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Guest Posting on Delia Creates!

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Hello Monday. Today my week starts off to a great start, as I am guest posting on one of my favorite blogs, Delia Creates. She is running my crayon melt tutorial, and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve followed her blog from the very beginning… she and I started our blogs at about the same time,… Read more »

Grape Jelly Time

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Around here in SC we are wrapping up grape picking season. You have another week or so to get yourself (and your kids!) out there picking the lovely muscadine grapes that are growing right on the vine. After you come home with them, you’ll want to be sure to make the easiest jelly on earth… Read more »

Recipe: Organic Marinara Sauce from your backyard

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  Well, not exactly from *my* backyard… more like from my local farmer’s backyard.  As you all know, the tomatoes in my own yard didn’t take off much this year.  We had a lovely crop (and it’s still coming!) which gave us enough tomatoes for fresh salads and straight eating this summer, but not enough… Read more »

Lessons from my kids… Intention

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  For some reason, my kids decided one day that they wanted to cook dinner for us. They’ve never cooked anything before… and they didn’t want me in the room AT ALL. Yikes! Stoves! Ovens! Knives! But I said yes, trusting that they would come to me for help if they needed anything, anything at… Read more »

Lobster. Easiest food I’ve ever grilled.

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Now that you’ve made some free eco-friendly fire starters… what should you cook over that summertime fire pit?  I have a great tutorial for you today… I use my grill but if you just cook these over a fire pit, I have no doubt they are amazing.  I’ll try that next and let you know… Read more »

Thoughts On Health… Microwaving

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This post could also be called Part Two of the post I wrote explaining the recent findings of cell phones disturbing brain metabolism. What do cell phones and the microwave have in common?  Let me start at the beginning. We don’t use a microwave at all.  We haven’t in several years… and yes, I understand… Read more »

Strawberry Syrup Recipe… and Come to Earth Fest this Saturday and say Hi!

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Have you had enough of strawberries yet? I just about have, but I had to share this idea I had with you. This recipe today is sooooo simple, if you have one thing:  a juicer.   I made this recipe up after looking at a bunch of on-line recipes.  I wanted to create a strawberry… Read more »