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The earth below

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    Nothing soothes the mid-winter blahs like delighting in Baker’s Creek heirloom seed catalog, planning a spring garden that is just around the corner (or so I keep wanting to believe!)  The earth awaits, my friends! Thanks to saving seeds from last years crop (tutorial here) I had all our standard seeds stored and… Read more »

My Favorite Winter Solstice tradition… releasing our dreams into the night

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Last year I posted this celebration idea *after* Winter Solstice, which does you… dear reader… no good. So this year I wanted to post it the week before… it’s such a simple, easy, and sweet way to mark the darkest day with honor and a bit of candlelight. It is something my entire family looks… Read more »

Thoughts on Health… Positive thinking and a Dream Revelation

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I was told recently that life was *easy* for me because I was a positive thinker.  I almost fainted… and laughed.  I am so far from a natural positive thinker it’s not even funny, so I didn’t laugh. I was extremely pessimistic and worried as a child. Through lots of diligent work I *literally* am… Read more »