Thoughts on Health… A Poem That Wrote Itself


a close up on my All Is Well original painting

Welcome back from the holidays!!!!  This Monday I was planning on doing a FAQ about Homeschooling… until I woke up this morning with a poem half out of my head and the other half wiggling out.  I didn’t want to forget a word of it, so I grabbed a dull pencil from my nightstand and wrote the words down in the margins of the closest book I could find.

I’m walking a very raw path right now… transforming and still in the creative process of merging my old life (analytical, extremely emotional, impulsive, thinking) with my new one (centered, spiritual, trusting, flowing.)  I don’t really want to leave my old self behind exactly, nor do I want to cling to it… more that I want to take the best that all my life has given me and find a new way to express it.



An image like this is something I just could never believe in growing up, and it was a very scary and lonely way to exist… until the lights turned on and I saw *what is possible* in full color!

As a physician, I had every intention of seeing patients every day and writing prescriptions and doing in-office procedures and working side by side along with my husband to change the lives of patients around us, in a very traditional way.  Motherhood immediately taught me that I could pretty much care less about my own goals when there were these two innocent, glorious souls in my keep that I was head over heels in love with.  And I instantly found the other half that was missing… evidence of the eternal, of souls and heaven and foreverness… realizing my children were souls I could *remember* from long ago… any doubts I had about life after death quickly were replaced by the relief of finally finding something more.

Now it’s been close to a decade since I’ve become a mother and I’m wanting to merge my two lives… all the knowledge that I’ve studied of the human body and the desire for understanding… mixed with my broader perspective of soul energy, karma, and higher purpose… piecing together my own way to see disease as DisEase… I’m reaching out with a new goal of becoming a medical intuitive with an MD… and it’s a very exciting time.

And very scarey.  And physically painful!  I realize that I haven’t been sharing much of that with you here, but I’d like to start.  I began this blog almost one year ago, as the process started… looking back over the past year of entries I can see how I’ve grown, how I’ve started trusting sharing my new vision of health and healing with you all on-line here, how the positive feedback from that vision helped spur me on to create on-line health e-courses and really fueled some of my more recent spiritual artwork.


Now full of light, it’s time for me to let go of my old fears and embrace power, as I step into 2011!  Are you with me?


And now that I’ve got the flow going, it seems it’s time for me to go back and let go of some of the parts of me that aren’t working in this new paradigm.  Clearing out my chakra’s with the help of an amazing energy worker (thanks Aleka!) I am needing to let go of self doubt and embrace empowerment.  I was meditating about that as I fell asleep last night, and woke with this poem in my head.

I will share it with you here, but please be gentle with me!  I literally just wrote it down as the words spilled out… it’s not polished or perfect by any means, I haven’t even had an hour to work with it yet… but this is a letting go and a trusting and as such, I’d like to share it with you here, in it’s raw form.  xoxo

Eternal Now


As a child I walked around with the full weight of terror over me.
Clinging anxiously to my parents,
The earth,
I was forever
Grasping bits of gravel and sand,
Trying to root myself in the present moment I created scrapbook after scrapbook
Holding tangible artifacts from my world,
Trying to hold on
To my life.


I was trying to prevent being sucked off this planet into an endless empty
Vortex of black

An eternal void I always felt behind me, waiting to vacuum me off this earth for good.


I kept asking for a heaven I wouldn’t let myself believe in,
A religious answer I couldn’t find.

All I could find was that Now was all I had.

I became a professional student of The Now
Toxically clinging to everything that I loved
Because after Now…
The vacuum was waiting to completely
Obliterate me.


I’m grateful for the practice of clinging to Now.
As it turns out Now is all I need.

An expert at soaking in The Now I remember to
Smell my daughter’s hair 50 times a day
Reach for my son’s hand another 50 times more
Open my eyes and see the colors in front of me,
Feel the world around me.

Be in it.


And The Now expands eternally in front of me,
Ever evolving.
Ever ready to hold me.

No longer limited by earth or manmade time constructs
I feel limitless.

I see possibility laying before me,
A fullness that has no room for the dark obsidian vacuum any more.

When I leave my body 
I step into The Now ever more fully
Joining and re-joining All that I Am
All that I Ever Was
All that I Will Be
A Now that is eternal

Not temporary… that’s what I was searching for…

And friendly.


