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Chakras and Food — You are (how you feel about) what you eat!

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Hi  Peeps!!! Last Monday I talked about my vision that intuition and medicine can be completely compatible with each other, each providing information that can exponentially strengthen health when combined. So today I want to give you the perfect example of this… how medical knowledge of the human body is enhanced by intuitive knowledge about… Read more »

Medicine vs. Intuition…. Either/Or?

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This arrived along with our usual jumble of medical journals and publications, and I was so excited: Intuition made the front cover!?!? How awesome is this! I opened it up, not caring if it were going to be a positive review of intuition in medicine or a negative one, just so glad there were going… Read more »

Giveaway… Guiding Signs 101 Intuition Card Deck

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I have a fun product recommendation for you today… I love mixing intuition with *fun* and Guiding Signs 101 guidance cards do just that.  I was contacted by Guiding Signs to review their card deck and when I got them in the mail I was so very impressed, it is my pleasure to tell you… Read more »

Thoughts On Health… Practicing what I preach

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Hi my friends. Remember this video in which I discuss why symptoms and health challenges represent healing? I deeply believe this and had an opportunity to really practice what I preach recently, and I want to share that with you today.   For years and years I’ve struggled with my left tonsil getting chronically infected…. Read more »

Thoughts On Health… seasonal allergies and the link to stress.

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Part 4 of my “Seriousness is a Disease” series, today I discuss how prolonged stress physically changes your mucosal membranes and leads to a hyper-allergic response. If you missed Part 1 (brain health) or Part 2 (heart health) or Part 3 (joint health) give them a listen and catch up to speed on why I… Read more »

Thoughts on Health… clinical evidence that seriousness affects your body

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This is part two in my series called “Seriousness is a Disease.” There is ample evidence in the medical literature that a prolonged serious attitude causes damage and aging to our bodies. The longer I live the more I realize that when I approach life with a serious or overly intense, analytical mindframe instead of… Read more »

Thoughts On Health, Thyroid

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I am busy getting ready for the next Etsy show in downtown Charleston… it will be this Saturday, from 10AM to 3PM in the Music Farm.  Stop by and say hi! I will be bringing lots of stuff… brand new necklaces I have not released into my shop yet, reusable grocery totes, art prints, notecard… Read more »