cause acute respiratory distress, while the flu tends to move into the upper respiratory tract and GI tract.  So nasal congestion, nausea, vomitting and diarrhea strongly suggest the flu over coronavirus.

Lastly, another difference in the two is the length of the typical course of illness.  The flu typically resolves (at least in immuno-strong persons) in less than two weeks, while the typical course of the coronavirus lasts longer than two weeks.

So how long a patient has had symptoms and how the symptoms progress is a huge factor in suspecting coronavirus, as well as getting a rapid flu test and a chest Xray while waiting for CDC confirmation of coronavirus infection.


(To review the up-to-date medical literature that is available on the coronavirus, hop over here to read:)


5.  So then what is the best way to protect against viral transmission in the first place?


That’s an easy one — boost your own immune system.  Neither virus is much of a match against a fully competent immune system.

Both viral infections most often take the lives of those who have weakened immune systems and are most deadly in the very young, elderly, and those who already are immunocompromised.

So the single best thing you can do to protect yourself right now, as you watch this public health threat emerge and expand?


Boost your own immunity naturally.  And you can.  Absolutely.





There are 9 key things you can do right now to boost your immune system and decrease your chances of getting any viral illnesses this winter.

The goal here is to have such a strong and healthy enough immune system in place that it doesn’t matter if you sit next to someone who has the flu on the bus, it doesn’t matter if you turn a doorknob right after someone who has a stomach bug touched it, it doesn’t matter if you are in line and the person in front of you keeps coughing on you…


…the healthier we each are individually, the less any viral illness will spread.


And really, the cold and flu season just serves to heighten our awareness of things WE *CAN* DO to prevent the spread of disease, to strengthen our own body, and to teach our children how to reduce their own exposures, like hand washing, changing their clothes/bathing right after school, and taking Vitamin C, among other things I’ll share below.

The more steps we are all take to reduce the transmission of disease and the more we are proactive about the robust health our own immune system, the less viral illnesses we will get… reducing the enterovirus and the flu and the colds and other viral infections we might have otherwise gotten this winter.

It’s possible to make this winter be the winter that you are so aware of your inner health that you don’t pick up a single viral illness, no matter what sea of disease you navigate as you go through your normal life this season.


Here are 9 ways to do it:



1.  Decrease your sugar intake.


I started off with the hardest one (for me at least!) because sugar directly suppresses the immune system and leaves you more susceptible for picking up communicable illness.

I have a massive sweet tooth — I’m taking L-Glutamine in order to decrease my sugar cravings and you can too.  There are L-glutamine supplements that you can take with meals, or in between meals, to stop your sugar cravings in their tracks.  They work.  Find my favorite L-glutamine supplements in my online dispensary right here.

Also, consider giving less sugary snacks to children when you send them off to school this fall and winter and you will be ensuring that their immune system stays as high as possible when surrounded by their classmates germs.




2.  Increase your restorative sleep.


You absolutely need  restorative sleep at night to keep your immune system working optimally during the day.

Nighttime is a time of not only repair and process and release but also a time of resetting to meet the next day. Studies show that sleep deprivation causes everything from slowed metabolism, to brain atropy, to decreased immune response.

Have a goal of 9 hours of quality sleep a night if possible, and read this blog post I wrote for you with my 14 favorite holistic ways to boost your sleep, naturally.




3. Allow yourself to retain some extra weight.


This is a little known fact… but as I blogged about from the medical literature a few years ago, having extra weight on helps you survive overwhelming infection.

There is a reason that newborns and the elderly are the most likely to die from the flu and other viral illnesses — their energy and metabolic reserves are generally less than that of a vibrant strong older child and adult.

Especially in the winter, we are meant to have a little extra cushion of weight to hibernate on.  By a little, I mean those last 5 pounds you are trying to lose — don’t worry about them in the winter months.  Allow yourself this — now is not the time for the stressor of starvation diets.

If you still want to diet, I highly recommend intermittent fasting over daily diets that force calorie restrictions.

Not only is intermittent dieting proven to work better for weight loss, but it has a ton of other health benefits that daily dieting does not.  I blog about that for you here and give you some guidelines if you’d like to try it out for yourself and ditch that diet you are one.



4. Use silver to decrease germs on surfaces.


Silver is a wonderful all natural antimicrobial agent that kills 99% of germs.   So you can also use the viricidal properties of silver topically — by simply spraying hands and face with topical silver sprays after exposures, as well as using silver hand wipes and room and counter sprays to reduce the amount of germs that you are exposed to.



I swear by using my silver cloth (that I keep attached to my purse, as shown above) for opening doors and wiping my hands down after shaking hands, using shopping carts, touching money, etc…




5. Take immune boosting supplements.


My three non-negotiable favorite immune boosting supplements to take all winter are:

  • Vit C (1,000 mg a day)
  • Vit D (1,ooo IU a day)
  • Probiotics (1 – 5 billion CFUs a day)
  • optional add ons: daily fresh pressed citrus juice, high dose Vit C IV infusions or IM injections


Vitamin C is immune boosting, so increasing your intake with a high quality Vitamin C supplement, along with drinking fresh pressed citrus juice as often as possible, is probably my favorite way to protect myself during the cold and flu season.  To me, everyone (especially those who are traveling) should be on high dose vitamin C right now.  You might even consider a Vitamin C IV drip or IM injection.  I think it’s totally reasonable to get an infusion of high dose Vit C prior to traveling (or just for those that want to do it) as extra protection.