How could I have thought that one lifetime on earth was all there would be?
That Right Now was a random event
Waiting to end?


Being a student of The Now is precisely what
Led me to discover something more…

Acutely noticing every nuance of Now
Every coincidence
And Miracle along the way,
Turned my Now from something to cling to
Into something to celebrate…

Evidence right in front of my eyes
Over and over and over
There absolutely is something more then earth,
And it is right here in front of you,
In you and around you,
Walking this path with you every day.


The miracle of Now
Turned this lifetime from a temporary, pointless abyss
Into evidence of a longer journey,
A full coming round,
Energy and spirit swirling together into

Into a Now without end.



Prints and the original canvas are both for sale in my shop.  xoxo!

Winter Solstice (and a quick sewing tutorial)


Winter solstice this year was a great one… a full lunar eclipse (although I admit we slept right on through it in our house) on the eve of winter solstice… magic in the air for sure!

We really enjoy winter solstice at our house… we have a few traditions that we repeat every year.   One is stringing cereal onto thread and draping it across the bare branches of our trees for the wildlife to share… some apples too, hung on a thread.  Our gift to the creatures that share our yard in the night, the longest night of the year.

Miles threading Cherrios onto embroidery floss…

Clara checking to see how far she has gotten on her strand…

I realize you probably don’t need to see a closeup of a cheerio on a string, but I just liked how this picture turned out!

Apples hung on our front yard tree branches, for the deer…

The cheerios for the squirrels…

And extra cereal flung all over the yard… for the birds… and for FUN!

Then we welcome the return of the sun by eating our entire dinner in only candlelight and firelight… thanking the sun for all of it’s strength and energy, and for bringing light into our lives.

Homemade chicken noodle soup heats up on our woodburning stove…

First, the kids hand roll beeswax candles for the center of the table.

For dinner on winter solstice we always have soup and rolls…  Letting the candlelight spill over the room, we soak in the stillness and darkness and make wishes for the new year.

Beeswax candles the kids made… and a mini forest created from SouleMama’s idea (love her blog!)

Writing our hopes and dreams for 2011 on slips of paper, we light them on fire by our candles and watch as the paper transforms to smoke… carrying our intentions out to the universe.

Miles lights his intention on fire…

Clara’s intentions release into the air…

… and the strips of paper get safely dropped into a waiting jar of water when the flames get close to sweet little fingertips!

This year I also crafted a little family gift for the darkest day of the year… water bottle cozies… one for each of us.  Not just for tummy aches, we use hot water bottles to hold onto when we go outside and look at the stars, when we are watching a movie, even to fall asleep with.  Our old cozies were getting pretty nasty, so I made up this pattern to create some fresh new ones.

Tutorial:  Water bottle cozy

Water bottle

fleece fabric, inner and outer layer, both cut into a 10 inche x 33 inch rectangle

sewing machine (or needle and thread if you are going to sew by hand)

1.  I used a standard sized water bottle, but you may need to tweak those measurements to make sure that this cozy works with your particular water bottle.  I’ve seen larger water bottles out there… so just make sure you make a rectangle that is a few inches wider then your water bottle and 2 and a half times as long.

I used an inexpensive sale fleece for the lining (in white) and a nicer fluffy fleece for the outside.

I’m very sorry that these pics have such bad lighting… I was sewing at night!

(I also cut out a quick heart from felt and sewed in onto the outer layer of fleece, for decoration.  Totally optional!)

2.  Lining up the outer fabric with the lining fabric, right sides together, sew around the perimeter of the rectangle, leaving a gap at one end big enough to slip your hand through.

Sewing around the perimeter

The scissors show you where I’ve left a hole to flip inside out…

4.  Reach inside the opening you left and pull the fabric through… flipping the rectangle inside out.  Hand or machine stitch the opening closed.  You now have a long rectangle with completely finished edges.

Nice tucked in edges!

5.  Fold the rectangle like an envelope… pulling one of the short ends of the rectangle up 3/4th of the way, as shown…

6.  … and folding the remaining edge over, so that the two short ends of the rectangle overlap by about 1 or 2 inches, as shown.

