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12 Ideas For Instant Solar Plexus Chakra Relief… TODAY!

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Okay my friends, as I blogged about on Monday… I’m a solar plexus type of gal.   This is a painting I painted of me… re-balancing my solar plexus.   This is the one chakra I have to constantly balance and re-balance in order to keep it open. So I’m a pro at this and… Read more »

Earthing and Weight Loss… appear in The Grounded movie with me!

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  For my local peeps… let’s hang out in person on June 14th and I’ll explain an exciting new study I’m conducting that I want you to be a part of! Effortless weight loss. No diet. No exercise. Just plug into the soothing awesome power of the earth and let Mother Earth reset your weight…. Read more »

I’m Waiting To Give You My Free Printable Chakra Checklist…

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… and an entire free seminar!  And joining me are a whole bunch of amazing healers in this years 2012 Energy Healers Conference. Starting next Monday (May 28th) and running all week-long, you can have free and exclusive access to a ton of health and inspirational healers who talk on a large variety of subjects…. Read more »

The one health constant you can trust… and bonus: are you are getting enough barefoot time?

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Every single day you hear conflicting health information and conflicting health advice. One moment one food is safe to eat, the next moment it is not.  Or a supplement that was highly recommended is now under fire for being unsafe.  What your accupunturist advises is different from what your chiropractor recommends. Is the FDA reliable? … Read more »

To The Moon And Back…

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That’s how lucky I’ve been feeling lately. My son literally just asked me “How come we meet the nicest people?” and I totally agree with him. We have just spent the past five days meeting new folks… from men who have walked on the moon to the sound and camera crew, the movie director… everyone… Read more »

Earthing Goes Mainstream

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  Have you picked up your spring issue of First for Women? I am so happily surprised that such a mainstream article carried my earthing recommendation in the March issue!   Under the article “Headache Remedies Doctors Swear By,”  I am quoted in the first recommendation. In it, I recommend contacting the earth with your… Read more »

Thoughts On Health… my #1 recommendation for head-to-toe Well Being

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If you are looking for something totally free, totally healthy, totally amazing… if you are looking for a way to feel better from head to toe… if you are looking for a simple, safe detox that takes only minutes a day and resets your body inside and out… if you are looking for the best… Read more »