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You Have Angel Wings Inside Of You

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  This is my second painting that I painted last month. Remember my reminder to stand up tall?   Well, this one is my reminder to: Stop. Grow Still Take A Deep Breath.     It occurred to me, when I was working with a patient on his breathing issues, that our lungs remind me… Read more »

How To Heal Your Heart

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        “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi           Physically we have a heart to pump blood and deliver oxygen and nutrition to every part of our body…. Read more »

Looking Deeply…

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  See Beyond The Surface… healing artwork   There really are two ways to look at everything, and the more I remember that the more flexible and kind and patient and loving I am able to be. So I created this artwork as a physical reminder. Literally ripping an old anatomy diagram of the eyeball… Read more »

There are always two ways to think…

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  This “Think Differently” altered text page was so much fun for me to create. I took my old medical school anatomy lab textbook and spent the day marking up the pages with paint and inks. In the following weeks I’ll share with you several others I created… but they all make the same point:… Read more »

Inspiration Wednesdays… I shredded my old anatomy textbook and came up with this instead!

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Okay, maybe I didn’t shred it… more like tore it apart.  I created several new works of art out of it, and wanted to share the first one with you here:       I had so much fun with this artwork… I literally ripped out the page from my old anatomy textbook and painted… Read more »