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My Temper Tantrum

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  Okay, I know all the blah blah blah. I know it’s healthy for children to grow up and find their own rhythm and pull away from their parents a little and yadda yadda yadda. I know the reason my daughter feels so comfortable finding her way and asking for space is because I have… Read more »

Life Hearts… hearts in my world, part II

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Are you ready for more hearts?  Considering this blog is my “Heartsong” and it is the month of Feb… even if it is heart overload, I gotta do it! These are more hearts from my world.  To see pics of the cool hearts we’ve found in nature over the past year, see part I of… Read more »

Hearts in Nature

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I love hearts.  Is that redundant? Either way, I love to photograph hearts whenever they pop up in my life.  And as you could predict, the more I focus on them and photograph them, they more they seem to pop up! Since February is Valentine’s month, I thought I’d share some of my favorite hearts… Read more »

Thoughts On Health… FAQ — Parenting Books

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My second in my FAQ series, I’m going to continue with book recommendations.  Last week I reviewed some great easy to read books that gently introduce an organic lifestyle overview to folks who are interested in learning more about living naturally. This week, I’d like to list some of the parenting books that have helped… Read more »

Through my daughter’s eyes…

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My daughter surprised me recently… She picked up my camera, and took pictures of me.   Finally at the *other* end of the camera, the object of focus, I felt so loved.  It really touched my heart.  I’m not used to someone focusing on me… and I don’t say that in a way that demands… Read more »

What I Have In Common With A Cockatiel (hint… we both have a favorite girl, and she turns 9 today!)

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See this guy?  He is our Cockatiel, Cupcake. We love him so much.  And he loves us too… but Clara in particular. One thing I love most about cockatiels, is that they bond for life.  Just one life partner that they stay with through thick and thin. If the bond is broken, their heart breaks… Read more »

My Favorite Thing… In My Daughter’s Room

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My daughter is going to be turning 9 in two weeks… 9!  Almost to the double digits, but luckily I get one more year before I have to face that. What she wants most this year is to re-do her bedroom…  making it earthy and organic and painting the walls light brown, putting up a… Read more »