7.  Just sew all the way down the side, along the long edge on both sides, securing the fold.

8.  Slip your water bottle inside!  Congrats!   I hope you all had a lovely Winter Solstice, my friends!  xoxo

Thoughts on Health… Positive thinking and a Dream Revelation


I was told recently that life was *easy* for me because I was a positive thinker.  I almost fainted… and laughed.  I am so far from a natural positive thinker it’s not even funny, so I didn’t laugh.

I was extremely pessimistic and worried as a child.

Through lots of diligent work I *literally* am not even the same person that I was years ago.


But I didn’t change this by “positive thinking” — that’s for sure!



I don’t even like the idea of *positive thinking* at all.

Because positive thinking is usually fake… something you try to convince yourself of when what you are really feeling is crappy.

And if there is one thing I hate, it’s fakeness, in any form.  Authentic feelings… authentic crappy feelings, are infinitely more pleasurable to me then fake happy ones.

I don’t mind mucking around in a dismal funk for long stretches of time.  I don’t mind letting it show.  I don’t feel the need to apologize for being human and even being snippy or impatient or even slightly bitchy at times.

If I’m feeling it, I’m going to show it.

No… what I have learned and taught myself to reach for isn’t positive thoughts… it’s positive feelings.


Reaching For Guidance

It’s been a long road that has taken many many years.

Examining each feeling I have and each thought I am thinking and reaching for the thought that makes me  feel better.


So that’s confusing, right?  I just said I don’t like positive thinking.

That’s because the thought that feels better isn’t always a positive thought….

…sometimes it’s all I can do to reach for a thought that feels like a little bit of relief.


Sometime relief is a thought that makes me just a little less angry.

Sometimes it’s one that makes me just a little less impatient.

What I am reach for, every time, is a positive *feeling*.



Many times, I can use thoughts that feel better to help me feel better… but only if it is a genuine thought… one that genuinely resonates with me and brings relief.

Often, I can’t find a thought that helps me feel better, so I reach for a better feeling through action — taking a bath… laying on the earth… painting a picture… drinking another cup of coffee… crying… sitting in a void of blankness… sitting for 20 minutes on the floor of the shower… all of these things, at one point or another, have helped me choose a better *feeling*.

So I say, abandon all attempts at positive thinking.

I *hate* positive thinking… how’s that for positive!  🙂

Positive thinking just makes me feel like one more thing I’m not doing right, when I’m not feeling well and I try to cover it up with positive thoughts.

There will always be a thought that knocks you down… can’t control those, they come, that’s life… but we can stop believing in them all the time and instead of focusing on our thoughts, focus on our FEELINGS.


Taking a moment to ground myself to the earth below…

I center my body from below and then reach for a higher awareness from above.

I don’t try to put fake happy chipper thoughts into my head and try to cheer myself up — that is instant disaster.

Instead, I try and come up with a million different thoughts or actions I could believe in, and then I feel around for which one makes me feel better… usually, I move towards  sense of relief.

  • It might be “I feel like a hot fudge sundae.”
  • Or maybe “I am going to choose to be pissed off right now because it *feels* better then trying to cheer myself up!”
  • Or, “I am taking myself way too seriously here… I need to crank up some music and just dance.”


Eventually, selecting your thoughts based on how you FEEL will be so easy it will be second nature.

So…. do not control your thoughts… just move towards what feels better.  Or if nothing feels better… move towards not believing every thought… just reminding yourself that over and over… until relief does crop up as an option.

Even though I don’t always choose a positive thought…

I do usually do the work of reaching for a more positive feeling.


I’m no longer okay with letting my thoughts run away with me and me doing nothing to clean up my act.

And what I have found is that it has gotten easier and easier.

  • What used to take me an entire day to turn around, now takes an hour.
  • What used to really push my buttons before, doesn’t even have the power to push them any more.
  • What used to bring me down into the doldrums for a week might give me an hour or two of wanting space.
  • But never do I ever reach the depths of the darkness I used to be taken to over and over in the past.
  • Even in my darkest moments now, I *know* there is a light waiting for me, and that this mood is just that… a temporary mood.
  • I no longer feel that it is the end of the road.




It got me thinking, though.  Why is is infinitely easier for me to reach for a positive feeling now? 

