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A Goddess Delivers…

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  A Goddess Delivers, canvas and Giclee prints and cards now available in my shop!   My lovely midwife and herbalist friend Adrienne Leeds, of Abundant B’earth, was generous enough to share a writing from Whapio Diane Bartlett called The Holistic Stages of Labor that I truly enjoyed, and *felt* very much like what I… Read more »

New Original Canvas Paintings up in shop!

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Wish Flowers… a painting about an entire lifetime Never Alone… you never are! Nighttime Frolic… I love this one! A New Day, the original painting Bursting with Life! An original painting on cancer awareness and healing The Castle Remains… my husband’s favorite painting! Driftwood, original canvas painting Quick shop update… several new canvases listed for… Read more »

When my physician self and my artist self collide… look out!

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A dozen new cards and three boxed sets are being slowly added to the shop this weekend… I’m enjoying seeing them come to life as cards, after I put so much of my soul into painting each one… it’s fun to think of them reincarnated as a greeting to some dear friend or love! There… Read more »