It’s also easy to get Vit D deficient in the winter, so I recommend supplementing with an oil emulsified Vit D supplement, and be sure you are on a high quality probiotic.  At least 70% of our immunity starts in the gut, so support a healthy gut balance and you support your immunity.

Again, you can find all of my very favorite, pharmacy grade, pure and potent supplements in my online dispensary here:



6. Eat your antivirals.


Eating immune boosting foods such as garlic, ginger and oregano can help you boost your immunity to viral illnesses naturally.  Cinnamon and raw honey are both highly anti-viral as well, and have the ability to stop a virus in it’s track.




Try this recipe daily to boost your immunity and take an extra teaspoon full after coming in from being out and about in your community:

Anti-Viral Cinnamon Honey



  • Mix 1 Tablespoon of Organic Raw Honey with 3/4 teaspoon of Ground Cinnamon.
  • Eat 1 teaspoon as needed!


This makes three servings — enough to take three times a day during known viral exposures or at the onset of any viral symptoms.  You can eat a teaspoon of cinnamon honey straight, you can use it in your nightly or morning tea, spread over toast (the perfect winter breakfast!) swirl into your breakfast oatmeal, and you can use it to dip fresh fruit into for the added anti-oxidant boost!

This is one antiviral remedy that children ususally take with a smile. (Do not give honey to children under 1 year of age.)






7. Wash Your Hands.


The #1 thing you can do, even if you can’t do a single other thing on this list, is WASH YOUR HANDS!!!

Wash your hand before eating, before touching your face, before rubbing your eyes, after blowing your nose, whenever you come home from being out and about, and before bed.

Just washing your hands more frequently than ever can be the one step that prevents the widespread epidemic of any viral illness, any season!



8.  Consider small lifestyle changes:


There are a few small little lifestyle tweaks you can do to decrease your exposures to viral illnesses during the winter.

Beside the obvious that I talked about before, such as washing your hands, sleeping well, using colloidal silver, and taking immune boosting supplements daily, these are some lesser known ways to decrease transmission of viral illness as well:

  • Wear glasses instead of contacts — glasses are not as good as a medical grade eye shield of course, but viral illnesses can be passed while speaking from human to human through the mucosa of your eyes, not just through inhalation to the lungs.  When we speak and breathe, we cast microscopic sprays of our oral microbiome all over the person we are speaking to, and vice versa.  Consider wearing glasses indoors (and/or sunglasses outside) to act as a barrier for your eyes when people are speaking to you — you can even throw on some non-prescription blue light blocking glasses if you don’t typically need to wear glasses.  Wash them often throughout the day, after washing your hands.  Not only is this at least a partially protective barrier for your eyes, but by not putting contacts into your eyes you will be touching your face less, reducing the risk of inoculating yourself through your eye mucosa.
  • Change clothes right when you get home — instead of flopping down on your sofa, or kitchen chair, or your bed — strip out of your clothes, toss them in the wash, wash your hands and face, then put on clean new clothes.  Get into the habit of putting on fresh clothes before touching surfaces in your home that are less easily washed, like your sofa and bed.
  • Spray home surfaces with a disinfecting spray — I prefer natural colloidal silver to disinfect surfaces I can’t wash, as I talk about in #4 above.
  • Switch to nightly showers — even if you are a die-hard morning showerer, consider showering at night during the winter months.  There is no reason to head to bed with all of the germs you’ve been exposed to all day long in your hair and on your body.  Shower at night and crawl into bed feeling fresh and clean.
  • To dramatically decrease your risk, wear a disposable face mask over nose and mouth (or a cloth one you can wash daily) when out and about in highly populated areas, such as in an airport while traveling.




9.  Stop Worrying.


The point isn’t to become fearful of every single person and every single surface you encounter, but to proactively boost your own health so that you could walk directly through an entire street of people with the flu and other germs, and still not get it.  This is absolutely possible.

Exposure does NOT equal active infection.


The reality is that you are likely to encounter someone with a cough or sniffle today. Or someone feeling nauseous.  And instead of feeling like the next victim of this or any other illness, you should *know* that our bodies absolutely and 100% have the ability to be exposed to nasty viral illnesses and not become infected by them.  This is natural for us.

It just takes a healthy immune system, lots of hand washing, good hygiene and a few other steps.  Follow the previous 8 steps listed above and #9 — stop worrying — will take care of itself.


So… how many of these tips have you already been doing?


Is there an extra idea or two in this list that you can add to your self care routines to even further decrease your chance of picking up a viral illness this winter?  Maybe you will start pressing orange juice for yourself every morning, maybe you’ll take a trip to get an IV Vit C infusion, maybe you will add colloidal silver to your home care routine, or maybe you will just be cognizant of the keep-6-feet-away rule for reducing the respiratory transmission of viruses.

If you can help share this information with others than together we can help stop the spread of the flu and other viral illnesses.   The key is empowering each other with positive, helpful, supporting things that we can do every day to dramatically decrease our chance of becoming sick with communicable disease.

It’s not realistic to sequester yourself away from all exposures.

A much more empowering and healthy choice is to walk with the health confidence of believing in your own innate power to be exposed to illness and not personally contract it.

Be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter on my homepage right here if you’d like to receive the latest health care information from the medical literature, always with an uplifting attitude (never fear based like the rest of the medical world) and packed with lots of actionable things you can do to support your own innate health.

Because I believe that innate health is natural and that we are designed to be resilient.





Let your body do what it does best — ward off infection and keep you healthy.

This is what your immune system is made for.

And these are the ways you can optimize that process.

Please share.


With much love and faith in your Well Being…

xoxoxo, Laura