It’s second nature.  In fact, a positive feeling is my general state of living now, save for a few mood swings and PMS!


I went to bed thinking about how wonderful it is, how I literally don’t feel like the same person I used to be.

And then I had a dream.  And I want to share it with you here:


I dreamed that I was standing in front of a big projector screen, and a powerful and loving male voice was teaching me stuff that human beings haven’t discovered yet.

He was answering my question, of why I can reach for joy so much more easily now.


He was showing me a large, close up picture of an iron gate, with intricate scrollwork.

There were all kinds of lines and loops and twists and patterns in the iron gate, it was gorgeous.

He said to me:

“Do you see all of the patterns this gate makes?  Someone who thinks negatively would look at the gate and see all of the pointy tips… it would look like lightening bolts and spears.

This is physically what they would see when looking at this… lightening bolts.

Someone who has created a different pattern of thoughts in their brain, over the years, would physically evolve different neuronal connections, different synapses, and different brain chemistry levels that would physically cause them to see this gate entirely differently.

They would look at this same exact gate, and see the loops and scrolls… the patterns would reveal hearts and circles.  That is all they would be able to see when looking at the gate.

Even though it’s the same gate.  Two different human beings.  Each with open eyes, both seeing completely different things.

The one seeing the hearts and loops isn’t *trying* to see hearts and loops… they aren’t reaching for a positive way to look at this gate… this is simply what they actually see now.  The brain has changed.

Your physicians and scientists on earth haven’t even BEGUN to understand how complex and alive and ever-changing the brain is.

The brain is constantly evolving and adapting.  By choosing different thought patterns, you literally change your physical brain.

If you took a sample of your brain when you were a young adult, and analyzed the chemistry and structure of it… and then took a sample of your brain now… looked at the chemistry and structure of it… it is literally a different brain.

You have physically changed the properties of it by your thoughts.

You no longer can look at that gate and see what you would have seen had you looked at this gate a few years ago.

You look at it now and see the hearts.  You can no longer see the lightening bolts.  Simple as that.”


I totally believe that we just don’t know even 1/10th of what our brains can do.

I fully believe that my chemistry is different then it was when I was a child.

I think different thoughts.  I feel differently then I did.

I did that actively, over time, with only my own attention to what I was thinking and directing myself to choose a better feeling through picking better thoughts.

It wasn’t *positive thinking*… many times it was only *find something that will get you to survive another five minutes of being alive*… but it was always moving towards feeling better.

And slowly but surely, it got easier.

And easier.

And now I feel like an entirely new person.


It’s like that old Pantene commercial… “It didn’t happen over night… but it did happen.”

So what do you folks think?  Did I have a divinely inspired dream?  Was it a psychic revelation?  Or simply wishful thinking?

Do you think in the future we will have studies that back up our thoughts being able to effect lasting structural change on our brain chemistry?

I’d love to know what you all think… xoxo



Releasing Weight and Food Issues (guest post)


Do you all remember my dear friend Aleka?  She’s been a guest blogger here several times… if you missed it, check out her previous posts here and here.

I just love her.  She sees things with such a powerful clarity that it can take your breath away.  She has popped on over here again this time to share some very exciting news… about a new on-line support course for food and weight issues that is very intensive and healing… combining daily emails, a private on-line chat room, and personal sessions one-on-one with Aleka directly.

Aleka has a background in nutrition and years of experience being a head nutritional counselor at a recovery center in Hawaii… she then takes her clinical knowledge beyond food facts and translates them into an emotional recovery system that has nothing to do with what you eat, but everything to do with what is eating you.

She gets to the root of what your food and weight issues symbolize for you, and how to heal.

In her own words:

“The following program is based on much of the work I have done with clients over the last 10 years as well as my own personal journey. This program is not another diet. We won’t be talking about calories, fat grams, exercise in the way you may be used to. I have no diet pills, shakes, or bars to sell you. This is not about managing food but uncovering the parts of you that believe you need to be managed. The parts of you that don’t trust yourself. The parts of you that  seeks comfort, peace, love and is mistakenly using food to do it. This program is about identifying the barriers you have erected, the errors in perception you have about yourself, the beliefs  you wrongly perpetuate that keep you from the true expression of who you are.”

