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Photography Assignment, week 3.

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Oh my goodness.  This week is by far the hardest week to share with you.  She wanted us to dance in front of the camera.  Gulp. I love to dance around with my kids, but they refused to join in with me.  Miles cranked a tune on his iPod… he picked Hot Wings (I Want… Read more »

Thoughts On Health: A New Hazard of Cell Phone Use

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This the third blog post I’ve done regarding non-ionizing radiation and it’s effects on us. With new articles (like this one, in the New York Times) constantly alerting the public of possible hazards to cell phone use, I wanted to give my readers the very latest thinking in the cell phone debate. The first blog… Read more »

Photography Assignment, week 2

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Here is the second week of pics I took in the awesome photography course I am taking… Vivienne McMaster’s 4 week self portrait beginner on-line photography class Wading In. If you want to see my first week assignment pics, I show them here. Okay, so this week was about showing snapshots of your day… she… Read more »

Photographing… Me?

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So I am taking a four week photography class by Vivienne McMaster, called Wading In.  This course is dedicated to self portraits… expressing yourself through turning the camera around and snapping pictures!  It is hard to muster the courage to do this, at least it has been for me… but it’s rewarding too. I have… Read more »

Thoughts On Health… Spring Detox Time!

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  I am so excited to run this new eCourse this spring.  You have seen how spring has hit my garden and my home, now it has hit my body!  I’m aching to do a gentle spring detox again, and I want to do it with you!   I’ve designed a very gentle, 5 day… Read more »