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Looking for indoor or outdoor grounding tools and accessories?

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Looking For Grounding Shoes?


I’ve tried every conductive shoe on the market and these are my three absolute favorites… I’ve extensively tested them and they truly do ground you:


Option 1. Harmony 783:


For those looking for a lace up style shoe, Harmony 783 are the ones you want.  Harmony 783 shoes feature a new technology called GroundWorks™, which utilizes a conductive carbon outsole connecting to a silver conductive footbed.  They have sneakers, loafers and walkers all available in both Mens and Womens styles.  These are my go-to grounding shoe to recommend to anyone who needs a stable and cushioned foot bed on their feet while being grounded.

Option 2. Raum:


Hand crafted, slip on style leather shoes that are minimalist in design and come in tons of colors, for both men and women.  I particularly appreciate that these shoes are hand sewn, because most shoes on the market are glued or cemented together, not hand stitched.  So your feet mold into the leather over time to create an amazing level of comfort that brings you back into alignment with how your foot feels and functions best.



Option 3. Groundz:


If you are looking for a sandal style, Groundz footwear is the one you want.  Groundz uses sustainably sourced and eco-friendly leather and goatskin throughout the sandals, chrome-free, water based and nontoxic vegetable dyes (very impressive) and a copper plug that is so comfortable I literally can not feel it.  Groundz are also the least expensive option in this list, while still being superbly made.  And because I am a physician nerd, the cute little Copper Element tag on the top of my sandals make me smile every single time I slip them on.



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