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Gazing balls for your gorgeous fall yard… craft tutorial

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“Gazing Balls” just doesn’t sound right, does it?  I mean, I have a spam filter and all, but dang.  Gazing balls?  I almost wrote “Glitter Balls” but oh my goodness that’s worse.  So “Gazing Balls” it is. Overlook the name.  Ahem. Because this craft is a really fun and simple one to do outside with… Read more »

Tutorial: Creepy Dismembered Hand

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        I made up a fun craft that I really enjoyed doing with my daughter, and I wanted to share it with you all! I was trying to think of a fun Halloween project that I could do inexpensively but high impact… being a physician I guess coming up with a craft… Read more »

Rainbow craft goodness

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  Last week, my children and I had fun working on a project I had seen all over the bloggersphere… in too many places to even credit (just google crayon art) it is all over Pinterest, StumbledUpon, and blogs galore.     Miles and Clara did an amazing job on theirs… so good I just… Read more »

Quote Splat #2… fav quote from Buechner

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Listen to your life, See it for the fathomless mystery that it is. In the boredom and pain of it No less then in the excitement and gladness. – Frederick Buechner           Okay, so I admit it.  Sometimes I really need this reminder.  Sure, I can see the beauty in every… Read more »

Thoughts on health… the creative process aint always pretty.

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    Hi! I spent a good portion of the weekend having fun with my paints and papers and favorite quotes for a set of artwork I’m creating called Quote Splat.  For no other reason then I woke up one day and decided to write down my top 10 favorite quotes of all time and… Read more »

Thoughts On Health… Seriousness Is A Disease

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I am very excited to present this video to you today.  This is a feeling I’ve had rumbling around in my heart for a while now… this feeling that seriousness is akin to a disease state.  Certainly there is a time and a place for seriousness… reacting seriously to some life situations can be life… Read more »

Favorite Children’s Books

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I was going through our old stash of children’s books… organizing our bookshelves… and I found myself lost in a daze of the sweet sweet memories of reading picture books to my children.   Oh how I loved that. Although we have evolved into reading chapter books now, there are so many great children’s books… Read more »