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Capturing The Universe

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   This week I have a behind-the-scenes on my latest painting for you.   I was asked to create the cover of an AMAZING life-changing book (more on that as soon as it is published and available to the public!!!) It’s about how we weave and intersect and dance our way through our interactions with… Read more »

Thoughts On Health… Celebrate Becoming A Woman

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The most special girl in the world, the most special girl in *my* world anyway… is now a young woman. She takes my breath away with how effortlessly she welcomed womanhood and menstruation into her life… she is healthy and radiant and I am the most lucky mama in the entire UNIVERSE to travel this… Read more »

Goddess Jewelery

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Do you love the full moon?  Do you feel empowered by it?  Do you feel at your feminine best under the strength of the full moon? I created this Soul Connection necklace to adorn women… to remind them of their powerful inner strength. I love being a woman and I love being connected to the… Read more »

Thoughts on Health… Menstruation, Part II… natural solutions (and a Giveaway!)

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I love the moon!  I love being a girl… I find power in the moon and enjoy painting it.  I’m going to feature my moon-related paintings in this second blog post about “Moontimes”… this painting is The Castle Remains.  Giclee prints of all of these moontime paintings are availble in my shop… and one reader… Read more »

Thoughts On Health… Menstruation Part I (or, why I think being a woman totally ROCKS!)

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I’m going to start a new topic… several slots for my Skin Care eCourse are still available, if you miss the skin care discussion we had going (Parts One, Two, and Three.) I’ve been excited to delve into this topic for a while now. Last year, I put together an informal talk for all the… Read more »