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Fav Quote #3

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  Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, But around in awareness. – James Thurber       I love this quote!   One of my favorite quotes of all time, I wanted to capture it on paper and bring the meaning alive. This is my third quote splat… just a weekly… Read more »

Thoughts on health… the creative process aint always pretty.

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    Hi! I spent a good portion of the weekend having fun with my paints and papers and favorite quotes for a set of artwork I’m creating called Quote Splat.  For no other reason then I woke up one day and decided to write down my top 10 favorite quotes of all time and… Read more »

Favorite Children’s Books

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I was going through our old stash of children’s books… organizing our bookshelves… and I found myself lost in a daze of the sweet sweet memories of reading picture books to my children.   Oh how I loved that. Although we have evolved into reading chapter books now, there are so many great children’s books… Read more »

My Favorite Thing… about Charleston (right now!)

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Most folks come visit Charleston because of the beautiful historic straw market area… a gorgeous waterfront open aired market that has it’s history in colonial roots.  I admit we love it there too… amidst the historical landmarks and buildings and art galleries and pirate dungeon and horse drawn carriages and cobblestone streets… but I have… Read more »

My Favorite Thing… In My Backyard.

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I love my back yard.  It is a sanctuary to our whole family.  We head out to our backyard multiple times a day, every day, and mill around together.  Sometimes gardening.  Sometimes taking care of pets.  Sometimes rocking on the back porch swing and listening to the chatter of birds.  Sometimes jumping on our trampoline…. Read more »

My Favorite Thing… In My Daughter’s Room

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My daughter is going to be turning 9 in two weeks… 9!  Almost to the double digits, but luckily I get one more year before I have to face that. What she wants most this year is to re-do her bedroom…  making it earthy and organic and painting the walls light brown, putting up a… Read more »

My Favorite Thing… In the Bedroom

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Blues and greens and browns… soothing to me.  And if you recognize those curtains, yes… they used to be in my dining room! This week’s My Favorite Thing is the bedroom… and I’m just warnin’ ya, there are going to be a LOT of pictures! What I love most is that clump of pictures hanging… Read more »