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Sea Salt Spray Heals Diabetic Ulcers

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As I blogged about last week… I love treating skin issues. I love taking care of skin, and I love supporting skin healing. As a physician, skin is like magic to me.   In medicine, we see the miracle of skin repair all the time:   You can cut it during surgery, and it will… Read more »

How To Prevent Bug Bites While Grounding Outdoors

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The weather is warming up here where I live… …and this always means my inbox is full of emails from patients and readers asking:     How can you reduce your chance of tick bites (and other insect bites) while still connecting to the earth outside?   Especially with the latest press about the Zika… Read more »

Honey To Speed Wound Healing (and reduce scarring!)

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You already know I love honey to ease seasonal allergy symptoms… this pic shows the honey lollipops I love to make… and literally my son’s allergy complaints are non-existent this year. And you know I scour the medical literature on your behalf to bring you all the positive, uplifting, cutting edge and natural health advice… Read more »

Sometimes A Girl Needs To Feel Like A Girl!

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  As you know, I’m a natural kind of gal, and after struggling with not liking my hair all my life I have really enjoyed using henna for the past year to create shine and smoothness in my frizzy tangles. But you know what?  As much as I love henna and will continue to use… Read more »