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Happy Holidays (and A Quick Holiday Tradition… Join Me?)

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Just popping by today quickly to say happiest of holidays to every single one of you today, to your loved ones, your friends, your family, your soul connections, your acquaintances, your loves.    ((((XOXOXOXO)))) Love to you each.   I also wanted to invite you to join me in releasing your ties to 2014 as… Read more »

Get Unstuck: an idea list!

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Needing to break free from the same routine happens to all of us. As I wrote about on Monday, it’s important to keep your mind fresh and open to new ways of thinking. Here are my favorite ways to break free of a slump when I find myself in a rut:   Challenge my thinking…… Read more »

Awesome Reader Idea #2 — Vertical Gardening

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    I had a fabulous reader send me pics of her favorite gardening tip… utilizing vertical space. I’ve never seen anything like the awesomeness in Natasya’s garden pictures… she uses hanging baskets and plastic planting containers to hang vertically… perfect for small spaces and/or those that don’t enjoy bending over to garden.  I also… Read more »

Gardening Week… Awesome Reader Idea #1

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I love my readers!  You all are the absolute BEST. I have gotten such amazing garden photos from my readers (keep ’em coming, you know I love love love to hear from you!  Email me directly at any time!) I want to share two amazing ideas from readers with you. This week is going… Read more »