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Thoughts on Health… Chronic Pain

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Thanks for the wonderful feedback on the video I posted last week. If you missed it, you can check it out here. In that video, I presented the idea that disease is evidence of health. I used acute illnesses (like runny noses) and physical symptoms (like a tumor) to illustrate how physically expressing a disease… Read more »

Quickie Post — Wish Me Luck!!!

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The teleconference (where I am speaking about opening to intuition… and how you can do it too!!!  Yes, you can!!!) is tomorrow night at 7 PM.  It is completely free and there have already been several amazing speakers, and there is a great line up for the rest of the week.  It’s not too late… Read more »

FAQ… What is Medical Intuition?

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“Goddess at High Tide”   One week from today exactly, I’ll be looking forward to my teleseminar session for the Enlightened Mom’s Telesummit, where I answer this very question. I will talk for approximately one hour, on May 11th at 7 PM eastern time. I hope you all are planning to call in and join… Read more »

New Beginnings

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The past several nights have been near freezing temps and I wake to find a frosty lawn. It makes me worry that I put my seedlings out too early, so I go to check on how they have survived in their makeshift greenhouses. Walking out onto my front porch, I’m reminded that life doesn’t always… Read more »