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Thoughts on Health…. Chocolate for heart and brain health (yes, you heard me… chocolate!)

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  Wow, it is my complete pleasure and honor to bring you this tidbit of good news today, published recently in the British Medical Journal. Folks who consume chocolate often… we are talking every single day or even multiple times a day… have about a 40% reduced risk of heart attack and a 30% reduced… Read more »

Grape Jelly Time

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Around here in SC we are wrapping up grape picking season. You have another week or so to get yourself (and your kids!) out there picking the lovely muscadine grapes that are growing right on the vine. After you come home with them, you’ll want to be sure to make the easiest jelly on earth… Read more »

Lobster. Easiest food I’ve ever grilled.

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Now that you’ve made some free eco-friendly fire starters… what should you cook over that summertime fire pit?  I have a great tutorial for you today… I use my grill but if you just cook these over a fire pit, I have no doubt they are amazing.  I’ll try that next and let you know… Read more »

Dates for the next set of Health eCourses… and the first Strawberry Recipe!!!!

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  First, some bookkeeping stuff.  Just wanted to post the new start dates for my next run of Health eCourses. The Detox eCourse started today and I’m loving it!  I am so excited to be detoxing this week right along with all the participants.  I feel like “spring” inside and out.  The first class sold… Read more »


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  Our garden soil, just after addition of our compost bin.  Bits of visible egg shell and food peels tell the story of our life, making this soil so much richer and more meaningful to our food and our land then a purchased bag of uniformly milled soil.   I can’t say enough about composting. … Read more »

Releasing Weight and Food Issues (guest post)

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Do you all remember my dear friend Aleka?  She’s been a guest blogger here several times… if you missed it, check out her previous posts here and here. I just love her.  She sees things with such a powerful clarity that it can take your breath away.  She has popped on over here again this… Read more »

Thoughts on Health FAQ… Healthy Cooking and Joyful Eating

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My morning coffee… in a mug that my son painted for me Every single thing that goes into my body right now has to bring me joy, or I’m not putting it in my mouth. I’ve always lived by this philosophy… eating only the foods I *love* and feel great about… and I’ve always had… Read more »