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Thoughts On Health…. Thyroid

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“When you take charge of your life, there is no longer need to ask permission of other people or society at large.” -Albert F. Geoffrey Our thyroids do so much for us. The thyroid is one of the main centers of control in our body… we have so many parts that help coordinate and regulate… Read more »

Poem of My Life

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This is a poem about my life. It is very raw and real and the truest thing I know, for me. It is the story of my existence. I feel like I’ve had two lives… I’ve been two people… the person I was before my family, and the person I have become, almost instantly, after… Read more »

Thoughts on Health… the Heart, Part 2

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“I know in this moment, we are connected, we are one. In our hearts, we are non-physical. I see through the illusion, I see through the separation. I am in the now. I am in love. I am in freedom. I am.” – Story Waters If you missed the first part of this Thoughts on… Read more »

My Favorite Thing… in my Dining Room

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I am making my second stop in my Friday series (Favorite Thing In My Home…) in my dining room.  I went in there to take a look around, stand in appreciation of what I have, and pick the one thing I treasure most about this room of my house. But first, I had to do… Read more »

Guest blog on being an Artist Trapped in a Physician’s body

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First of all, YIPPEE! My blog is back! I hated not being able to post this past week and a half… but I’m up and running again, with a new website.  There are lots of new features, starting with a main homepage, and tabs for the shop, my blog, etc… On Monday, I temporarily was… Read more »


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I just came across a collection of poems I had written several years ago, when my kids were babies.  This poem is about those intense moments, especially in the earlier years, when you feel that you are spending everything you have, and digging very deeply to find enough energy and time, to care for your… Read more »

Songbird tutorial

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My goal each day is to find my heartsong… something that makes my heart sing out loud.  So it’s not surprising that I’ve been a bit obsessed with birds lately.  We have 8 as pets.  And they pop up all the time in my paintings.  And my sewing.  Chirpy little songbirds… I can’t get enough. … Read more »