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Women Need Time In Nature To Reboot, Here’s Why

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    There are so many wonderful reasons for women to connect with Mother Earth — and they are medically studied, with strong evidence that the earth offers clinically significant benefits.   That’s why grounding is one of my favorite recommendations to treat a variety of female health issues as well as protect future wellness…. Read more »

Feel Beautiful in One Minute Flat… Guaranteed (video)

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There is no way better to welcome in a new year than feeling absolutely BEE-YOU-TE-FUL inside and out.     Your soul shine is absolutely gorgeous, and the more you let it shine, the more the entire world benefits. But in order to really let your soul shine fully radiate out from you in all… Read more »

Changes the world with each breath…

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    … that’s my daughter.  Intense yet gentle… deep yet easy going… wise yet playful. She is turning 10 tomorrow.  She saved my life one day, you know.  The day she was born.  Literally saved my life.  Changed me into the person I always wanted to be… loving, nurturing, full of faith and aware… Read more »

Thoughts On Health… Menstruation Part I (or, why I think being a woman totally ROCKS!)

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I’m going to start a new topic… several slots for my Skin Care eCourse are still available, if you miss the skin care discussion we had going (Parts One, Two, and Three.) I’ve been excited to delve into this topic for a while now. Last year, I put together an informal talk for all the… Read more »