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Coronavirus Recommendations Part 2: Treatment

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    A new study, published in JAMA Pediatrics in September 2019, found that higher levels of blood inflammatory markers was linked to a higher risk of early death. This was an impressively huge study that followed patients for a four decade span of time, so the results are particularly trust worthy and notable.  … Read more »

The Vitamin Combo That’s Saving Lives

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Sepsis is an overwhelming infection of the body which triggers widespread inflammation that carries a very high death rate.   Sepisis is one of the leading causes of hospital deaths, even when treated with the most advanced intravenous antibiotics and life support. Yet a recent study (published in June 2017) has shown that a simple… Read more »

A Few Extra Pounds Helps You Survive Infections

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Ebola has been front page news all summer, so you would think this recent medical study would be as well…   …but instead, this study on surviving overwhelming infection remains largely hidden.     Of course, anything that shows there is a WIDE diversity to “healthy weight” — that there is a reality so much… Read more »