“The purpose of life is not to be safe. It is to be open. To be dedicated to the truth, to the joy as it streams through your life. Because if you are not, then no matter what you have, you will always want more, you will be forever hungry. And if you are, than no matter what happens, you will one day discover that it is you who you have been hungering for. It has been you, not the food you eat, the clothes you buy, the people you love, the money you make. For lifetimes, for eons, for as long as it takes for a mountain to become a mountain, it has always been you. You are the feast. You.” ~Geneen Roth

“There is a language we can begin to decipher  as we  listen to our inner selves speaking to us, telling us what we must do to feel whole. And it is speaking through our relationship with food. Together we will find the blocks, the weight on your heart that echoes the weight on your body, that is  keeping you from your natural hunger. We can shed our layers of pain, getting back in touch with our inner wisdom and innate guidance system. Because our birthright is  freedom and peace in our minds and our bodies. We are already perfect. We have just forgotten.  Now it’s time to remember.”

“So I ask you…

What would you do if food were not an issue in your life? If you didn’t plan, deny, crave, and judge yourself around food?
What would you have time for?
What it would feel like to be free?

The Program..Food and Feelings Phase 1:
This is a completely online 6 week course that you can complete on your own time and on your own terms. Every week there will be a main theme and everyday a bit of insight, a  exercise, an affirmation etc. to help you go further into that weeks theme. Each week will build on itself as we go deeper into our process of healing. This course is private, confidential,  and enlightening. No matter where you fall on the spectrum of eating or body image issues you can find healing.

The Details:
I will use a mixture of media to reveal our lessons. Video, Audio, and writing. All will be sent directly to you via email.  The Private chat room- All members will have access to process through emotions, share personal insights and reflections, give feedback on others, ask questions, and generally support each other in the process of recovery. I will also be commenting, answering questions, and giving feedback as necessary throughout the day.  Private sessions- Included in the full session are 4 private sessions with me in person, via skype or phone to help you go deeper into your personal process.  I will also be available by email or additional private sessions as needed.

There are three choices of participation depending on what works best for you. Click here to find out more information.”

“The more you identify with the light of your being, the lighter you will feel. You will materialize a lighter body when you have a more light filled mind. Fear literally weighs you down, but love enlightens you”~ Marianne Williamson

Aleka has graciously offered to give one lucky reader 50% off the course, which begins January 10th.  The perfect way to start off a new year… anyone with weight issues or food dynamics that they wish to get to the root of would benefit from this course immensely.  Leave a comment below and I will announce both the winner of Aleka’s food issues eCourse, as well as the winner of my Health Connection Reset eCourse, this Friday!  There is still time to enter to win both of these eCourses, so get your comments in and meet us back here in two days!  See you there!

In the meantime, check out Aleka’s blog here… her Facebook fan page here… and her website.  I know Aleka personally and I can tell you she is the real deal.  Nothing but pure honest rock-solid wisdom and strength and beauty pours out of this woman.   Much love to you, Aleka, as you launch this exciting new program!  xoxo

Spiritual Give-a-way… a dynamic pairing that will blow you away!


I love the Internet.  It’s connected me with so many amazing souls who I never would have otherwise met… at least, I think.  I wonder if Jorie and I would have crossed paths at some other point on our paths… I certainly hope so.  Because she is an amazing person with so much love and joy to give and I’ve deeply enjoyed our on-line friendship.

Jorie found my artwork on day a while back, and we have struck up an easy and inspiring friendship over art, children’s books (she’s got one in the works right now, and it’s amazing!) and soul stuff.  One day, she surprised me with a fun and amazingly accurate gift, a Michael chart reading by Lin.  It came into my inbox and I was hooked instantly.

Love Is Everywhere, the painting that brought Jorie and I together!

Here is what Lin has to say about the work she does:

The Michael Chart helps you understand where your soul is on its journey.  Just as you do as a living being, a soul grows from an infant to an elder; from inexperienced to wise.  In order to gain experience, your soul chooses a set of traits and goals for each lifetime.   You create experience or karma in the early stages and you pay it back in the later lifetimes.  Every lifetime moves your soul closer to karmic balance and spiritual enlightenment.

