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All The Health Benefits Of Nature, But In An Urban Setting? Yep, Here’s How

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      I’m so excited to tell you about an amazing medical study today that is super relevant to my favorite holistic healing modality of all time — grounding. This fabulous study suggests that adding even a very small greenspace to an urban setting boosts immune function in a measurable and meaningful way. Published… Read more »

Gardening: Health Benefits That Go Way Beyond Time Spent Grounding

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      Many folks who embrace grounding are passionate gardeners, and understandably, being grounded while working a garden bed outside boosts your health instantly.  But  beyond the healing boost of being grounded, it’s actually healing just to be around plants of any kind, even while ungrounded (for example, just seeing a plant through a… Read more »

To Prepare For Spring…

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  I love to fill this blog with lots of ways you can support your own health in your own home. I believe health is your birthright and your natural state. One of the best ways you can support your own health is to take charge of the food you put in your body.  … Read more »

Awesome idea… eco-friendly garden border

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                        This is such an amazing idea.  I love it, and can’t wait to get started on this in my own garden. Living in the south I LOVE the bottle trees all over (so much so that I painted one!) and this is another… Read more »

Tutorial: Garden Markers

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    Today’s quick and easy tute: 1.  Collect rocks 2.  Paint and allow to dry (doing it in your jammies, highly recommended.  Even better if you can get your sweet daughter to paint them with you…) Use acrylic paint so they are weather resistant… avoid tempura, watercolor, or washable paints! 3.  Using a permanent… Read more »

The earth below

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    Nothing soothes the mid-winter blahs like delighting in Baker’s Creek heirloom seed catalog, planning a spring garden that is just around the corner (or so I keep wanting to believe!)  The earth awaits, my friends! Thanks to saving seeds from last years crop (tutorial here) I had all our standard seeds stored and… Read more »

Gazing balls for your gorgeous fall yard… craft tutorial

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“Gazing Balls” just doesn’t sound right, does it?  I mean, I have a spam filter and all, but dang.  Gazing balls?  I almost wrote “Glitter Balls” but oh my goodness that’s worse.  So “Gazing Balls” it is. Overlook the name.  Ahem. Because this craft is a really fun and simple one to do outside with… Read more »