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Easy Ways To Bring More Movement Into Your Daily Routine. Even In Winter, Even At Home.

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    I truly believe that even with everything we are facing right now, even during the stress of social distancing over the holidays, we can feel healthier than ever if we set up some supportive, comforting and deeply healing health routines. So for the next several weeks, all winter long actually, I’m going to… Read more »

What I Do To Stay Helathy When It’s Too Cold To Exercise Outside

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The weather is getting unbearably cold for me, so I thought today I would share with you what I do whenever it’s too cold (or I’m too lazy) to exercise I hit my local Y and sit in the sauna to reap very similar benefits to exercising, but without the hassle! Medically proven! Now this… Read more »

You Can Ground Through Your Indoor Plants — I’ll Show You How!

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  Today I have a very quick video for you answering one of my most frequently asked questions! Patients and readers email me all the time asking if they can ground by touching an indoor house plant… ….or by bringing a bucket of soil indoors and putting their feet on it.   Until now, the… Read more »