To help us understand where we are on this karmic journey, an entity composed of 1,050 souls who call themselves collectively “Michael” has made itself available to you in order to help you understand where your soul is on its journey.

I have been given the gift of channeling the Michael Entity so that you may learn where your soul is on its journey.   Please visit my site at

Soul Dance, a painting about the interaction of our Earthly experience

with the souls who surround us, guide us, love us.

Jorie herself also does Numerology readings, and she gifted me a numerology reading as well.

I have to say that the numerology reading really blew me away the most… I just can’t grasp how numbers would provide any accurate *soul* information at all, and yet I can say without a doubt that her reading was dead on accurate… and continues to be, as she has told me what to expect this month, next year, the number energy of my house address, so many different things that she can instantly translate into a vibrational energy, and I’ll be damned if it isn’t totally accurate every single time!

Jorie has this to say about Numerology:

Hi, I’m Jorie!  From the moment I was first introduced to the power of Numerology, I was hooked!  I knew I had to learn everything I possibly could about this fascinating subject!  The more I read, the more my jaw would drop; as I read pages and pages describing who I was down to the smallest of details!!!

Next thing I knew, I was laying in bed every night, calculating the life path’s of everyone’s birthdays that I could think of–I was truly obsessed!!!  Time and time again, the numbers would prove themselves as they continually dished out the intricate characteristics of my friends and family members!  I was so hooked that I began asking random strangers–from store clerks to waitresses for their birthdays.  I loved seeing their faces light up as I enlightened them with this amazing knowledge…

Knowing  your Numerology is like unlocking a door to all that you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going!  It’s given me the comfort of knowing that our lives are not random by any means–we definitely come here with a “plan” and a goal…  (The Michael Chart reveals that as well!)

Numerology reveals your life’s “blueprint”.  Understanding who you are  can be extremely helpful and healing.  Each numerology chart reveals your life’s theme, your hidden desires, and your personality traits.  The numbers enlighten us to our personal strengths and weaknesses, identify our possible challenges, and help us get to know ourselves on an in-depth level.

The insight you receive from a numerology reading can help you to discover, accept, and celebrate your truest self.  The charts also include a “where you are now” component that sheds light on what the current year holds for you.  Numerology’s accuracy is awe-inspiring…be prepared to say, “Wow!” 🙂  I look forward to sharing the wonderful world of numbers with you!!!

Dynamic Universe

Both Lin and Jorie were gracious enough to offer a free reading to one lucky reader.  Two ways to examine your life and glean useful information in a private and fun format.  The numerology chart reveals information on what your soul has chosen to experience in *this* particular life, while the Michael Chart focuses on things from a “soul perspective”, and includes life goals and obstacles as well as other tools to understand yourself on a soul level.

One lucky person will get a free Michael chart *and* a free Numerology reading from Lin and Jorie.  Beyond that, I must say that the readings are very reasonably priced and I can’t think of a more fun or cool gift to give someone this holiday season!

Check out their website… past lives, angel cards, animal totems… tons of fascinating things… and tell a friend too!  Just leave a comment below to be entered to win the free readings, and I’ll announce the winner on Friday.  xoxo

Thoughts on Health FAQ… Healthy Cooking and Joyful Eating


My morning coffee… in a mug that my son painted for me

Every single thing that goes into my body right now has to bring me joy, or I’m not putting it in my mouth.

I’ve always lived by this philosophy… eating only the foods I *love* and feel great about… and I’ve always had a healthy relationship with my weight and my body.  If I don’t like it, no matter how healthy I think it is… it doesn’t go in my mouth.  And if I love it, really love it, feeling no guilt what-so-ever associated with it, I eat it!  Endless amounts of it!  In whatever quantities I want, how ever often I want.

That’s it.  That’s the criteria.  Does it bring me joy?  That’s all I want to know.

You may think that if you let yourself eat ONLY foods that bring you complete joy, you’d be lost in a diet of fast food, fats, and artificial dye #5.

I really don’t think so.  Because if you sit with it for a moment, you’ll *feel* that most of us eat these foods with a bit of guilty pleasure… a feeling of “well… I’ll only eat half…” or “I’ll regret this tomorrow but I’m going for it now!”  Those foods wouldn’t even make it on to my plate.  If I have a bad feeling about it, feel that I *shouldn’t* eat it, feel that it is unhealthy for me… I’d rather throw it in the trash or compost it then eat it.

