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Recipe: Organic Marinara Sauce from your backyard

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  Well, not exactly from *my* backyard… more like from my local farmer’s backyard.  As you all know, the tomatoes in my own yard didn’t take off much this year.  We had a lovely crop (and it’s still coming!) which gave us enough tomatoes for fresh salads and straight eating this summer, but not enough… Read more »

Ode to a blueberry

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  It’s blueberry season here… get ’em while you can!     My lovely friend the blueberry, how do I love thee? 1. I love thee because you are local and native to our country… the perfect food if you are looking to eat locally and eat healthy. 2. I love thee because you are… Read more »

Saving Seeds, a tutorial (i.e. the perks of lazy gardening)

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  All this heat is causing my plants to bolt early!  Here, you can see my basil has started shooting up flower/seed heads…   I’m really excited about this tutorial. And the reason I’m excited is because I’m going to be trying it for the first time myself, along with anyone out there who wants… Read more »

Lobster. Easiest food I’ve ever grilled.

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Now that you’ve made some free eco-friendly fire starters… what should you cook over that summertime fire pit?  I have a great tutorial for you today… I use my grill but if you just cook these over a fire pit, I have no doubt they are amazing.  I’ll try that next and let you know… Read more »

Strawberry Syrup Recipe… and Come to Earth Fest this Saturday and say Hi!

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Have you had enough of strawberries yet? I just about have, but I had to share this idea I had with you. This recipe today is sooooo simple, if you have one thing:  a juicer.   I made this recipe up after looking at a bunch of on-line recipes.  I wanted to create a strawberry… Read more »

Strawberry Bread Recipe

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This is my second favorite recipe for using up my strawberries.  It makes two loafs, and it freezes really well, so this is an incredible time saver for me — I make one that we eat quickly (it’s YUM!) and freeze the other one to eat the next month (or the very next week, depending… Read more »

Dates for the next set of Health eCourses… and the first Strawberry Recipe!!!!

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  First, some bookkeeping stuff.  Just wanted to post the new start dates for my next run of Health eCourses. The Detox eCourse started today and I’m loving it!  I am so excited to be detoxing this week right along with all the participants.  I feel like “spring” inside and out.  The first class sold… Read more »