I love butter, love it to the point that I’ve eaten an entire stick of it… love candy… and I eat butter and candy with absolutely no hesitation and no little voice inside my head telling me it is bad for me.  I have unwavering faith in the body’s miraculous ability to take the nutrition it wants from what I eat when I eat with joy and discard the rest.

It is our vibrational relationship with food which affects what we can handle and how it is processed.

Knowing we are pure energy, knowing food is pure energy… it is the interaction between the two that allows for the exchange of nutrition.

I eat what I want when it pleases me, and I don’t eat when I don’t want to… never making myself eat anything no matter what the current health fads are… and as a result, food is not weighty to me and does not have the power to dictate my weight.

As a physician, I can tell you for a fact that most folks who struggle with weight view food as a *weighty* issue.  Food is very serious.  Important.  Heavy.  They look at food and the food has control, strength, and power.  As a result, there is simply almost nothing that someone struggling with weight can put in their mouth that won’t contribute to the weight issue.

The solution to this, to every single thing in life it seems, is joy.

Love, fun and joy.  If food is no longer weighty to you, if it is no longer so serious and so heavy… guess what food becomes?  Food becomes fun.  A choice.  A delightful joyful party that we get to have every single time we decide to put something into our bodies.  It is no longer a struggle.  It has no control over you.

You simply decide if you love what you are wanting to put into your mouth — do you love it freely and with no strings attached?  If you have a feeling that it is not good for you, it has to much fat, it has too many preservatives, blah blah blah… put it down.  Throw it out.  Better to eat nothing and have a drink of water then put something into your precious, lovable, amazing, wondrous body that you do not love.  Why would you?  Why would you put something inside of you that you do not love?

So, for me, this means most of the time I prefer organic food.  There is something about pesticides and artifical ingredients that turns me off.  Many times I’d rather eat nothing or just have a carrot then the crap that is out there.  BUT almost as often, I enjoy eating candy when we watch a movie, driving through fast food when I have a craving, and having donuts for breakfast because I can truly and deeply say that I can eat these foods without the least little bit of guilt.  Deeply believing that my body will excrete (or not even absorb in the first place) the parts of those foods that it does not want.  If I can eat it with joyful abandon, then it passes my criteria for healthy.  Doesn’t matter what it is.


Miles enjoying a smore

For everybody, this will mean a different thing.  If you are a vegetarian, then putting meat in your body that does not feel ethically right would not serve your body well at all, no matter what kind of data they show about healthy animal fats… don’t eat it.  If you believe that dairy is bad for you, then don’t eat it.  You *know* what foods feel right to you.  You *know* what foods you are a vibrational match to and which foods you are not.  You know this by how you feel when you think about how that food was produced, how it was prepared, and the ingredients in it.  You *know* how you feel about that food, and you know if you feel joyful at the thought of consuming it.

Watch this Abraham You Tube video, that goes a bit more into detail about this idea of eating foods that bring you joy.  The second half really gets into some good stuff.  The last minute or two of the video is amazing.

So, beyond only putting into my body the foods I feel good about… how do I decide what to make for dinner?

My favorite cookbook on earth is Food To Live By: The Earthbound Farm Organic Cookbook. It’s my cooking bible.  I love every single recipe I’ve ever tried in it.  The organic spin on this cookbook matches my belief system about food in general.  These are the types of foods I feel best about preparing.

My other favorite cookbook is The Pioneer Woman Cooks — I absolutely love her style (comfort foods) and the recipes and pictures in the book make this the easiest to follow cookbook that I’ve ever used.  I tend to substitute organic foods whenever possible when I follow her recipes, and I love everything I’ve ever made from this cookbook as well.

A shelf in my pantry, stocked with garlic grown in our backyard and homemade apple pie filling, applesauce, strawberry and blueberry jam that I made from fruit we’ve picked

In general, I feel very turned off by pre-packaged mixes.  I do not use cake mixes, cookie or muffin mixes, pancake mixes, hot chocolate powders, etc… it just doesn’t *feel* good to me.

When I have made foods with these mixes in the past, I’ve learned that while they turn out looking amazing, as I bring these foods up to my lips… I feel yucky.  I feel like they are pretend fake foods.  Yes, my homemade pancakes (made from a recipe in the Food To Live By cookbook) are much flatter and less fluffy then ones made from a mix… but when I eat my pancakes, slathered in tons of organic butter and with a million handfuls of chocolate chips thrown in… now those pancakes just *feel good* to me to eat.

So… this is NOT to say that I don’t think our bodies can eat pre-packaged brownies and cakes made from mixes… I do think we can vibrationally dismiss anything in those that don’t serve us well… but I don’t think that *I* can, because I can’t eat those items joyfully… at least when I make them.  If someone else makes them… heck yeah, I can dig on in.  But when I make them… I don’t feel right.   So I’ve learned that when I’m home and the kids want hot chocolate, I feel good about heating up some milk on the stove and melting in a 1/2 cup of chocolate chips, instead of reaching for the instant powder.

It’s been a process that has taken me all of my adulthood to figure out… what types of foods I like to make and how I like to make them… and it continues to be a process, unfolding eternally.  I expect that the foods I choose and cook two decades from now will be quite different then the ones I reach for time and time again today.

But that’s okay, because it is very very simple for me to figure out.  It’s just:  do I love this completely?  Do I deeply enjoy eating this?

If I can eat it with no strings attached… if I *want* to eat it… then I do.  And even if this changes for me mid-bite… I have been known on many an occasion to spit the food right out of my mouth (discretely, into a napkin… or okay, directly into the trashcan) if I don’t feel good about swallowing it.  I never feel that I *have* to finish the food on my plate.  If I change my vibrational relationship with the food I am wanting to consume, that is the most important thing to me.  Not finishing my plate.  Not eating what I should.  The most important thing is that I feel good about the foods that go into my body.

If that is one bite of my meal, so be it.  There are always hungry pets and a lovely compost bin eagerly and joyfully ready to consume the rest, and the process begins again.   Many times I’d rather put my fork down in the middle of a bite and just drink a glass of water than finish eating something that has lost it’s appeal to me.

So it seems sort of silly for me to be telling you about what feels vibrationally *right* for me to be eating, as I’m sure it is completely different from what feels vibrationally *right* for you to eat.   So I’m going to end this post here… two cookbook recommendations and a you tube video that nails everything down that I’m trying to say.

What do you think?  Have you found that the *weightier* you feel about food the more *weighty* it’s become in your life?  Do you feel free to change your mind in the middle of eating a food that you realize you do not love?  Do you eat foods that may not seem nutritious, but that you love love love and never seem to suffer bad consequences from?  xoxo

My New Head of Hair!


Okay, so it isn’t that much different.  But do you remember when I was in a funk with my hair and begged you fine folks for some ideas?  I loved the feedback and thought about it long and hard.  And the one thing I hadn’t done yet was Henna — thanks for the suggestion, Aleka!

So I went for it.  And I love it.  I can definitely give henna a double thumbs up.

I don’t know why I had never tried it before… it’s seems like a no-brainer for someone who loves to keep things natural… basically it’s like a mud mask for hair.  My hair felt stronger and healthier and shinier immediately… it’s been about 2 weeks, and it’s still feeling that way.

I tried the “light red” henna… next time, I’m going to go with the plain old “red” version, or maybe the auburn (what the heck is the difference between red and auburn any way?  If you know, please hook me up with the 411!) to get a bit of a deeper warmth to it.  It mostly came out orange, not red, but I really love it anyway.  I left it on my hair about 2 1/2 hours… next time I’m going for 3 +.  I think it is the perfect winter treat for me…. and for my hair!

This picture shows the difference that the henna made.  My hair color used to be the exact same color as my son’s hair… it’s about the same shade, but with a warm glow to it.  (Aren’t his eyes just gorgeous?  Thank goodness our eye color still matches!)  This shows you how subtle henna can be… I imagine it’s hard to go wrong with henna… because it was on my hair for 2 + hours and only changed it by that much.  So really… you’ve got a lot of room to play around with how long to keep it on and how far to go with the color.

I wish it lasted longer… it says it washes out within 4 weeks… but heck, knowing me I’ll want something different next month anyway.  So hip hip hooray for henna!   xoxo